What Is Platinum Clad Jewelry

Platinum clad jewelry is a unique form of jewelry that has gained popularity in recent years. It typically features various types of precious metals, such as gold and platinum, fused together to create a glossy finish and interesting look.

The result is an eye-catching piece of jewelry that makes an impactful statement. The overall appearance of the item can also be customized according to the wearer’s preferences, giving them many options when it comes to creating the perfect look.

The primary benefit of platinum clad jewelry is that it offers more durability than its counterparts made from pure gold or platinum materials. This means that the item won’t lose its shine and luster too easily over time, making them a great investment for those who want to ensure their pieces stay looking new for years down the line.

Furthermore, because it’s usually crafted with multiple precious metals, it gives off a sparkly effect that allows wearers to stand out from other people wearing traditional jewelry made from single metals like gold or silver.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing platinum clad jewelry on red carpets and other high-profile events around the world. Musicians like Rihanna and Ariana Grande have been seen donning several pieces – ranging from intricate necklaces and rings to luxurious pendants – while actors like Mark Ruffalo have also opted for this style in order to show off their individualism during special occasions.

Such high-profile endorsements has only further popularized this unique type of luxury accessory among fashionistas everywhere, making it even more sought-after among individuals looking for fashionable adornments with a touch of class and prestige.

Origin of Platinum Clad Jewelry

Platinum Clad Jewelry is a relatively new concept in the jewelry industry, having developed over the past 20 years. It is a type of jewelry that is set with either pure platinum or sterling silver. The metal used for this type of jewelry is then coated with a thin layer of highly-polished, microscopic platinum particles; hence giving it the name ‘platinum clad’.

This process was first developed by high-end jewelers in order to bring about a distinct look on their pieces without the higher cost associated with using solid platinum metals. Since then, it has become popular among both amateur and professional jewelers seeking to create unique designs without breaking their budget.

Using Platinum Clad Jewelry brings many advantages in terms of design aesthetics and cost savings. For example, because of its thinner coating, less material is required to achieve an exquisite look – making it much more affordable than traditional gold or silver settings.

And because there are very few alloy limitations when creating designs with this metal, sophisticated patterns can be achieved quickly and easily at lower costs compared to other metals such as sterling silver or gold. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, platinum cladding also offers superior protection against oxidation and discoloration compared to other pre-coated metals – meaning it can remain bright and beautiful for years with minimal upkeep required from the wearer.

Platinum Clad Jewelry has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings 20 years ago but its popularity continues to grow thanks to its distinctive beauty. Its ability to provide stunning visual effects without costly expenditures make it an ideal option for anyone looking to add some sparkle and shimmer into their wardrobe without spending too much money.

When investing in this kind of jewelry make sure you do your research and purchase items from reliable suppliers who use quality materials so you can enjoy them for many years ahead.

Advantages of Platinum Clad Jewelry

Platinum clad jewelry has grown in popularity over the years as an option for those looking for something special, such as anniversary or engagement rings. Platinum alloys and pure platinum have been a symbol of durability and elegance for centuries, and its resurgence in the form of jewelry has ushered in a new era of sophistication.

The benefits that come with selecting platinum clad jewelry are multiple, but three stand out to create an overall picture of why this type of jewelry can be a great choice for someone looking for something special.

First is durability; it is hardy enough to meaningfully last through large milestones in one’s life, making it both a practical and an emotional investment. The strength and hardness of the metal are ideal for setting gems into place firmly and securely so that these precious moments stay in their original quality throughout many years to come.

Another great advantage is the beauty that comes with its classic archival sheen quality which serves as a testament to love or important occasions sought out by many couples or partners today. Its shine lends itself well to various methods used in custom design so subtle yet striking accents can focus attention on the gem set within it and further emphasize its own sparkle.

Why Buy Platinum Jewelry

Finally, because it bears such weighty symbolism given its association with durability, Platinum Clad Jewelry can represent pledges made between two people that they remain steadfast in their commitments despite any outside pressures or changes they may face along life’s journey together.

For these reasons, when considering pieces of jewelry designed to represent lasting memories from special occasions why not turn towards more durable materials such as Platinum Clad Jewelry? Its advantages offer assurances that the intent behind your token will never fade even if fashion styles do change over time allowing people you love to always remember why you chose it as part of their story.


Platinum clad jewelry is made of sterling silver, which is then plated with a thin layer of platinum. The finished product looks like pure platinum at first glance. PlatinumClad jewelry is much more affordable than solid platinum-it usually costs around one-fourth the cost of solid platinum.

This makes it a very attractive option for those on a limited budget who want to experience the beauty and durability of platinum without breaking their wallets. It can also be an ideal choice for individuals who don’t intend to wear their jewelry often, as the thin layer of platinum may eventually wear away after time.

One way to identify if your piece is clad in platinum or not is the Karat marking – either ‘932PTPL’ or ‘PLATCLAD’ should be present, indicating that the item has been plated with real platinum. Some even have hallmark stamps saying “PT 950” or “900 PTL”, which indicate that it has been backed by sterling silver and coated with a thicker layer compared to standard Platinum Clad Jewelry.

For those who wish to purchase Platinum Clad Jewelry, there are numerous options available. First of all you can get it from on-line stores or specialty jewelers, such as those found in many shopping malls across America. These jewelers carry Platinum Clad items in various designs and styles at different price points to meet most budgets.

Furthermore, websites such as eBay and Amazon typically have good deals on Platinum Clad jewelry, since vendors are trying to compete with each other for customers who are looking for great deals online without having to leave their homes. With careful comparison shopping, it’s easy to find fantastic bargains on Platinum Clad pieces – sometimes even practically giving them away.

Buying Platinum Clad Jewelry

Platinum Clad jewelry is highly valued and quite popular in the fashion industry. It is made with a layer of precious metal, such as sterling silver or gold, that is completely covered with a thin layer of Platinum. This process allows for the platinum to be applied over various materials and produces an attractive, costly item that looks just like real Platinum jewelry but at a fraction of the cost.

When searching for Platinum Clad Jewelry, it’s important to do your research and shop around for the best selections available. Look into different stores and compare prices carefully to make sure you are getting the best value possible. Additionally, try to read customer reviews from other shoppers who may have already checked out the store or product you are interested in.

If possible, consider visiting local stores in your area so you can take a look firsthand before making any purchases. Checking for any imperfections could be beneficial if you plan on getting something more expensive or delicate such as gold-clad jewelry or items with gemstones embedded in them.

When looking to purchase Platinum Clad Jewelry, it’s also important to look out for counterfeit sellers who may offer low-quality products at inflated prices under the guise of selling “genuine” products. These types of vendors should be avoided since they cannot guarantee authenticity and could potentially scam customers with fake items that aren’t considered worthy investments in terms of money or quality-wise.

To ensure maximum protection against these dishonest sellers, do your homework beforehand and only rely on reputable stores that have a proven track record when it comes to providing authentic products at reasonable prices.

Care and Maintenance

Platinum Clad jewelry is a form of jewelry that is made out of a type of metal known as clad metal, which is commonly referred to as “platinum clad.” This metal material is created by fusing two metals together, usually mixing platinum and another metal such as copper or silver. When these two metals are fused together, it creates an alloy that has the strength and elegance of platinum with the durability and affordability of the additional metal.

The care and maintenance for platinum clad jewelry should vary based on what you are wearing and the underlying materials used. It’s important to clean the piece periodically using warm water and soap to prevent dirt from building up on it.

Keeping the coating sealed or spraying it with protective sealant can help protect your jewelry from daily wear and tear. Additionally, when storing your jewelry be sure to keep it in a fabric-lined container to prevent any rubbing which can tarnish the look over time.

Used Platinum Jewelry

If your item becomes damaged, there are several options for repair depending on how serious the damage is. As this kind of jewelry isn’t typically joined with soldering or welding methods, filing away any rough edges may be required.

If more severe damage occurs like chips or cracks you may want to take it to a professional jeweler who can polish it back up or recoat if necessary. For smaller pieces like necklaces or earrings, replacing missing stones or even changing settings can usually be done quickly by yourself at home with some basic tools.


Platinum clad jewelry is a type of fashionable jewelry that features a layer of platinum on top of another metal. This gives it the look, luster, and lasting qualities of pure platinum but at a more reasonable cost. By bonding pure platinum to other metals, designers can craft beautiful pieces of jewelry from comparatively rare metals like platinum. It is an excellent way for individuals to incorporate precious metals into their jewelry collections without breaking the bank.

In terms of jewellery styles, many different options are available when it comes to choosing pieces that emphasize the beauty of platinum clad jewelry. From luxurious necklaces and earrings with intricate designs to elegant rings and wristbands with unique engraving, there is sure to be something suitable for everyone’s style and taste.

When choosing styles that best suit the person wearing it, it may be helpful to consider suggestions from your local jeweler regarding trends or designer collections you may have in mind before investing in any particular piece of jewelry.

For those who prefer bolder statements with their clothing ensembles, a spectacular choice would make good use of large rosettes or clusters set with florid sprays composed entirely out of precious stones and framed by delicate metalwork bands covered in black or white rhodium plating.

Bejeweled cases hosting fine gems such as diamonds can make magnificent earrings as well as stunning pendants crafted from elegantly styled link chains and collars designed in exquisite patterns inscribed in dark metalworks with gemstones interspersed within for a luxuriant effect exclusive only to platinum clad jewellery styles.


Platinum clad jewelry is a type of precious metal jewelry that contains a combination of platinum and other metals such as gold or silver. While it looks similar to solid platinum jewelry, the cost savings makes it an attractive option for those looking for high-quality jewelry at a fraction of the price.

Unlike plated silver which only has a thin layer of silver on top – platinum clad jewelry contains layers of both platinum and another metal that have been permanently bonded together by an electrical process.

This creates an alloy with properties similar to pure platinum, but without the prohibitively expensive price tag. Furthermore, this process creates an extremely durable product that can stand up to even the toughest wear and tear without compromising its beauty or value.

For those looking for quality jewelry that won’t break the bank, investing in some pieces of platinum clad jewelry could be a great option. Not only is it more affordable than solid platinum or gold jewelry, but it also has plenty of impressive benefits that make it just as attractive as any solid-platinum piece.

Firstly, because only very thin outer layers are made from platinum – meaning less material is needed resulting in cost savings – making these pieces remain affordable even after considering the inflation rate over time. Additionally, since there’s less risk involved with purchasing these items of jewelry when compared to their solid counterparts – they represent an ideal purchase choice for budget-minded shoppers who want something extra special without having to pay premium prices.

Overall, choosing to invest in some pieces of premium quality basic clothing with something special like Platinum Clad Jewelry provides customers with peace of mind about their purchase decision without compromising on their desired aesthetic or spending more money than necessary.

Therefore consider opting for this price-savvy way for getting your hands on some incredible pieces next time you go shopping for jewellery so you can show off your new seasonal look with awesome accessories that won’t blow your budget.