What Is 1928 Jewelry Made Of


1928 Jewelry is a fashion accessories brand created in 1968 and known for making beautiful jewelry that is of the highest quality. The company prides itself on creating timeless designs based on vintage styles, although they now also specialize in contemporary jewelry. In addition to vintage-inspired pieces, they also create unique modern looks with an heirloom aesthetic.

Materials Used

1928 Jewelry produces their pieces using high-quality materials such as Austrian crystals, lead-free pewter, semi-precious stones, zinc alloy, gold-plate and silver plate – giving them the same look and feel of classic antiques. Customers can find a diverse selection at affordable prices. 1928 Jewelry offers pieces in a range of finishes such as antique silver patina and antique gold finish, creating items that are truly one-of-a-kind. All products are made with 100% nickel-free material ensuring each piece is hypoallergenic for customers with sensitive skin. Other materials used include bronze and precious gemstones like amethyst and tourmaline – perfect for adding a touch of class to any casual outfit!

Metals & Alloys Used

1928 Jewelry uses a variety of metals and alloys to create their iconic pieces. These include sterling silver, rhodium, stainless steel, pewter, brass, bronze, gunmetal and gold-plated metals. They also use other materials such as Austrian crystal stones and Swarovski crystals to produce sparkling accessories that add a touch of glamour to any ensemble. In addition, they often incorporate chain maille, precious gemstones and seashells in their unique designs. Each piece is created using high quality components and crafted with beautiful attention to detail so they can last for years while still looking beautiful.

Popular Stones & Crystals

1928 Jewelry is made of a range of stones and crystals, from classic gold and silver to precious gems like diamonds and pearls. Jewelry designs are often embellished with Swarovski stones, simulated semi-precious stones, Czech glass beads, Mother-of-Pearl or freshwater pearls. Popular stones such as quartz and jasper can be found in many of the pieces, too. Shine and sparkle are obligatory for 1928 Jewelry so you can also expect to find high quality zinc alloys, crystal accents and cubic zirconia in any piece that you choose.

Unique Designs & Their Meaning

1928 Jewelry is a vintage-inspired jewelry company that specializes in the creation of pieces that are bold, timeless, and designed to make a statement. The majority of 1928 Jewelry’s products are made from antiqued and polished brass or rhodium plating, sterling silver, and Swarovski® crystals or semi-precious stones. Additionally, they often incorporate vintage elements into their designs as well.

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One of the popular lines of jewelry produced by 1928 Jewelry is its “Storytelling Timeless Collection.” This collection contains pieces which tell stories inspired by sacred symbols and ancient cultures throughout history — such as Egyptian eye symbols for protection, Greek Key symbols for unity and connection, Celtic knots representing eternity, and Crosses for faith. Many of their other collections also feature pieces with symbolic meaning behind them — such as coins for luck, infinity signs for infinite possibilities, starburst designs for glory and renewal, fortune cookies for good luck, four leaf clovers for prosperity, wishbones for making your dreams come true.

Cost Breakdown of Materials

1928 Jewelry is an internationally renowned fashion jewelry brand that produces exquisite pieces crafted from a variety of precious metals, stones, crystals, and materials. The majority of the items in their collections are made from sterling silver or gold plate bases that feature high-quality cubic zirconia stones, crystals, geniune gemstones, and even glass. Other popular materials used to craft 1928 Jewelry include brass and surgical steel findings along with various enamel colors for accentuated details.

Cost Breakdown of Materials:
Sterling Silver – Expensive metal base featuring different intricate designs; typically $14-$24 per piece.
Gold Plate Bases – Variety of finishes ranging from bright gold to antique rose gold; typically $6-$12 per piece.
Cubic Zirconia Stones – Sparkle and shine mimicking diamonds; typically $0.50-$2 per stone.
Crystals & Genuine Gemstones – Colorful selections in a rainbow of hues; typically $1-$15 per stone.
Glass Accents – Brightly colored beads used to create patterns and textures; typically $3-$8 per piece.
Brass & Surgical Steel Findings – Utilitarian components necessary for structure and support; typically $0.25-$1 apiece.
Enamel Accent Colors – Textured detailing used tocreate unique looks; depending on the complexiy of design can range anywhere from $2-$10 per detail piece.

Different Colors & Finishes Available

1920s jewelry is known for its luxurious and intricate designs, often made with precious metals and stones. The 1928 Jewelry collection is no exception. All of their pieces are crafted with high quality materials, including metals like brass, copper, and silver plating. Additionally, they also utilize a variety of finishes to give each item a unique look such as rose and antique gold plating, textured gunmetal plating and oxidized sterling silver. They even use cubic zirconia stones to mimic the sparkle of diamonds. Other embellishments commonly used are enamel finishes in vintage-inspired colors to create bold visual statements. Finally, glass gems add an elegantly classic touch to some designs. With such an assortment of material choices, you’re sure to find something truly special at 1928 Jewelry Company!

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Pros & Cons of 1928 Jewelry

1928 Jewelry is a fashion jewelry brand that has been around since 1968 and offers pieces made from a variety of materials. These include metals like brass and metal alloy, as well as precious stones such as cubic zirconia, acrylic, and glass. Some designs also feature freshwater pearls.

Pros: One of the advantages of 1928 Jewelry is that it is often made with quality craftsmanship and intricate detail. The price point can also be attractive for those looking for affordable fashion pieces. Additionally, the wide selection in terms of styles and materials means there are pieces to fit everyone’s personal taste.

Cons: It can take a significant amount of time to find the perfect piece from 1928 Jewelry as the range is quite vast. Furthermore, some pieces may not last long due to their material composition such as acrylic or glass. Lastly, many of their designs are statement pieces meaning you may need to find very specific ensembles in order to match them with clothing items.


1928 Jewelry is made of high-quality and stunning materials, making it a great choice to accessorize any look. From costume jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made from silver and gold plating, cubic zirconia stones and crystals, to vintage pieces crafted with sterling silver details – 1928 Jewelry has something for every taste and price range. These pieces are designed with elegance in mind – handcrafted for a timeless appeal that looks beautiful today and tomorrow. The durability of the design ensures that your jewelry will not fade or tarnish over time. This combination of beauty & durability means the fine jewelry from 1928 Jewelry should last you a lifetime, making it an ideal present for those most important special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.