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QGI stands for ‘Quality Glamour and Innovations’ and is a jewelry line designed and produced by an Israeli-based family business. The slogan of the QGI brand is ‘Couture Glamour at its Best’, emphasizing it as one of the premium fashion jewelry lines and describing their commitment to quality.

QGI jewelry designs are created and set in collaboration with highly sought-after international designers and talented gold-smiths. All the designs are produced under sustainable means, with attention to detail and craftsmanship that produces unique, high-end pieces. In addition, diamonds used in all QGI creations are certified conflict free, making the brand a reputable choice among luxury jewelers.

Since its launch in 2010, QGI has collaborated with revered names in the fashion world to produce exquisite couture collections featuring diamond bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Their styles range from statement pieces honoring nature’s elements to more intimate items reflecting individual identity or personal style preferences.

As QGI celebrates 10 years since its launch, it also continues to grow as one of Israel’s leading designer jewellery brands for those seeking timeless beauty with originality and exclusivity . Dedicated to creating the most stylish pieces that defy trends but retain their own glamourous charm over time – QGI endeavors to craft masterpieces that never fail to command attention now and for generations to come.

What Does QGI Mean On Jewelry?

QGI is an abbreviation commonly used in fine jewelry, which stands for “Quality Guarenteed International.” The term QGI originated with the Italian Ministry of State to certify specific standards and designations of fine jewelry with regards to craftsmanship, materials and certificates of authenticity.

Today, QGI certification is a mark of distinction only given to a select few jewelers that meet the stringent quality control checks for their designs and reports. A piece of jewelry bearing such a certification signifies that it has been hand-crafted from the finest golds and precious stones, according to pre-determined standards. This ensures a level of confidence in customers when purchasing such items, that they are purchasing from a reputable source. Furthermore, retailers who adhere to these stipulations often promote their QGI credentials as part of their overall marketing strategy as well as it provides a boost in customer trust levels for any company who can supply them with certified items.

Types of Jewelry That Use QGI

QGI stands for Quality Galvanic Jewelry, which is a type of gold plating process used to create jewelry pieces. Quality Galvanic Jewelry refers to gold and silver sets coated in one or more precious metal layers. This type of jewelry offers a lasting durability and alluring beauty that are sure to turn heads. QGI uses a combination of galvanic techniques and metal stamping or enameling to create custom-made sets with unmatched elegance and appeal. Some of the different categories of QGI jewelry include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, wristwatches, brooches, pendants, pins, charms, cufflinks and many other unique pieces. Each piece is carefully crafted with attention paid to detail such as the size of the stones or filigree designs etched into the metals used in production. Because QGI offers long-lasting quality robustness, it is widely considered an investment-grade piece that can be counted on for both lasting style and daily wearability.

Benefits of QGI Jewelry

QGI jewelry is a term used to describe jewelry that has been crafted with the highest quality materials and processes. QGI stands for Quality, Genuineness, and Intricacy and these are the standards the creators of QGI jewelry hold to when creating their product. This type of jewelry is typically made with stones or metals that have been carefully selected for beauty, strength, and prestige.

QGI jewels often feature unique designs or unusual combinations of elements that instantly set them apart in terms of style. Additionally, they can be symbolic/symbolic gifts as elements used in their designs tend to represent something meaningful. For example, a golden ring shaped like a snake could symbolize eternity due to the snake’s habit of shedding its skin every year. From birthdays to weddings, graduating and other significant life milestones, these precious pieces can be given as heartfelt gifts and preserved for years to come.

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The Craftsmanship of QGI Jewelry

QGI stands for Quality Gemstone International, a well-known name in the world of jewelry craftsmanship. Founded in 2002 by the husband and wife team of Steve and Laura Miller, QGI specializes in natural, semi-precious gems crafted into quality jewelry designs that have become beloved pieces. QGI uses exclusively ethically sourced materials in the production of their items, making sure that their practices are above reproach and meet international standards for sustainability. In addition to responsibly sourcing their precious stones, QGI is well known for their beautiful designs which involve combining gold with gems like diamonds and pearls to create custom pieces. They often use unusual stones like jasper, malachite and hematite to make pieces truly one-of-a-kind. What sets them apart from other jewelers is the intricate detail they exude within each piece; checkerboard or heart pattern faceting on gemstones as well as hand matched metal settings all come together to finish a unique product. Additionally, one can trust that every single piece has been given individual attention during the design process so that customers have an authentic experience when wearing or gifting an item made by QGI.

QGI Jewelry for Special Occasions

QGI stands for “Quality Guaranteed Jewelry.” This brand offers an array of fashionable and beautiful jewelry that can be worn for a variety of special occasions. From glamorous evening events to everyday casual wear, QGI Jewelry has a piece just right for any occasion. With the huge selection of options available, shoppers can certainly find something suitable and perfect for the special person they want to buy a gift for – friends, family members, or even themselves!

When it comes to choosing the right QGI jewelry piece, shoppers can choose from many varieties such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. The collections are organized by occasion; so whether you’re looking to buy a symbolic piece of jewelry like a promise necklace or diamond earrings for a special milestone birthday celebration or memorable event like engagement or a graduation ceremony – there are plenty of styles and designs suitable. Aside from sorting your gifts by the special occasion in mind, shoppers should also factor in their recipient’s personal style; do they prefer classic timeless pieces or modern contemporary ones? Do they prefer yellow gold or white gold? Do they have any birthstones that would make excellent gift options such as sapphires or rubies? Once these questions are answered shoppers can have plenty of options within their budget range to choose from!

Care and Maintenance of QGI Jewelry

QGI Jewelry is a unique and special type of jewelry created through the inventive designs of a highly experienced craftsman. It is made with a combination of precious metals, semi-precious stones, and skilled handcrafts. Although QGI jewelry requires no specific cleaning or maintenance routine, it should still be regularly checked for signs of defects and wear to maximize its lifespan.

To keep QGI jewelry looking its best and lasting longer, regular maintenance and inspection are recommended. This can start with simply wiping off dirt and debris with a clean cloth after each wearing. Wearing the item at appropriate occasions like formal events will help reduce any unnecessary contact between the jewelry pieces which reduces scratches and damage over time. Additionally, avoiding exposing the jewelry to harsh chemicals or changes in temperature can prolong its sheen and prevent discoloration from occurring prematurely.

Be sure to store QGI jewelry in an appropriate box or pouch specifically designed for keeping precious items safe from dust or tarnishing elements. Take care to avoid objects such as coins, keys, or other hard items coming into contact with your QGI jewelry as it may scratch on softer metals such as gold or silver. Keep away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time as this could fade certain pieces away quicker than expected over time. Lastly, periodic inspections are necessary to catch any flaws that may have developed over the course of use so they can be quickly remedied by professional jewellers in order to get the most out of your investment in high quality QGI Jewelry pieces!

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Buyer’s Guide

Q GI or Quality Gem Identification is an internationally recognized system which was designed to ensure the authenticity of jewelry items. It involves an identification number that is printed on the back of jewelry or another form of identification, such as a certificate. The QGI enables buyers to easily recognize whether an item is genuine or imitation, and that it was produced according to established quality standards. This system can be relied upon by jewelers and consumers alike for peace of mind when purchasing any type of gemstone jewelry.

In order to have a QGI rating, a piece of jewelry must go through multiple levels of testing and analysis conducted by experts and experienced jewelers. This includes elements such as color, size, carat weight and cut that are used to determine the quality and value of the item. The stones are also checked for any blemishes or flaws to verify their authenticity and beauty. In addition to these checks, authentication measures such as laser inscription (marking) are taken for official documents such as GIA certificates in order for them to be awarded with the QGI designation.

When shopping for gemstone jewelry it’s important that you purchase your items from reputable dealers who offer high-quality products with clearly documented standards as well as authenticate each piece they sell with a QGI numbered certificate; this gives customers reassurance knowing they are buying genuine diamond or gemstones pieces without worrying about being duped by counterfeit products.


QGI is one of the most unique and sought-after jewelry options available today. It stands for Quintessential Jewelry Guaranteed in Remembrance, and reinforces the notion that jewelry is something to be cherished by both its creator and wearer. Created with a personal focus, these pieces of jewelry often feature customized designs that speak directly to the heart of its wearer. While some are made with precious metals and gemstones, they can also include other mediums such as glass or plastics – so almost anyone can find or create the perfect piece to express their unique style.

QGI jewelry also makes for an ideal gift option due to their customizable nature. You can choose elements that truly reflect the feelings you have for your recipient – whether romantic, platonic or familial. And if you’re uncertain what types of pieces would suit them best, there are plenty of ways to research different styles or even seek help from a professional jeweler – like those who specialize in QGI selections.

All this considered, it’s no wonder why QGI jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its personalized touch adds extra value to any piece, making it feel more special over similar choices on the market. Whether you’re creating your own piece or selecting one for a gift for loved ones (or even yourself), consider QGI as a wonderful addition to your collection!

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