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CCC on jewelry is an acronym for Three Character Chinese Manufacture Mark, which is a three-character symbol indicating the origin of jewelry pieces. This mark was commonly used in China prior to the PRC period and often includes three Chinese characters. It is typically set next to or slightly below the maker’s signature on items such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other adornments made during this period. Since identifying hallmarks can be tricky and not all pieces have them, it’s important to understand what these marks mean so that you can accurately date the item of jewelry and determine its worth.

As CCC marks are usually dated between 1915 and 1949 they may have considerable value depending on their age and condition. To identify CCC marks all one has to do is look for three Chinese characters in a row – usually underneath the maker’s name or hallmark – that indicate where the piece was manufactured. In addition, one should also look for signs of wear due to age as well as any repair work done on the piece which may affect its value. Ancient Chinese coins, inscriptions from famous people of the time, traditional poems or images from literature are also common elements featured alongside CCC marks to further identify a piece’s origin and authenticity.

History of CCC Jewelry and Its Significance

CCC jewelry is a special type of jewelry that has been around since the early 20th century. It stands for Central European Cultural Circle, which was a group of Europe’s most influential jewelers and buyers who travelled the continent and created pieces to reflect latest fashion trends in the markets they were in. CCC was primarily known for its high-end costume jewelry, often with avant-garde touches such as enameled accents and out-of-the ordinary designs.

These pieces featured an array of colored stones like jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli and pearls set in gold from delicate filigree to bold crowns. Each piece is unique and sought after by collectors because of its combination of craftsmanship and innovative style. There was some production in France but much came from countries like Boznia and Hungary.

Additionally, many famous artists had a hand in crafting CCC jewelry such as Jean Després who designed colorful parures with diamonds or Andrew Grima who incorporated freeform crystals and stones into his designs. All these elements combined to make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Today these pieces can still be found at auctions or boutique vintage stores where they are sure to impress even the most discerning collector or wearer.

The Different Symbols Used in CCC Jewelry

CCC is a symbol which has been used in jewelry since the 19th century. It stands for “croix comme clou” (French for “cross like nail”), and it was popularly used as part of artisan jewelry. The three C’s in CCC often stand for the French phrase, “ce qui compte c’est la croix” or what matters is the cross, referring to the Christian cross symbol that was often featured alongside CCC stamp on jewelry pieces. This symbol usually indicates that a piece of jewelry has higher quality craftsmanship or design than most other pieces from its time period, as experienced artisans would have been able to reliably identify quality craftsmanship when evaluating a piece with this stamp. In modern times, CCC can also refer to Cubic Zirconia Clarity Control (CZCC), which assesses the clarity and cut of a cubic zirconia gemstone before it is made into an accessory. This ensures that cubic zirconia gems are evaluated to meet strict standards and consistent rating equivalence across different manufacturers or suppliers. As such, it serves as assurance for consumers looking for well crafted items and helps to prevent fraudulent activity.

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What to Look For When Identifying CCC Jewelry

When identifying jewelry with ‘CCC’ on it, there are specific elements to look for. For instance, CCC is commonly used as an abbreviation for a popular Austrian jewelry house called Carinthia Casting Company. As such, many pieces of CCC jewelry will be marked with a CC-style logo which may be stamped on the back or in another inconspicuous area of whatever piece you’re looking at. In addition to this logo, other signs that the item might be part of the CCC line include solid gold or silver construction, high quality Austrian craftsmanship (and any engravings or stamps reflecting higher levels of refinement), and recessed gems and stones. Colorful dragons and roses are also popular motifs you may find on CCC products.

Popular CCC Jewelry Styles and Trends

CCC is a jewelry mark typically used for costume or fashion jewelry made of base metals. It generally stands for “China Craft Corporation,” a well-known Chinese handmade jewelry producer popular in the 1960s and 70s. Common styles from the era include chunky faux gems set into silver tones. Many pieces featured animal motifs, such as swans and fishes made from silver plate wire and glass beads.

Today, CCC jewelry is still sought after by vintage enthusiasts. Many jewelers now offer interpretations of its classic styles, including dramatic pendants and statement earrings that combine silver, gold-tone metals and bright accents of colored glass stones. Popular current trends include art deco designs with geometric shapes as well as mismatched earrings featuring an eclectic range of materials like semi-precious stones, enameled charms and freshwater pearls. CCC pieces are known for their big impact on any look while still being lightweight enough to wear all day long with ease. Jewelry makers also utilize modern casting methods to produce more refined details than during the original era of production.

Cleaning and Storing CCC Jewelry Tips

Cleaning CCC jewelry is a must to keep it looking its best. The metal will not hold up well against exposure to chlorine, so avoid wearing it swimming or in a hot tub. If you do need to clean it, opt for using a gentle cleaning detergent and warm water. Avoid using any harsh jewelry cleaners or abrasive polishing cloths as this can damage the item. After cleaning, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe down the piece and then dry thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth before storing.

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Storing your CCC jewelry is also important; keep your pieces in airtight bags or containers when not wearing them and out of extreme temperatures/humidity changes. Remove any gemstones or stones that are fragile when storing these items as they are more prone to scratches if knocked around in the box or container. Also be aware of other types of jewelry that could scratch your precious metals during storage, such as watch parts with metal buckles or quartz crystals found in some watches can be damaged when stored against CCC jewelry items directly.

Benefits of Owning and Gifting CCC Jewelry

CCC jewelry is an acronym for Circa Cursus Certissimus, which stands for ‘around certified course.’ CCC jewelry is therefore all jewelry that has undergone and passed certain, stringent qualifications to be verified as genuine. This means that any piece of jewelry with a CCC stamp on it, whether it is a diamond ring, an emerald necklace or even a simple pair of earrings, is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and can be trusted. The benefit of owning or gifting somebody with CCC jewelry is the assurance that it is both valuable and authentic. Purchasing CCC jewelry means that you can relax knowing you have invested in something beautiful, durable and worthwhile without having any doubts about its legitimacy or worthiness as a gift. As well as reassurance, by gifting someone special with CCC jewelry you are also expressing your love and appreciation through the thoughtful quality of the item itself. This tangible token can last far further than any words could and is sure to make its recipient feel special every time they wear their chosen piece.

Final Thoughts

CCC Jewelry is the perfect way to show someone you care. From symbolizing a relationship, marriage, or special occasion, the intricate and timeless details of each piece make for an incredibly meaningful accomplishment that can be celebrated for years to come. CCC stands for “carefully crafted commitment” which represents how much thought and attention has been put into each item; from the metals chosen, stone settings and finishes, consumers are guaranteed to receive a piece of jewelry that reflects their style and values. Whether you’re looking for a statement necklace or an everyday accessory, CCC Jewelry is sure to create an elegant look while preserving traditional craftsmanship. Every gift purchased will become a beloved heirloom that can be shared with generations to come. For those looking for a precious keepsake withstood by time, CCC Jewelry is the ideal choice!

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