What Does 12Kgf Mean On Jewelry

what does 12kgf mean on jewelry

When you see a number followed by the letter “Kgf” on a piece of jewelry, it indicates the amount of pressure that the jewelry can withstand before breaking. The “Kgf” stands for kilogram-force, which is a unit of measurement for pressure. In other words, the “12Kgf” on a piece of jewelry means that it can withstand up to 12 kilograms of pressure before breaking.

This number is important to know if you are thinking about purchasing a piece of jewelry that is meant to withstand a lot of pressure, such as a ring with a large diamond. You’ll want to make sure that the “Kgf” number is high enough to ensure that the ring can withstand the pressure of everyday wear.

If you’re curious about how much pressure your current jewelry can withstand, you can find the “Kgf” number on the jewelry’s packaging or on the manufacturer’s website.

What Does Mws Mean On Jewelry

When you see the letter “mws” on a piece of jewelry, it stands for “made with silver.” This means that the jewelry is made with at least 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% can be made up of other metals, such as copper. Silver is a popular metal for jewelry because it is durable, has a beautiful shine, and is affordable. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that is made with silver, you can look for the “mws” stamp on the piece.

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How Do I Solder Jewelry

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