What Color Jewelry To Wear With Green Dress


When it comes to planning a look, choosing the right jewelry pieces to go with your green dress can be crucial. The color of the jewelry can either make or break the outfit. However, with recent advances in fashion, finding an eye-catching and complementary color for green dress is becoming increasingly easier and more innovative. From pearls to emeralds to rose gold, there are endless options available when deciding on the perfect jewelry piece.

The Power of Green

Green is a powerful color and it’s no wonder why green dresses are so popular. Not only does it make a bold statement, but with its variety of shades, anyone can find a few greens that will fit their exact style. Whether you’re looking for the deep emerald of royalty or the light teal of summer, this rich hue makes for a captivating wardrobe choice. An array of jewelry options are available to accompany a green dress – such as golden yellow topaz earrings or silver diamond studs – all of which further highlight the wearer’s own personal look. Whatever shade you go with, know that your confidence will carry as much weight as any accessory!

Utilizing Color Combinations

When choosing jewelry to pair with a green dress, it is key to analyze the undertone, hue and pigments of the green color in your garment. The most important rule when wearing green is to know if the hue has more yellow or blue tones as that will dictate what color jewelry you should choose. If the tone of green contains more yellow undertones such as olive, lime, or even mustard then warmer jewel tones such as gold and bronze can be paired. These warm metals will enhance the earthy look of a green dress with more yellow hues. If there is more blue undertones to the green shade then silver, pewter and platinum accessories should be worn. Neutral colors also go very well with green dresses-black, white and brown are all good choices in this case. To contrast a bolder emerald green consider wearing gemstones like peridot, amethyst or jade. No matter what metal tone you decide to wear always make sure that the jewelry is not too overwhelming so that it detracts from the dress itself!

Classic Color Combinations

Olive Green Dress – Gold Jewelry: A classic combination that can be appropriate for any event is wearing a olive green dress with gold jewelry. The two tones complement each other wonderfully and make for an eye-catching combination when done right. For example, if the olive green dress has intricate detailing, then consider wearing a statement gold necklace with matching earrings. Alternatively, if the dress is more subtle, simple gold hoop earrings and a pendant necklace work well.

Jewelry With A Purpose

Emerald Green Dress – Silver Jewelry: Another traditional color pairing is an emerald green dress with silver jewelry. The coolness of the silver amplifies the sophistication of an emerald green dress, making it perfect for formal events or black-tie occasions where accessorizing needs to be done tastefully. To complete this look, try pairing your emerald green dress with delicate diamond studs and a silver bracelet or necklace with a subtle gemstone as its centerpiece.

Forest Green Dress – Rose Gold Jewelry: Opting for rose gold jewelry to adorn a forest green dress will add just enough edge to elevate this look and create something unique yet sophisticated at the same time. When it comes to choosing rose gold accessories for this color of dress, consider chandelier earrings and rings with stones given their warm metallic hue perfectly offsets the earthy shades of the forest green outfit without overpowering it too much in one way or another.

Making a Statement

Styling a green dress with creative jewelry colors can make all the difference in creating an eye-popping outfit. A bit of color in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets can turn a boring green dress into a stunning statement look. Colorful jewelry that complements the hue of your green dress can bring out its best features and help you create an unforgettable style.

When it comes to picking jewelry colors that go with a green dress, some traditional pairing options include silver, gold, black or pink. Silver brings out cooler shades of green while gold adds warmth and glamour to any look. Black is another classic choice as it provides extra definition and edge to most outfits. Finally, pink gives off vibes of femininity that looks great when paired with brighter tones like mint greens or olive hues.

For those daring fashionistas who love to make a bold statement with their look, try experimenting with unexpected jewelry colors such as yellow, blue or purple! These vivid colors are great for adding personality and depth to any ensemble and certainly bring the entire outfit to life. Sophisticated jewels like jewel-encrusted bangles or chandelier earrings are perfect for creating a glamorous effect on your green dress; but if you’re going for something more subtle, gemstone rings and delicate necklaces are also lovely finishing touches.

For those who want added versatility from their jewelry pieces, layer them up together! Layering your necklaces creates depth which instantly elevates any look – regardless of what color combination you’ve gone for – whereas mixing and matching different bracelets will add fun texture to your outfit. Whatever method you decide to use while styling your green dress, make sure you wear it confidently and rock your new fashionista style!

Circa Jewelry

Achieving Balance

When wearing a green dress, you want your jewelry choice to help flatter your outfit and bring balance in your look. While bold colors can add an eye-catching contrast, some of the best color choices are more subtle. Gold jewelry is a great option because it complements emerald greens and olive hues nicely. Additionally, varying shades of yellow gold work with different types of green so you can find the ideal option that matches the tone of your dress.

Silver is another color family to consider when coordinating jewelry with your green dress. It’s a good idea to think outside of traditional white silver hues — gunmetal gray, muted charcoal or vibrant platinum versions are just as easily accessible and fashionable alternatives. Green gems such as emeralds or peridot paired with silver make for a beautiful combination – perfect for special occasions but also for everyday looks. Try pairing up steely greys and mossy tones for an earthier yet stylish look that won’t overpower your dress ensemble.

For accessorizing on casual days, you can also explore natural materials like leather and wood that blend beautifully with more neutral packages of green. Beaded necklaces featuring smooth shapes such as rounds or ovals in sandy colors flaunt a bohemian style that goes well with lighter green colored fabrics and natural cottons. Whether you go for classic silver pieces or exotic gemstones, making sure that the colors suit each other makes all the difference when wearing a green dress.


When it comes to styling a green dress, there are many different combinations to consider. Silver or diamond jewelry makes the perfect accent for a classic look if you’re looking for timelessness. For a modern twist, pair your green dress with bright yellow gold jewelry, such as an elegant necklace and earrings set. If you’d like to add a touch of color and brightness, some options include blue sapphire or darker green jade jewelry. Finally, rose gold pieces provide a unique edge to the look as well. The trick is to pick accessories that bring out the natural tones in the green dress without overpowering them.

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