What Are The Jewelry Trends For 2022

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Vintage-style Jewelry: Vintage-style jewelry has become a large trend within the fashion industry for 2022. From statement pendants to dainty layered necklaces, style icons everywhere are incorporating vintage charm into their modern looks. Popular trends include baroque details, geometric shapes, mixed metals and pearls. Vintage pieces have unique stories that can awaken feelings of nostalgia, making them an ideal way to add sentimental value to any outfit.

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Popular Brands:

– Tiffany & Co. has reinvented classic designs for 2022, showcasing jewelry pieces that are both contemporary and timeless. Highlights include the brand’s bejeweled box chain necklaces and bold, colorful stacking rings.

– Cartier continues to showcase their iconic watches alongside its new collections of luxury jewelry. The iconic LOVE bracelet is one of the hottest pieces seen in 2022, along with their intricate snake motif collection.

– Alor has become known for its intricate cable jewelry adorned with colored gemstones like sapphires and emeralds. For 2022 they have introduced the CrossCable Collection, a focus on modernized styling with a classic touch.

– Marco Bicego is another of the frontrunners in fashion trends for this season, with playful curved charms on bracelets, layered pendant necklaces and signature Jaipur evil-eye necklaces in hues of purple and blue stones.

– Swarovski has also brought forth futuristic designs by mixing their signature crystals with other materials such as horn and leather for eye-catching statement earrings, chokers and barrettes.

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Statement necklaces are a great way to make a fashion statement in 2022. Necklaces can range from classic and timeless pieces to more modern, daring statement makers. To make a bold statement choose necklaces with larger-than-life shapes such as bold geometrical designs or art-inspired sculptures. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Look for sculptural designs made with interesting materials like gemstones, metals, ceramic beads, plastic or glass. Multi-layered necklaces are also gaining in popularity. Combine classics such as gold chains with on-trend metals like silver, brass or gunmetal for contrasting vibes. And don’t forget about statement pendants! Whether subtle or eye catching, an appropriately scaled pendant can be the icing on the cake of any necklace.

Artisan Jewelry

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Care and Maintenance:

Taking care of your jewelry is the best way to ensure it retains its original beauty, sparkle, and shine for longer. Here are some tips on taking care of and maintaining your jewelry in 2022:

• Store jewelry separately in soft pouches or boxes so it does not rub against other pieces.

• Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt, dust, makeup and sweat. Use lukewarm soapy water or a specialized cleaner to gently work away excess residue.

• Remember to wipe dry after cleaning to retain its brilliance. Store jewelry in tarnish-resistant bags if possible.

• When putting on rings and other pieces with stones, use the pad of your finger rather than your fingernail to avoid snagging or scratching the metal. Avoid exposing jewelry to extreme temperatures and humidity that can cause oxidation or discoloration; this includes removing them during showering, swimming and hot tubbing.

• Inspect rings and bracelets frequently for signs of wear over time; this way any deficiencies can be addressed quickly before they become bigger issues later down the line.

• If you notice any discolorations or damage promptly visit your local jeweler for repairs as soon as possible.

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The jewelry trends for 2022 are set to be unique and innovative, with creative designs and styles that will create a statement look. Whether you prefer classic or statement pieces, there is something for everyone. For those looking to keep things timelessly elegant, try wearing understated fine jewelry in gold or silver paired with a fashionable dress, ankle boots and denim jacket for an effortlessly chic look. If you’re going for a more bold and daring statement, experiment with different textures, like doughnut shaped rings layered delicately together. You can also play around with layering different metals together – golds with silvers or rose golds – to create a dramatic look. To add interest to an ensemble with subtle shimmering accents, try simple hoop earrings or minimalist pendant necklaces in radiant metals such as copper. Statement necklaces are also on-trend and sure to make anyone stand out as they pair well over solid colored tops. Finally, don’t forget accessories like headbands and tiaras – great accessories to dress up any look!

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