Wedding Jewelry Trends 2015

Wedding jewelry trends 2015 are in full-swing this year, with many exciting and unique styles for couples to choose from. Technology is a major factor that has influenced the wedding jewelry industry, making more styling options available to those who want something different.

With 3D printing technology and the help of computer aided designs (CAD), custom designs have become easily achievable. Social media engagement, such as Pinterest and Instagram, also play a significant role in current wedding jewelry trends by providing visual inspiration for brides-to-be around the globe.

Pearls are back in style for wedding jewelry this year. The classic stone is being reimagined in subtle but very modern ways, such as pendants hung on long sterling silver chains or single pearl earrings with angular gold setting options. Whether it’s fresh water pearls or Akoya cultured pearls, they’re the perfect way to highlight a delicate neckline and draw attention effortlessly without overwhelming the look.

Another trend that continues to gain traction is garden inspired pieces as part of a bridal ensemble. Designers like Monique Lhuillier perfectly integrate floral motifs into their accessories. From wreaths of cz petals to pearl sprays forged into rings and necklaces, both traditionalists and trend-setters alike find delight amidst these nature related pieces.

Furthermore, mixed metal styles are still popular amongst fashionistas who want a personalized touch for their special day. Rose gold has especially gained favor recently due its appeal of antique with modern flare combined; thus becoming an ideal choice when choosing from all wedding jewelry trends 2015 offers today.

Clearly there are some dazzling choices when it comes to selecting from wedding jewelry trends 2015; whatever your taste may be it should be easy to find something that speaks louder than words about your new marital status.

Timeless Elegance

The key to finding the perfect piece of wedding jewelry is timelessness and elegance. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches should have a unique look without appearing old fashioned or outdated. Wedding jewelry from 2015 offers modern brides several fashionable options that can showcase class and sophistication.

The classic diamond solitaire remains popular with many brides, while drop earrings and a simple but elegant necklace are also perennial favorites. Diamonds in general are still the mainstay for most brides, as they offer sparkle without being overly ornate. Mixed metal designs are becoming increasingly popular as well – combining white gold with yellow gold or platinum accents give off a warm luminescence that is certain to turn heads.

Wedding Jewelry Trends 2015

  • Earring Styles: Stud Earrings, Teardrop Earrings, Cluster Earrings
  • Necklace Styles: Single Strand Necklaces, Brandignon Necklaces, Multi-strand Necklaces
  • Bracelet Styles: Cuff Bracelets, Bangles Bracelets, Charm Bracelets
  • Watches: Smart Watches (modern), Analog Watches (timeless)
  • Metals: White Gold Accents, Yellow Gold Accents, Platinum Accents

For those who want to be more daring with their choice of wedding jewelry from 2015 may dare to incorporate unusual stones such as citrine or aquamarine into their ensemble instead of the traditional diamonds. Pearls may even make an unexpected return this year when mixed with precious metals like copper – perfect for those who want something slightly different from what everyone else is wearing.

Creative Geometric Designs

Designer wedding jewelry has been a popular trend in 2015, and it’s no surprise that creative geometric designs are following suit. These designs feature traditional shapes like diamonds, hearts, and circles in combinations of two or more.

This kind of design philosophy allows brides to explore their own sense of style without sacrificing classic symbols of romantic relationships. From bubble rings to mid-century modern styles, there is something special about wearing creative patterns that make these pieces stand out among the rest on your wedding day.

Vintage Geometric Designs

Vintage-inspired geometric jewelry adds a touch of nostalgia to any wedding ensemble. From delicate hexagonal earrings to bold art deco necklaces, vintage designs truly evoke the allure of bygone eras with stylish sophistication. Bridal accessories such as brooches, belt buckles, cufflinks or hair clips are great ways to add a bit of personalization on your big day while paying homage to yesteryear’s timeless elegance.

Modern Geometric Design Elements

Browse contemporary diamond engagement rings and you’ll see contemporary geometric trends that bring something unique and exciting to the table. From unexpected shapes like crosses or arrows instead of circles, squares or ovals to materials such as rose gold or platinum being accented with gemstones; modern styles are bold and sure to make a statement for your hand picked design choices.

Geometric rings can also be designed with abstract patterns carved into the metal itself – providing an interesting breakthrough in design without risking the diamonds look becoming too much.

Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

Bells bracelets also offer scope for adding glittering personalisations; opt for tiny charms formed from birthstones, personalised engraving only adds extra lustre and beauty through its uniqueness that tells your story while saying ‘this one is about me.’

Fine Jewelry Trends Fall 2021

Wedding jewellery designers have been working overtime creating unique ranges featuring entirely bespoke items made from metals combined with other natural elements such as semiprecious stones or high-quality gems stones set in innovative settings making them both eye-catching and unusual which boast craftsmanship paired with individualism.

Textural Fusion

Textural Fusion is one of the new emerging wedding jewelry trends of 2015, and it’s all about breaking rules. Mixing textures, colors, and vibrancy is what this trend seeks to do, making sure that those fashion-forward brides are wearing wedding jewels that will truly make a statement on their special day.

One of the ways brides can achieve Textural Fusion is by pairing monochromatic pieces with particularly bold accent colors for their wedding jewelry. This serve to give off a contemporary feel in contrast to traditional marriage sets, without diverging from classic elegance. Alongside plenty of sun highlights and cleverly layered accessory components, this trend draws out the luxurious tones from each piece being worn at the special event.

This textured look has also been pulling in unexpected materials such as lace which brings an elaborated flavor to the otherwise simple world of weddings. By bringing in even more unexpected elements for the bride’s wear, a unique sensation is evoked allowing this trend to be applied amongst both classic or modern styles.

Rose gold, sterling silver and gold metals have also become quite popular for their subtle yet eye catching allure that adds lift to any kind of wardrobe set up you could dream of.

Ultimately, Textural Fusion comes back down to selecting intricate pieces with vibrant color patterns that can be put together so as to captivate eyes while still fitting in perfectly into any festive setting. This look encourages celebrating one’s individual style while still appearing gentle and delicate on their most important day ever. There really isn’t much else needed from here except getting creative with outfit compositions and you’re good to go.

Earthy Elements

Gone are the days where clean diamond lines and sparkles were the only way to make an entrance. Wedding jewelry trends for 2015 and beyond are heading into more natural directions, trying to capture a look that blends rustic elements with divinity.

The idea here is to add elements of earthiness such as leather cords, ropes combined with softer metals like silver or rose gold. By incorporating these two different parts of nature in one single piece, the overall look is something truly new and full of life.

Leather Cords

Incorporating leather cords into jewelry pieces instantly adds a sense of comfort and rustic feel to any jeweled piece – If you’re going for more of an earthy vibe, then it’s definitely something worth considering.

Choosing different colors and textures here is key; You can go for tougher looking black or brown shades if you want that rugged touch, however mixing them up with a softer cord could give off more of a subtle vibe depending on how it’s being matched together.

Be mindful when creating this type of combination as there will need to be some sort of balance between soft and hard elements that compliments each other well.

Silver Chains & Connectors

If you’re leaning into the more modern territory but still want some element taken from mother-nature Vibe – gold connectors can do just that. Not only do these create interesting patterns that flow really nicely throughout the piece, but they also bring about a sense of simplicity giving the piece a very earthly feel – great for those who love color palette modesty.

It almost creates a texture onto itself which makes crafting pieces out silver much easier than before – great for keeping things uniform throughout without losing sight above quality and beauty at the same time.

Crystals & Gemstones

Finally we have your spiritual sides – Crystals and gemstones oftentimes take us back to our ancestral roots by providing us with unique silhouettes found within nature itself; They help us create connections between ourselves and our heritage allowing us embrace history in ways we never thought possible before.

When choosing different gemstone types try sticking with darker shades: Bolder colors tend to lend well towards earthy looks which is exactly what you’ll be aiming for when crafting your wedding jewelry pieces this year.

Unconventional Stones and Gems

The use of unique stones and gems is becoming increasingly popular in wedding jewelry trends for 2015. This trend is gaining traction as couples look for creative ways to customize their rings. Unconventional materials such as meteorite, dinosaur bone and antler are being used in rings for both the brides and grooms.

Meteorite jewelry stands out with its striking patterns that give off an old world charm, where as dinosaur bone offers an interesting contrast with its criss cross pattern which can be highlighted by polished black gemstones set into gold or sterling silver settings. For a more edgy take on this trend, antler pieces add a rugged feel to traditional designs thanks to their texture.

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Not only are they using the unconventional materials themselves, but they’re also playing with different shapes and sizes too. Whether it’s experimenting with geometric shapes like hexagons, pyramids, trapezoids or wave – shaped textures; these combinations create eye catching designs that attract attention from every angle. Smaller diamonds are even being embedded within larger stones framing around them – creating the effect of glittering halos.

Lastly for those wishing to express their romance through jewellery, couples have the choice of selecting a ring set containing different shapes for each partner; this type of design symbolizes how two hearts come together into one unit illustrating the power of unity when uniting two people’s lives in marriage against all odds. Engraving mottos on either side could also help seal your vow of eternal love by making sure yours really is individualised to you both.

With these unorthodox touches we expect 2015’s wedding trends will offer something new and exciting that wouldn’t go unnoticed by your guests.

Versatility in Design

The wedding jewelry trends in 2015 are leaning toward versatility in design. Many designers are beginning to look at how their designs can be more wearable and comfortable for guests attending nuptials. Brides and bridesmaids alike are able to find beautiful pieces that will also allow them to move with ease throughout the ceremony and reception.

Earrings have become one of the most popular wedding jewelry trends of 2015. Multi-tassel earrings such as those made by Kendra Scott, have grown increasingly popular due to their ability to pair with a variety of different necklines, silhouettes, and hair styles.

The same can be said for multi-layered necklaces such as those created by Maison Margiela that not only enhance the look but also give brides and bridesmaids choices when it comes to how far down they would like the piece falling on their neckline.

When it comes to hand pieces, adjustable bangles have proven very successful in the most recent months, with some of these designs capable of being dressed up or dressed down depending on everyone’s personal style preference. These personalized bracelets can also come complete with engravings, birthstones, crystals or charms creating a unique piece all guests will love wearing.

Further, drop earrings are growing more mainstream particularly as they come available in a huge range of various metals plated in either gold or silver; which greatly complements any clothes combination one intends to put together making them great options for every guest’s wardrobe choice throughout the wedding day.

Perfection aligned well near colored stones makes these types of earrings attractive on certain occasions like an upcoming summer wedding party where bright contrasting color palates appear exceptional when chosen correctly – weighty pendants encrusted in white gems makes a lovely centerpiece among every other type of matching accessory supplied afterwards.

Modern Influences

Wedding jewelry trends in 2015 are taking a turn towards modern influences. While classic choices such as diamond solitaire engagement rings and pearl accents will always remain timeless, the 2015 flavor of wedding jewelry has taken a decidedly modern twist inspired by today’s fashion trends. Brides are getting more daring and adding bold statements to their style with eye-catching alternatives to classic bridal accessories in an effort to make their special day unique.

The trendiest alternative choice for bridal jewelry this season is colored diamonds. Yellow, pink, blue, orange – you name it. Colored diamonds offer a nice play on traditional white diamonds while still having value and lasting impact. They’ve become quite popular among couples looking for something that is truly individual; a statement piece that will not be replicated by every other bride down the aisle in front of and behind them.

In addition to colored diamonds gaining in popularity, raw gemstone pieces are also commanding attention as they have unique characteristics and no two stones are the same like the one-of-a kind bride wearing it. Adding a rustic or earthy feel to an outfit depending on the color choose can add personality and depth to the overall look.

Embracing natural materials is proving popular with couples who want their decor and accessories to express their personalities as individuals while also representing their love story together. One aspect of modern wedding jewelry has not changed from traditional styles however: a combination of timeless classics mixed with contemporary touches can create perfect balance in any ensemble when choosing what items to flaunt walking down the aisle this season.

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