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Welcome to Vivi Jewelry, where our mission is to bring you timeless heirlooms that will honor a lifetime of cherished memories. For over three generations, we have had the privilege of crafting exquisite fine jewelry using only the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. With exquisite attention to detail, each piece has been designed with love and care for those seeking an unparalleled level of personalization.

At Vivi Jewelry, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in both design and craftsmanship. Our experienced artisans create custom pieces that are modern yet timeless—rendering each piece as a future family heirloom. Whether it be bespoke engagement rings featuring rare gems from around the globe or simple bracelets symbolizing eternal bonds between family members, every item reflects the beauty and emotion behind jewelry’s special meaning for its wearer.

Our passion is creating treasured memories through unique and meaningful jewelry that reflect your unique story. From selecting gemstones and metal finishes to designing each piece individually by hand, our team excels at providing superior customer service while keeping quality control standards intact throughout the entire process. You can trust us to provide you with only premium quality items that will last and be cherished through generations. We also offer complimentary cleaning services, repairs, remounting options as well as appraisal certificates upon request so you can appreciate your purchase even more! Visit us today at one of our showrooms or explore our latest designs online – we look forward to helping you find something special in our selection!

History of Vivi Jewelry

Vivi Jewelry has come a long way since its earliest days as a small designer spark. Founded thirty-five years ago by Pritam and Abeda Saraf, a married couple from India with modest ambitions but a clear vision for what could be done, Vivi Jewelry began as an upscale home production line for uniquely designed jewelry pieces. A few of their first jewelry collections included strands of handpicked freshwater cultured pearls, intricate rubies, and semi-precious stones and metals that had been cut and shaped out in their own workshop back home in India. Customers quickly embraced the unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship of these Vivi designs, helping to launch the company into the success it is today.

From there, Vivi Jewelry began to grow exponentially; new collections were created that extended well beyond traditional Indian settings and styles while still maintaining its fundamental principles: creative design, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. As the decades have worn on, Vivi has continued to explore uncharted pathways within the world of jewelry design. From timeless classics inspired by Indian designs from thousands of years ago to more modern looks with cutting-edge materials and fresh takes on classic pieces—Vivi continues to lead the charge in creating an incredibly varied range of high-end pieces for customers around the world. It’s this commitment to exploration that has allowed Vivi to remain one of the most sought after brands in high-end jewelry for over three decades now.

Vivis Creative Aesthetic

Vivi Jewelry is an innovative, modern and unique brand. One of the main features that set Vivi Jewelry apart from the competition is their creative and artful aesthetic. Each piece has its own distinct design, featuring a wide variety of colors and materials such as glass, gems, resin and metal. This creative combination creates a look that is anything but ordinary. Furthermore, each product showcases intricate details and one-of-a-kind shapes to make every piece truly special. Additionally, Vivi goes above and beyond to ensure that all jewels are made with top quality craftsmanship. Their strict standard of excellence gives each item a quality feel that other brands have yet to match.

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Simply put, what makes Vivi Jewelry stand out from the rest is their commitment to offering high quality products that embody a fashionable yet sophisticated look. Their bold color choices coupled with unique materials bring out their flair for creativity which remains unseen in many mainstream fashion brands today. Alongside this dedication to creating beautiful jewelry comes a commitment towards bringing sustainable materials into every collection they put out so every customer can wear their items with pride knowing it was created responsibly with respect for the environment. On top of all these points, Vivi also values ethical business practices by surrounding themselves with knowledgeable craftsmen from around the world who share this same love of innovation and creativity. By taking all these elements into careful consideration, it’s clear why Vivi Jewelry stands out from the rest when it comes to crafting beautiful pieces fit for any occasion!

Vivis Signature Collection

Vivi Jewelry’s Signature Collection is a unique and beautiful jewelry line that includes some of the best pieces from their showroom. These pieces are crafted with the highest quality materials and components such as precious metals and gemstones, ensuring their beautiful luster for years to come. The collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, each one carefully chosen to stand out from its peers with individual touches like custom engravings and intricate designs. Vivi also offers complimentary services like sizing, polishing and repair if needed. Whether you are looking for an everyday piece or something special to give as a gift, the Signature Collection has something for everyone. Each item is timeless and classic, yet features modern styling that blends perfectly into today’s fashion trends. With so many options available, it is easy to find the perfect piece that expresses your personal style in a subtle and stylish way.

An Intimate Glimpse of Vivis Creative Process

At Vivi Jewelry, quality is top priority when it comes to our products. From start to finish each piece goes through an intricate creative process crafted with care and precision.

The content of each product begins with careful selection of top-quality materials – high grade sterling silver, rose gold, various gemstones and pearls – used in the making of hand-crafted items such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Our artisans are highly skilled professionals who work diligently to create incredible pieces that leave you mesmerized in admiration.

Before being sent off for sale the items go through a rigorous quality control process which ensures only the highest standards are met. This involves inspection for craftsmanship, functionality and visual appeal linked with meticulous refinement and polishing steps before packing. Every item also undergoes a thorough cleaning ensuring perfect presentation when it reaches its final destination. In this way Vivi jewelers make sure customers enjoy a satisfying shopping experience that lasts the test of time with their purchased jewelry pieces.

Vivi Jewelry Care Tips

One of the best things about buying beautiful pieces of jewelry from Vivi is that they require very little maintenance. While it’s important to keep your pieces clean and stored safely, there are some additional care tips that can help you make sure your pieces remain in top condition.

Try to avoid exposing any metal elements to harsh chemicals like chlorine, detergents or lotions as these can erode away at the metal over time. Additionally, take off all jewelry before going into a pool or spa to prevent chemical reactions. If you plan on doing any sports or working out, remove your jewelry as this can scratch and wear away at the metal as well.

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For an even deeper cleaning, use a soft toothbrush with some mild soap diluted in warm water if necessary. Dip the toothbrush lightly and scrub very carefully around the crevices of the settings and chain links without submerging the piece entirely. To dry your pieces off after cleaning, simply use a lint-free cloth such as an eyeglass cleaner paper and then store in a cool place away from any direct sunlight or heat source until ready for wear again. Lastly, for non-metal pieces try soaking in warm water with gentle detergent followed by air drying or wiping down with a damp cloth.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Vivi Jewelry offers some expert tips and tricks for styling and displaying your Vivi jewelry collection. For starters, consider where in your home you would like to display your pieces. Would a dresser top work best, or perhaps you have a decorative armoire with room for the jewelry boxes? Place all of your Vivi pieces in their own separate compartments of the box, paying attention to what goes where so they’re organized and easily obtainable when ready to wear. You can also use scarves and other items of clothing to create interesting layering effects in order to highlight or draw the eye to particular items. Consider adding lights around the edges of each piece for a softer, more intimate feeling, and pull out various combinations of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from different locations into one composition. Doing this will help create a bold statement that stands out from any surrounding objects or accessories. Last but not least, do not forget to clean and polish your pieces regularly using an appropriate jewelry cleaner! This will ensure that each item continues to shine and look beautiful no matter where it’s displayed.

Concluding Thoughts

Vivi Jewelry is a brand of artisan jewelry known for its exquisite beauty, quality materials and craftsmanship. Its pieces are handcrafted to uphold a high standard of excellence while showcasing the unique creativity and innovation of their artists. The creators behind Vivi infuse their work with passion, inspiring beauty and vibrancy in each piece. From the breathtakingly intricate designs to the carefully selected natural stones that make up much of the collection, there is something special that sets Vivi apart from other jewelry brands.

The team at Vivi puts so much care into each piece crafted from precious metals such as sterling silver, gold and rose gold. Each item is given its own special touch through hand-hammered finishes, custom cut gemstones and beading accents that perfectly emphasize the design’s essence. Ultimately, it’s clear why so many people love Vivi Jewelry – it represents unparalleled artistry, quality and intention in creating timeless pieces to cherish for years to come. As the expression goes – wearing any item from Vivi Jewelry truly is both “jewelry with heart” as well as “art you can wear”. Collecting these stunning heirloom pieces garners appreciation for well beyond today’s fleeting trends, anchoring us in present moments while carrying our stories forward into tomorrow.

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