Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box By Price Products

The vintage wooden jewelry box by Price Products is the perfect bedroom accessory for any jewelry lover. Rich mahogany wood, combined with intricate brass hardware, creates an attractive eye-catching look that stands out in any room. This box has six compartments and a hinged top and offers plenty of storage for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The solid wood construction also ensures maximum protection for your valuable pieces that will last for years to come. Furthermore, owners can customize their boxes with personalized engravings or artwork.

Design Price Products’ vintage wooden jewelry box exudes quality craftsmanship and articulation in every corner. With all details considered, the artistically designed product has precise mortise joinery on its compartments to keep them securely fastened together and covered in high-gloss lacquer finish to safeguard it from wear and tear caused by rough use or humidity changes over time.

This box not only looks impressive as part of your bedroom decor but highly functional as well with its bottom drawer featuring two additional storage spaces that help users keep items tidy while still having easy access to them.

Convenience The user experience of this vintage wooden jewelry box is also enhanced through the added convenience it offers in terms of ease of care and maintenance. Not only is cleaning quick and easy with just a wet cloth but replacing existing hardware like the brass knobs or hinges can also be done without too much effort due to its necessary tools provided with purchase.

Furthermore, re-darkening the meticulously applied mahogany finish on this product can be done using regular furniture polishes to bring back its charming warm color once again if tarnished through wear over time.

Overview of Different Types of Wood Available

The classic style of a vintage wooden jewelry box makes it an ideal choice for any collector or lover of antique pieces. With quality wooden boxes, you’ll find that the craftsmanship, texture and beauty of the wood make it stand out from other materials. Price products offer many different types of wood to choose from so you know your jewelry box will be tailored specifically to your preferences.

A popular and timeless option is Mahogany, which offers a warm brown color along with a strong and durable finish that will last. It’s not uncommon to find older wooden boxes made from Mahogany as it was often used in furniture up until the 1960s. The close graining pattern on this type of wood creates an intricate look which adds to its appeal.

Cherry Wood for Classic Vintage Styling

For a warm medium red hue, Cherry is another favourite among those looking for vintage styles and high quality wood pieces. Cherry wood ages beautifully over time, resulting in additional shine that emphasises its natural grain patterns and highlights making it a great choice for both aesthetic purposes and practical use.

Whether new or old, Cherry wood stands out due to its sheer strength as well as its diverse range of colours from light pink to deep red depending on the finishing techniques used by Price Products when crafting the jewellery box.

Oak Enhances Finishing Touches

Oak has always been a staple for jewellery boxes due to its naturally beautiful look with increased durability and strength over other types of woods. With Oak you can guarantee that your pieces will remain sturdy over generations despite daily heavy use or other environmental factors like temperature change – making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking longevity in their investments.

Price Products’ oak collection also features several finishes so you can pick one that best complements your needs, whether that be rustic natural tones or bolder shades like honey oak or walnut-accented designs.

Unique Design Options and Customization

Vintage wooden jewelry boxes by Price Products offer an excellent selection of unique design options and customization possibilities. The jewelry box is handcrafted from walnut or cherry wood with a solid rosewood or maple inlay for added luxury. There are several different sizes available, starting at a miniature size up to a large display size. The design themes range from traditional, romantic, to modern to ensure you have something to match any style.

Features of Vintage Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Each vintage wooden jewelry box features:

  • Handcrafted from walnut or cherry wood with solid rosewood or maple inlay
  • A variety of sizes ranging from miniature to large display-size
  • Beautiful lacquer finish that provides lasting protection against wear and tear
  • Interior mirror and soft velvet lining
  • Magnetic closure for the lid keeps your treasures safe and secure

Personalization Options Available

Price Products also offers a personalized customization option so you can add something special to your gift. You can add an inscription, initials, monogram, photo or logo to the lid as well as engraving options for the side panels. For additional personalization on your vintage wooden jewelry box they offer silk-screening service to apply further decoration and patterns.

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Classic or Contemporary

When selecting a vintage wooden jewelry box, there are several factors to consider, not least of which is style. While the origins of vintage design is steeped in classic lines and materials, modern pieces have plenty of style choices that can be refined to complement any home decor. Consider the following tips for making the right choice:

Understand Your Aesthetic

The first step in selecting a vintage wooden jewelry box is understanding your own aesthetic. Take into account both furniture and design elements in your home – changing an entire room’s look to match a piece you already own is much more difficult than selecting something complementary from the start. Additionally, think about colors you may prefer in terms of both bright or muted shades as well as neutrals.

Consider Functionality

An elegant jewelry box looks great but if it doesn’t fit the function you require, it ultimately won’t serve its purpose. Measure your space and consider what features you prioritize over others; do you need lots of drawers or compartments? Does size matter or would a smaller one work just as well? Also take note of specific locking mechanisms such as latches or clasps that will ensure security while keeping items organized too.

Find Versatility

Finally, try to find vintage wooden jewelry boxes that offer versatility: look for styles made with interchangeable parts so they can accommodate varied collections such as rings, necklaces and earrings for example. Make sure that whatever piece fits within your budget also fits comfortably within your overall decor theme – think ahead.


  • Understand Your Aesthetic
  • Consider Functionality
  • Find Versatility

Quality Crafting and Construction

Price Products is an American manufacturer of beautifully crafted vintage wooden jewelry boxes. Their attention to detail in both design and craftsmanship is evident in the finished product. The elegant carvings on the lid and sides perfectly showcase their artistry, making the boxes truly stand out. Inside, the drawers and compartments are well-designed to make efficient use of space, with ample room for all your favorite trinkets and ornaments.

Each box is made from solid wood that has been aged and finished with a special lacquer, adding a timeless look that will never go out of style. A keyhole on the back allows you to securely lock the box when not in use, providing you with extra peace of mind.

All of these features combine to create an attractive piece that comes with both durability and reliability; it’s a jewelry box that you can rely on for years to come.

Detailed Finishings

To complete their signature vintage style, Price Products also include detailed finishings such as brass and chrome handles on the drawers for added convenience when opening them up; each handle has been polished until it gleams like new. Their care in selecting materials extends even further by using only high-quality solid wood for their boxes; when combined with superb joinery they make sure that there are no weak points which would fail over time.

Every single inch of their product is completely unique due to its handmade nature meaning no two jewelry boxes will ever be alike.

Eco Friendly Production

In addition to creating furniture pieces by hand, Price Products ensure that each step is taken to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible. All of their wood products are harvested from responsibly managed forests so they can remain sustainable for future generations; while any other materials used have been carefully vetted to confirm they meet minimal emission standards set by governing bodies in order to maintain your safety when using them indoors or outdoors.

Benefits of Owning a Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box

The vintage wooden jewelry box by Price Products has a timeless beauty that adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity. It offers plenty of storage to showcase jewelry and other accessories, perfect for keeping them organized and in order. But these jewelry boxes offer more than just organization; they are also incredibly durable, made from solid wood and finished with beautiful lacquer in an array of colors.

Owning a vintage wooden jewelry box offers many benefits. Not only do these boxes look stylish as a part of your décor, but they also offer great deals of protection for your most treasured ornaments. They come with a sturdy construction that guarantees you can trust the safety of your favorite pieces inside the box for years to come without fear of them getting damaged or worn out over time.

Plus, they are typically quite spacious and feature multiple compartments including drawers and hidden spaces which make it easy to store all types of items such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings etc These jewelry boxes by Price Products not only prove useful in organizing trinkets but can also be used to carry important items when travelling or going away on vacation.

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The sturdy construction is ideal for carrying valuable items while being lightweight enough so they won’t bog down your bag with unnecessary weight.

And since it’s made from some of the finest materials available, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or becoming damaged while travelling either.

In addition to practical use, owning one of these vintage wooden jewelry boxes brings personality to any space it occupies as well as injects character into an otherwise plain room which becomes appreciated both aesthetically and emotionally. With prices ranging from affordable to expensive based on size and quality, there are options available for everyone who is looking for an everlasting way to keep their trinkets safe yet still stylishly displayed at the same time.

Solid Reputation and Brand Credibility

Price Products has developed solid reputation and brand credibility as a dependable supplier of wooden gifts and trinkets since 1889. The company specializes in crafting elegant handmade wooden jewelry boxes, chests, and various small keepsakes which are highly sought after in the market today.

All products are carefully crafted using premium-grade wood that is durable and long lasting. Price Products works closely with reputable craftspeople from around the country to ensure each item is crafted with precise detail and quality materials for timeless beauty.

Highly Detailed Vintage Model

The Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box by Price Products features exquisite floral details hand-cut into the top of the box. The intricate floral patterns provide an eye-catching touch to this stunning design making it stand out from traditional designs on the market. Complete with an attractive brass latch closure, the vintage wooden jewelry box offers secure storage for your most valuable items. Additionally, there is a convenient drawer on the bottom of the box for additional storage space.

Attention to Detail

Crafted with precision attention to detail, these vintage wooden jewelry boxes are masterfully constructed measuring a standard 10” x 7” x 4” size with comfortable carrying handle to provide ease when transferring your belongings from place to place. In addition, all jewelry boxes boast superior finishing stains which enhances its rich wood grain texture bringing out its elegance even more.

Along with sturdy corners and shining brass hinges there is no doubt that this breathtaking design will be remembered for generations to come.

Care and Maintenance Guidelines

This vintage wooden jewelry box by Price Products is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime. This classic style and design alone is enough to draw your eye, with its elaborate floral patterns adorning the exterior.

The interior shows off the same level of diligence with compartments for storing any type of jewelry-even watches and tie clips. For such a high-quality item, it is important to take the proper care of this product so that it can remain in pristine condition for many years to come.

To begin, make sure to dust off the surface every few weeks or so with a dry microfiber cloth. This will help both freshen up the look and also fight off potential dust particles from permanently marking the vibrant colors and tarnishing the wood.

Doing this will also help enhance the natural beauty of this jewelry box. At least twice each year, apply some furniture polish (specifically designed for wood) as needed onto a clean cloth before wiping down all sides and crevices of this wonderful little treasure chest.

As you use your fabulous jewelry box on a regular basis, try not to wear or put anything particularly heavy onto it that could potentially damage its structure, as even drops from those items could cause scratches and chips in no time at all. It is best to simply keep the box placed in an ideal safe space free from direct sunlight or any extreme temperatures, which can also cause unnecessary discoloration or deformation over time if nobody pays attention.

Lastly, don’t forget to store all items like necklaces carefully inside their designated slots as a way of avoiding tangles or accidental breakage on heavier pieces like charms or gemstones crafted into rings.

Taking great consideration while greasing up your hinges every few months can slow down dust material buildup around them too-and ensure they are still operating without any trouble whatsoever; plus stop any eventual coating fading due to long-time exposure towards humid air sources indoors and outdoor during summer season periods mainly too. With these spectacular guidelines in mind, boasting such an impressive looking antique piece won’t be much work at all but will always bring you years.

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