Vintage Lux And Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry is a finely crafted collection of high-end jewelry pieces from the mid to late 20th century. This timeless collection offers a variety of luxury pieces that range from classic gold and silver pieces to intricate diamond designs that have remained popular among generations of patrons. Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry prides itself on providing beautiful pieces that will remain part of family’s heirloom collection for many years to come.

Benefits Of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry There are many benefits associated with collecting Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry. From the quality materials used in production, moderate pricing, availability in various styles, to the design process, these jewelry collections can make great gifts for yourself or someone else that has an appreciation for luxury items.

The jewelry featured within this line is all handcrafted by experienced craftsmen ensuring its durability over time as well as increased value making it a piece worth investing in and passing it along for generations to enjoy.

Affordability Of Vintage Lux & Bond Jewelry Vintage Lux & Bond Jewelry offer excellent affordability and ensures each person’s individual style isn’t sacrificed due to costs. Every imperfections is taken into consideration in each piece providing unique individuality characterizing all its collections setting them apart from other brands in the industry.

There is also the example element cherished when wearing vintage which provides sentimental value when knowing you are wearing an item with unique history making any item priceless regardless of how much money one pays for it ensuring even more luxury enhancement qualities to add even more flare buying from this amazing brand.

History of Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry can be defined as materials, products, and pieces of jewelry crafted by the fashion house of Lux and Bond in the past. Founded by Alfred Bond in 1931, Lux and Bond took its inspiration from Art Deco design and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Before long, it had become one of the most highly respected names in costume jewelry production.

Designs & Materials

Lux and Bond paid special attention to details in its designs. Skilled artisans would craft intricate pieces that were heavily influenced by Hollywood glamour – think ornate images of pearls, semi-precious stones, pave pave diamond settings, filigree work and an abundance of rhinestones or other decorative adornments. It was not uncommon for pieces to be made from sterling silver or gold plate metals either.

Renowned Customer Base

Throughout its heyday in the 1950s-1960s, Lux and Bond’s customer base included many renowned individuals ranging from everyday society people to royalty or even renowned celebrities within their day such as Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II and Audrey Hepburn – each for their own unique style.

These individuals fully grew to apprecite the beauty that lied within every single piece of jewellery that came from Lux and Bond’s collection and incorporated them into their own wardrobe choices which is part way responsible for why there is still so much interest surrounding the vintage jewellery today.

Unique Design Elements of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry has been creating pieces of artwork through their jewelry since 1857. They have crafted custom engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, earrings and much more for over a century now. Every piece is unique in its design elements and brings a classic quality to the wearer. Here are some of the unique design elements that Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry incorporates into handcrafted jewelry pieces:

  • Attention to Quality Materials: Vintage Lux and Bond uses only the highest quality of materials when producing its jewelry, including silver, gold, diamonds, gemstones and other precious metals.
  • Exceptional Attention to Detail: Every aspect of the jewelry making process is given attention to detail in order to produce an end product that looks beautiful and stands the test of time.
  • Customization Options: Customers can choose from many customization options such as engraving, diamond cuts, sizes, lengths, finishes and more – allowing them to create something truly unique.
  • Innovative Designs: Each collection by Vintage Lux and Bond includes innovative designs with styles ranging from traditional classics, romantic art deco vibes to modern minimalist pieces.

The skilled craftspeople at Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry take the time necessary to ensure each item comes out flawlessly. From carefully polishing metals by hand to setting stones with precision – all of their work is done carefully with expertise. This attention to detail has kept customers coming back for generations because they know they can trust in the quality of luxury offered by this family-run business.

The company also utilizes advance 3D technology design tools which provide feature-rich results that bring imagination alive with creations that might not otherwise be possible without it. Customers have access to custom color simulations which give them insight into potential designs before they make any purchases.

Based on cutting-edge software programs like Rhinoceros 3D allows for complex shapes before being sent off for production. This technology puts clients from around the world at ease when trying a new design option as they can see how the finished product will look before committing.

Different Types of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry is a specialty company that sells period pieces from various periods in history. This includes everything from vintage pieces from the early 1900s to contemporary jewels of today. Whether you’re looking for something unique or a timeless piece, there is something for everyone to enjoy with Vintage Lux and Bond’s jewelry collection. Here are some of the different types of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry available:

Types of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

  • Pearl Jewellery: From simple drop earrings to bold cocktail rings, pearl jewellery is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.
  • Antique Jewelry: The perfect gift for an antique enthusiast, these pieces often have high value due to their age and condition.
  • Fine Antique Gold: Delicate gold pieces that date back centuries, these vintage jewels are truly breathtaking.
  • Victorian Furniture: For those who love Victorian time period, this type of furniture is sure to add luxury and glamour to any home.
  • Vintage Timepieces: These watches come with intricate details, colourful designs, or intricate engravings that reflect tastes in fashion of bygone eras.

Benefits of Wearing Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless fashion accessory that has been used for centuries to reflect and express personal style. Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry offers the very best in luxury, quality and craftsmanship whilst adding a truly timeless piece to any wardrobe. By wearing vintage pieces of Lux and Bond jewelry, you can show off your individuality with confidence in knowing it won’t ever go out of style.

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Superior Quality

Lux and Bond jewelry boasts superior quality to many other fine jewelry companies due to its intricate designs, attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. No two pieces are alike as they are often handmade by highly skilled artisans who use the highest grade materials available.

These materials include silver, gold, semi-precious stones, precious metals like diamonds, rubies and sapphires, leathers and even rare woods from around the world. With such high-grade materials used in the construction of their pieces, Lux and Bond’s jewelry is designed to last for generations – making it a great choice for those looking for an heirloom item or piece that can be handed down through the family.

Authenticity Guaranteed

When purchasing vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry one of the key benefits you want is authenticity – knowing the item you are buying was made by a reputable company. A signed certificate of authenticity is given with every purchase which guarantees that not only will your jewelry be of premium quality but also giving you peace of mind knowing it has come from an authorized retailer.

The company must meet strict requirements when selling their products as each piece undergoes rigorous testing procedures before being declared compliant with Lux and Bond’s strict standards.


The cost of a fine piece of vintage jewelry can be quite expensive at times but Luxery Bonds offer an affordable option compared to other high-end or designer pieces on the market today. Most pieces range from under $50-$100 depending on size, design or material used which makes it much more accessible to people on all budgets; allowing anyone to have the chance to own something exquisite without breaking their bank account.

Vintage items also hold their value better than contemporary ones too so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is worth something even years down the road if you decide to sell it one day.

Stories and Narratives Connected to Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is steeped in stories, legends, and traditions over the decades. The materials that make up this type of jewelry have been carefully selected to ensure they tell a story of royalty and honor. This has been true since the company started over a hundred years ago. The details of the pieces commemorate historical moments from across numerous countries, as there were many royal families who bought their jewels from Lux and Bond.

Using Precious Metals To Create The Pieces

The craftsmanship that it takes to create these pieces is incredible. All of the metal used to make each piece is solid sterling silver, except for the notable use of gold pieces on select items. Each piece is intricately handcrafted with meticulous attention paid to detail such that no two pieces are the same.

Whether it be an ornate necklace or a charm bracelet, each piece is designed to tell a unique tale about its history. These traditions have been passed down through the generations allowing for some of these stories spanning centuries to still be shared today.

Selecting Gemstones and Pearls To Enhance The Jewelry

To amplify these stories, there are many other embellishments used in vintage Lux and Bond jewelry designs too, including unusual gemstones and pearls that give color to each piece’s narrative. Some pieces also feature small paintings which represent ancient myths or memories embedded inside by generations past for others to treasure into our modern day era too – think gold filigree settings filled with coral & lapis lazuli or fragments from Chinese artwork added onto treasures or rings.

By adding these precious gems into each design, customers can add even more special meanings or significances onto their desired heirloom piece that will remain popular within their family / circle for long time periods after purchase date.

Care and Preservation of Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is a unique collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and other pieces that are highly sought-after by collectors. In order to maintain the beauty of these luxurious items for years to come, it’s important to properly care for them. With a few simple steps, owners of these types of jewelry can ensure they remain in excellent condition.

The first step in preserving vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is to always store it in a cool dry place away from humidity or extreme temperatures. It should also be kept away from direct sunlight and strong indirect light (like from fluorescent lights) as these can cause color fading over time. Jewelry cases with removable trays are available and are ideal for keeping multiple pieces organized and safe from damage while not in use.

To clean your vintage Lux and Bond pieces, you should never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials – these will cause damage beyond repair. Instead, utilize a soft cloth with gentle non-abrasive jewelry cleaning detergent specifically formulated for delicate surfaces such as gold, silver and gemstones.

It is advisable to separate your pieces depending on their material before cleaning them individually; gold looks best when polished using a special gold cleaning property like Flitz Instant Metal Polish or Wright’s Silver Cream.

Silver pieces need mineral oil or similar products – never ammonia. Finally, after cleaning each piece rinse it off thoroughly with cold water making sure any tiny spaces between gems are free from cleaner residue before drying with a soft cloth.

Additional Preservation Tips

  • Avoid exposing vintage jewelry to extreme temperatures
  • Do not intruduce moisture when storing
  • Keep away from any potential substances that could cause reaction
  • Separate different gem materials before cleaning
  • Gently rub stones free of dirt build up with damp cloth
  • Always rinse thoroughly after applying friend solution
  • Dry with soft cloth

How to Incorporate Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry Into Modern Outfits

Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is a stunning flair when incorporated into modern ensembles. It offers a unique aesthetic that cannot be found anywhere else, and offers an unexpected style. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate vintage Lux and Bond jewelry into your wardrobe:

  • Layer multiple pieces together for a bold statement. With such bold designs, layering several items lets them combine to make an eye-catching look. Vintage necklaces work especially well this way.
  • Pair a chunky piece with an oversized sweater or cardigan for a cool yet classy look. The boldness of the jewelry will give you an edgy, one-of-a-kind style.
  • Mix the vintage elements into classic looks for timeless chicness. By pairing simple yet sophisticated pieces from Lux and Bond’s variety of collections with your staple wardrobe pieces, you’ll easily create beautiful looks.

Adding modern accessories to vintage Lux and Bond jewelry can help make it feel more up-to-date. To achieve this effect, choose unusual accessories such as chains, bangles and earrings that mix different materials or colors. For instance, pair a string of turquoise stones with gold circular earrings or sapphire blue fabric pieces with silver bracelets. These contrasting touches create interest in the ensemble and lead onlookers’ eyes directly toward the jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry Princeton Nj

Mixing vintage Lux and Bond jewelry with contemporary styles can also help give new life to an otherwise outdated piece of Jewelry – this may be achieved by wearing vintage pieces with bright modern fabrics or denim jeans and bold t-shirts. What’s more, by wearing stunning antique necklace pieces from the seventies alongside contemporary bags or shoes is another great way to take a classic outfit up a notch without looking outdated.

How to Find Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry was one of the stylish, stylish jewelry choices of days past. It had a unique style and atmosphere of sophistication that made it a highly sought-after item.

The popularity of the jewelry has been on the rise once more, so it may not be too hard to find some from second-hand thrift stores or antiques malls. Knowing how to spot vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is important in order to distinguish it from newer pieces that do not have quite the same level of elegance.

Look at Materials Used

The first step in looking for authentic Lux and Bond pieces is to look at what materials they were made with. It was most commonly crafted from 14 karat gold, sterling silver, or platinum, so be sure to take note if any piece you uncover contains those metals.

The same goes for gemstones; genuine stones like sapphires and rubies will be included to add sparkle. Inferior metals such as brass or plastic will point more towards post 1950s fashion jewellery rather than classic designs from Lux and Bond’s heyday.

Examine Features

Another way to look out for authenticity in luxury jewellery is to inspect its traits thoroughly. During the early 20th century when Lux and Bond jewellery was produced, artisans favored handcrafted pieces rather than machine formed styles that are abundant today.

This can easily be identified by searching for telltale details such as intricate metalwork settings or delicate artwork described within metal engravings. If each component appears as though it has been delicately handcrafted then there is an increased likelihood this piece is of quality origin.

Its Age

Finally, most honest sellers will provide age information about any jewellery item they sell to prove its worthiness. When dealing with second-hand shops or antique malls, check if their merchandise comes with age certificates or proof of purchase dates that relate back to classic symbolism used within Vintage period items including Lux and Bond pieces. Such a certificate adds value should the customer decide re-sell the piece in future years.

A Guide to Collecting Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular with collectors. This brand of jewelry was produced in the United States in the late 19th century and featured some of the finest craftsmanship of its time. Today these pieces are highly sought after for their beauty, quality, and historical significance.

Identifying Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

The most identifiable characteristic of vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is the signature inscription on the back. It reads “Lux And Bond” and is often accompanied by a crown logo or motif. While some individual pieces may not carry this hallmark, it should be expected to find it on any set or collection of items from this company. In addition to the inscription, many items will have unique date codes which can help in determining their age.

Types Of Vintage Lux And Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry offers a variety of styles ranging from classic to modern designs. They are best known for their use of precious metals such as gold and silver as well as gemstones such as diamonds and pearls.

The most common type being offered on today’s market are pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, watches, buckles, cufflinks, etc. Each piece often features intricate patterns and finishes that showcase exquisite craftsmanship and detail indicative of this era’s fine jewelry-making finesse.

Pricing Of Vintage Lux And Bond Jewelry

Due to their rarity and historical relevance vintage Lux and Bond jewelry are highly sought-after in the collector’s market. Prices can vary from piece to piece but generally one should expect to pay more than $100 for each item depending on condition, age and design. In some cases prices may exceed $1000 making them a valuable investment for those looking to start or add to their collection of heirloom pieces.

The Difference Between Real and Fake Vintage Lux and Bond Jewelry

Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry was one of the most sought after pieces by fashionistas around the world during the 20th century. With its intricate designs, these timeless pieces were a special symbol for beauty and class. However, in this day and age it can be hard to know whether you’re getting an authentic piece of vintage jewelry or a knockoff. Here are some quick tips to help identify if your Lux and Bond piece is real or not:

First, look closely at the design. Authentic vintage Lux and Bond jewelry was often engraved with detailed patterns that are distinct from counterfeit products. Inexperienced makers will usually improvise with different symbols which can make their pieces look suspiciously different from those made by certified designers. Additionally, Lux and Bond does not typically use any metal plating on their products as real gold has more sheen than any coating would provide.

Second, examine the stones that are used in the design. All vintage Lux and Bond jewelry will feature only precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls etc The imitations will usually have synthetic gemstones that may appear genuine but lack in quality when compared to genuine stones. Also be careful to examine all aspects of each stone when checking for authenticity; size, shape, cut quality etc should be checked thoroughly for counterfeits before making a purchase.

Finally inspect for impurities or imperfections on the metal itself; this is a surefire way of detecting if a piece is original or not. Imperfections occur naturally due to aging and certain metals rust easier than others; genuine vintage pieces will always have visible signs of decay while counterfeits tend to be in pristine condition since they have been made recently with modern materials.

Genuine antique pieces have small chips or scratches that hint towards its true age while fake copies lack such details making it easy to spot fakes from afar.

By following these simple steps you can easily tell if your Vintage Lux and Bond jewelry is real or fake. So before you buy be sure to take into consideration all these little details so you don’t end up disappointed with your new-found treasure.

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