Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box With Lions Feet

Purchase a truly classic and elegant piece with the vintage home trends silver plated jewelry box with lions feet. This jewelry box is perfect for any sophisticated dresser or special occasion where an ornate piece needs to be both admired and showcased.

The eye-catching details of its design are sure to stand out with its silver plated sheen, unique lion’s feet, and delicate craftsmanship. With its timeless charm, this beautiful jewelry box will ensure your favorite jewels stay safe and look exquisite.

Design Details – A Closer Look at Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box With Lions Feet

The stunning silver plating of the vintage home trends silver plated jewelry box with lion feet definitely make it a conversation starter whenever you bring it out. Its lid gracefully opens to reveal many compartments which can hold various rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, watches and bracelets. On the corners of its legs rests each regal lion’s head foot that adds a royal touch to this already beautiful piece that can’t be ignored.

Achievement in Craftsmanship – Quality Built Into Every Piece from Vintage Home Trends

The craftspeople behind each individual piece from Vintage Home Trends have put their years of knowledge and experience into producing only high quality items that not just have an aesthetics but also has a good build quality to them. The thoughtful execution delivered on each item ensures that your acquired pieces can last for decades if taken proper care of in the future.

Additionally, this create a reliable purchase for everyone looking for irreplaceable gems that cause eyes turn wherever they go.

History of the Design

The vintage home trend of the silver plated jewelry box with lions feet is a classic, timeless piece. Its origins date back to the late 19th Century, where it rose in popularity due to its ornamental features and durability. Initially, these boxes were made from brass and were classically designed with two iconic lion feet at the front of the box, which gave them a luxurious feel.

This early style of jewelry boxes was popular among the upper-class who could afford their up-market allure. They often featured intricate details like metal engraving and beading that gave them an extra touch of refinement. Furthermore, these boxes could be supplemented with velvet lined drawers, doors and compartments on the inside to store precious objects like jewelry.

In more recent times people have been drawn to this particular vintage style due to its grandeur and striking look that is both aesthetic and practical as it can store items securely while adding a beautiful accent piece to any room in your home.

Today’s version is crafted from stainless steel or aluminium which makes them lighter but also much more durable than their 19th century predecessors, allowing them to last for many years into the future if looked after correctly.

Design Features

The Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box with Lions Feet is an exceptional piece of jewelry storage. With its ornate design, beautiful color scheme and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why this item is so popular among collectors. The box has a lovely oval shape and is made of antique silver plating.

The body of the box features two wildly stylized lions feet, forming the lid closure. Each foot is adorned with intricate foliage ornamentation which creates a highly detailed and timeless aesthetic. The exteriors are coated in a beautiful glossy veneer that fades from deep blue to a gentle pink hue.

The inside of the jewelry box reveals even more spectacular detailing, as it is lined with soft white velvet and features a circular mirror on the lid. This luxurious feature allows you to admire your collection while also providing adequate protection against scratches and damage when storing your items away.

To ensure eye-catching quality and durability in your jewelry storage solution, Vintage Home Trends have included additional sterling silver accents including rounded corners and four round pulls along the sides for easy access to all your jewelry pieces. All together these components combine in perfect synergy to provide both beauty and function for generations to come-making this one of the most coveted jewelry boxes on the market today.

Materials Used

The Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box with Lions Feet is made with a combination of silver plating and wood. It boasts a small, elegant design that adds character to any room without taking up too much space. The body of the box is crafted from wood, giving it a classic and timeless feel. The silver plating for the exterior adds extra shine and style; it also contributes to its durability.

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As far as materials used go, the silver plating on this box is impressive and sure to be long-lasting. Not only does the metallic coating give off an attractive sheen, but it helps to reinforce the wooden structure underneath and provides additional protection from wear and tear over time. The lids are also impressively polished which add even more to its sophisticated look.

The box’s wooden body is made of quality hardwood such as walnut or cherry that has been waxed and stained to bring out its natural patterns and texture. This wood not only looks great, but it is also incredibly durable, making it perfect for storing jewelry safely while maintaining pieces in their original condition due to minimal abrasion or pressure put on them while they are stored in the box.

All in all, you can rest assured knowing your jewelry will remain safe within this luxurious structure without having to worry about damage or breakage over time.

In summary, both the silver plating and the wood make up a sturdy yet luxurious jewelry box that has both finesse and longevity. Its convenient size allows it to fit nicely almost anywhere while still offering plenty of storage space for your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more.

With minimalist design aesthetics combined with solid materials used throughout its construction, there’s no wonder why this Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box with Lions Feet continues to stand out in today’s modern home decor market despite its age.

Multi-Purpose Uses

The Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box with Lions Feet is a sleek and elegant piece of decor and a multi-purpose item that has been around since the Victorian era. This box has been popularized over the years due to its ability to store special items.

The Japanese brass box is lined with an eggshell blue cloth to give it a more luxurious feel. Its handle includes two standing lions, surrounded by intricate designs, giving it a unique appeal.

Collectors are consistently drawn to this type of jewelry box as they can use it for multiple purposes. This vintage box has been used traditionally as an accent piece in many settings, such as cabinets, shelves and tablescapes.

It elicits a sense of glamour and sophistication, making it an attractive addition to any home both visually and functionally. Within the box itself, users can store treasured jewelry pieces or even keep other valuable items like documents or Watches safe from dust and dirt.

Today’s modern homes often have limited space, making this vintage accessory particularly sought after for its space-saving qualities. The compact size makes it ideal for placing inside drawers or on shelves around small spaces in the home while still providing ample storage capacity.

Those looking for a decorative touch should think twice before going without one of these charming jewelry boxes as they create an elegant atmosphere wherever they are placed – complimenting all types of furniture styles seamlessly. Moreover, the timeless design options available nowadays offer many opportunities for individuals seeking something new and different compared to what most people have in their home already.

Where Can You Purchase One?

Buying a vintage jewelry box with lions feet can be a truly spectacular addition to any room of your home and is definitely worth considering when redecorating. As these jewelry boxes are generally quite expensive, it is important to consider where and from whom you will purchase the item.

In order to ensure that one buys a genuine, in-good-condition product that they won’t regret purchasing, there are few reliable sources of vintage silver plated jewelry boxes available today.

The first source to consider would be searching for local consignment shops that specialize in antiques or even estate sales in nearby communities. Although many of these stores may not have items up for sale often, they could potentially have the perfect vintage silver plated jewelry box with the original lions feet – unheard of anywhere else. As always with used items, it’s best to check the condition prior to purchase so as not to buy damaged goods.

The second source for buying a vintage silver plated jewelry box with lions feet is antique stores or secondhand dealerships. On occasion, vintage items such as this may be found at more traditional antique stores that specialize in period goods from centuries ago.

This can be good option if one needs something specific like an original lion’s feet on their box – however it might take more time and money than expected. It doesn’t hurt to peruse online directories either – compile a list of antique shops within a vicinity area that have what you need and call them up for prices and availability.

Finally, looking for auctions on platforms such as eBay is another great way to find what you’re looking for in terms of antique pieces like this type of vintage silver plated jewelry case with lions feet included.

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While buyers must beware taking risks while bidding on anything unseen – always ask clarifying questions before bidding – it’s hard beat the convenience of being able to search through hundreds of items all at once right from the comfort of one’s own home.

You might just luck out and find exactly what you need if your research was extensive enough.

Interesting Facts

The Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box With Lions Feet is a unique and eye-catching jewelry collector piece. It was first introduced in the 1980s by the company Vintage Home Trends, who specialized in luxury gift items from that era.

The box is made of silver plated metal and stands 7” tall with two large ornamental lion feet that hold it firmly in place. The lid opens to reveal an inner velvet-lined compartment designed for storing a wide variety of jewelry, watches, or trinkets.

For many collectors, the Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box With Lions Feet is recognized for its uniquely vintage charm and design elements. Not only does the box evokes memories from a time gone by but it also exudes character due to its intricate details.

The lion feet are one of the most defining features of this item as they are highly detailed and intricately carved with careful precision. Furthermore, each individual foot holds great symbolic significance within the context of strength and authority which add to its value.

The Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box With Lions Feet has achieved global appreciation throughout its years on the market and holds an impressive resale value today across different parts of North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Ultimately it has become a popular collectors item among antique lovers owing to its undeniable nostalgic allure and timeless beauty that continues to draw people in no matter where it may be discovered around the world.

Evidentially there are many aspects about this exquisite piece of vintage artwork that make it mesmerizingly appealing to those who adore classic materials coupled with intricate craftsmanship from past decades.


This Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box with Lions Feet is a timeless treasure and would make an ideal gift for any collector of antiques. It is crafted from solid brass and silver plated, making it a classy option for jewelry storage. This box boasts detailed lions’ feet on the sides along with intricate engraving on the lid and front panel to give it some character.

Inside, once opened up, you’ll find relief etchings depicting mythological scenes and figures, adding an interesting secondary layer of design to the box. The interior is compartmentalized in order to provide ample space for all types of jewelry pieces, ranging from earrings to necklaces and bracelets.

For those who appreciate luxury items steeped in history, this Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box has plenty to offer. Its combination of impeccable craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind details create a truly unique piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Not only is it beautiful but also highly durable due to its solid metal construction; as such, it can last for years without any sign of wear or deterioration. When properly stored out of direct sunlight and heat sources, this silver-plated gem won’t tarnish over time like other jewelry boxes that are made out of less expensive materials.

Not only does this jewelry box boast spectacular looks but also impressive utility capabilities; its interior dividers allow one to organize and store a wide range of jewelry pieces while keeping them free from dust and dirt buildup. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or experienced connoisseur looking to add luxurious style into your life, this jewel case is an obvious choice.

As they say – all great investments become even more valuable over time – making this Vintage Home Trends Silver Plated Jewelry Box not just another purchase but an investment to treasure for years.