Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklaces

Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklaces have become an increasingly trendy item in recent years. This statement piece has been seen on runways, magazines, and celebrities since it first made its way into the world of fashion. A statement necklace with a vintage donkey head is a unique choice for anyone looking to put a personalized twist to their wardrobe. The unique shape and texture of the necklaces make them eye-catching and perfect for making a bold statement.

These vintage costume jewelry pieces are made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Many feature bold colors and vivid designs such as brass colored accents or encrusted jewels. These necklaces also often come in different sizes, allowing the buyer to personalize which size fits perfectly around their neckline.

The trend of vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, either. As these accessories become more popular they appear in various places such as Instagram posts and influencer videos.

They have now become acceptable accessories in everyday outfits. Burberry featured this style in their spring/summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week which shows its relevance within high end fashion labels as well as with individual buyers looking for something special to add to their wardrobe.

This trend can make any monotonous outfit suddenly stand out amongst the crowd with ease. Whether you’re looking for distinction or simply want to add some versatility to your wardrobe, Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklaces should definitely be considered.

Appearance and Design

Vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces have been popular among collectors for some time owing to their quirky novelty appeal. The design of these necklaces is wonderfully whimsical, featuring a tiny donkey head resting atop a small silver or gold chain. These necklaces are quite small in size but surprisingly detailed with realistic details such as fur-like texture, glass eyes and even a shady smile across the donkey’s face.

The composition of the necklaces usually consists of either gold or silver plated base metal, with natural gemstone or faux stone accents for some extra pizzazz. Furthermore, there are even designs out there that feature decorations such as pearls, filigree elements and engravings on the donkey’s head itself. Craftsmanship is usually excellent when it comes to vintage items like this, producing pieces of great quality that should last through time if well looked after.

What makes these necklaces so attractive is their antique design combined with just the slightest hint of playful humor which gives them character – no two pieces are exactly alike. Everything from the size and shape right down to the colors chosen will be unique each time. Their small sizes make them easy to wear without being too bold, enabling wearers to subtly display their vintage jewelry style all day long.


All around the world, you will find unique and distinct forms of traditional clothing and jewelry that reflect a particular culture’s beliefs, values, and identity. Vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces are a timeless example of this point-they bring together inspiration from various cultures to create an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

In Central and South American cultures, the donkey has long been associated with fertility, good fortune, abundance, and joyous celebration. As such, they make a popular motif in costume jewelry necklaces found in this part of the world. Additionally, scholars believe many of these necklaces were originally designed to imitate ancient Aztec jewelry pieces that featured carved jade ears and eyes.

The design also has strong Indian roots; during India’s cherished festivals like Holi and Diwali decorative pieces made from brass are used as offerings to gods symbolizing wishes for good luck and health. This gives further insight into why so many vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces feature shiny finish brass accents – it is thought to be a representation of Hindu symbols connoting prosperity.

These culturally rich necklaces typically feature different materials among their intricate designs:

  • Brightly colored stones
  • Facetted crystals
  • Vibrant beads
  • Copper or gold plated details
  • Swarovski glass accents

The symbolic colors included in these pieces range from turquoise, yellow citrine quartz crystal tones to emerald green which boast strong connections with nature’s energy, divinity and healing powers in some cultures-all reflecting why certain colors were chosen for specific god figures or deities in temples. Moreover, swirled geometric patterns often decorate the body of the donkey and add another element curiosity when admiring these beautifully crafted pieces.

As such it’s easy to get lost looking at all their detailed designs which further demonstrate how diverse cultural influences have contributed towards creating modern vintage costume jewelry necklaces today.

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Vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces offer a unique style of fashion accessory. From classic gold and silver to quirky shapes and colors, these pieces stand out for their distinctive charm. With an ever-growing variety of designs available, collectors are sure to find something to match any outfit or look. Here is a look at some of the main types:

  • Classic Colors: Many vintage donkeys have heads painted in bold, bright colors. These can be easily matched with other clothing items, such as scarves, shirts or blouses, hats and even coats.
  • Shapely Designs: Along with classic colored donkeys, there are also a range of shapely silhouettes featuring all sorts of styles from traditional circular faces to those featuring leaves or animals.
  • Unique Patterns: No two donkeys are alike when it comes to patterned designs. Some feature simple flowery patterns while others can have intricate work such as engravings or sketches.

Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklaces offer a wide selection of quality components that customers seek when shopping for unique pieces such as chains and pendants made from various metals like brass and sterling silver in combination with gemstones like pearls and rubies creating one-of-a-kind designs that make excellent gifts or an addition to personal jewelry collections. Some pieces even boast elaborate snap closures which can easily be adjusted for comfort while wearing it.

Chrome-plated pins also adorn many donkey heads, adding extra shine and vibrancy that catch the eye whether casually browsing or admiring up close.

The uniqueness doesn’t stop with just the visual aspects; most vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces come equipped with soft velvet cords which can either be worn loose around the neckline in a casual style or straight bands depending on preference. For added flair, strands can be interspersed with colorful beads created from different kinds of material such as glass crystals and imitation stones for stunning effects that become look more stylish than ever before.


Vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces have become a staple in fashion for women of all ages and styles. There is something special about the vintage look, accompanied with a unique twist. These necklaces provide the perfect balance of form and function. Women who wear them feel comfortable knowing that they have a piece of jewelry that stands out from the rest and adds an extra touch to any outfit they are wearing.

The retro charm that these pieces provide is one of the main reasons for their rising popularity amongst fashionistas. They are reminiscent of times gone by, during the 50’s and 60’s when people were truly devoted to crafting quality products. Such nostalgia encourages many to find solace in these items, which embody themes such as love, freedom, creativity, and rebellion.

Apart from the strong emotional tug that these pieces evoke, vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces have practical uses as well. For instance:

  • Antiquated design – Many young adults think there is something really hip about aging metallic ornaments.
  • Individuality – People appreciate how they can stand out from the crowd without having to go overboard.
  • Affordability – With prices ranging anywhere from $20 to $50, accessibly has never been easier
  • Trendy necklace chains – Creative designs cater to both classic and modern tastes.

Care and Maintenance

The proper care and maintenance of a vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklace is essential for keeping it looking its best, and will help you to get the longest life out of this classic piece. To ensure that your necklace remains in great condition, here are some tips on how to best preserve it:

  • Regularly clean the necklace with a soft cloth and avoid any harsh or abrasive cleaners that could potentially damage the metal
  • Remove the necklace when participating in physical activities as sweat and oils from skin can cause discoloration over time
  • Store the necklace in a cool, dry place to protect it from exposure to humidity
  • Avoid contact with items such as perfumes or other chemicals, which could also lead to discoloration and tarnishing
  • If necessary, bring in an expert jewelry repair shop or specialist who is experienced working with vintage pieces for professional cleaning

It is recommended to establish a routine of cleaning your vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklace once every couple months. A good way to do this is by creating a checklist. Place the necklace onto the soft cloth dampened with warm water mixed with mild dish soap solution. Gently scrub all areas including chain links and underneath charms for dirt particles.

After scrubbing, use another soft cloth dampened with just warm water to rinse off any remaining residue. Finally pat dry thoroughly before putting away your necklace again. This should be done every couple months as part of regular maintenance so that dirt doesn’t accumulate over time on jewelry pieces that can’t be accessed easily otherwise.

natural stone vintage jewelry box

When not wearing the necklace, store it away in either an airtight container or inside a plastic zip-up pouch filled with tissue paper at room temperature; this will protect it from dust build up as well as any changes in humidity levels.

Avoid storing multiple pieces together; instead try using individual pouches for each item, whether jewelry or clothing articles, so they don’t rub against one another causing scratches on more fragile items like antique stones or enameled workmanship on charms or beads that make up said necklaces.


Custom jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces are no exception. Many people opt for custom jewelry because it allows for a greater level of personalization, giving the wearer a unique and special item that they can cherish as their own. But what exactly makes these necklaces so customizable?

Color Scheme

One important way to personalize the necklace is with its color scheme. There are vast possibilities when it comes to choosing colors for the necklaces; whether one goes with muted colors, muted pastels, an autumnal palette or something completely outside of the box – there’s something for everyone who wants to add that special touch to their accessory.

One doesn’t even have to stop at two colors – depending on the type of material used in making the necklace, a rainbow-colored piece may be achievable.

The Addition of Charms and Embellishments

Charms and embellishments can also be added onto a vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklace. These often look best when placed toward the center of the piece as it gives off an eye-catching flair, elevating the customization even further.

Whether opting for large charms like moons and stars (depending on topoicrs), monograms, initials or birthstones – any charm can make an impact and bring out one’s personality. Rhinestones may also be chosen instead of charms which not only looks beautiful but also adds texture to this already intricate piece.


In terms of size, vintage donkey head costume jewelry necklaces vary significantly too meaning there’s plenty to choose from when customizing one’s own. Some individuals might prefer a more petite necklace while others go bigger: choices like XXL chandeliers or icon stones which focus on being as oversized as possible really packs a punch into one’s wardrobe.

Ultimately each individual should feel free to take risks with different shapes and sizes until they find out what feels right. *.


The truly unique and unusual Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklaces are a fun and interesting style that continues to remain popular with collectors. Although there were antique versions produced in the early-to-mid-1900s, vintage pieces from this era can still be found online and in shops today.

The wearable art is similar to other animal necklaces of the time period such as cat, dog, and bird pieces. However, due to its unique shape it stands apart from the rest.

For those interested in purchasing a vintage donkey necklace or piece of jewelry (ring, bracelet, etc.) there are options available. Most online shops will accept returns or provide a warranty should something go wrong while wearing the jewelry.

This can help buyers feel confident while making their purchase since these pieces can sometimes cost quite a bit of money. Those looking for an even more unique design are in luck. Many high-end designers have started producing these same pieces again but with higher quality materials and even more intricate designs.

No matter which version of the Vintage Donkey Head Costume Jewelry Necklace buyers choose to get they will own a one-of-a-kind item that has been around for many generations. This is an excellent way to add some character to your wardrobe without spending a fortune on yourself or someone you love. Even though they may seem old fashioned, just remember these types of jewelry remain timeless for many years to come.

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