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Vintage diamond jewelry crafted by master artisans has an ageless and timeless quality synonymous with sophistication and luxury. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a necklace to commemorate a special occasion, or simply to add the elegance of vintage diamonds to your wardrobe, there is something for everyone among our unique selection. Each carefully curated piece of jewelry has been handcrafted in accordance with the highest standards of excellence ensuring quality and luxurious craftsmanship every time. All our items guarantee remarkable beauty at competitive prices, so that you can be sure you’re getting precisely what you’re paying for. So treat yourself or someone special to timeless elegance and order your vintage diamond jewelry today!

Celebrating Special Moments with Vintage Diamonds

Vintage diamond jewelry is a great way to commemorate special moments in life. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a special engagement or just because – make sure your moment is as timeless and beautiful as the jewelry worn by generations prior. Vintage diamond jewelry has become increasingly popular over the years due to its undeniable elegance and charm. Not only does it come with a unique history, but vintage diamonds also offer excellent value for money when compared with newly mined diamonds. From Victorian-era brooches to classic Art Deco watches, there’s something for everyone when it comes to vintage diamond jewelery. Search for Art Deco rings with engravings that tell your own love story or Cartier bracelets set in yellow gold – each piece of beautify hand-crafted vintage jewelry adds its own history, flair and style to any outfit!

What to Look For

When buying vintage diamond jewelry, it’s important to become familiar with the four Cs of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Cut is the shape of the stone and can influence its sparkle, size and overall appearance. Color is a measurement of how much a stone deviates from colorless; colorless being the most desirable. Clarity is a rating system based on internal inclusions or blemishes that can affect the performance of light through gemstones. Carat weights depict how large a diamond looks compared to other stones.

When purchasing vintage diamond jewelry it is imperative to examine each individual stone closely and carefully under magnification, such as an eye loupe or student microscope prior to purchase as many flaws may be covered when viewed by the naked eye. The hallmarks embedded in your piece denote country of origin, metal purity and date of manufacture. Make sure you research thoroughly before buying so that you can confidently guarantee genuine authenticity. Vintage diamond pieces also command high prices at auctions so if you’re feeling confident you could potentially turn a profit in future by reselling!

Understanding the Value of Vintage Jewelry

When it comes to investing in vintage diamond jewelry, there are a few tips and tricks to consider in order to determine its true worth. The true value of vintage diamond jewelry can be determined by evaluating the style and design, the quality of the diamonds, age, condition and provenance.

Style and Design – When shopping for vintage diamond jewelry, pay careful attention to the overall craftsmanship that went into making it. Consider elements such as fancy mounting styles, intricate scrolling designs or other original ornamentation and decoration. If a piece is particularly unique with innovative styling or detailing that no longer exists today, it may be worth more than otherwise identical pieces.

Quality of Diamonds – Evaluate any diamonds in the piece. Are they real? Natural? Of a high enough quality to warrant their presence in a piece of jewelry? The size of each stone will also come into play when estimating the value of vintage diamond jewelry; stones with higher fire and brilliance such as those graded VS2 or above will have more resale value compared to lower grade stones.

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Age – Determine approximately how old certain pieces are based on the style clues one can pick up from looking at metals and gemstones used in crafting pieces. For example an old cut may indicate a piece from late Victorian era (1837-1901), whereas an elliptical cut center stone indicates Edwardian period (1902-1910). An understanding of these particular era’s in relation to jewelry production increases one’s knowledge, appreciation and evaluation capabilities significantly when shopping for these special items.

Condition – Age-old signs of wear may signify that a particular piece has been maintained over time since it was first created by hand many years ago. Note any damaged areas on a piece while inspecting it carefully to access what level of restoration work would be necessary if you opt to take ownership.

Provenance – Understanding where vintage diamond jewelry comes from can also provide valuable insights into its value; ask questions about who previously owned it and make sure you have solid proof showing its authenticity such as certificates or other documentation showing details related to its origin and past caretakers etc if available.. This information is worthy gold if presented properly because knowing that rarer items were previously coveted by nobility or wealthy people adds historical credibility which increases their intrinsic worth immensely!

Simple Care Tips for Your Vintage Treasures

Taking care of vintage diamond jewelry can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The following tips can help you keep your vintage jewels in pristine condition for years to come.

1. Handle with Care: Diamonds are among the most durable materials on earth; however, they can still be fragile and may chip or crack if mishandled or dropped onto a hard surface. To avoid potential damage, always handle your jewelry gently when putting it on and taking it off.

2. Clean Regularly: Over time, dirt and debris might accumulate on the surface of your diamond jewelery and dull its sparkle and shine. Luckily, regular cleaning can help restore the vibrancy of diamonds quickly and easily. You can choose between professional cleaning and mild homemade solutions such as soapy water and a soft brush for regular maintenance.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When caring for your vintage treasures, be sure to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia which may cause discoloration or damage precious stones like diamonds by stripping away the protective oils from their surfaces.

4. Store Properly: Store each individual piece of jewelry in a safe place away from other pieces to avoid scratching or chipping them inadvertently against one another when stored together tightly in one box or bag. Additionally, store pieces horizontally on a flat linen cloth to prevent crushing should any heavy items end up laying on top of them while stored long-term over long periods of time.

Sourcing Vintage Diamonds with Confidence

When sourcing vintage diamond jewelry for sale, it is important to understand the history and quality of each piece. For example, knowing the origin of the diamonds in a particular piece can be useful in determining their quality and value. It is also beneficial to research the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the stones so that you are able to inform potential buyers about these factors when marketing your pieces. An appraiser or gemologist can provide further assurance to buyers by authenticating that a diamond has provenance. Other details such as whether a given piece was handmade or machine made, as well as its age also add context to prospective buyers and can affect the price tag. Understanding who crafted a particular item and what techniques were used to make it can also be useful for explaining craftsmanship value and added attraction for knowledgeable customers. Finally, ensuring all components are present with any given piece — diamond setting, shanks, clasps etc — will help ensure confidence when selling vintage pieces online or in person.

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Styling Tips

If you have vintage diamond jewelry, you should wear it with pride. Vintage diamond jewelry has an interesting history and can be a real statement piece when worn correctly. Here are a few tips on how to bring out the beauty of your vintage diamond jewelry:

1. Have Fun With Colors – The beauty of wearing vintage diamond jewelry lies in its uniqueness. So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors – go for bright red, pink or even blue dress that accentuates the diamonds and adds some fun to your overall look.

2. Keep It Simple – When wearing vintage diamond jewelry, you want the focus to be on the jewelry itself so opt for simple accessories and clothing items that won’t overshadow it. To draw more attention to your neckline, try a low v – neck or spaghetti strap top.

3. Balance Is Key – Try pairing your vintage diamond jewelry with other complementary pieces, like a chunky bracelet or a unique watch, to properly balance all the elements in your outfit. You also want to strike the right balance between glitzy and glamorous looks as too much shimmer can take away from the elegance of your diamonds!

Unique Alternatives to Vintage Diamond Jewelry

When buying jewelry it can be difficult to find something that is truly special. Vintage diamond jewelry provides a great way to purchase something beautiful and timeless. However, if you’re seeking an alternative to vintage diamond jewelry, there are plenty of other stones and settings available. You could try searching for antique pieces set with precious sapphires, rubies or emeralds. These colored gems look stunning in older styles of rings or brooches and add an amazing range of color palettes to your jewellery collection. Natural pearls are another classic choice—their traditional appeal has survived the tests of time and remains very much on trend today. Lastly, silver jewelery is a brilliant option as it stands out from more traditional yellow gold yet still has a vintage feel to it.


We invite you to explore the timeless glamour and exquisite beauty of vintage diamond jewelry, with a selection just waiting to be yours. Whether you’re looking for a stunning center stone or an antique piece with incredible craftsmanship, you will find the perfect item to add sparkle and soul to your collection. All items in our collection are authenticated and inspected by experts in order to guarantee safety and authenticity. It is our utmost pleasure to offer you this rare opportunity to own a piece of history that will shine brightly in your life forever. Shop vintage diamond jewelry today and unlock your own special style story!

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