vintage 1950s costume jewelry

During the 1950s, vintage costume jewelry was an immensely popular form of fashion. From art deco inspired designs to unique statement pieces, the jewelry from this era is heralded for its timeless quality and diverse range of styles.

While many of the adornments were made with high-quality materials such as Bakelite and rhinestones, a growing trend of creating accessories with plastic also flourished during this decade. As a result, bright colors and whimsical shapes quickly filled jewelry boxes across the nation.

The Popularity of Vintage 1950s Costume Jewelry
In addition to bringing more affordable options to jewelry stores, 1950s costume jewelry played an increasingly important role in defining one’s personal style. The colorful trinkets offered an opportunity to express individual tastes in a fun but sophisticated way. Moreover, it allowed people to explore exciting new trends in fashion without making a large financial commitment-something that was especially popular among adolescents during this time period.

The Lasting Legacy of Vintage Jewelry
Today, vintage 1950s costume jewelry continues to be highly sought after by collectors far and wide-and for good reason. Not only does the seemingly endless variety of pieces from this era offer something for everyone, but the materials used are still durable enough to withstand long-term wear and tear.

With that being said, owning a piece from the golden age of vintage fashion is certainly no small feat-and it makes for a beautiful heirloom that’s sure to last throughout the generations.

What Was Trending in 1950s Costume Jewelry?

The 1950s were all about being glamorous and stylish when it came to one’s appearance. Costume jewelry was a major player in achieving this glam-look. Women of the decade turned to bright colorful plastic, faux pearls, rhinestones and artisanal metals to top off the look they wanted. Artisan-made pieces would feature bold geometric shapes with intricate detailing.

Fashionable costume jewelry of the 1950s was chunky and statement-making with vibrant eye-popping colors, often resembling a wearable work of art. The trend shifted from floral or traditional motifs towards cleaner, more daring shapes like rectangles, ovals and triangles that gave off an edgy yet elegant aesthetic.

Furthermore, women also began sporting sets such as matching earrings that coordinate with their necklaces for an extra flashy look – all helped by newly invented plastics like Lucite which made manufacturing easier and more affordable than ever before.

The advent of Hollywood fashion helped popularize vintage costume jewelry in the 50s as actresses were seen wearing it on screen with sharp tailored suits accompanied with dazzling accents around their neck or wrists. A combination of these two factors – plastic technology and Hollywood’s influence – surely helped shape 1950s costume jewelry into one of the most sought after trends of the era for young adults looking for a polished style to boast around town.

Exploring the Iconic Styles of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage 1950s costume jewelry is renowned for its captivating and timeless designs, which people around the world continue to admire. This iconic style of jewelry was a distinctive reflection of trends during the 1950s, when fashion jewelry started gaining popularity in mainstream fashion. By combining both glamour and boldness into one aesthetic, vintage 1950s costume jewelry has become treasured ever since.

One of the most unique aspects of all types of vintage 1950s costume jewelry is that they often exhibit motifs that are not seen in modern jewelry today. Retro styles such as huge earrings with bright and colorful stones were quite common during this period and continue to be favored by many Jewelry enthusiasts.

These pieces typically feature large semi-precious stones like turquoise, mother-of-pearl, and coral along with full diamond clusters set in gold or silver tones. Such earrings truly make a statement-playing with shapes and colors associated with retro aesthetics, blending them in perfect harmony.

Vintage 50s costume jewelry also makes use of various elements from luxury couture lines, allowing it to transcend from contemporary everyday wear to more formal occasions such as evening events or galas. These pieces usually create an air of glamorous daringness through extravagant beading designs and heavy filigree detailing accentuated by diamond borders which surround semi-(precious stones like citrine or aquamarine on sparkling pins and pendants.

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Necklaces with pendants featuring matching earrings will always stand out regardless of the setting-being sure to turn heads no matter what the occasion might be.

Unleashing Timeless Elegance with Vintage Costume Jewelry

The 1950s is considered one of the most influential eras for fashion and style. It was a time of unprecedented prosperity, and people experimented with many trends in areas like clothing, makeup, and accessories. Costume jewelry is the most iconic fashion look to come out of this decade. Sure to bring an effortless sense of charm and elegance, these pieces make us yearn for a simpler way of life where fashion was more important than function.

Vintage costume jewelry from the 1950s takes us back in time when everything was gilded in gold and silver metal tones. These colors were always embellished with bright stones and intricate designs that made each piece its own work of art. The necklaces often feature matted metals that drip with pearls and other gemstones.

Earrings echo the same design features with intricate cuts that are reminiscent of classical imagery or even works of modern art. The 1950s vintage statement often centers around oversized earrings, large pendants centered on leather collars, or heavy link chains that hung below the hips in a cool draped effect.

When accessorizing your wardrobe today with vintage costume jewelry from the 1950s, it’s easy to get lost in all its retro charm. Cleverly combining playful elements such as rhinestones, knots, shells or ceramic flowers will surely help you stand out at any event.

It’s also interesting to note how some pieces blend modern styles into the design process since many trends have mostly remained the same since their inception over 60 years ago. Whether you stick within just one type of metal or mix bold patterns together, vintage costume jewelry from the 1950s helps you craft a timeless look.

Notable 1950s Designer Labels

Vintage costume jewelry from the 1950s is an exciting and stylish piece of history to have in your jewelry collection. The 1950s was a time of glamour, shimmering colors, surprises, and whimsical flair. During this decade, many creative and renowned characters emerged as the face of vintage costume jewelry design. Some of these famous designers included Trifari, Coro Craft, Eisenberg & Sons, Boucher, Sarah Coventry, Ciner Corocraft and Napier just to name a few.

These designers created pieces that were unique and luxurious yet affordable for average people. They even helped revolutionize the entire industry by changing how costume jewelry was viewed with their innovative ideas about product placement in department stores and how it’s displayed both in-store and online. Popular among these designs were faux pearls or rhinestone necklaces topped with crystals or glass stones in vibrant colors.

Bracelets often featured ornate filigree work with accents of gold or silver metal outlining the stones for a glamorous touch with dresses that entailed full skirts to create a lasting impression on those around you. Meanwhile earrings varied significantly but typically consisted of extravagant drops with mult.

Re-Creating 1950s Chic with Contemporary Jewelry

Vintage 1950s costume jewelry has an undeniable charm that evokes nostalgia and glamour. From classic pearls and glimmering rhinestones to the eye-catching designs of the decade, the jewelry from this era is unrivaled in its unique beauty. Today, contemporary jewelry designers are finding ways to honor this legacy by creating modern collections infused with 1950s elements.

One way designers are doing this is through the use of materials. Pearls remain a timeless favorite, as does gold and silver tone metal; but contemporary pieces also feature more daring colors and texture combinations for a more updated take on classic looks.

Lucite, cabochon stones, crystals and bright enamel-all materials popular during the 1950s-are often included in these new collections. This combination of classic yet bold pieces creates an overall look reminiscent of those stylish days gone by.

Nowadays, there’s a vast array of vintage inspired designs available that offer something for everyone-whether you’re looking for something dainty or edgy. Many brands have embraced the comic book culture popular during the period; so you can find pieces adorned with roaring cars, retro pin-up girls or images straight out of science fiction comics. These fun designs bring a modern flair to 1950s costume jewelry while still paying homage to what made that era so special.

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Some companies even specialize in making exact replicas of classic styles from other eras and popular designers; these include everything from delicate baubles to statement pieces and everything in between. With so many amazing choices available today, getting that timeless yet trendy style has never been easier-and it’s all thanks to our love for vintage 1950s costume jewelry.

Collecting Vintage 1950s Costume Jewelry

The 1950s were a time filled with opulence and glamour when it comes to decor, fashion and of course jewelry. From chicly designed pearl necklaces and rhinestone earrings, to costume brooches and tiny cocktail rings, the cartoonish designs of the era set the tone for timeless classic vintage jewelry. When it comes to collecting vintage 1950s costume jewelry, there are certain tips which can help you get started on your journey.

First off, if you’re just starting out or want an easy way to wade into this side of costuming history, look for jewelry marked ‘made in China’. This is usually an affordable entry point into the world of classic 1950s costume jewelry because many manufacturers from Hong Kong were using new methods that allowed them to produce intricate designs that were faux-diamond or faux-gold plated pieces.

These pieces are often relatively inexpensive compared to original vintage works without skimping on quality.

You can also consider investing in original handcrafted vintage pieces which are more unique and have more value than machine manufactured items. Look for make names like Hollycraft, Coro, Trifari and Reja as they all made beautiful sterling silver works that could be enhanced with gemstone additions such as pyrite, turquoise or jade beads.

American makers such as Marvella created more quality faux diamond jewellery while Schiaparelli produced unique statement pieces like their iconic eye motif bracelet which was originally modelled by Marilyn Monroe back in 1955.

When collecting vintage 1950s costume jewellery keep in mind that some pieces may physically wear down over time so take special care when handling them. Many collectors look after their collections by using specific cleaning materials specifically designed for optical grade crystals or fur cotton swabs soaked in alcohol for enamel work or pearls stringed necklaces.

Read up about the material types used so you can provide better preserving solutions for your collection; this will give you the added bonus of increased value should you wish to part with something down the line.


The vintage 1950s costume jewelry of the era has recently attracted attention for its bold colors, unique designs and rhinestones. The craftsmanship that went into producing these amazing creations was true artistry, and a lot of talent was involved in the creation of each piece. The beauty of the 1950s pieces speaks to the artistry and talent that went into producing them. It is no wonder they are sought after items today.

The 1950s fashion also had certain themes which were reflected in costume jewelry created during that time – such as florals and bows, abstract shapes, bright colors and geometric shapes. The evolution of jewelry throughout this era made it an integral part of fashion design, and consequently, many pieces we see today still capture that same charm and style from the 50s.

Just looking at one 1950s costume jewelry piece can take you back to a simpler time, allowing you to admire the beauty and craftsmanship that still stands out even so many years later. Historical examples of 1950s jewellery challenges our perception of what’s trendy or fashionable while introducing us to a whole new world of exquisite designs.

The life and legacy created by vintage 1950’s costume jewelry continues to be celebrated by enthusiasts today who appreciate its timelessness as much as their predecessors did so many years ago.