vendome vintage jewelry

Vendome vintage jewelry is a luxurious and timeless antique brand that stands out among the countless other options for vintage and modern jewelry. Over the years, Vendome has created a name for itself as both an old-fashioned icon as well as a fashion leader. Boasting an assemblage of exquisite designs ranging from deep turquoise to radiant orange, Vendome’s pieces are truly remarkable and elegant.

Characteristics: Detail the features of the jewelry itself

First and foremost, Vendome vintage jewelry is quite distinct from its competitors due to the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in each piece. These necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins and more are typically made out of semi-precious stones as well as materials like silver, gold and rhinestones.

The stones often feature original cuts and configurations; some even add tassels or flying birds, making each item one-of-a-kind. Several particular gems used to cast these works of art include amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Difference: Distinguish traditional vintage jewellery from contemporary jewellery

The second distinction between modern jewellery and vintage vendome pieces is in terms of quality. In this case, less is more – rather than cramming every last inch with sparkling diamonds or colorful gems like contemporary designs tend to do; vintage vendome jewelry presents simple yet captivating masterpieces with quality being evident everywhere you look.

Fine materials such as sterling silver adds greater value to each design given that it does not discolor or rust over time while adding luster when touched upon by sunlight at certain angles. Thus overall wearing it leaves your skin feeling softer instead of irritated with metal irritants found on cheaper imitation jewellery out there today.

Different Types of Vendome Vintage Jewelry

Vendome vintage jewelry has become very popular over the years, due to its unique and iconic designs. Vendome was one of the most influential jewelry manufacturers from the 1950s through to the 1970s. The name conjures up images of intricate and luxurious pieces worn by Hollywood royalty and A-list celebrities alike. Since then, many people have sought after rare and collectible pieces for their elegance and style.

Vendome offered a wide variety of jewelry designs, ranging from simple everyday earrings to elaborate statement necklaces. Many collectors focus on the iconic brooches that have become synonyms with Vendome: these feature detailed floral or animal motifs, often highlighted with bright semi-precious stones in yellow or green gold mounts.

Other popular items include faux pearl necklaces featuring lots of tiny details such as delicate chains or art deco pins that allow you to update any outfit instantly. The ultimate collector’s dream is a true vintage Vendome cocktail ring in vivid colors featuring striking centers made with sparkling gemstones like sapphire, amethyst or diamond accents, perfectly complementing each other.

In more recent years Vendome has embraced modern trends like colorful enameling and Byzantine crosses adorned with delicate filigree settings. When choosing vintage Vendome jewelry, keep in mind that condition matters – some buyers may be interested in pristinely maintained pieces while others may prefer those with some tarnish to add character to their piece.

With so much variety available, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for so make sure to do your research before making a purchase online or at an auction house.

Where to Find Vendome Vintage Jewelry

Vendome vintage jewelry is some of the most beautiful, elegant and memorable vintage jewelry available. Vendome was produced in Providence, Rhode Island between 1941-1971 and many pieces of the collection continue to be high sought-after items by collectors today.

While there are plenty of bogus, rogue sellers attempting to pass fakes and knock offs as authentic Vendome pieces, one can rest assured that with a bit of research and know how it is absolutely possible to find true vendome jewelry.

When identifying and finding authentic vintage Vendome jewelry there are several features that all potential purchases must display. First and foremost there will always be an engraved mark on the back or inside rim of the piece indicating it is truly from the company.

Specifically, look for an “L” topped by a crown which indicates that it is a piece created under Jay B Loeb; founder of Syndicate sales Inc., then an “S” for “Syndicate” thereafter, followed lastly by either Made in USA or a patent number (this changes depending on time period). The line Vintage Vendome appears around 1960 onwards until the company dissolved in 1971.

A reliable dealer or seller who has credible experience dealing with genuine vintage Vendome jewelry is also essential when searching for true pieces. One way to easily identify such dealers are by researching popular prominent antique shopping websites such as Ebay, Etsy and Ruby Lane to name a few.

vintage jewelry marked mj

Also do not forget local antique stores as they may carry genuine added pieces as well. Reviews are also important before making a purchase so read them carefully before committing too much money into what may end up being an item that looks great but lacks authenticity.

In conclusion it is perfectly possible to find true vendome vintage jewelry if one takes proper precautions when searching. Avoid counterfeiters, familiarize oneself with spotting classic vendor marks sure fire signs of authenticity as discussed earlier and most importantly trust sources/sellers.

Benefits of Vintage Jewelry

Many people prefer vintage jewelry over new jewelry for a multitude of benefits. Vintage jewelry can be found in limitless designs, styles, and materials that may not be available in newer pieces. This helps to create a unique look when wearing vintage jewelry as no two pieces are identical.

Craftsmanship is also another factor which makes many people choose vintage pieces over new ones. Items from past eras were often made with higher-quality materials and far more intricate details that are rarely seen on current-day jewels. As such, these items can stand the test of time and were designed to last for decades. Furthermore, most vintage pieces come from an era before mass production where each item was made by hand – something today’s manufacturers cannot replicate.

Another benefit of choosing vintage pieces instead of modern ones is monetary value. Many older items have become collectors’ items because they are no longer manufactured. This means their resale value has the potential to increase with time – making them a great investment opportunity if you care to purchase them with such intentions in mind. On top of that,.

Care Tips

When it comes to taking care of precious vintage jewelry, the rumors make it sound both intimidating and complicated. With Vendome vintage jewelry, however, these rumors couldn’t be further from the truth; caring for your antique jewelry is easier than you think.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to caring for your Vendome vintage jewelry is to store it properly. Make sure that each piece is stored in its own compartment with its own pouch or box.

This will help protect the piece from being scratched by other pieces of jewelry or from tarnishing due to exposure to air and light. It’s also a good idea to keep your pieces away from any source of moisture as this can lead to discoloration, warping, and damage.

When it comes time to clean your vintage jewelry, make sure that you don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials (such as toothpaste) that could scratch the metal surface. Instead, opt for a mild soap solution and a cloth-this combination should be more than enough for light daily Maintenance. For more stubborn dirt build up on certain pieces, you can create a baking soda paste with water and gently brush away any offending bits.

If there are gemstones attached like rhinestones or sapphires on your piece of jewelry, avoid using any cleaning solutions as they may cause discoloration and damage over time. Instead use a soft bristle toothbrush with just plain water. Additionally, when not in use I recommend wiping down your entire vintage collection with cloth before storing them away again; this will help ward off future dirt build up between uses giving your pieces that long lasting bright shine.

Investment Opportunities

Vendome Vintage Jewelry represents a fantastic opportunity for both investors and jewelry enthusiasts. The vintage market has become increasingly popular in recent years with this type of jewelry being highly sought after by collectors and appreciators alike. Vintage items provide unique beauty, quality craftsmanship, and historical context that cannot be easily achieved with new pieces.

In terms of current market trends, vintage jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals and those seeking to add a classic or antique touch to their wardrobe. With demand rising, individuals are searching for the best quality pieces at the best possible prices.

This can be beneficial to the investor as they can find increased values in their products while also providing them with opportunities to purchase rarer items that they might not have access to otherwise. As more people look for these quality items from Vendome Vintage Jewelry, the chances for profit increase dramatically.

Additionally, there are many strategies an investor can take advantage of when selling this type of jewelry to maximize profits. One strategy would be by offering customization options for customers looking for particular designs or styles. This could include sourcing or creating new custom pieces which would naturally drive up prices due to the uniqueness factor associated with each item.

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Another option is curating sets of jewelry so that customers can purchase complete looks or collections rather than just single items which would again lead to higher profits margins as they are taking advantage of bulk buying services offered by Vendome Vintage Jewelry suppliers.

Finally, advertising campaigns should be employed on social media platforms such as Instagram where customers can view products conveniently and directly contact customer service representatives if needed gives buyers even more opportunities when making purchase decisions without having to visit physical establishments.

All in all these strategies will give investors great ways to capitalize on this lucrative industry and turn it into a secure choice for long term investment portfolios.

Customization Possibilities

Vendome is a highly respected and renowned vintage jewelry company. They offer customers with an immaculate and varied range of vintage pieces from various different eras including the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro, and Mid Century Modern.

Vintage pieces are superior because they were designed to last forever and were often made by craftspeople who used only the highest quality and most precious materials available. Furthermore, these vintage pieces are rich with history which can add an intimate connection between the piece and its owner.

Vendome offers customers the chance to customize their antique jewelry in creative and unique ways. As experienced professionals in the field of vintage jewelry, Vendome’s professionals can provide creative ideas on how to modernize a particular piece or even suggest innovative combinations that will give it a more recent look.

One idea could be to incorporate modern gemstones such as sapphires or tanzanites into a classic design from Georgian times; the result would be dazzling yet with enough traditional resemblance to keep true to its origin.

Another great option for customizing vintage pieces is through polishing and cleaning services which enhance stones that may have dulled over time due to natural wear and tear or exposure to everyday elements. Every piece is assessed carefully by one of their experienced craftsmen so as not to affect original patina where necessary while also restoring radiance if possible.

Engraving too is sometimes considered should individuals wish to personalize their items further allowing memories or initials to linger upon their jewelry for life-long sentimentality.

In conclusion, shopping for vintage jewelry at Vendome provides clients not only with access to authentic antiques but also customization options that allow them freedom when it comes designing something unique that speaks of their personality and preferences without compromising traditional heritage linked intrinsically within each item.


If you’re interested in collecting Vendome vintage jewelry, the first thing you should do is research the company and its history. Vendome was founded in the early 1900s and was popular for making high-quality costume and couture jewelry, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s.

Familiarize yourself with their most iconic pieces, as these will likely be more sought after as collectibles. You should also learn to recognize Vendome pieces by learning to identify their signature style and hallmark patterns.

Another important step is to acquire reference books that can help you identify genuine pieces. This can include any Pricing or Identification guides that are specifically geared towards Vendome pieces. Additionally, antique jewelry experts may have catalogues of authentic pieces that can help you become an expert on the company and what type of items they produced throughout its history.

Finally, if you’re serious about starting a collection, it would be wise to join one of the many online forums dedicated to vintage jewelry. Many of these forums provide advice from experts who are knowledgeable about Vendome jewelry, as well as auctions where members buy and sell from each other.

However, it’s important not to get too carried away at auction sites unless you know what you’re buying or bidding on – counterfeit items are always a concern when dealing with vintage jewelry. Being part of these online communities makes it easier to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base on reliable resources for finding genuine Vendome pieces that fit your budget.