Using Jewelry Patterns to Create Your Own Accessories

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Using Jewelry Patterns to Create Your Own Accessories

If you’re looking for a great new way to jazz up your wardrobe and give you the opportunity to show off your sparkling craftsmanship, then you’ve just found the right place to start. You can find the perfect jewelry patterns to compliment whatever it is you are looking to create or add to your existing jewelry collection. If you want to jazz up your spring wardrobe with a few new pieces or just add sparkle to your preppy outfits, this is the place to go. We carry a large selection of jewelry making tools and wonderful jewelry patterns from which to pick. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive jewelry making information available online. Here are some of the ways in which we make jewelry that you will be proud to show off and wear:

The tutorials here feature earring kits from which to choose and incorporate into your existing jewelry design. These 100% free earring patterns come with a detailed description of what the kit includes and a demo that you can watch while you work. Look for the stunning “Neanderthal” earrings embedded with crystal gemstones to bring out the sparkle in your ears. Other jewelry patterns to wear this season include “Lilac”, “Roser”, “Diamond Studded”, “Bangles” and “Cape Necklaces”.

If you have a little experience in beading but are stumped for what to make or wear this summer, look no further than these free beading patterns. These fabulous jewelry patterns feature free beading instructions and tips for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Try our favorite clasped “Clover”,” Bars”, “Star”, “Spiral”, and “Bangles” to jazz up your wardrobe this year. These free beading projects also make great beginner’s projects.

Ash Holders Jewelry

If you’re looking to jazz up your plain black dress this season, wear our most popular accessory: the peach-colored “Pearl”. To complete your sophisticated look, select the most complimentary colors (and mix in a few bright ones) to pair with your simple black outfit. Whether you want to deck out an everyday outfit or create a stunning beachside outfit, use these free beading patterns to tie any of your favorite pieces. If you’re not sure what colors to pair with your peach-and-black combo, try the complimentary colors found in the accompanying free beading patterns.

Use free beading patterns to create a simple pendant for your neck or a small chain necklace for your ankle. A simple chain necklace would be suitable for everyday wear or an evening party with a glamorous look. For a fun beach outfit, wear our free pattern pendant “Leather Pendant” to create a stylish accessory. Wear one in black leather on a hot summer day or slip it over a white cotton blouse for a laid-back look at the office.

The jewelry is so fashionable today that wire jewelry can easily be worn as casual and/or formal accessories. One example of a fun piece to wear casually is the “Beaded Earring Set”. This set consists of a round pink beads wired together. Wrap the set around your ears and let your hair down for some fun. Another example of wire jewelry in the form of a bracelet includes the “Bracelet Beadset”.

As a more formal accessory, the “Crimson Diy Necklace” will give you much needed glamour for a more formal event. To accessorize your new DIY necklace, simply accessorize your outfit with a color or pattern of your choice. To achieve the best result, choose one of the featured bracelets listed above, or create a completely unique style by creating a new jewelry chain. You can either make the bracelet or set from a matching set of beads. Either way, this tutorial will help you create a beautiful necklace for a fraction of the cost of buying the beads!

Maya Jewelry War Horse

If you’re not looking to create something elaborate, don’t worry. Wire jewelry such as bracelets, bangles, or earrings are very versatile. You can make simple bracelets with a single colored charm or go crazy with color-coordinated charms. For more details on these simple yet stunning charms, visit my website to find out more about my favorite basics. You’ll also find some great ideas for how to add charms to simple necklaces or bangles, or how to create elaborate but inexpensive bracelets. Check them out!

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