Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage

Urban Outfitters jewelry storage provides a safe and stylish storage option for all types of jewelry. It is designed with every kind of jewelry in mind, from precious metals to idyllic crystals, ensuring that any piece of jewelry has the perfect place to be stored with care. From contemporary trinket trays to versatile box organizers, the options offered by Urban Outfitters combine craftsmanship with superior materials for unparalleled longevity and protection.

The attention to detail given by the designers results in items that are both aesthetically pleasing and carefully crafted for the purpose of maximizing space and keeping delicate pieces of jewelry safe from dust or any other exposures. Each item is designed in a wide range of sizes, styles and shape so there’s something to match every taste and decor from small cozy nooks to larger mirrored vanity vanities.

For those looking for an extra fanciful style that speaks volumes about their sophisticated taste in adornments, Urban Outfitters’ collection features gemstone-colored glass stacking boxes with velveteen linings that adds elegance and beauty to any vanity area while also making it easier for accessories to stand out against a neutral background. Stylish compartments can be used as dividers or as multi-purpose holders containing rings, earrings, necklaces and other trinkets imaginable in an orderly fashion.

The velvet lined trays make sorting easier as their deep bottomed compartments provide ample room without taking up too much countertop space. For heavier locksets or necklaces chains which would otherwise tangle neatly contained within fabric containers adorned with contrasting prints – all executed with elegant lines that represent modern design practices.

Benefits of Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage

The wide-ranging selection available at Urban Outfitters offers something for everyone and a variety of solutions when it comes to jewelry storage. Whether you need a delicate trinket box, an intricate jewelry stand or a vibrant jewelry organizer, Urban Outfitters has it all. Customers can find simple pieces that offer minimal yet practical storage solutions, such as a mesh metal tassel container or an elegant marble trinket tray.

An Element of Organization

Urban Outfitter’s range also offers items which can double up as ornaments and organizers, for example; the Moroccan-inspired Copper Jewelry Chest that adds some Mediterranean flare to any bedroom or even the sleek stylish Wall Mounted Jewelry Cabinet. These products are ideal for customers looking to add functionality with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The geometric wall hung necklace rack supplies plenty of hooks whilst adding an on-trend element of modern industrial style design.

Added Tips and Advice

Urban Outfitters also provide information on how to correctly store, display and maintain your jewellery in order to keep your collection sparkling and looking its best. They feature articles dedicated to organizing tips as well as styling guides so customers know how to pair garments with certain pieces of jewellery to maximize their individual style. There is also advice provided on cleaning and how often this should be done in order to ensure maximum longevity from our collections.

Design Options

  • Design Styles:

Urban Outfitters – the one-stop shop for all things eclectic and chic – offers a varied selection of jewelry storage options. Design enthusiasts can choose from a range of modern, rustic, and glamourous styles that will blend right in with any décor. Jewelry boxes made out of bamboo, ceramic, wood, velvet, and recycled fabrics come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate modest or expansive collections.

  • Colors:

No matter your aesthetic preferences, Urban Outfitters has something to fit your design taste. Choose from bold jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby reds, sapphire blues to more muted shades like brown, gray, beige etc. Geometric patterns like chevron also provide visual appeal and come in various colour combinations.

  • Sizes:

From tiny ring cases to large server trays – designed specifically to display necklaces and bracelets – UO offers a variety of sizes for every purpose. Small lidded boxes would easily fit on dressers while larger units work best for storing jewellery at home or displaying them in retail stores. Some jewellery boxes are stackable making it very convenient for organizing pieces without taking up too much space.

Features and Care Tips

Urban Outfitters jewelry storage solutions are designed to provide an easy and attractive way to organize, store, and display jewelry. The pieces come in several sizes, styles, and colors to match any décor.

Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage

The most common hardware items include metal tubing for displaying necklaces or items with long chains; velvet pouches for large statement pieces; shallow bins lined with neutral fabric that can be used for jewelry trays; see-through boxes that feature multiple slots for earrings or rings; and shelves featuring dividers. All of the Urban Outfitters jewelry storage options have a timeless look and are made from strong materials.

When caring for the Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage pieces, it is important to handle them with care. Pieces should be wiped clean with a soft cloth as needed. When cleaning fabrics such as velvet pouches or trays, use lukewarm water mixed with mild soap on a damp cloth – harsh abrasives can ruin the material’s surface.

Allowing water/sweat to linger on the accessories could lead to discoloration and tarnishing over time so it is best to wipe them off often after use. Air drying them is usually enough but if you choose to dry using a towel make sure it is of a soft material as heavy towels tend to scratch delicate surfaces like gold finishes or colored gems/stones (like turquoise).

Jewelry should always remain stored in individual containers when not being worn. Not only does this keep your beloved possessions protected from scratches or tangles of other items but also prevents them from knotting together due to static electricity or regular wear-and-tear motion while rolling around freely in drawers/jewelry boxes. Make sure closers are tightly fastened when storing pressed clasps like those found on necklaces.

Lubricating mechanisms may also help prevent rusty closures due to exposure from humidity/body oils over time; keep extra pocket wipes on handy at all times just in case. Last but not least, don’t forget about airing out larger compartments every once in awhile (even if something isn’t accidentally spilled inside) since too much moisture can be trapped inside if left undisturbed for prolonged amounts of time.

DIY Setup Tips

Setting up your Urban Outfitters jewelry storage can be an intimidating task, but with the right steps and a bit of DIY know-how, you can create a beautiful and organized place to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry safe. The step-by-step guide below will help you through the setup process so you can make sure you have everything in the right place.

The first step is to decide what pieces of jewelry you wish to store in your Urban Outfitters jewelry storage. This could be something as simple as earrings or as complex as boxes of necklaces and rings. Once you’ve identified what needs storing, it’s time to get to work on getting your setup underway.

Start by attaching any hanging holders, shelves or drawers that are included with your storage solution and make sure they are securely fastened into position. Assemble any trays or sections that need putting together, before moving onto mounting it onto the wall space if necessary.

With all shelving and components installed, it’s time to add in the individual compartments for each piece of jewelry. This can range from hooks for earrings and necklaces or dividers for better organization of all shapes and sizes.

Separate compartments for bracelets and watches can also be added if needed creating sections in your setup where they can settle without mixing with other items accidentally. After everything is placed within your set up correctly, You can finish off by personalizing it with decorative finishes such as velvet lining or cork backgrounds for the frames – anything that helps contribute towards making your setup stand out in your bedroom or bathroom area.

Showcase & Display Storage

Wall-Mounted Solutions

Urban Outfitters offers several options for wall-mounted jewelry storage solutions. For example, the Acrylic Wall Jewelry Organizer is a sleek and modern way to store and display jewelry, with 5 hooks that can be used to hang necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. It also features 2 tiers of slots, perfect for displaying rings or earrings.

An alternative wall-mounted option is the Fabévo Clear Hanging Rack, which boasts over 20 separate compartments to help organize your jewelry collection. These compartments come in various sizes and shapes – ensuring you can find the perfect place for all of your delicate pieces.

Countertop & Drawer Solutions

Urban Outfitters also has plenty of counter top and drawer options available if you want to keep your jewelry collection close at hand. The Fabelle Riser Jewelry Stand is a stylish choice that elevates your jewelry items for easy access – helping you stay organized while displaying your necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and more.

Jewelry Storage Bank

If you prefer something that takes up less counter space but still provides ample storage capacity, then check out the Josephine Standing Tray. This small but versatile tray features 8 removable sections made from velvet with gold accents – making any jewelry item look like it belongs here.

Finally, Urban Outfitters offers plenty of drawer solutions as well – such as the Mirrored Multi-Drawer Jewelry organizer which neatly stores items away while providing 5 individual drawers complete with stylish pull handles featuring rhinestone accents. This type of drawer solution not only helps keep your piece close at hand when organizing them but also looks elegant when opened – creating an aesthetic pleasing environment within any room.

Fashion & Function

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage is the latest trend in jewelry storage and organization. Whether you’re looking for simple, practical pieces or modern geometric designs, Urban Outfitters has the perfect item to suit your needs. With its fashion-forward ideas and on-trend style, Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage offers a range of options that combine fashion and function to help organize your accessories while adding chic vibes to any room.

Let’s explore the reasons why Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage is the perfect choice:

  • Style: Choose from a variety of stylish pieces that add an intriguing touch to any decor.
  • Functionality: Make organizing jewelry easy with pieces designed for superior storage capacity that fit neatly into cabinets or drawers.
  • Durability: Crafted from quality materials such as metal, velvet, wood, acrylic and more, Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage is built to last.

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage comes in various shapes and sizes so you can tailor it according to your specific needs. Be inspired by the many display ideas available and fill your shelves with beautiful earrings holders and trinket bowls. Declutter your closet or dresser drawer by keeping all of your necklaces organized on a necklace wall holder. Keep watches safe on an acrylic watch box shelf or introduce eye-catching color with shimmering glass organizers.

No matter which stylish piece you choose, you can be sure that Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage won’t just look great-it will keep everything pristinely organized too. Hang multiple items from table top stands such as bracelets and necklaces; store rings in mirrored tray boxes; keep studs off countertops with stackable dishes; designate a designated spot for sunglasses with eye-catching pastel accessory holders; tuck away earrings with multi-holder towers;-the choice is yours.

Add a stylish yet practical touch to any room today. Check out Urban Outfitter so find out more about this versatile range of jewelry storage products.


Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage is the perfect addition to any closet or vanity. Whether for a special occasion or for everyday fashion, this innovative storage solution will help you organize your keepsakes and treasures. With spacious three-tiered compartments, you can easily store all of your jewelry pieces and other accessories without stressing out over how to keep them organized. The decorative design also offers a way to add stylish elements to your home.

Not only is usability a priority with Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage, but it’s also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Each tray is lined with sturdy velvet that quickly catches any dust and debris it may come in contact with. This soft material helps prevent any scratches on delicate pieces like diamonds and pearls while also reducing any tarnishing that may occur with long term storage.

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage is an excellent investment for anyone interested in keeping their jewelry safe and beautiful as well as accessorizing their living space. It’s thoughtful design and immense benefits make it ideal for both men and women looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet functional piece of home decor.

With all of its features, from organization to maintenance, investing in Urban Outfitters Jewelry Storage makes life easier one item at a time. Make the smart decision today so you can be worry-free tomorrow.

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