Trending Fashion Jewelry 2017

Trending fashion jewelry for 2017 is all about personalizing your wardrobe and creating bold yet tasteful statements with intricate accents. Rather than looking for expensive pieces that make a statement, the key to creating a fashionable look opts for more modern flair with small detail, by incorporating elegant charms and charms into their ensembles. From edgy to minimalist, contemporary designs have become a popular choice amongst trendsetters who are looking to showcase their unique style.

A huge trend in fashion jewelry this year highlights delicate and feminine styles such as stacked rings and dainty necklaces complemented by an array of vibrant colors like baby blue, emerald green, coral and lavender. These subtle pieces are perfect for adding a level of sophistication and grace to any ensemble while showcasing individual personality in an understated way. Furthermore, they can be layered with other accessories such as scarves or even patterned headbands to provide limitless options.

The market is also abuzz with numerous geometric designs paired with standout pendants or earrings which add a sharp edge to everyday wear without being overly bold. Popular combinations include minimalist hoops with squared off diamond studs as well as dangling half moon pendants combined with large square stones – both great for adding a sense of polished refinement to work attire without compromising fashion sense.

Finally, when shopping for trendy fashion jewelry this season its important to keep originality at mind and choose pieces that accentuate outfits rather than mask them. Remember some elements of trending fashion may come and go over time but taking the extra effort in sourcing timeless charms that really speak will ensure years of wear-ability no matter what style waxes or wanes in popularity over the years ahead.

Unexpected Design Trends

One of the new fashion jewelry trends generating a lot of buzz during 2017 is unique and unexpected design. From high-end designer labels to up-and-coming independent jewelry makers, everyone is embracing this notion of creating bold and dynamic pieces that really capture the eye.

Fashion designers are incorporating unorthodox materials, like brass knuckles encrusted with precious gems and bold industrial elements, into their designs to create truly one-of-a-kind showpieces. Red carpet ready celebrities have been spotted donning these statement pieces that make headlines thanks to their showstopping aesthetics.

But what’s surprising is how many of these daring designs come from independent jewelry makers rather than big name designer labels. Upstart artists are creating wild and eye catching works made entirely by hand, utilizing recycled materials that provide an environmental appeal. These fresh faces have managed to successfully balance the concept of sustainability with statement styling, making some truly cohesive creations in the process and establishing themselves as leaders in this popular trend.

Whilst many of these pieces tend to focus on materials that draw attention, other styles use pieces that provide a more understated aesthetic; think minimalistic chokers or tiny rings adorned with delicate crystals. Such trends has allowed for a range of wearer’s – from those looking for bold designs all the way through to those keen for something soft and subtle – to find something special in the artisans selection.

It has also allowed for experimentation of unusual color combinations; things like black cubic zirconia stones set against yellow or orange gold bands or fluorescent turquoise stones set against dark silver settings.

It’s clear emerging trends in fashion jewelry have been receiving lots of love during 2017; proving there’s still plenty room within our industry for ideas both old and new alike.

Biggest Players

2017 is setting up to be an interesting year in fashion jewelry designs. With so many designers and trends, we’re starting to see some really unique pieces emerge that adds a touch of something special to an outfit.

From traditional products like diamonds and gold to more creative takes like glass and ceramics, fashion jewelry is seeing a lot of movement this year. To get a better sense for the industry, here’s a closer look at some of the biggest players in the space setting trends for 2017.

One big name on everyone’s lips is Lover’s Tempo, a Vancouver-based accessories label gaining traction around the world. With a focus on ingredients from earth-friendly sources such as recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds, their designs have won over consumers who are looking for pieces with stories behind them as much as beauty.

In addition to their signature collection, which ranges from statement necklaces to rings, they also recently launched Jems by Lover’s Tempo – a new line of stackable rings in 14K Rose Gold with champagne diamonds.

Carbon+ & Co., another leader in fashion jewelry design has its sights set on creating timeless luxury desk jewellery without sacrificing playfulness and trendiness. The Singapore-based brand uses smoky topaz gemstones found only in Namibia to craft their signature pieces making each one distinctively individual – like fingerprints intertwined together or snowflakes endlessly falling. Carbon+ & Co.’s successful combination of quality materials, contemporary design and storytelling has made them one of the biggest names in luxurious contemporary jewellery this year.

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Last but not least is French born designer Ariane Zagury who opened her eponymous shop in Montreal’s Mile End area this past December. Unlike its competitors who draw heavily from tradition and symbolism, Ariane instead focuses on vibrant colors used along with clever geometry to produce daringly modern pieces that turn heads while still retaining that subtle sophistication women love.

Her successfully minimalist approach which includes earrings featuring structures made almost entirely out of geometric shapes could make anyone forget how modern she truly is–and it’s no wonder why her fan-base is growing steadily everyday.

Layering Trend

The layering trend in fashion jewelry is one of the more popular trends as of 2017. Layering involves wearing multiple pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings for an undeniably stylish, layered look.

The benefit to this trend lies in the simplicity – this look works with nearly any outfit and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There is also no singular combination that requires stocking a wide variety of pieces; rather simple items like thin chain necklaces, subtle earrings, and delicate bracelets provide plenty of possibilities to flirt with this trend.

A common way to start layered looks is selecting a focal piece, either a statement necklace or an interesting bracelet. This item will draw attention when standing alone but will certainly shine brighter when complimented by lesser pieces such as small rings or bangles.

Since key to pulling off these looks is all about balancing delicate and bolder pieces, cuff style and chunky bracelets are also advised for beginning looks, helping establish the balance between noticeable statements pieces and lighter accents. Additionally, body chains have proven to provide an alternative take on traditional forms of layering along with an added touch a glamour.

Choosing colors that pair nicely can also add even more impact upon your overall image. Colors are very adaptable since they can match outfits perfectly while adding extra flair at the same time.

Whether you choose traditional colors like silver and gold or opt for bolder colors like turquoise blues or deep purples you want colors that stand out while remaining tasteful and stylish in appearance. With so many options available there are definitely ways to incorporate these fashionable pieces into any wardrobe.

Statement Pieces

In 2017, statement jewelry has gained traction and is becoming a must-have in any wardrobe. Statement jewelry pieces are vibrant, bold, and make a powerful impact on an outfit without the wearer needing to say anything at all. The right piece of statement jewelry can add grace to even the simplest and most basic ensemble, making it instantly memorable. Fortunately, there are many different styles and designs that let clients speak their individual style with each piece they wear.

Those who are looking for statement pieces may find plenty of inspiration through popular collections by well-known designers like Cartier and Tiffany & Co., both of whom offer unique options for any budget or taste. However, for those who want something more unique, looking beyond the designer brands can open them up to an array of stunning pieces from local artisans or vintage shops that feature rare finds often found nowhere else in the world.

Many vintage stores also offer custom-made designs so clients can personalize their look even further.

Finally, when searching for statement pieces that speak to a person’s individual style as mentioned above; friends and family can often provide good advice about what looks best on you as well as resources for finding unique items like galleries or local artists that sell visually captivating statement jewelry.

The key is taking the time to explore possiblities until one finds a piece with which they feel truly satisfied and passionate about wearing; all while staying true to their own stylistic sensibilities.

Mixing Metals

Gold and silver: long standing opponents in the world of fashion jewelry are now coming together to lead a trend that is happening all over the jewelry industry. Mixing metals has been long used to set aside what is expensive and what is not, but for 2017 the combination of gold and silver has become a fashionable symbolization of conquering colorlessness.

Words such as modern, chic, sophisticated, and effortless have come up in myriad conversations about this latest trend. It seems that many people have been looking for something special in their everyday accessories, but have wanted something easy on the wallet. By using two different metals in one piece of jewelry, they can combine them out at a fraction of what it would cost if each metal were bought alone.

The aesthetic look that mixing metals bring cannot be overstated either; engravings or intricate patterns rendered on both shiny surfaces take on a stunning quality that single-metal pieces just cannot match. Rings, necklaces or bracelets with combinations of multiple shades are great conversation starters in addition to being loved by many people’s style goals.

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Even luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co. have released their own line styles with this exact purpose in mind (namely ‘Return to Tiffany’). This concept has now extended well beyond those aforementioned places to everyday walks of life.

Fashion jewelers across the world are taking advantage of this metallic trend by creating beautiful pieces that mix traditional models with modern touches like flat finishes, oxidations and asymmetrical shapes. No matter your budget, gender or style preference – everyone can surely find something that fits right into their wardrobe – leaving them decoratively dapper for any occasion.

Colors and Shapes

One of the most popular trends in jewelry right now is luxurious yet minimalist shapes. Geometric jewelry pieces such as squares, triangles, and circles are all very popular. Whether it be earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, trendy geometric shapes add a unique touch to any look.

Another interesting trend on the rise is semi-precious gemstones. Rose quartz, black onyx, and blue lace agate are just a few of the semi-precious gems that have recently become quite fashionable with celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Unique color palettes are also on the rise when it comes to fashion jewelry. It used to be that silver and gold were the go-to colors for jewelry but now many people opt for bolder hues such as neon metallics, pastels and even marble finish details.

Flowery patterns have once again become extremely popular especially when paired with crystals like rose quartz or amethyst stones. Another fun trend that’s making an appearance are choker necklaces which add a girly flair to any look.

Finally what can’t be said about statement jewelry? Bold pieces such as big rings and chunky necklaces go perfectly with almost any outfit whether it’s street style or business casual wear.

Statement additions make all the difference in completing an overall look, adding both character and flair to complete any outfit you can think of. The current trends in fashion jewelry provide shoppers with unlimited options when creating new looks that fit their individual taste from fun daywear ensembles to dressier evening attire – so why not take advantage of these modern trends?.


Trending fashion jewelry in 2017 is bright, colorful and exuberant. Statement necklaces, sparkling earrings and ornate handpieces are just a few of the pieces that help you make a bold fashion statement this year.

It’s important to find fashion jewelry that reflects your personal style so you can feel confident and look great at the same time. Whether you like something simple or glitzy and extravagant, there’s a piece of trending fashion jewelry out there that will suit your style perfectly.

When shopping for trendy fashion jewelry, there are several things to consider. Quality is always very important since not all pieces offer the same level of craftsmanship and quality materials. Remember to check reviews for any online purchases as well as ask about return policies before completion of your purchase just in case the item doesn’t turn our right.

When it comes to staying fashionable with your jewels, don’t be afraid to mix things up or try new combinations. There’s nothing worse than having too many accessory looks that look exactly the same each day – mix it up by throwing on an oversized necklace one day with comfy jeans and a tank top, then pairing a sparkling set of earrings with an elegant gown for a night out.

With such vast availability of styles, designs, colors and materials it won’t be hard for you to find unique pieces that express your individual personality and make any outfit look truly remarkable.

When trying out new trends in fashion jewelry this year don’t forget to support independent designers. Supporting local artisans means investing in high quality handmade items while also helping small business stay afloat – win-win.

You can also experiment with some diy projects if you want something different entirely – chances are there’s no other person wearing what YOU made unless they took inspiration from your original design. Whatever route you decide to go on when searching for trendiest fashion jewelry this year remember never forget yourself; personal style shines even brighter over trends so make sure anything you add onto your clothes expresses who YOU are in the best way possible.

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