Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composit

Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composit is a type of jewelry made from real Swarovski Crystals. It all began when founder Linda Roberts had an idea to develop a revolutionary way to work with crystals in a manner beneficial to the skilled artisans who craft the pieces and also attractive and wearable for customers. She promised to use only authentic Swarovski Crystals, and began building upon this experience with product development, which has now evolved into Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composit.

The entrepeneurial spirit at is second to none. They are focused on continually creating an intricate and unique combination of genuine Swarovski elements combined with state-of-the-art silversmithing techniques – something unavailable elsewhere in the industry. Every piece of Touchstone Crystal interconnects perfectly with each other, making it easy for people to accessorize or mix-and-match styles of their own creation, or even stack multiple items together.

Every piece of Touchstone Crystal is designed using only AAA quality Swarovski components. What’s more, because our touchstones are made by skilled artisans in smaller batches than mass produced jewelry, every Touchstone piece is truly one of a kind. High quality materials and superior construction techniques create jewelry that looks as good after ten years of wearing it as it did when you bought it brand new – something that many other brands simply can’t offer.

A Look at the Different Types of Crystal Used in Touchstone Jewelry

Touchstone Crystal is a company that specializes in creating luxury jewelry made from Swarovski-brand crystals. The Swarovski brand is known for their high-quality, sparkling and vibrant crystal designs. Each piece of jewelry crafted by Touchstone uses only the highest quality materials to bring out the best in each design. Every crystal used has been carefully handpicked so that the colors accurately represent the overall look and feel of the jewelry pieces.

One type of crystal used in Touchstone’s pieces is Caurius Crystals. These crystals are a combination of silicon dioxide and sodium oxide, and as such, they possess a unique quality when cut into a gemstone shape – they sparkle with an unparalleled level of detail and clarity due to tiny crystalline structures between layers.

This makes them ideal for jewelry pieces that need to be seen in low light, as their reflective properties will still shine brightly even when direct light isn’t available. They are also highly resistant to scratches, making them perfect for everyday jewelry pieces.

The other type of crystal generally used by Touchstone Jewelry is Penacrystallinum Crystals, which are also known as lab-created crystals. These quartz-crusted gems are created synthetically by combining silica powder with chemicals, pressing them together into crystal shapes and then heat treating them until they become pure crystalline structures.

The end result is a nearly flawless crystal with no imperfections or air bubbles which can dull its brilliance. Lab-created crystals offer outstanding stability and longevity, ensuring that customers have beautiful pieces that won’t easily fade or chip over time for many years to come.

By utilizing these two types of crystal in their designs, Touchstone offers customers timeless classics crafted with high quality materials that endure long after purchase day. From sparkling Amethysts to darling Cubic Zirconia collections, Touchstone brings simple elegance home while keeping one eye on luxurious trends coming up around the globe.

Benefits of Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composit Over Other Materials

Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composition has been in the making for years and is known for its sparkle, brilliance and affordability. This is not your ordinary jewelry and it definitely stands out from the crowd. The composition of Touchstone Crystal Jewelry contains a unique blend of minerals that bring an unprecedented shine to every piece.

The first benefit Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composition brings is longevity. Its combination of natural materials and gemstones ensures that each piece won’t tarnish or suffer damage over time. This provides peace of mind, knowing that customers can invest in beautiful pieces without worrying about them deteriorating over time. Additionally, any future pieces purchased are guaranteed to match your original selection, as each order comes with a certificate of authenticity that substantiates ownership.

Secondly, compared to metal alloy-based jewelry, Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Composition maintains a more colorfast product than ordinary metals can achieve. Natural gemstones are inlaid rather than coated so their beauty directly reflects light rays, which often dulls on metal-based jewelry when exposed to air and elements for extended periods of time.

This makes it ideal for special occasions such as weddings or parties where you want a lasting statement look – unlike precious stones or diamonds, these pieces are available at surprisingly affordable prices.

Moreover, its easy maintenance ensures customers have hassle free upkeep throughout its life span. This is especially useful for people who don’t have the attendance able to replace or clean their traditional gems regularly.

With proper storage precautions taken (such as storing away from extreme temperatures) combined with gentle cleaning using lukewarm soapy water once every few months will maintain its beauty through out use. As mentioned before different collection pieces also come with a full certicate of authentication proving quality of crystal composition used on each individual order guaranteeing satisfaction with your purchase backed by brand warranties.

Crystal Jewelry Box Engraved

Popular Pieces of Touchstone Crystal Jewelry

Touchstone Crystal Jewelry is a brand of high-quality, stylish crystal jewelry made to match with any outfit. They offer a wide range of products from earrings and necklaces to accessories and more. As a direct sales company, Touchstone Crystal’s mission is to help people look and feel their best with their quality jewelry pieces.

Their most popular pieces are easy-to-wear sets that beautifully express personal style in an affordable way. These include statement necklaces with matching sets of earrings and rings that can be easily dressed up or down.

The Joy Collar Necklace set is sure to add a dose of glitz and glamour to your accessory collection. This luxurious set features a 16-inch collar necklace made from Swarovski crystals embedded in rhodium plated metal for extra sparkle. The matching cluster earrings come on fishhook backings for extra comfort and simple elegance. With this ensemble, you’re sure to make an impression every time you wear it.

Another piece from Touchstone Crystal Jewelry is the Crescent Ring Earring set. Featuring an adjustable sterling silver plated ring adorned with deep blue Swarovski crystals pave setting, these timeless earrings will never go out of style no matter how hard the trends come and go. The corresponding pair of stud earrings have the same dazzling details so you know you’ll always look polished when wearing them together as a set.

The Onyx Bangle Bracelet set is perfect for layering or wearing solo so you can decide just how much glam should be added to your outfit. Crafted with rich black spinel stones surrounded by striking faceted jet stones accented by sparkling halo of Pave Crystals, this bracelet will instantly become one of your favorite pieces in any wardrobe.

The handcrafted cuff closure means the bangle fits everybody perfectly while adding an air of sleek sophistication no matter what occasion calls for it.

Healing Benefits of Touchstone Crystal Jewelry

When wearing Touchstone Crystal Jewelry, there are several healing benefits that can be experienced. This jewellery is known to improve physical and psychological health, as well as helping the wearer to enhance their overall wellbeing. Touchstone Crystal Jewellery contains a composite of energy-infused stones and crystals that provide healing properties for the wearer.

The combination of powerful crystals in Touchstone Crystal Jewellery provides numerous physical benefits, especially when used on a regular basis. Many people find that wearing this special jewellery boosts their energy level, helps with digestion and increases blood circulation. It also helps in relieving stress and tension from everyday life activities. Additionally, it improves mental clarity and assists in calming emotions during times of difficulty or distress.

Using Touchstone Crystal Jewellery on a daily basis is also believed to help with spiritual growth and development. The combination of crystals found in Touchstone has the ability to bring positive energies into one’s life while simultaneously shielding them away from any negative ones.

It helps to create balance within one’s higher self and assists in connecting you to your intuition for insight about yourself and any situation that arises in your life. Plus, the energy radiating from these jewels has the power to soothe sore joints, muscles and other areas where tension may be mounting up.

Because each individual crystal has its own specific set of healing properties, it’s believed that wearing them together can produce even more powerful results than they would separately could. For those looking for additional positive impacts on their wellbeing, Touchstone Crystal Jewelry is definitely something worth trying out.

As well as providing an abundance of pleasant effects on its wearer’s mindset and physique, it also adds mantel beauty with timeless designs which can last an entire lifetime – truly making it one of the most beneficial pieces of jewelry anyone could ever own.

Reaching Different Price Points When Buying Touchstone Crystal Jewelry

Touchstone Crystal jewelry is a unique and beautiful line of jewelry options that is ideal for gift-giving or treating yourself. While this brand of jewelry may be slightly more expensive than your standard costume jewelry, they do offer a diverse range of price points that make Touchstone Crystal jewelry more accessible to many budgets.

Some pieces can range in the thousands making it an investment purchase, while other items on their website are quite reasonably priced given their craftsmanship and durability.

One way to shop for the perfect piece of Touchstone Crystal jewelry without the high costs is to look for special discounts like holiday sales and clearance events found on the company’s website. It’s always worth it to sign up for their newsletter so you can stay updated on any upcoming deals or special promotions.

Many customers also report shopping at private home events as great way to quickly access discounted pricing, plus get feedback from friends and family who can help suggest styles that suit your taste best.

How to Make Jewelry From Crystals

Shopping online is another great way to access different price points when buying Touchstone Crystal jewelry. You can search through collections or browse themes like haute couture or classics all containing multiple options at varied prices based on materials used and size/value of individual stones used in the piece(s).

With each item being labeled with its sale or regular price, you can easily ascertain which pieces fit your budget best – plus you still get unbeatable product quality no matter what.

Lastly, there are many online drop shipping services that give you additional discounts (though often times these have additional fees associated with them). All in all, touchstone crystal has something for everyone regardless of budget making them an amazing option for anyone looking for lasting sophistication without a large financial investment.

Care and Maintenance of Touchstone Crystal Jewelry

Touchstone Crystal Jewelry offers a wide variety of pieces with beautiful designs and intricate inlays. The jewelry is made of Swarovski crystals, which have been carefully fitted together to create a stunning creation. Although the pieces are designed to be durable, it is important to take certain steps in order to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. With the right care, you can enjoy your Touchstone Crystal Jewelry for many years to come.

When it comes to storing your jewelry, it’s best to keep it organized in an area away from humidity and other harsh elements. Place each piece in its own box or pouch to avoid tangling, dust accumulation and scratches.

It is advisable not to expose your jewelry for extended periods of time outdoors as the sun, wind and saltwater can cause it damage. In addition, avoid wearing them when showering or engaging in activities involving water as this may reduce their crystal brilliance over time due to discoloration or cloudiness.

When cleaning your Touchstone Crystal Jewelry, use a soft cloth only and never any chemical-based cleansers. Make sure you wipe away all dirt and residue before minimizing moisture build up on the piece itself by drying off with a soft cloth after every use.

Depending on where the piece has been worn during activity, giving them a gentle rinse with warm water may help reduce sweat stains or dirt residual on occasions – however make sure all excess water is dried immediately using a clean dry cloth afterwards.

To maximize shine longevity and sparkle of crystals – you may opt for polishing them professionally once in annually at a nearby jewellery boutique shop which specialise in crystal polishing. This helps preserve the original luster of the crystal stones while preventing fading and discolouration over time due to regular wear and tear.

By taking these simple precautions when maintaining your jewelry, you can help ensure that they live up their sparkling potential for many years so that everyone admires their beauty.


Touchstone Crystal Jewelry has been able to provide timeless, high quality jewelry for any occasion without fail. First, its fine craftsmanship is unparalleled; all the pieces are hand-crafted and inspected by experts who take great pride in their work. The craftsmanship puts a guarantee on the longevity of each piece and the assurance that they can be handed down generations while maintaining their beauty and sparkle.

The variety of Touchstone’s catalog also fits into any occasion. From formal gowns to outdoor events, there is something for everyone within the range of styles offered including traditional, modern and even intricate heirloom designs each with endless color combinations. The wide range of styles allows customers to mix and match pieces to go well with every outfit, giving them maximum style flexibility whatever event they intend to attend.

The affordability of Touchstone Crystal’s products also ensures that everyone can get access to beautiful jeweler without breaking the bank. The company offers payment plans so that customers can enjoy their products now but pay later, thus allowing customers to experience luxury regardless of budget constraints.

Moreover, their commitment to affordability has not been taken away from their commitment to getting excellent customer service; with each purchase comes a satisfaction guarantee where customers have 60 days to return or exchange products if they are unsatisfied.

In conclusion, no matter one’s taste preferences or budget constraints Touchstone Crystal Jewelry has an answer for everything; offering timelessly beautiful and high quality jewelry with great customer service every time. From traditional winter fur coats paired with elegant Snowflake stud earrings to summer dresses complemented by Ruby pieces; it is truly a great place for those looking for unique jewellery for any special occasions throughout life.