Top Jewelry Trends Spring 2018

Spring 2018 is all about self-expression through the latest jewelry designs. From everyday pieces to statement necklaces, new trends in accessories are emerging to highlight individual style. As a result of the continuous shift towards wearing semi-precious and personalized jewelry, many fashionistas are investing in pieces that take minimalism to a whole other level. Here we’ll explain the noteworthy top jewelry trends for Spring 2018 and how they can boost your look.

One of the biggest trends this spring season is the tiered necklace look. These layered necklaces combine two or more delicate styles of jewelry stacked together for an updated and chic look. Minimal detailing on each piece allowing them to blend seamlessly but also stand out when necessary, making it easy to wear these pieces all year round.

The most popular materials used presently include pearls and crystals with an added twist of being able to customize your own style by mixing metals and stones into different designs. This trend is sure to make a lasting impression for any occasion.

Organic shaped jewels have also seen a surge in popularity due to the unique expression it offers wearers who dare to don them in their day-to-day looks. Chalcedony Quartz and raw diamonds featuring irregular shapes have become internet sensations over the last few months with droves searching for them every day as a reminder that not everything needs nor need it be symmetric – giving you permission to take risks with embracing originality.

Different size options for rings, pendants and earrings adds bonus points too.

Finally, some jewellery purely exists for its aesthetic value which is why minimalism makes its mark this spring season too. Pared down extras cause heads turn at our understated yet meaningful ‘less is more’ fashion mantra that springs into play this season – starting with studded timeless classics like diamond eternity rings, small boulder tokens encrusted chains and beautiful handcrafted pendants made from quality materials like gold silver or rose gold.

Layering gold adornments undoubtedly accentuates wearer look while ensuring they do not go unnoticed either – what’s not love?

Conclusion – In conclusion all these top jewellery trends are surefire ways of enhancing personal style choices while merging individual characteristics with apparel ensembles; creating charming looks that we can proudly lay claim too.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are on trend this spring and they are certainly having a moment. From daringly bold shapes to eye-catching colors and textures, statement necklaces are making appearances all over the runway and red carpets.

Any outfit can be elevated with a statement necklace – simple shift dresses, jeans and tees – they all look best with a statement necklace added to the mix. Whether you’re going for an elegant look or something more colorful and funky, there is definitely a statement necklace that will help to make your outfit memorable.

Materials like metals, glass beads, gemstones, crystals, feathers or plastic stand out when used in these pieces of jewelry. Bold colors like blue, green, pink or yellow strike the perfect balance between attention-grabbing sparkle and tasteful design aesthetic.

Even seasonally appropriate colors such as blues and greens will have you making an impression wherever you go. You can inject fun into any outfit for special occasions (or just for everyday wear) by wearing bright but tasteful statement necklaces that draw attention to your face without overwhelming it.

In addition to making a statement in terms of color palette, shape and texture also matter when it comes to creating the perfect attention-grabbing statement necklace. Geometric shapes that cut through the air while slimming figures also create an artistic interest while also highlighting larger areas of skin exposed around the neckline area if engineered correctly.

Overall length of these pieces is also conducive towards finding an ideal balance between length & width in order to remain proportionately pleasing while offering up visual delight. The right style & details can make all the difference when it comes to drawing admiration & enriching any wardrobe with timeless sophistication & style whether you’re attending an afternoon garden party or simply grabbing lunch with friends.

Spring 2018 is definitely all about bold jewelry designs befitting confident personalities. Statement necklaces featuring a range of inspiring materials from metal accents to brightly hued beads offer fashion lovers everywhere amazing options through which they can push boundaries of personal expression on any occasion .

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are an iconic piece of jewelry. They’ve come to symbolize a conservative, yet fashionable style that easily can transition from an everyday look to a night-time look. This spring, the trend of pendant necklaces have exploded with modern shapes, styles and sizes being seen almost everywhere. From outfit post, magazine ads and fashion bloggers, we definitely can all agree that the pendant necklace is here to stay in 2018.

What makes this trend so unique is the varying sizes and shapes available that look stunning when worn together or separately. Some popular shapes you may have seen this spring include stars and crescents which seem to inspire themes like love and hope. Others have drawn inspiration from nature in the form of leaves and flowers while adding a hint of sparkle to create a piece that looks good either day or night.

Is Gold Trending In Jewelry

Pendants made from different materials also add some uniqueness to this trend. For example, silver may still remain the most popular for its subtlety but others metals like gold and rose gold options offer more shine create an eye – catching design. For those who want something original designers are now offering pendants made out of porcelain depicting dreamy illustrations from cupcakes to unicorns making these necklaces feel fun yet feminine at any age.

Earlier this year it seemed as if everyone wanted in on the pendant necklace craze due its versatility and ease including celebrities like Beyoncé wearing multiples of these heartwarming neck pieces during her ‘On The Run II Tour’ with Jay Z proving just how bold someone could be with their pendants trend update.


The choker is now a staple piece of jewelry, having resurfaced with a vengeance in the world of fashion and accessories. This narrow band has made headlines as the modern version of this classic style necklace is much bolder and more intricate than years past. Whether paired with other necklaces or worn as a stand-alone piece, the popularity of the choker knows no bounds.

One trend for spring 2018 is to bedazzle these timeless necklaces with beautiful adornments. Pearls, gems, diamonds and semi-precious stones add an element of sparkle to any look. Some designers have taken things a step further by experimenting with colorful threads, ribbons and velvet which adds texture to these traditional pieces. Women can choose from minimalistic designs to ultra elaborate pieces depending on their desired aesthetic.

Another exciting development regarding chokers is the exploration of modern materials such as tumbled brass or dyed cowhide leather, creating unforgettable statement pieces that will make all heads turn. Crafted either by hand or by machine processes new textures are reincarnating these ancient designs into fashionable works of art. Available in an array of sizes and shapes, these showstopping gems can bring your ensemble together like never before.

Whether you are looking to stay on trend with this beloved classic silhouette or create something entirely new – there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the fashion maven you were born to be. So don’t be afraid to rock those chokers this Spring season. You’ll find yourself radiating beauty both inside and out when accompanied by your newest accessory pieces.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is one of the top trends for Spring 2018, offering a variety of stylish pieces to choose from and wear with any outfit. Whether you prefer statement pieces or subtle layering styles, gemstones offer a unique way to incorporate color and design into your accessories drawer. With so many gorgeous options available, it’s easy to find a piece to match your personal style as well as the fashion trends for this season.

When shopping for gemstone jewelry, it’s important to consider sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Many big brands have adopted sustainable sourcing policies in recent years, offering consumers assurance that their diamond, gold, and other stones are coming from conflict-free sources. Additionally, small independent businesses often specialize in ethically sourced stones which support artisan communities around the world–a great option if you want to invest in higher quality while doing something meaningful at the same time.

Besides sourcing responsibly, there are limitless ways to make a gemstone look stunning when wearing them. A timeless combination would be layering several thin gold bands with different colored stone rings on each hand; this helps to create an interesting mix of colors while still keeping the entire look minimalistic and effortless.

For larger statement earrings, a pair of mismatched drops featuring two different stones such as turquoise and pearls are trending right now. You could try similar color combinations for bracelet cuffs or necklaces too; these would be especially with an off-the-shoulder blouse for Spring ready elegance.

Layered Jewelry

Layering different pieces of jewelry is one of the most popular trends for Spring 2018. Rather than being limited to wearing just one piece of jewelry, layering provides a greater range of creativity and personalization to express style through jewelry.

Crafting an individual look requires careful coordination between necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. When it comes to creating layered jewelry, two key points should be kept in mind: each individual piece should complement each other and create a harmonious balance with your outfit.

One way to create a stunning layered look is by pairing dainty necklaces with statement rings or earrings. Think about incorporating mismatched elements such as different lengths of necklaces in varying metals or even adding multiple charms for an edgier feel.

You can also mix together various prints and textures to create interesting combinations that make an impact yet remain balanced overall. For example, try combining delicate strands with eye-catching gems into the same piece – a great way to mix delicacy and bold statement pieces to full effect.

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A third trend this spring season involves evolving pendants and wearable charms on chains as another form of layered jewelry. Popular pendant forms include abstract shapes that are either simple geometric forms or modeled after something actual like a feather or petal looks graceful yet modern when hung on a slim chain or fine cord necklace.

It can also be used to layer in conjunction with other pieces such as stone beads, hoops, drop earrings and tasseled designs which results in modernized creative looks using differing elements that enhance each other’s shine without competing for attention at the same time.

Mixing different varieties of these three styles can create an effortless look that captures individuality while showing off fashion sense cleverly intertwined with uniqueness found no where else but in your own collection. Whether you hanker after timeless sophistication or creative edge; accessorizing with layers of jewellery will add interest and allure to any look this season.

Invisible Jewelry

The minimalism trend has been continuing to grow over the past several years, and this spring season it is reflected in the jewelry market. One of the top trends for spring 2018 is invisible jewelry, which aims to make a bold fashion statement without any loud accessory. This type of jewelry focuses on delicate designs that are still eye-catching while preserving a more subtle look.

The focus is on subtly making an elegant fashion statement with small accents and providing attitude through minimalist details. These types of accessories work great for both casual and formal occasions, so you can mix and match pieces for different looks every day.

A lot of designers are playing around with unique materials to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are suitable for almost any situation. Classic gold earrings have given way to tiny studs made from an array of accessible materials such as stainless steel or even plastic.

Many brand names have created simple collections featuring chokers made out of barely laced threads or small chains with charms at its deepest point reaching around necklines like a matching ring on an ankle or wrist.

As a way to really bring life back into the artistry behind minimalistic accessories this season, brands have adopted modern techniques such as 3D printing which makes possible intricate detail like curved surfaces and intricate shapes that were hard to create with traditional handcrafted skills alone. With meticulous engineering behind them, these invisible jewels can be designed in any size desired), while being able to balance their delicate beauty against structural strength between sophisticated ergonomics needed for jewellery trends today.

In conclusion, the trend of invisible jewelry continues to sweep through the fashion world this spring season as people focus more on making subtle yet stylish statements with their wardrobe choices not only through clothing but also through fine jewelry too. Taking advantage of modern technologies like 3D printing allows designer’s unparalleled levels of cordiality when creating these pieces that can act as a perfect complement without overpowering or distracting from other outfit choices this season.


When it comes to jewelry trends for the spring 2018 season, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer simple, timeless pieces or bold, statement accessories, the market has a vast selection of pieces to match any style.

One of the key elements in choosing your jewelry should always be that it expresses who you are as an individual and compliments both you and your outfit. So while experimenting with trends can be fun, it’s important to have personal classics in your wardrobe that love and cherish for years to come.

Those who are bold and daring should look for large chunky rings, bracelets and earrings with interesting textures and shapes. Asymmetrical jewel pieces, layered necklaces and an abundance of charms on silver chains will also make perfect spring-season staples. On the other hand, if subtlety is more your thing then delicate pearl or gemstone necklaces are ideal together with thin gold hoops – wear all together for a hint of sparkling sensibility or alone as simple everyday accessories.

There is something special about being able to wear a piece of timeless jewelry that allows you to tell a story; whether its one of heritage and legacy or sentimental value – each piece evokes a unique emotions when looked upon. So while trends come and go, discovering classic pieces & favourite looks of all times will add style & sophistication that will complement your look into 2018 & beyond.

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