Top Jewelry Trends 2019

The fashion accessories landscape for 2019 is vibrant, exciting, and showcases styles that truly stand out. Topping the list of jewelry trends this year are pieces inspired by nature, artisan designs made from sustainable materials, playful shapes and colors, mix-and-match detailing, and truly unique creations. From statement earrings to layered necklaces, these fashion staples become instant conversation pieces.

Nature Inspired Jewellery – Jewelry with a handmade look has gone mainstream due to its natural appeal while organic textures and colors enhance pieces giving them a fresh look. Designers take inspiration from the beauty of nature to create jewelry designs with intricate details such as delicate feathers and seed pods as well as prints that feature animals found in nature like birds or butterflies.

Gold beading adds a touch of glamour to any piece while softer shades give it an earthy appeal making it versatile enough for any occasion.

Sustainable Materials – Sustainable materials are becoming more common in designer jewelry collections due to environmental concerns. Many designers are opting for recycled sterling silver rather than mined silver or gold which is much less costly to produce but just as durable when cared for properly.

Bamboo is also being used to create lightweight jewelry pieces with a modern twist and some designers are even incorporating traditional art forms into their collections such as mud cloth patterns from Africa or Japanese kimono fabrics giving them an edgy flair.

Lastly, Mix-and-Match – A great way to liven up any outfit is with an eclectic mix of jewelry pieces worn together. Tone down classic looks with pops of color and texture or make bold statements by wearing contrasting metals side by side like rose gold hoops paired with chunky silver pendants or mismatched earrings featuring bright stones in deep hues.

This trend allows you to add your own personal flair to every look creating countless possibilities when choosing how you will accessorize your wardrobe this year.

Conclusion: No matter what type of style speaks to you the most, these top jewelry trends of 2019 will help make you stand out above the rest. The best part about these fashion forward trends is that they embrace individuality allowing everyone from all walks of life express themselves through creative design choices no matter what their budget may allow.

Cutting Edge Design

The jewelry industry is undergoing a dramatic shift from classic to contemporary styling. Designers are taking risks by using unconventional materials, unique shapes, and vibrant colors to create eye-catching statement pieces this season. With people’s proclivity for bolder looks that stand out, many brands are taking advantage of this and launching experimental creations.

Textured Metals

One trend that has been gaining traction is textured metals. The various textures can add additional complexity and interest to jewelry pieces beyond the usual smooth surface of traditional precious metals such as gold or silver.

Designers have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done with textures on metal surfaces, utilizing techniques such as hammering, etching, engraving, sandblasting, and more. This gives designers an opportunity to express their creativity in ways that go beyond the conventional shapes and sizes of jewelry pieces.

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces has become a popular approach to creating interesting designs. Layering offers a fun way to combine multiple elements while maintaining simplicity in each piece – allowing for unique looks when combined as one style statement. There’s no single right way to layer necklaces; it’s all about experimentation. Different lengths, colors, shapes and textures can be used together for creative effects which reflect individual personalities.

Crystal & Gemstone Embellishments

Gemstones are increasingly being incorporated into jewelry designs – whether decorating pendant stones or featured as focal points within rings and bracelets – it’s the perfect way give classic styles an update. Crystals look especially elegant when paired with hammered metals; light is reflected off the surfaces for beautiful results.

While diamonds remain a timelessly elegant choice for eternity rings; less expensive colored stones like sapphire and quartz have been gaining in popularity due their unique hues and affordability factor compared to traditional diamond rings.

Artisan Magic

The handmade movement has gone global over the past decade, and jewelry is following suit. Shopping local has become increasingly popular as people prioritize both sustainability and style. Artistry, craftsmanship, and meaningful stories are at the heart of this trend and have made a huge impact on fashionistas of all ages.

Jewelry provides a beautiful way to embrace creativity while making an ethical choice for both yourself and the world. Instead of opting for mass-produced jewelry pieces straight from the mall, shoppers can find unique items crafted by talented artisans around the world.

Handmade and Locally-Crafted Statement Pieces

The statement piece is taking over 2019’s jewelry trends with bold designs that stand out against simpler outfits. Whether it be sparkling crystals or intricate beading, dresses don’t need to make all the noise in your look when you have a piece from a local artisan to do that instead.

Now, more than ever, talented artisans are showing their skill sets through stunning creations that are anything but ordinary. Even searching online opens up numerous stores where you can find truly amazing pieces from local artisan collectives or independent designers – no matter what part of the country you’re in.

Christmas 2021 Jewelry Trends

Amazing Variety

Handmade pieces come in all shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to find something that suits them no matter their style preference. One popular trend this year is semi-precious stones set in metalwork – like onyx necklaces or opal rings – which adds a unique twist to everyday looks while also giving your wardrobe something special – perfect for throwing on with any casual outfit or dressing up an evening ensemble.

From dainty earrings to large statement bracelets, these one-of-a-kind pieces offer something spectacular for everyone this year: without having to worry about running into someone who has the same piece as you.

Opting for Ethical Choice

Ethics are becoming integral parts of many people’s style decisions – including jewelry choices: especially when it comes to materials like gold or diamonds which have been found sourced without fairness towards workers rights or ethical production methods.

With locally produced gems bearing unfamiliar names often coming at much more affordable prices than familiar label ones like emeralds and rubies; it’s hard not to see here why many fashion lovers are turning away from traditionally mined gems towards handmade creations such as those crafted from recycled materials or lab grown stones.

These days more and more people want to make sure that they get value for money but without damaging nature; so these fabulous handmade pieces provide an abundant supply of truly eco-friendly new options for those fashion fans wanting unique styling options without worry about its provenance or longevity in terms of its construction being affected by environmental factors such as fluctuating temperatures etc.


Pearls are a classic that will never go out of style, but this year is all about the modernized takes and innovative designs. We’ll see pearls being coupled with other gems to create unique pieces as well as multiple strands in unexpected lengths while maintaining a simple overall look.

It’s also popular to pair them with monochromatic clothing, combining a timeless and modern feel at the same time. Collections often take on the baroque theme giving us larger than expected sizes combined with vibrant hues of color and unique shapes.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are huge right now. Triangle and diamond cuts add interesting angles which offset the more traditional pieces. Gold is taking center stage for many of these avant garde shapes being used to create bold statement pieces making a powerful impression on any outfit. For those looking for something more subtle, designing smaller angular segments can make for an elegant yet impactful design when worn together.

Pastel Palette

Mint green, sky blue and baby pinks have replaced the bright neon colors of previous years making for delicate feminine looks while still featuring a punchy playfulness. This combination brings us back to more romantic times while implementing modern techniques to give each piece personality. Mixed metals help emphasize these softer colors reminding us how much we need balance in everything we do including our jewelry choices.

And if you want something even funkier? Try pairing pops of sparkle on a pastel background such as clusters of sparkling crystals set into satin or frosted rhinestones against some matte elements to further enhance its uniqueness.

Minimal Elegance

In the world of jewelry, trends come and go. There’s always something new that takes the fashion world by storm, both on and off the red carpet. This year, one of the most popular trends is all about minimalist jewelry and dainty designs. Minimalism has been around for a while now and its influence keeps growing stronger in the world of jewelry as well. Here are some of the reasons why it’s now a top trend:

  • The ease with which minimalist jewelry can be layered and combined into eye-catching looks.
  • Its versatility – it goes with practically any outfit, whether casual or formal.
  • Its modern yet timeless quality. Simple pieces never age or become outdated.

Minimalist designs aren’t only perfect for everyday wear; they can also help create stunning subtle evening looks as well. Necklaces adorned with delicate chains paired with complimentary earrings look great when wearing an evening dress or blouse. Similarly, if you prefer something more unique and statement-making, try a combination of understated rings along with bold cuffs or anklets. Alternatively, opt for an eye-catching charm necklace to add a unique twist to your look.

When it comes to selecting pieces of minimalist jewelry, there’s no limit to what you can choose from. Whether you love classic gold designs or simple silver pendants – it really just comes down to personal preference. Even if you don’t have time to do full shopping trips dedicated exclusively to finding pieces that fit this style perfectly-there are plenty of online stores nowadays where you can easily find trendy little crafts made specifically for these gorgeous trends.

In terms materials used for minimalistic designs in 2019, soft metals such as rose gold are especially popular right now as they provide a very delicate touch when combined with other pieces-like a bracelet stacked alongside bangles for example. Silver is still going strong too; its versatility allows it to be mixed into every kind of wardrobe from casual to dressy.

And lastly diamonds are making their presence felt in small doses – so if you like adding glamourous touches here and there, choosing one piece might only be enough in order to achieve the desired effect.

Winter Jewelry Trends 2023

Rainbow Hues

When it comes to jewelry trends, there’s one thing that stands out above the rest: rainbow hues. Bright gemstones, multi-colored pieces, and large statement jewelry pieces with vibrant colors are popping up everywhere in 2019. It’s not your average silver or gold jewelry either – these pieces capture the eye in a very unique way that will make you stand out from the crowd.

One trend really defining this style is the abundance of brightly colored semiprecious stones being used in jewelry. These stones – particularly opals and turquoise – have become especially popular lately due to their uniqueness and vividness. Designers have also taken bold steps in creating single – or multi-colored necklaces, rings, and earrings that resemble works of art.

Whether it’s using one stone or multiple stones layered together, bright gemstones are giving traditional metal jewelry a much needed makeover. Another great part about these gemstone trends is that they can be paired with equally vibrant clothing and accessories for a totally unique look.

  • Unique semiprecious stones like opal and turquoise are on the rise.
  • Designers are crafting bold statement pieces featuring bright colors.
  • Jewelry can be layered together for a multicolored look.
  • Brightly colored gems go well with complementary clothing items.

Earring Chains

Earring chains are becoming a popular look for 2019 as they can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Not only are earring chains practical and easy to wear, but they also give your style a unique and edgy twist.

Earring chains come in a variety of styles and lengths, such as long cascading tassel looks, simple linear designs, reversible chains with statement pendants, or multi-chain variations that come with tiny charms attached. Whether you’re looking to keep it classic or you want to opt for a daring design, earring chains will definitely make a statement.

These dainty chain earrings look great on any skin tone since they draw attention to the face without being too overwhelming. Choose from sterling silver for an understated shine, gold plating for an elevated finish or go all out and pick one out in rose gold; whatever your preference may be.

You can even combine different materials so that your outfit stands out from the crowd. When paired with other pieces of jewelry like diamond studs or dangling hoop earrings, it’ll create an eye-catching combination sure to turn heads.

For those who prefer more minimal styles, single earring chain designs are currently trending and perfect to incorporate into any ensemble where you don’t want to overwhelm the look of your outfit. Look for thin cross shapes in sterling silver that’ll delicately frame your face for an effortless touch of chicness.

If metal is not desirable then try a handmade suede cord patterned in geometric shapes or adorned with beads; this way its subtle enough not to take away from clothing pieces but still stunning enough to really make the wearer stand out.

Twisted Chains

Twisted chains are a type of jewelry that has become quite popular in 2019 – thought to be influenced by traditional heavy metal style and gothic trends. Twisted or braided design on necklaces, earrings and rings have seen a recent surge in popularity due to their intricate designs and bold aesthetic. This is a major departure from the clean straight lines of everyday classic chain designs.

The unique appeal of this trend lies in the fact that its design elements can be layered, combined with other types of stones, charms themed shapes, different coloured pave stones for an added edge, making it incredibly modern and versatile.

Whether you prefer something delicate like a matinee necklace with hybrid links or perhaps something more “in-your-face” like a Cuban Necklace with twisted links that hug your neck like a choker – both look gorgeous when worn with the right outfit.

Depending on your preference – one can opt for even more daring designs such as diamond ribbon twist knots shaped like hearts or abstract geometric shapes embellished with pearls and gemstones – to flaunt their individuality. Another popular variant is the snake necklace which as it implies is shaped like an aesthetically pleasing snake pattern elaborately created link after link for a subtle yet eye-catching finish.

Another jewelers delight is the Chain bracelet or cuff that has come back around this season but now take on many different forms ranging from modern structure works done in sterling silver, plated in gold to sleek black leather ones embellished with 4Cs diamonds to evoke sheer finesse.

Above all else, the most important thing about this trend is how incredibly versatile it is and it looks great either completely alone or layered up with other jewellery pieces depending on what kind of statement you wish to make at any given occasion.

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