Top 10 Jewelry Trends 2018

One of the hottest trends expected in 2018 is statement necklaces. From sparkling stones and layered designs, to geometric pieces and pieces that incorporate bold colors, statement necklaces are the perfect accessory to elevate any look. Not only do they create a visual impact but also make clothing appear more delicate and refined. Statement necklace material varies from plastic to real stones like diamonds and sterling silver, so there is something for every person’s budget.

Other than statement necklaces, charms are also gaining popularity as jewelry trends for 2018. According to designers, charms can be a way of expressing personal stories or symbolic messages through modern and eye-catching accessories. Charms come in all different shapes such as letters, animals, words, hearts etc. When worn with other items such as watches or bangle bracelets it creates an eclectic and unique look that says ‘fashionista in the making’.

Finally, rings round out the top 10 jewelry trends 2018 list. This year one of the most popular styles will be stackable rings; these are designed to layer several thin golden bands together on one finger that have small stones embedded on them.

This trend offers color options such as blue sapphires and yellow diamonds in combination with gold or silver bands for an elegant but modern look. Another style which will make a big appearance during this upcoming season is oversized rings with unique designs that incorporate polka dots or cutouts which are perfect for giving a vintage vibe to your outfit.

Overall it’s clear why these three items make up the top 10 jewelry trends expected this upcoming season; their versatility combined with bold designs makes their ability to stand out without overpowering any outfit truly invaluable.

Boho Chic

The 2018 boho chic look has taken the fashion world by storm, with its layered fabrics, long earrings and long fall jackets. Boho Chic is a mixture of gypsy, hippy, medieval and asian-inspired fashion all rolled into one. Popular styles include kimonos, peasant blouses and maxi dresses in neutral colors or bright hues. Accessories complete the look with oversized crossbody bags and clutches, tassel necklaces and teardrop earrings.

Asymmetrical earrings have returned as one of the biggest jewelry trends this year. The modern Asymmetrical earring look has a very raw eye catching aesthetic combined with asymmetrical designs to add some drama to your outfit. These pieces come in every color imaginable but crystal tones are more popular than ever this season. Whether you’re rocking a stud or a larger drop style earring think about investing in mismatched pieces to give you a more unique look.

An edgy addition to any outfit is the new choker hoops trend. Short statement necklaces are still popular but instead of wearing two choker necklaces at once opt for two shorter hoop styles worn at once for an edgy touch that will quickly update any old classic outfit adding an edge to it instantly.

Choker hoops can vary in size and design so don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces even if they are different metals or textures – mix them up for an interesting twist on the trend.

Another hot trend that’s been making waves this season is layering bracelets. Not only do stacks of bangles give instant style update but they draw attention to your hands which when looking great always makes you feel beautiful on top of everything else.

Beautifully crafted multistrand thin thread bracelets with charms or colored beaded ones thrown it are perfect when worn together creating the ideal layered effect that will be sure to make heads turn in your direction when wearing them together.

Oversized Earrings

Oversized earrings are probably the most popular jewelry trend of 2018. Everywhere you look, women are donning larger than life earrings that draw attention to their delicate features.

This may be a factor of the appeal when it comes to oversized earrings since they’re considered bold and daring in a way that harkens back to vintage styles. No matter your sense of style, oversized earrings have something for everyone since there is an expansive selection of colors, shapes, and materials from which to choose.

The bold design associated with oversized earrings gives them a timeless quality so being “on trend” doesn’t necessarily mean having to retire these statement pieces next year. Wearing one-of-a-kind pieces makes this trend all the more exciting because you can express yourself without feeling like you’re just following along the same path as everyone else.

Oversized earrings also pair well with many different kinds of clothing due to their flexibility and ability to enhance any look. For example, if you’re attending an indoor event or special occasion they can serve a dual purposes as both conversational piece and effortlessly chic addition to your outfit.

Whether you’re outgoing and love making fashion statements or prefer sticking to something a little more polished and subdued – oversized studs give you plenty of room for personalization. If glamour is more your style then donning shimmering dangles with teardrop crystals will be sure delight at any event or night on the town; however if laid back elegance accommodate’s your aesthetic sensibilities better then post studs might make for perfect accompaniment instead.

With DIY jewelry becoming ever more popular it easy enough make some unique designs by simply mixing up different pieces together with hardware from adjacent isles in craft stores – truly endless possibilities.

Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces

The first jewelry trend of 2018 is beaded bracelets and necklaces. Combining different colors, materials and styles make this look stand out. Bright colorful tassels create a welcoming feel for those warm summer nights.

There are many options out there to spice up your wardrobe such as turquoise, marble, coral or hematite beads in various shapes and sizes. For example, you can pick from large round chips to flat disc slices depending on your style preference. The combination with other colors makes them ideal for everyday wear as well as dressed up dinner parties.

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Bracelets crafted with genuine stones give the wearer a feeling of being connected to something much greater than themselves. It’s like wearing a tiny piece of nature right there on their wrist. This trend is ideal for those who enjoy wearing unique sustainable jewelry that has been handmade by talented artisans around the world. You can find these pieces online or at local boutique stores where they support small businesses that continue to make beautiful jewelry.

Another great aspect to this trend is its versatility – you have the ability to mix and match subtle patterns and colors that lead people to ask where you got it or what inspired you in creating this truly unique piece of fashionable statement jewelry. Not only do these designs look great but they also provide spiritual healing when integrated into your own personal style.

Worn with the intention that whatever positive energies and emotions one puts into it will be returned in kind – it’s science.

Let this trend help heal you spiritually while making a fashion statement. Regardless if it’s a simple basic bracelet or more elaborate designs – beaded jewelry are here to stay for 2018. So mix and match, layer up, accessorize away it’s all about adding individual flair so whether chunky or skinny – go wild with this look.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have become one of the most popular jewelry trends among young women for the 2018 season. With many styles and designs available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes ranging from bold and bohemian to fashion-forward and delicate, it’s no wonder statement necklaces are at the top of every woman’s wishlist this summer.

This summer’s statement necklaces feature creative, unique design elements that make them stand out from plain or basic jewelry pieces. One of the most popular trends for 2018 involves layering several different types of beads to create intricate patterns. Metal detailing is also being featured prominently on these necklaces to bring texture and color into each piece.

While silver has historically been the metal color associated with classic jewelry pieces, gold is making a large comeback this season with more muted hues like rose gold providing a perfect accent to an otherwise bland outfit. Delicate charms, including symbols such as stars or birds, are often added to almost any style of necklace for an extra dash of personality.

In addition to ornate details, statement necklaces come in every conceivable size and length. Long strands that hit just above the belly button enhance a deep plunge blouse while chunky pendants falling at collared lengths complement even minimalist ensembles perfectly. Colors can be just as varied as chain lengths; bright saturated yellows will spice up an all-white ensemble while neutral tones provide flexibility when wearing multiple accessories together without appearing overdone or clashing with clothing options.

Whether you opt for minimalism or maximalism when it comes to your look this summer don’t forget about statement necklaces when creating your wardrobe. Whether chunky beaded strands paired with fringe skirts or long chains sporting dainty charms that look best when layering over comfy T-shirts and tank tops these necklaces provide an interesting twist on any traditional outfit while allowing each individual’s style to shine through loud and strong.

Layered Jewelry

Layered jewelry is one of the top 10 jewelry trends for 2018 and it’s easy to see why. The trend involves mixing and matching different pieces together to create unique looks, playing with proportion and texture. It gives fashion-forward individuals a chance to express their creativity and style by creating their own configurations. Popular pieces used in this trend include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even brooches.

When mixing and matching pieces together keep your outfit in mind. If you have a bold dress go for a few simpler pieces while if you are wearing more basic clothing try out bold statement items. Or mix both together.

Take some time playing around with different combinations until you find something that works with your clothing as well as your mood that day. The great thing about layered jewelry is the versatility – you can wear the same piece two different ways or mix up all of your favorite items whenever you want without looking over accessorized or off balance.

Also opt for metals other than gold when layered, different colored metals can help make an interesting contrast and keep everything looking stylish instead of too costume-like. While gold metals are great statement pieces they should be paired with other shades of gold or silver such as warm rose hues rather then bold colors such as green or purple when layering together multiple items.

Layered jewelry should remain classic yet understated so stick to simple designs when creating new combinations for example a single chain necklace worn alongside clusters of delicate charms or modern geometrical shapes which makes for not only an eye-catching but fashionable look too.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been a classic jewelry trend for years, and 2018 is no exception. With an infinite array of charms and combinations to choose from, charm bracelets are a perfect way to showcase your individual style. Popular charms include playful animals, religious symbols, and initials. Adding meaningful charms to your bracelet can even inspire you throughout the day – they act as visual reminders or good luck charms that bring you comfort or happiness.

The best part of owning a charm bracelet is the ability to customize it how you see fit. You can stay classic with single-charm bracelets or go big by adding several pieces together in a signature combination. Complete your look with some whimsical characters like bunnies or birds, or ceremonial pieces such as crosses and hearts.

And if you want something truly unique and personal, get your favorite engravings laser etched onto customized shapes. This allows you to show off who you are without saying a single word.

For those looking for an even bolder statement, layered charm bracelets are all the rage this season. Choose one base piece with minimal design and complimentary colors toput it all together in one harmonious ensemble. For example, combine several black leather pieces with silver charms featuring intricate engravings-the contrast between elegant details on the quaint charms will surely turn heads.

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Add a few statement necklaces into the mix for some extra shine. With a curated selection of minimalist designed trinkets, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression with audience eyes captivated till the very end.

The Return of Pendants

Jewelry trends often come and go, but the return of the iconic pendant is here to stay – at least for this year. When it comes to jewelry, there are so many options that its hard to pick a single piece; however, if there is one must-have item that still stands today, it’s the pendant.

It’s been a staple in women’s wardrobes since ancient times, and in 2018 has hit its latest trend – from delicate and minimal pieces to bolder designs that are eye-catching.

When looking for something unique yet timeless for everyday wear this season, think about a delicate pendant. A single diamond solitaire suspended from a thin gold or sterling silver chain provides a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the outfit.

There are also more playful pieces with intricate patterns or lettering featured on them which can really make an outfit stand out. Alternatively, pendents embedded with various colored gems provide the perfect pop of color on those days when you want to add an extra bit of interest without wearing any other jewelry.

For those who prefer bolder looks, statement necklaces featuring multiple pendants are perfect for making an impression. These large necklaces feature different charms such as stars or flowers dangling from a chunky chain, making them look like art pieces rather than just traditional jewelry items.

If statement pieces are too much for everyday wear then opt for one single large pendent suspended from either a long or short chocker style chain; this look is sophisticated yet modern at the same time and would be perfect for evening occasions or glamorous events when paired with other sparkly accessories such as earrings and bracelets.


Rings have been an important fashion statement piece since ancient times. From solid gold gemstone rings to intricate hand-crafted band designs, jewelry designers have continued to provide a broad range of styles for this classic and stylish accessory. For 2018, the hottest trend in jewelry is statement rings – both delicate and bold.

The charm of delicate designs lies in their understated elegance; delicately crafted rings often featuring subtle gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires would make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. On the other hand, bold statement pieces are increasingly popular due to the versatility they offer; oversized and multi-layer ring designs really catch attention in any setting.

For those who like dramatic flair, look out for statement cocktail rings that feature sparkling crystals or textured finishes that add definition and distinction to any wardrobe. Punk-style rings with spikes and studs are also gaining popularity as ways to bring some contemporary edge into your look.

Meanwhile, chunky antique rings crafted from silver or rose gold make functions like weddings a memorable affair; plus, these large sizes are also great for women who want to draw attention away from smaller features on their hands.

Finally, if you prefer more natural color schemes then stick with minimalist bands that combine dark hues such as graphite or blackened steel with white precious metals – this unique combination can add depth and sophistication to your overall outfit without being too overpowering on your hands. Whether you opt for a bold or delicate design, one thing is clear: 2018’s newest trend of statement rings will add beauty and sparkle even the simplest outfits.

Wrap It Up

Jewelry trends for 2018 are aiming to bring back a retro look and featuring bolder, unique pieces with diverse shapes. As layering necklaces, stackable bracelets and dangling earrings continue to be popular choices for the modern woman, here are the top ten jewelry trends that you’ll need in your box this year:

1. Layered Necklaces: layering is better than ever with multiple dainty chain necklaces stacked together.

2. Hoops: Hoops have taken over as an everyday essential, available in many variations such as angular shaped, brushed metal designs and bold statement pieces.

3. Big Bold Rings: From silver skull rings to large semi-precious stones, perfectly oversized chunky rings are having a moment right now.

4. Charm Bracelets: Charm bracelets come in all shapes and sizes. They offer an easy way to update an outfit or add a delicate touch of detail to any look.

5. Colorful Stones: Adding a pop of color can easily bring any basic outfit up to date with vibrant semi-precious stones and colored gems like turquoise and lapis lazuli making their way into the fashion scene this year.

These tempting jewelry trends for 2018 can help make any woman turn heads everywhere she goes. Our advice? Go for one eye-catching piece of jewellery per outfit so you don’t take away from your amazing style altogether.

For those who want an effortless chic look pair your trendy jewelry accessories like hoop earrings with minimalistic garments such as simple white blouse or dress and create striking balanced looks which you are certain to rock. Regardless if you opt for dainty layers, elegant charms or bigger statement pieces the key is ensuring that the design complements your individual style while taking advantage of these Jewelry trends 2018 season has to offer us.

Now that you know all of the current must-have jewelry doesn’t let go past them without taking at least one out of your favorites home with you.

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