Today Show Gift Ideas Jewelry 2019 Holiday Season

The holidays are an extra special time of year, and with the 2019 season in full swing, it is important to look your best while celebrating. To stay trendy this holiday season, statement jewelry pieces are a must-have.

Adding charm and shimmer to your already chic ensemble is the perfect way to ensure you make a great impression. The Today Show understands that everyone wants to look their most stylish and that’s why they’ve put together a collection of some of the hottest jewelry gifts available for 2019.

A unique piece like an ‘antique-style sunflower pendant necklace’ will serve as a timeless piece of artwork while providing modern day style. For those who love playing up a cool rocker vibe with their outfits, there’s a stunning brushed brass Snake Cuff bracelet sure to help them stand out from the crowd.

The collection even has something for shoppers looking for jewelry items on the more subtle side; pearl necklaces, luxury watches and studded earrings can be found in abundance.

Today Show Jewelry Gifts promise shoppers luxury finds like champagne diamond rings at an amazingly affordable price; all without compromising quality or style assurances. Many items also feature intricate details or technology designed specifically to enhance its beauty or appeal which are sure to surprise and delight loved ones this Holiday Season.

Each purchase supports artisans around the world whose talents influence everything from whimsical pieces all the way up to designer fashion jewels – making Today Show Jewelry Gifts perfect for stylish men and women everywhere.

Adorn Yourself with Affordable Everyday Earrings

For the stylish lady who is in search of an affordable way to spruce up her wardrobe, the 2019 holiday season is offering a variety of jewelry gifts that are perfect for adding just the right touch of glamor and sophistication. The Today Show’s gift ideas section has featured some stunningly beautiful earrings options in its jewelry set.

From classic hoops to dainty studs, these easy to wear pieces are sure to make any outfit gleam with fashion-forward flair. Whether you’re accessorizing a special occasion look or simply looking for delicate details that can add depth and character to your everyday style, these earrings offer an affordable, yet timeless option that can be worn on multiple occasions.

The first of these gorgeous earring sets from the Today Show boasts sparkling rhinestones framed by intricate gold – plated accents. Available in several patters like three pointed stars and even hexagons and circles, this timeless collection is ideal for both formal occasions and as your choice of everyday accessories. You can choose from a wide range of subtle colors such as bright white stones, muted pink hues and even jet black stones depending on what fits your personal aesthetic best.

Then there are also the more delicate shining studs and birfurcated pairs available in palladium-plated sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold plate settings designed with a number of petite details like rounded shapes featuring diamond-like cubic zirconia stones that add extra charm without taking away from the simple elegance of this timeless look.

This modern collection is ideal for subtle dressing days when you want something beyond plain gold or silver metal accessories; but still don’t want something too flashy or ornate.

Last but not least are simple hoop earrings set in brilliant 18 karat yellow gold plating with cubic zirconia pave details constructed in alternating channel settings giving off stunning shimmering effects that instantly dress up any outfit you have in mind without sacrificing too much on budget or comfort factor due their lightweight yet sturdy construction that allows them to be worn all day long.

Choose between sizes ranging from small round diamonds to larger elongated pearls allowing you to customize levels of luxe glamor according to what fits you perfectly as suitable occasion demands.

Make a Bold Statement with Statement Necklaces

This holiday season, make a bold statement with beautiful statement necklaces that are perfect for your loved one. Whether you are looking for something that is classic and timeless, or something with more modern flair, there’s sure to be the perfect piece of jewelry to suit your needs. Choose a piece that makes an impact and celebrates your recipient’s unique style with dramatic shapes, colors, and designs.

Statement necklaces instantly catch the eye while adding class and sophistication to any outfit. From sleek pendants to more ornate styles adorned with precious stones or semi-precious elements like beads and stones, there are countless varieties that can give flair to everyday items like jeans and T-shirt ensemble as well as dressier clothing for formal occasions.

The range of materials used in crafting statement necklaces means there are numerous options within the price range of every budget. Gold remains a traditional favorite and silver pieces offer a very affordable alternative, but for something truly unique consider carved wooden pendants or hammered aluminum designs with special importance for the recipient’s personal taste and aesthetics.

Besides cost considerations, look at details such as the length of the chain itself when making a selection; chokers should rest snugly at the base of the neck while too tight can appear awkward during movement.

Go for an adjustable length chain if needed since most thoughtful gift givers will want their present to go flawlessly around their recipient’s neck size-whether it goes around her neck just once in case of a longer pearl necklace or twice in case of shorter ones made from special metal alloy beads or stones.

Splurge on Special Bracelets to Wow

This holiday season, give a special piece of jewelry to your loved ones. From classic diamonds and pearls to unique handmade pieces with special touches, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful bracelets that would make any recipient smile.

  • A classic diamond or pearl bracelet is always a timeless choice
  • Unique gemstone bangles can add a statement to an outfit.
  • Charm bangles have the advantage of being personalized with meaningful charms or birthstones.
  • Gifted earrings have sentimental value
  • Precious metal lockets come in shape and sizes perfect for any occasion.

Classic Diamond Bracelets:

Diamonds serve as the ultimate symbol of everlasting love, and are ideal for gifting during the holidays. Whether you choose an iconic model like a diamond tennis bracelet, or something simple like a chain link design with single solitaire stone at one end, the brilliance and sparkle will be sure to wow.

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If diamonds aren’t your style opt for pearl bracelets; they range from subtle minimalist backdrops to colourful strands which are just as eye-catching yet offer understated elegance.

Unique Bangle Designs:?

Bangles come in different materials that feature multi-color stones, crystals, carved wood details or intricate engravings – adding an earthy touch mean no two pieces are exactly alike – making them even more unique and memorable gifts. For example wear one set in solid gold or silver embossed into textural mosaic designs for festive occasions this winter season and find one personalized so its complete with special dates or initials.

“Locket” Bracelets: ??

A locket is not only keepsake that can holds memories but also trendy accessory due to it’s stylish look fit in everyday use. It offers several kinds depending on recipient’s preferred style; long dangling pendants that match eveningwear ensembles or simple heart-locket designs suitable for daily wears either way these satisfy preference both elegant & functional gifting. Look for designs featuring tiny diamonds frames, romantic engravings, precious gems stonework etc.

Create a Glitzy Look with Mesmerizing Rings

The 2019 holiday season offers exciting gift ideas for jewelry. Whether searching for a beloved one or something special for yourself, these pieces offer all the sparkle and glamour everyone’s looking for. Here’s a list of the top selections:

  • Sugilite & Sterling Silver Watch Ring
  • Organic Bark Ring in 14K Gold Fill
  • Lapis & Copper Textured Decorative Rings
  • Rose Gold Hammertone Nail Accented Earrings
  • Citrine & Sterling Silver Multi-Strand Bracelet

For something truly outstanding, consider this limited edition Sugilite & Sterling Silver Watch Ring inspired by vintage timepieces. This magnificent statement piece features an array of precious stones accented with watch parts from vintage movements set in sterling silver. The mesmerizing movement is sure to have her mesmerized.

Let her express her sense of style with an Organic Bark Ring in 14K Gold Finish that not only looks great but often helps send out a message about being eco-friendly as well. Crafted using traditional methods, the unique bark pattern wraps around the finger to create a striking effect in any light. It’s even better when paired with other similar pieces.

Make a bold statement without saying a word with this Lapis & Copper Textured Decorative rings which draw attention wherever they go. Five textured and hand forged copper bands are intertwined with five larger lapis beads to create this eye catching piece of art. She will love wearing it as much as you love giving it.

Find the Perfect Charm or Pendant with a Touch of Meaning

The holiday season is the perfect time to show that special someone how much they mean to you, and for many of us, nothing says ‘I care’ quite like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for the perfect charm or something more unique like a birthstone necklace, we’ve got some great jewelry gifts ideas from The Today Show that will make 2019 even better than before:

  • The Winnie x BaubleBar Collection
  • Tiffany & Co. Atlas Interchangeable Bracelets
  • HEX One Life Necklace (Gold)
  • Kristin Hanson Jewelry Cuff Bangle

Each item in The Today Show special range has carefully been chosen to provide meaningful gifts this holiday season. The Winnie x BaubleBar collection offers elegant fashion pieces from necklaces and hoop earrings to drop earrings.

These charming gift items are made with gold medallions which have symbolic designs embossed on them such as zodiac signs, monarch butterflies or religious motifs like crosses and starbursts. Moreover, the collection also features life mottos like “Do It With Heart” and “Live Your Dream” which is sure to captivate any gift recipient.

The show also featured Tiffany & Co. Atlas Interchangeable Bracelets with rare gemstones that can be personalized with your own gems or message charms helping make each gift extra special and personal. This modern piece of jewelry is sure to make anyone feel extra special this holiday season as it provides them with something truly unique and custom-made just for them.

Another wonderful gift idea also found in The Today Show’s list was HEX One Life Necklace (Gold). This simple yet elegant piece contains one life which symbolizes everything that the recipient holds important in their life – family, faith, friends – translated into stylishly timeless gold jewelry gracefully suspended from delicate chain links providing both beauty and meaning all at once.

Find the Perfect Accent for your Holiday Outfit

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about great gift ideas. Jewelry makes a wonderful present for friends, family, and even yourself. Whether your loved one is looking for something bold or something subtle, there are many options when it comes to jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the perfect piece:

  • Choose Pieces That Compliment Their Style.
  • Consider Special Occasions.
  • Opt For Quality Over Quantity.

The first step in choosing jewelry is to consider your loved one’s style. Picking out something that reflects their personality and matches their existing wardrobe will ensure they get plenty of use out of it.

If they don’t wear much jewelry, opt for something simple like small stud earrings or a fine necklace and bracelet set. On the other hand, someone who loves wearing statement pieces could appreciate receiving an eye-catching ring or necklace with bold colors and designs.

When deciding if an item would be suitable as a gift, consider special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays as they often lend themselves well to larger and more luxurious jewelry items. Items like cufflinks are ideal for these times because they provide both utility and elegance while serving as lasting reminders of these milestones in life.

Additionally, if you’re not sure what to get them, you can always go for classic pieces like gold or silver chains which never go out of style and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

As with any purchase, opt for quality over quantity when buying jewelry as this ensures that your recipient will have a piece that lasts for years instead of just weeks or months before it needs replacing due to poor construction. For those on a budget, focus on finding good quality materials like silver and gold rather than opting for cheaper alternatives such as base metals which can quickly deteriorate over time with regular wear.

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Doing some quick research online will also help you find reliable stores offering competitive prices so you don’t need to break the bank in order to get your hands on some beautiful pieces this holiday season.

Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Classic and Trendy Layering Pieces

In today’s world, the jewelry you wear can complete any look and make it stand out. With the holidays near, why not amp up your style with some classic and trendy layering pieces?

Doing so is a great way to elevate an old outfit to something special for either a formal or informal event. Whether you are looking for a classic sparkly choker or something modern with bohemian vibes, there are plenty of choices this holiday season that will bring your look together.

Expand Your Look With Multi-Strand Necklaces

Multi-strand necklaces have been trending this season and offer many interesting ways to bring new life to an ensemble. Whether you prefer multiple single strands or channel a classic Y-style necklace with multiple chains held together in one piece, there are numerous looks available.

You can combine several necklaces in different lengths for dynamic playing with depths; shorter necklaces stack closer while longer versions move further away from the neckline in dramatic layers that will take your look up a notch.

Chokers Are Always On Trend

Chokers have been around since ancient times and have made their second resurgence in the 21st century, being featured on all types of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Selena Gomez etc. Choker styles vary widely but they all focus on delicately framing the face while adding an eye catching sparkle or color.

Add a colorful cord ribbon choker around an everyday blouse for a bit of softness or choose a gemstone pendant for extra glitz. Either way it’ll be sure to draw attention while exuding just enough holiday flair without overdoing it.

Statement Paste And Glass Jewelry Is Back Again

Statement paste and glass jewelry has also made its return this season as another great way to spice up any ensemble. Statement pieces come in lots of shapes and sizes such as chandelier earrings dripping with lush crystals or gold plated arm cuffs draped in faux pearls – both offering quick ways to dress up casual garb like jeans and tees instantly.

Choose one statement item or layer several elements together along side more delicate pieces for added elegance this upcoming holiday celebrations.

Add Instant Sparkle with Today Show Jewelry Gift Ideas

Stacking Rings

Elevate your outfit instantly with multiple rings, also known as stacking rings. This accessory is beautiful and timeless in its simplicity – perfect for any outfit. Add a touch of understated glamour to your look this season by selecting an arrangement of pieces in vibrant colors and precious stones to make a statement.

Go big with bold gemstone shapes or keep it classic with gold or silver rings that feature subtle details like engravings or ornate patterns. Perfect as a gift or a way to treat yourself – whatever the occasion, let stacking rings transform daily outfits with elegant style.

Pearl Accessories

Pearls are perennially timeless and chic. Add a splash of sophistication to any look with pearl accessories from the Today Show jewelry collection. Choose between the classic look of real freshwater pearls or try something unexpected like colorful faux pearls for extra sass and sparkle.

If you’re looking for a beautiful necklace then opt for one with real South Sea pearls which will make any day feel special whether you’re hitting the office, out shopping or at an event. Earrings are also an essential piece that will never go out of style and this seasons come in modern styles that take advantage of the wonders off real seashells and mother natures natural gemstones too.


A watch is not just a timekeeper but can be an eye-catching statement piece that speaks volumes about your personal style. From the sophisticated elegance of gold watches featuring diamonds to slick digital pieces ideal for a weekend away – choose from sporty styles to dressy designs you can wear from day to night.

With thoughtful selections available from The Today Show Jewelry collection, finding gifts for yourself or someone else is made easy while ensuring you keep on track this holiday season.


This holiday season, make an impression on those you love with Today Show Jewelry. The gift ideas presented by the popular show sparkle with style and provide memorable heartfelt gestures for everyone on your shopping list. With a variety of fashion-forward pieces to choose from, there’s something for every personality, so you can look forward to bringing joy into your loved one’s lives while showing off your own unique style without breaking the bank.

When contemplating how to make a statement, it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry from the Today Show. From crystal and freshwater pearl earrings that will add panache to any outfit, to chunky chains in vibrant colors you can spice up a night out with friends; these accessories come at great prices and demonstrate thoughtfulness when gifted.

And for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries, rose gold necklaces and rings guarantee that unforgettable feeling of luxury and style; craftsmanship that exudes sophistication as symbolic reminders of lasting promises made between two people.

One of the most alluring aspects of the Today Show’s jewelry section is its wide array of gemstones – from sapphires and amethyst to topaz and rosecut diamonds – sourced from all over the world for their beautiful hues. With this extraordinary selection you have opportunity to surprise those closest with sparkling gifts that are sure to be cherished forever.

So make 2019 the year of unforgettable holiday style with Today Show Jewelry. With a carefully curated collection available at affordable prices, you can rest assured that everyone in your life will receive unique multiple token perfect for any festive occasion. What’s more is no one has ever said ‘no’ to a delightful piece of jewelry – simply because each item speaks volume, emitting comradery without saying much at all.

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