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Row vintage jewelry is a trend that has taken the fashion industry by storm in recent years. Whether it be a statement piece or simple accent jewelry, vintage jewelry provides an attractive and timeless style that stands out in any outfit. Vintage pieces are often one-of-a-kind and can add a special something to any look, adding a bit of extra glamor to the everyday wardrobe.

The historical aspect of these pieces also creates added value as each antique itself becomes more and more rare over time. This keeps the item as unique as when you first bought it and adds added value with every passing year.

Another bonus of vintage items is the cost savings associated with them. While typically crafted from luxurious materials like gold, emeralds, and pearls, purchasing antique pieces can save money due to their largely discounted prices versus modern counterparts, making them even more attainable for the average consumer. With proper care, your antiques last for decades to come and can be handed down from generation to generation without any degradation of quality or appearance.

The row vintage jewelry offers a wide selection of gorgeous antique designs and all at surprisingly inexpensive prices compared to traditional modern jewelry. A great thing people love about these pieces is that you’ll never have exactly the same piece as someone else who purchased a similar design. Due to their limited numbers in circulation when originally created there’s no doubt you’ll be wearing a highly distinctive piece of history wherever you go.

With such stunning designs, affordability, durability all balanced together with perfect ease. It’s no wonder why many people choose Row Vintage Jewelry for all occasions – no matter how small or large.

Different Styles of Row Vintage Jewelry

The Row Vintage Jewelry is a unique and exquisite collection of pieces crafted in the United States during the 20th century. This vintage jewelry is made with meticulous attention to detail, often incorporating designs and materials that have a timeless appeal.

The range of styles available in this line is simply stunning; from elegant diamond chandelier earrings to bold statement necklaces, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Every piece has been carefully selected to ensure it meets all of the highest quality standards and promises a certain level of sophistication that few other pieces can provide.

One of the standout elements present across the Row Vintage Jewelry range is its use of slightly unusual or exotic stones and metals. Pieces from this collection may feature precious gems such as sapphires or rubies alongside lesser-known but eye-catching stones such as morganite or chrome quartz.

Many pieces also make use of brass or copper in order to give them an extra layer of visual appeal, even if they don’t necessarily sparkle as brightly as their more traditional counterparts. These subtle stylistic touches give each item a unique slant, helping them stand apart from similar creations found elsewhere.

The Row Vintage Jewelry collection also makes great use of geometric shapes and art deco influences, drawing on both modern and classic trends to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to capture attentions with their striking silhouettes and intricate details. While the base metals used may be relatively simple, accents provided by colorful gemstones help separate these pieces further still from any kind of cookie cutter design aesthetic found elsewhere in fashion jewelry circles.

If you’re looking for timeless jewelry with a distinct point of view then these signature pieces should absolutely be at the top of your list.

Historical Timeline of Row Vintage Jewelry

The Row Vintage Jewelry Company has an interesting and unique history that dates all the way back to the mid-1800s. At this time, a goldsmith by the name of Jacob Row began handcrafting exquisite pieces of jewelry for customers in his small workshop in Germany. He injected his own creativity and innovative methods into every piece he created, winning him much admiration from clients around the world and prompting him to establish THE ROW VINTAGE JEWELRY COMPANY in 1887.

The popularity of The Row Vintage jewelry company continued to grow over decades, eventually becoming one of the most sought after fashion houses for quality vintage jewelry designs. Throughout the 20th century, Jacob Row’s daughter, Anna completed her father’s work and expanded on it as she kept pushing forward and innovating with her own signature style of design.

Included in her portfolio are some classic designs such as the timeless Rosebud Bracelet which was her special contribution to the family business.

The Row Vintage Jewelry Company is now well known today for its unparalleled quality and crafted pieces from eras past. The combination of their contemporary approach to design and dedication to using traditional manufacturing principles allows them to produce some beautiful jewelry for modern women at a price point that is surprisingly affordable considering their high-end materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

With stores located globally in several populous cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York City; The Row Vintage Jewelry continues expanding its reach beyond its humble beginnings and is soon set to become one of the leading designers in vintage jewelry world wide.

Examples of Famous People Wearing Row Vintage Jewelry

Row Vintage Jewelry has become a popular trend among many celebrities and influencers, from fashion bloggers to Hollywood stars. From the classic gold and diamond pieces to the more eclectic, boom arm bands and bold statement necklaces, Row Vintage Jewelry is seen on everyone from Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez.

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Rihanna’s signature style consists of glamour and sophistication with a hint of edge; she often accessorizes her looks with statement jewelry pieces from the Row Vintage brand. She is particularly fond of the ‘Brave Ring’ which features delicate sterling silver balances, garnet gemstones, and a lotus flower motif – all reflective of Rihanna’s own fearlessness as an artist and unique fashion sense.

Additionally, Jennifer Lopez often pairs her premiere wardrobe with vintage jewelry pieces like Row Vintage’s Daisy Hoops earrings that feature diamond encrusted petals atop a radiant 18-karat gold hoop.

Adored by many for its timeless yet daring designs, the classic craftsmanship of Row Vintage Jewelry can be worn by virtually anyone of any age or style preference. With its abundance of gems in various things such as gold-plating tones, precious metals, and semi-precious stones available in many sizes and shapes – one thing is certain: you will never get bored wearing this forever chic accessory.

A single piece of Row jewelry can add a touch of beauty and grace not only to your outfit but also your life if one chooses to add it as staple component in their everyday wardrobe choices. Each day can be made even brighter by adorning yourself with these distinguishably gorgeous pieces for all occasions; special date nights or brunch rendezvous with friends are always enhanced when you electrify your ensemble with small touches from charming vintage jewelers like Row.

Professional vs. DIY Row Vintage Jewelry

In recent years, vintage jewelry has increased in popularity. As such, many people are now selling and creating row vintage jewelry both professionally and as a DIY project. There are pros and cons to each approach depending on what goals the individual is aiming for when creating or acquiring items.

Professionally creating personalized pieces of row vintage jewelry requires skill, experience and knowledge. An experienced jeweler is able to create custom designs that often include originality or unique components not seen elsewhere. The workmanship behind the piece can be extremely intricate and delicate, making it a truly unique work of art.

On the downside, professionally made items usually come with a hefty price tag due to the cost of materials used and labor involved in creation. Furthermore, clients tend to wait longer for their custom pieces since these pieces require tediously working through every step from ideation to execution.

DIY positioning also involves a level of skill but is often much less expensive than if it was purchased at retail. With online tutorials easily accessible online for those just starting out, even beginners can quickly produce impressive results with minimal effort-a benefit for those seeking an immediate solution or gift-giving option.

But because no two projects will ever be exactly alike and accuracy becomes more difficult with each complete attempt or duplicate, replication may be challenging over time. Additionally, depending on the material used certain tools may be required (ie soldering iron) which may not always be available to those taking this DIY approach.

Ultimately whether one chooses to purchase or create their own personalize row vintage jewelry comes down to preference based on style or budget constraints, though ultimately opting for either professional services or a DIY approach can yield stunning results when done correctly.

Benefits of Investing in Row Vintage Jewelry

Investing in vintage jewelry from The Row is a sound financial decision. Not only does the timeless beauty of these pieces stand to increase in value, but their history and craftsmanship also contribute to their appreciation over time. Many pieces are produced with precious stones, gold or silver, making them generally more valuable than modern pieces today.

Additionally, The Row’s vintage jewelry often comes with a special story and aura that modern pieces don’t have. As such, they may become great family heirlooms that can be happy down through generations.

When you invest in one of The Row’s vintage jewelry items, you are essentially collecting a piece of history and legacy. Many collectors appreciate the process of trying to collect different unique items, so this could be a fun activity as well as a potential investment opportunity. Since The Row has been around for many years, there is bound to be something available for almost any outfit or occasion – from timeless brooches to elegant pearls.

Every item tells a story about its age and pedigree which makes it particularly attractive for collectors. Often these stories extend even further into the wider world and provide exciting insights into our collective pasts.

Finally, investing in The Row’s vintage jewelry gives the buyer access to some of the most sought-after jewelry designs from eras past which go hand-in-hand with renowned artisans and fashion icons who may have once worn them (think Dianne Vreeland or France Diana).

When buying vintage pieces from esteemed brand names like The Row, buyers can rest assured they are receiving original works tailored by expert designers whose aesthetics may never go out of style thanks to aesthetic culture repeating itself again and again throughout history.

Where to Buy Row Vintage Jewelry

Row vintage jewelry is an online-only retailer specializing in the finest, top-quality vintage jewelry. Their vast collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other collectibles date back to the Victorian era and some pieces go even further back. Each piece is verified authentic by expert gemologists and carefully inspected so that customers can purchase with complete peace of mind.

What makes Row Vintage Jewelry even more special is the story or history they give each piece. Whether it’s a hand-crafted necklace or a classic antique bracelet, their experts make sure to give you all the little details about each piece so customers can appreciate their selection even more.

Their team of experts understand that it’s not just about finding a piece of jewelry with sparkle and shine; it’s also about appreciating its rich history and cultural significance.

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When browsing through their selection on the website, customers will find row vintage jewelry that’s been categorized according to specific categories like price range, era and type. Customers will be able to browse through items from as low as $50 up to masterpiece pieces that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, Row Vintage buyer specialists are available throughout their website chat feature to help buyers find what they are looking for. They are happy to answer any questions about the products or offer more valuable insights about certain pieces so customers can make a well-informed decision when purchasing from them.

Aside from offering high-quality antique items, Row Vintage Jewelry also takes pride in providing top notch customer service. They provide free shipping over orders over $350 USD within Canada and USA and also offer 14 day returns as well as ring sizing services if needed at no additional charge.

All in all, they want every customer to feel proud wearing one of their antique pieces containing hundreds of years of culture – so much that they’ll want to look out for them on all future purchases.

Tips for Wearing Row Vintage Jewelry

Row vintage jewelry is a great way to add a unique, stylish flair to your wardrobe. Vintage jewelry items can be found at thrift stores, antiques shops and flea markets, and they often come with the stories and memories of the previous owners. While vintage jewelry can add a lot of personality to an outfit, there are some things you should consider when wearing it.

First of all, it’s important to remember that vintage jewelry can be delicate due to its age or fragile materials used in making it. To ensure that your piece lasts for years to come and is displayed well, choose carefully when selecting which pieces you want to wear. Be sure to inspect your jewelry for any major structural damage before wearing it daily.

The last thing you want is for something precious from decades past to break on you within the first few weeks of owning it. Fortunately vintage pieces tend to be sturdier than modern necklaces or bracelets, but still exercise caution when wearing them.

When pairing your vintage pieces with modern clothes, don’t be afraid to contrast. Bold statement pieces such as large earrings or robust necklaces look especially striking with plainer tops or dresses – this contrast enhances both the piece itself as well as the clothing underneath it.

However, if a more subtle look is desired try combining smaller more minimalistic pieces with bold prints on shirts or dresses instead. This combo gives an air of elegance that isn’t overbearing but makes a statement nonetheless.

Finally accessories play an integral role in styling retro jewellery; belts, hats and scarves offer an opportunity to layer luxurious fabrics while enveloping oneself further in the styles of eras past. For example pale linen summer hats fit perfectly with 1920s inspired diamond cut pendants and pearl encrusted rings – creating a full ensemble ideal for warm sunny days at the beach or park.

Furthermore beautiful woven ethnic bags coordinate brilliantly with 1970s tribal bangles or earrings giving off strong bohemian vibes ready for outdoor festivals and day-trips alike.


Row Vintage Jewelry has captivated the hearts of many with its vintage charm and unique designs. Over time, these pieces can become scratched and tarnished if not cared for properly. To ensure that your Row Vintage pieces last for generations, it is important to take good care of them such as storing them away from moist areas, using a designated jewelry cloth to gently clean them, and keeping them in protective cases.

Avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals or solvents, and exposure to sunlight for too long will also help keep the piece looking its best. With ongoing proper care and maintenance, your Row Vintage jewelry will stay beautiful for many years and can be passed down from generation to generation.

In order to store your vintage jewelry safely, it’s recommended that you find a small box with compartments or drawers; this will prevent the items from rubbing against one another and creating scratches. An alternative way to store your Row Vintage pieces is by wrapping them individually in soft felt fabric or plastic bags to further cushion their surfaces while they are being stored away.

With both storage solutions comes an added benefit of well-deserved protection against dust accumulation.

Cleaning your Row Vintage jewelry should always be done gently. The use of any acidic detergents or harsh chemicals on these items can cause discoloration as well as erode metal plating or even corrode components of the pieces altogether.

A soft cloth meant specifically for polishing jewelry is highly recommended while cleaning vintage jewelry – never opt for things like paper towels because they are too rough and could cause more damages than benefits during a cleaning session. These specialized cloths provide extra shine without producing any abrasive actions onto the surface of the item itself; this is essential when attempting to maintain the original look and feel of the jewelry piece you own.