The Jewelry District


The Jewelry District is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. It is known as the largest jewelry market in the United States and home to hundreds of wholesale jewelry businesses with thousands of workers. The district was established at the turn of the 20th century by Russian immigrant jewelers and quickly grew into an essential component of the US jewelry industry. This thriving commercial area stretches from 5th Street, between Hill and Olive Streets, all the way south to 11th Street.

Today, the Jewelry District is still a major center for both domestic and international trade. It provides jewels to create some of the most unique and luxurious pieces on earth, supplying retailers around the world with a wide variety of diamonds, gems, and precious metals that are used to make everything from watches and necklaces to wedding rings and engagement rings. There are also manufacturing outlets where goldsmiths craft exquisite jewelry designs using traditional techniques alongside modern technologies. As a result of this bustling business activity, not only does this district serve as a primary jewel-distributing hub but it has become emblematic of luxury items associated with status symbols around the globe. Nowadays it serves as one of Europe’s main diamond centers and attracts customers who come to purchase gems at prices much lower than retail stores elsewhere in America or Europe. In sum, The Jewelry District is an important part of Los Angeles’ history and continues to thrive today providing employment opportunities for residents while continuing its reputation for providing customers with quality – sometimes designer–jewelery at almost unbeatable prices!


The Jewelry District first emerged in downtown Los Angeles in the late 19th century, and has since become one of the oldest and most successful industries in America. As immigrants moved to Los Angeles and provided cheap labor, businesses sprung up to capitalize on this resource and meet the increasing demand for jewelry. Craftsmen began producing custom pieces of jewelry from gold and silver, hand-crafted from small workshops located within walking distance from retailers.

Watchmakers also arrived around this time, allowing for easy repair of the always popular pocket watches. Eventually large retailers began investing in the area as well, opening stores along Broadway and Hill Street that offered designer jewelry alongside mass-manufactured items such as charms, fashion jewelry, and more affordable separates. These larger stores added even more jobs to an already booming economy as they set up buying offices,distribution centers & metal smelters across Los Angeles as a whole.

Today, with modern advancements in technology such as 3D printing and laser cutting services now part of the district’s offerings; The Jewelry District is an ever-growing hub of creativity with over 4000 independent retailers, manufacturers & wholesalers established there alone; bringing some of the best quality jewelry production not just to LA but all across America.

Local Legends

The Jewelry District has a rich and varied history, full of colorful and inspiring figures. Chief among these is Michael O’Malley, an Irish immigrant who established one of the first jewelry stores in the area in 1900. His humble beginnings and unwavering work-ethic quickly earned him a reputation as a courageous entrepreneur, paving the way for future generations of gemstone traders. In addition to O’Malley, other early inhabitants of the Jewelry District include Rebecca Delgado, a Spanish-born jeweler who opened her shop in 1921 at only 19 years old. With her signature style and attention to detail, she quickly gained the respect of local tradesmen. Fast forward to 1942 when brothers Lyle and Josh Weissberg started Midnight Diamonds, their own diamond cutting and polishing firm on the district’s Fairfax Avenue. Today the Weissberg family continues to produce fine jewelry from their workshop, gaining International recognition for their craftsmanship. Over decades of growth and expansion, The Jewelry District has come to be known as one of LA’s premier shopping areas with its vast array of gems cut and polished by talented hands. The characters and tales behind this south-central hub are just as captivating as the precious stones locked inside them; together they weave a historical narrative that has shaped The Jewelry District into what it is today.

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The Jewelry District is home to various types of jewelry-related businesses. These include a wide range of shops, boutiques, showrooms and wholesalers specializing in diamonds, precious metals, and gemstones. There are also many artists and craftspeople who create custom jewelry designs as well as antique pieces. Additionally, the district is home to a variety of watchmakers, clock-repair shops and museum-curated stores. Most business owners in the area also offer appraisals for potential clients looking to determine the value of their jewelry. The auction houses at the heart of the district hold frequent sealed bid auctions for both estate pieces and new inventory. Many entrepreneurs set up shop in the district who have connections to major manufacturers around the world so customers can avail of exclusive items that would be hard to find elsewhere. Many workshops have opened within the district as well where customers can avail different services like repair/restoration, custom design, engraving/personalization and polishing & cleaning.

Restored Buildings

The Jewelry District has seen a period of growth and renewal over the past few years, beginning with rejuvenated buildings in the area. In 2014, the city approved an LA 2040 plan that outlined potential long-term goals for development and preservation in the district. As part of this plan, several historic buildings have been restored, including the 1917 Pacific Banking Corp building at 125 W 6th Street which has become home to a sparkling collection of jewelry showrooms. This is now known as The Show at The Pacific.

Simultaneously, many of these old buildings have also been remodeled to accommodate new tenants. Expanding on this trend are mixed-use projects such as The Shay on South Broadway and Mateo Street which combines 189 rental apartments with 11,000-square feet of retail shops and entertainment venues like Proper Grocery + Eatery. The revitalization effort also includes City Market Arts Lofts which was built atop an 1880s produce market and a streetcar station used from 1886 until 1953. This adaptive reuse project consists of 100 live/work loft apartments for entrepreneurs, artists and creatives on top of neighborhood staples such as McConnell’s Ice Cream & Apotheke Bar.

Through these milestones in historic preservation, the Jewelry District has evolved into a modern and multifaceted market that provides locals with luxury goods, delicious food options, cultural experiences and remarkable homes to live in or visit when passing through Downtown L.A.

Community Reach

The Jewelry District is an area of Downtown Los Angeles that has seen a surge in activity over recent years. Being the center of the LA jewelry trade, it’s home to world-renowned jewelry stores, manufacturing and wholesale companies, inspection laboratories, appraisal experts and other related professionals and businesses.

In addition to its bustling business environment, the Jewelry District is also becoming a vibrant community hub. The district hosts dozens of events throughout the year such as craft fairs, art shows, music events, cultural festivals and jewelry roundtables. These events are geared towards both locals and tourists alike looking for unique shopping experiences with interesting finds in one concentrated location. Furthermore, there’s an active local resource program with services from job training to substance abuse counseling; all connected through various organizations based in the district. Soon there will be more progressive developments like public parks in order to promote healthy living and provide spaces where family members of all ages can recreate outdoors together in safety.

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The Jewelry District continues its commitment to revitalization through active collaboration between organizations, businesses and residents aimed at drive economic development while promoting a healthy community culture. Businesses within the district such as workshops and makerspaces create pathways for supporting local entrepreneurs while helping build career paths with instructors working day-to-day with people on their journey to successful careers in jewelry making and precious metal fabrication trades. The expansive range of programming available helps make meaningful connections between the professional network within the district while also helping strengthen bonds between many different cultures from varying backgrounds from all around Los Angeles County – creating a true sense of pride for everyone within this vibrant neighborhood!


The Jewelry District is located in the heart of downtown, and it is a well-known shopping district for jewelry lovers from around the globe. It features more than 100 different stores that focus on everything related to jewelry, ranging from fine jewelry and art to costume jewelry and collectibles. This district also has many specialty stores that showcase rare gems and one-of-a-kind pieces, including hard-to-find antique items. These unique offerings can only be found in the Jewelry District, making it a premier destination for high-end jewellery pieces. Many stores offer custom pieces of jewelry so that customers can put together their own perfect look, while goldsmiths and engravers can engrave beautiful messages or symbols into any piece of jewelry. Additionally, visitors may find gemstone cutters to customize stones as well as shops selling antique pocket watches and clocks. Not only will visitors find practical gifts like rings, necklaces, earrings and watches but they may even discover hidden gems such as restored brooches or Victorian slides! The Jewelry District is truly a hub for those seeking quality jewels at exceptional prices—and offers something for everyone!


The Jewelry District is a thriving center of the jewelry industry, attracting buyers, designers and artisans from around the world. It has already made a great impact on both the local economy and the international jewelry industry. With new innovations in technology and design, it is likely that in the future, we will see even more growth and development within this area. As more people become interested in luxury items and access to quality jewelry, we can expect to see an increasing demand for products from the Jewelry District. Not only will this mean financial gains for those involved in the industry, but also opportunities for artistic expression, collaboration between industry professionals and a positive effect on employment and investment within the local community. In short, there is no limit to what potential the Jewelry District can offer, making it an exciting place to explore and be a part of now and into the future!

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