The Different Types of Jewelery

the different types of jewelery


The Different Types of Jewelery

Jewelery is one of the major categories in the field of handicrafts. It is used to improve the appearance of a human being. It can be categorized into many forms such as gemstones, metals, wood, glass, stone, wood or pottery. There are different types of jewelry used by people all over the world. It is used for fashion, function, adornment or spiritual beliefs and practices.

Description Jewellery or jewelery consists of different types of adornments worn mainly for personal ornamentation, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, pins, earrings and cufflinks. Jewelery can be attached to clothing or the human body. From a modern perspective, the word is generally limited to durable ornaments, unlike flowers for instance. Jewellery can be classified into contemporary, traditional, ethnic, regional and modern/contemporary.

Types of Jewelery A wide variety of materials and designs are used in the making of jewelery. It can be made from wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone and ceramic. Gemstones are the most expensive and also the most sought after type of jewelery. Examples of gemstones are sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz and moonstones. Among the different types of jewelery, some of the most commonly used accessories include: earrings (especially earrings), necklaces, bracelets and hair pins.

Examples of Food Imports and Exports In addition to this, jewelery is also used for the purpose of decoration. The most common types of jewelery used for the purpose of adornment are: chandeliers, vases, table linen, table clothes, wall hangings and home wares. This usually depends on the culture and availability of resources.

Examples of Clothing The primary usage of jewelery is in the decoration of the clothing. Necklaces and earrings are very common as they add grace to the clothes and add an extra touch of class to them. Bracelets and earrings are also used as rings, especially when it comes to men. Earrings are also used as adornments by both women and men.

Examples of Home Furnishings In addition to this, jewelery is also used as an accessory for the purpose of home furnishing. It can be used to enhance the beauty of a room by changing the ambiance. It can also be used to decorate a house. Most of the times, jewelery is used as a part of the adornments. The most popular form of jewelery used at home is: Bangle set – used as a part of the daily bracelet; Diamond ring – a symbol of eternal love; Pendant – an ornamental piece that adorns a woman’s neck and can be a good luck charm; Cuff links – used as bracelets to hold the ends of the cuff, etc.

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Types of Jewelery The list of types of jewelery is pretty long and varies depending on their usage. For example, there are cuff links, brooches, earrings and necklaces which are widely used and have come in different shapes, sizes and designs. The types available are also vast. You can choose from different metals like sterling silver, gold, brass and silver and gemstones. Some examples of jewelery are mentioned below:

Some other important details related to jewelery are as follows: The type of material used also depends on its quality. It should ideally be made of metals so that it doesn’t tarnish easily and also retains its shine for a longer period of time. Wearing of jewelery should be done gently and the maintenance should also be taken cared of properly. As far as maintenance is concerned, one can brush and comb the hair gently so that it does not get tangled with the jewelery. This is very essential for all types of jewelery.

A special care is needed while storing jewelery. One should try and store jewelery separately from other types of jewelery so that they don’t get mixed up. One should avoid hanging jewelery from the neck and avoid using them if you have a pierced earring because it may cause a snag in your ear. There are special cases when jewelery can be worn on an uneven surface. Special pins are available for this purpose.

You can wear jewelery on a daily basis but it is also important that you take care of them and clean them after every wear so that your jewelery remains shiny and attractive for a long time. There are many different techniques available for cleaning jewelery. These techniques include using soap and warm water or even lemon juice. You can also use a toothbrush to clean your jewelery or a cotton swab for wetting your jewelery.

When it comes to purchasing jewelery, the cost of a particular piece of jewelery will vary according to its material as well as design. Gemstones, on the other hand, are known to be expensive. Diamond jewelery can be very costly, whereas a sapphire ring can be very affordable. Apart from the gemstone jewellery, there are various other types of jewelery available at different prices.