Summer Fashion Jewelry 2015

Summer fashion jewelry 2015 has something for everyone. From crystal choker necklaces and statement earrings to bold bangles, this summer’s trends are daring, eye-catching and affordable. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion piece or an everyday accessory, there’s sure to be some thrilling possibilities out there that will keep your wardrobe looks current and fashionable.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Layer It On

Layering necklaces is an often overlooked trend that can quickly become a wardrobe staple. This season is all about mixing and matching chains of different lengths and styles – think gemstone encrusted statement pieces mixed with baroque pearl necklaces or gold chain layered with rhinestones. For maximum effect try collecting multiple pieces in one color palette; mixing simple pendants is also a creative way of keeping it modern yet classic.

Mixed Metal Mania: Don’t Afraid to Mix Gold & Silver

Throughout history, metal mixes have been popular but the traditional view was usually that either all your metal accessories should match or they shouldn’t mix at all. With the rise of vintage metal trends however, wearing metals of different shades together has never been more on trend than in Summer 2015.

Combining warm gold tones with cool silver hues result in eye-catching reflections as well as cheerful contrasts – perfect for adding some edge to party outfits or even just sprucing up a weekend wardrobe look. Experiment with stacking midi rings too; pairing rose gold knuckle rings against silver ornamental bands are sophisticated yet cool style combination that’s easy to pull off.

Bold Bangles: Dare to Wear Bigger & Better Bracelets

Bigger is better when it comes to Summer 2015 bangle bracelets so go ahead and make room in your jewelry boxes. Chunky cuff style bangles with intricate designs look amazing on both arms while multiple slim styles like stacked rope bangles in bright colors work well both day and night. Make sure overlapping sizes fit properly around your wrist – this will make them look more aesthetically pleasing when worn together.

Keep experimentation as part of the fun; finding new ways to combine sizes, shapes and materials can add interesting depth to some traditional looks. Figure out which works best for you.

With these three essential elements covered you’re definitely ready for Summer Fashion Jewelry 2015.

Classic Looks

When considering summer fashion jewelry for 2015, the operative word is “classic.” Although flashy pieces can be tempting with bright colors and intriguing shapes, classic pieces can often be just as rewarding. This summer season is all about refreshing these standby pieces that have been in women’s collections for decades, rather than trying something too experimental or outlandish.

One of the key pieces to consider for this summer look is the charm bracelet. Originally a staple of grandmothers everywhere, designers now are coming out with simpler styles that aren’t quite as gaudy as their antique counterparts.

They’re still ideal for stacking several charms up your arm to create an eclectic look without screaming over-the-top accessorizing. Some brands like Tiffany & Co., have even made themed gemstone bracelets which include stones such as amethyst and lapis lazuli.

The same principle applies to necklaces and earrings, as well. Simple pendant necklaces are popular right now, ones with a basic geometric design appearing more frequently than others. These types of necklaces provide a subtle boost to any outfit without being overpowering or distracting from the rest of an ensemble.

With earrings, this simplicity translates into either boho chic gypsy hoop options or dainty pearls for everyday wear – both highly sought after trends seen on countless runways and celebrities alike. And don’t forget Pearls. The classic pearl necklace is evergreen and likely remains timeless in every woman’s collection of jewels.

Of course when it comes to setting fashion trends, it’s never a bad idea to take risks when it feels right and inject some excitement into your wardrobe. But at the heart of any fashionable woman’s wardrobe should always be those timeless accessories that will remain stylish regardless of passing fads or seasons-and those come from classic pieces that never go out of style.

Essential Accessories

This summer, stay current and on-trend with the essential accessories that jazz up any summer look. From shoulder dusting earrings to bold necklaces, accessorize to make any outfit look like magazine editorial material. Bracelets, fashion rings and layered necklaces create a multi-dimensional effect that’s sure to turn heads.

When styling for the season, delicate metals are a great way to supplement any ensemble. With the warmer weather comes opportunities for vibrant colors and unique pieces. Bold patterns mixed with hand crafted textiles add life and color to motionless items of clothing like jeans and basic tees. Make any statement your own by stacking multiple jewelry pieces together in one definitive style.

To really rock your look this summer, go big with statement pieces inspired by cultural trends from around the world or something highly unexpected that captures some eye-raising attention. Onlookers will be mystified as you wear steely edgy cuff chains or tropical flavored colors that mix tassels, beads and crocheted charm bracelets all at once.

Add shimmering crystals, semi-precious gems or raw diamond jewelry into brooches and anklets – – don’t be scared to test out whatever feels right at the moment you feel it. Be creative, bravely bold and fearless – – mix jewel tones with daring harmony in a way only YOU can master.

Dubai Fashion Jewelry

Take risks this summer; let your innate sense of aesthetic take flight without restraint. Nothing excites faster than an explosive bit of business added on top for maximum measure. Life changing confidence is only 1 creatively daring decision away, who knew? Let this be a reminder: seize the day, string together amazing layers until you strike true gold; own that fashionista power inside you because no matter what it’s pourin’ out show after show.

Statement Pieces

One of the hottest trends in jewelry for summer 2015 is statement pieces. Large, glamorous and flashy jewels with bright colors and unusual designs have caught everyone’s eye this season. Necklaces are especially popular, often featuring oversized pendants that could be anything from bright stones or embellished with feathers. Bracelets and rings also feature prominently in this style, however they tend to be bigger to truly make a bold statement.

The beauty of these summery statement pieces is that no two look exactly the same, as there are so many styles and combinations to choose from. Whether you’d prefer an intricately designed necklace with multiple elements or a giant cocktail ring, it’s easy to find something unique to express your individual personality.

Even better still, the trend for statement jewelry centers around quirky pieces like custom-made brooches made of colorful leaves, geometric shapes or even wooden beads juxtaposed with metal accents.

No matter what type of piece you go for – earrings, choker necklaces or above-the-elbow bracelets – make sure you keep it simple when selecting your outfit so that your jewelry will stand out more than any other aspect of your ensemble. Maxi dresses and monochromatic color palettes offer an ideal backdrop for such ostentatious gems; thin layers paired with classic silhouettes can also work really well depending on the occasion.

Wearing a set of matching items like bangles, rings and earrings exudes a level of confidence that really shines through in any situation.

Bohemian Twist

Summertime is all about the sunshine’s colors and carefree essence. This year’s new fashion trends reflect that sentiment, with bright colors, fun patterns and playful jewelry styles. While some pieces remain true to classic designs, others are taking a modern twist mixing materials, beads and shapes in unique ways. The boho-look is also making a comeback this season with plenty of choices for feathers and tassels to accompany your summer wardrobe.

Feathers have become ubiquitous accessories in recent years. For summer 2015, feathers are still popular but with interesting permutations from earrings to necklaces.

Not limiting themselves to only simple dangling earring designs, feather inspired statement pendants of various sizes adorn long gold chains for those who love a bolder look – big enough to turn heads and small enough to stay light on the body for hot summer days.

These pieces offer plenty of versatility when it comes to day-to-night wardrobing as they transition seamlessly from poolside party chic to outdoor dinner date ready – no doubt making them an essential piece this season.

The tassel vibes also tie into the boho-chic trend perfectly, offering a fun way to accessorise any look while adding movement and colour. Longer drapey tassels can be paired with one or two simple chains creating an effortless layered look or go all out with a mix of long-style tassel necklaces in varying colors such as cobalt blue or sherbet orange.

Tassel earrings give you plenty of options too – opt for single shoulder grazing drops or double up with shorter post versions wearing them alone or mixed with other posts featuring enamel flowers or stamped coins. Whatever style you choose these effortlessly chic pieces will be sure add some freshness to your look for the summer.

Colours Galore

Summer fashion jewelry in 2015 is all about colors. This season, there is no holding back when it comes to accessories. Gone are the days when simplistic and understated styles were all the rage; today’s fashion-conscious shopper is ready to take risks, experimenting with extravagant colors and designs.

Women especially are drawn to bold hues such as coral, fuschia, yellow and turquoise. These colors have been popping up on embellished necklaces, chunky bracelets and cocktail rings. Such bright colors can really transform an outfit from ordinary to statement-making.

For those that prefer a little less glitz and glamour, more muted tones of jewelry are available too. Many designers have introduced softer hues such as pastel pinks, light blues and neutrals into their collections for the summer months.

These shades tend to look best when accessorized with pieces made from natural stones such as diamonds or pearls; this combination of earthy tones complements most skin complexions and finishes off a look perfectly. With such options available, it’s never been easier to pick out a piece that suits your individual taste whilst suiting your personality too.

The great thing about buying jewelry for summer 2015 is that you don’t need to break the bank. With so many high street stores now stocking affordable yet trendy pieces, having stylish accessories has become achievable for everyone. From delicate gold-plated amulets perfect for daywear, to vivid gemstone bracelets more suited for evening events – whatever you want from this new trend there’s sure to be something amongst the offerings of retailers both big and small alike.

In conclusion, the vibrant hues designed for this season’s fashion collection truly reflect how color can bring life into any ensemble. There has never been a better time than now to add stylish pieces into wardrobe staples – start investing in some shiny additions today.

Jewelry Spot And Blue Water Fashions

Essential Metals

Golds and silvers make up essential fashion jewelry for the summer season of 2015. Whether you opt for a classic silver or elegant gold, these metals will bring out the best in your favorite outfits. Both provide an excellent platform for bold colors and distinctive pieces that will add touch of extra style to any wardrobe.

Silver is very popular when it comes to summer accessories this season. Silver offers a more modern look with an array of designs ranging from clean cut classics to textured styles. The versatility of silver allows one to easily mix and match pieces that fit their desired look.

Necklaces, rings, and even watches can be found in silver to become staples in my day-to-day outfit choices. Besides looking fashionable with its sleek design, silver provides a subtle contrast against bright colors – making one’s entire ensemble pop.

A timeless option still stands in the world of summer fashion: gold. Gold earrings, necklaces, and rings instantly give off a more luxurious look while adding a classy feel to anyone’s style.

A touch of gold can even take monochrome pieces to the next level with a hint of shine and glamour. From classic designs made out of precious metal alloys such as 14-k gold or 18-k gold right down to golden jewelry crafted out of other materials like sterling silver plated with gold – there’s something that any fashion enthusiast won’t pass up this season..

Regardless if you wish for something subtle or eye-catching, summer jewelry crafted out of metallics (specifically golds and silvers) are surefire ways to stand out from the crowd during warm months indoors or outdoors. Check out what’s available at your favorite retailer today and get ready for some amazing looks this season.

Sparkle and Shine

Summer fashion jewelry this year is all about making a statement and standing out in the crowd. Whether its bold pendant necklaces or chunky-chained rings, you’ll be sure to shine brightly and make heads turn with just a single accessorizing piece.

Pendant necklaces are the number one go-to accessory for accessorizing an outfit. They’ve been a classic since the Victorian times, and they’ve still got it. This summer, opt for a few of your favorite designs that’ll draw attention as easily as they sparkle. Chunky pendants that feature intricate designs such as engraved birds, filigree diamonds, or crescent moons will bring some luxurious vibes to any outfit whether an evening gown or a casual jean set.

Chunky-chained rings are also making their way back into summer jewelry popularity. From modern geometric shapes to Byzantine crosses and intricate Interlocked bands, chunky rings add style to every look.

Mixed-metal styles dominated by rose gold are also becoming popular this season as are textured oxidized silver styles in various shapes like knotted circles or braided bands for more edgy looks. Wear one on its own for subtle impact or stack up several together for maximum affect – either way these statement pieces look right at home off the dusk beach party circuit into the night club crowd ringing in those Saturday nights until day break.

Wrap Up

Summer has been a great time for everyone and brings out the best of fashion jewelry for everyone to get in on the trend. From anklets to chokers and bangles-all of these have made it into the spotlight this season. But, even though summer is almost at its end, there’s still time left to make your wardrobe stand out with some stylish jewelry pieces.

Although minimalistic designs have become increasingly popular this season, colorful and bold looks haven’t gone anywhere either. It all depends on the piece you choose; if you like something more modern and subtle, then stick to simple metal accents like lovestones for an edgy vibe. If however, you favor eye-catching designs then there are plenty of fun choices like geometric stone pendants or bohemian fringed earrings.

Combining different elements within your look can also be a great way to stay fashionable until the very end of this season. An everyday accessory such as a bracelet can easily be dressed up by incorporating creative charms or bright tassels that move along with each step you take. Statement earrings will definitely make any outfit go from basic to edgy with just one touch while necklaces decorated with leather details or multiple strings will surely add extra pizzaz.

In conclusion, don’t let summer pass by without making sure your look stands out from the crowd. Any combination of colorful jewels or minimalist metal jewelries can turn your warm weather wardrobe into something absolutely unforgettable. And even now with just days left until fall is here again – this is the perfect chance for you shine and wrap up an amazing summer fashionably.

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