Stuller Jewelry Catalog


Stuller Jewelry has been a trusted name in the jewelry industry since its founding in 1970. Based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, the business began as a small wholesaler and retailer before becoming one of the largest suppliers of jewelry products and manufacturing services in North America. Stuller’s wide selection of over 150,000 high-quality jewelry items include items such as rings, earrings, chains and other fine pieces meant to make every special occasion unforgettable. They strive to stay ahead of trends while ensuring quality craftsmanship and customer service.

Throughout its 50 years of existence, Stuller has taken steps to proactively champion ethical sourcing practices and environmental sustainability throughout their entire operation – from product design to jewelry production. This commitment to responsible practices can be seen through their efforts to cut down on fuel usage during manufacturing, commit materials that are responsible sources from sustainable forests, avoid harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury from precious metals, measure carbon footprint reduction actions every year, donate resources to charity causes beyond financial support and donate 5% of profits each year towards environmental preservation efforts.. By living with this conduct at the core of its being, Stuller has become an exemplary model for other businesses in setting a higher standard within the luxury industry.

Overview of Stuller Jewelry Styles and Varieties

Stuller Jewelry features many different styles of high-quality jewelry. From classic, timeless pieces to cutting-edge, contemporary designs, Stuller has a wide range of items that can suit virtually any taste. Whether you’re looking for engagement rings and wedding bands, pendants and necklaces, earrings or charms, the company offers an extensive selection of stunning pieces sure to make any special occasion even more spectacular. In addition to the conventional homespun designs found in the catalogs and online store, customers can also customize their purchases with specialty engravings and personalized initials.

Stuller is renowned for its exclusive line of certified diamond jewelry; their diamond selection includes colorless diamonds, fancy colored diamonds and preset stone-setting options such as prong-setting, bezel-setting or pavé setting. Customers can choose from other fine stones including sapphires and emeralds, rubies or pearls if they wish as well. Aside from kinds of stones available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specifications, Stuller also provides shoppers with a wealth of metal choices which range from traditional yellow gold to modern white gold and silver along with alternative metals like titanium, stainless steel or palladium for those who prefer something out of the ordinary. Furthermore, those who appreciate vintage fashion can access numerous antique looks featuring extraordinary gemstones shaped into pleasing designs inspired by 18th century trends that have become progressively sought after in today’s society. All items purchased come with free shipping within the United States as well as a lifetime warranty so you’re always sure to get only the very best quality product

Why Stuller Jewelry is an Affordable Option

Stuller Jewelry offers a wide selection of fine jewelry at an affordable price. Stuller carries both traditional and modern jewelry designs, appealing to anyone’s personal style. From engagement and wedding rings to everyday essentials like necklaces and earrings, they have something for everyone. Their prices are particularly attractive compared to other retailers since they offer quality pieces at discounted rates. Furthermore, customers are able to receive discounts for certain purchases if their order amounts meet the stated requirement. Additionally, Stuller provides shoppers with convenient shopping experiences by offering free shipping on select orders and making returns easy and hassle-free. With luxurious items at an affordable cost, customers can find everything they need with ease in the Stuller catalog.

Exploring the Latest Pieces in the Stuller Jewelry Catalog

The Stuller Jewelry Catalog contains all the latest jewelry trends. From timeless classics to trending new styles, Stuller has something for everyone’s personal style. With its expansive selection of diamonds, gemstones, engagement settings, wedding bands and more, you can find everything you need to make elegant dressy looks or casual weekend outfits shine. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated diamond ring or statement earrings with a special touch of sparkle, Stuller offers inspiring pieces that speak to your individual style. The catalog is constantly updated with new trends and top-rated designs from some of the world’s best jewelry designers. You can explore necklaces featuring detailed pendants, smooth stackable rings made from sterling silver or 14kt gold, and distinctive bridal sets with exquisite details like antique settings and hand engraving. Take time to discover exclusive collections like their Celebration line for brilliant diamonds in halo settings as an alternative to traditional solitaire engagement rings or their Frontiers collection which showcases unique bold shapes like hexagons and stars featuring color treatments in hue combos ranging from earthy ombrés to head-turning fire and ice themes. Shop confidently knowing each high quality piece has been inspected for authenticity before being added to the catalog and each purchase comes certified with a certificate of authenticity so that you can be sure you are receiving a genuine product designed with impeccable craftsmanship.

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Learn How Stuller Jewelry is Made and Crafted with Quality

Stuller Jewelry is a high-quality, handcrafted jewelry line. They use the most precise materials in their crafted pieces to ensure quality and craftsmanship. Stuller puts an emphasis on using only the best materials for their jewelry, like sterling silver and 14k gold. It is designed with superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece is created with intense care from concept to creation, ensuring it meets Stuller’s high standards of beauty, durability and quality. Their designs range from classic to modern styles that will last a lifetime. Thanks to the skillful hands of experienced artisans, Stuller Jewelry ensures unique pieces with high levels of quality and craftsmanship in every design. The company takes great pride in its products that have been carefully crafted by passionate artisans over decades of combined experience. The passion for excellence and customer service excellence, has allowed them to become one of the most respected jewelers in the world today, serving both private clients and retailers alike with exceptional jewelry collections at fair prices.

Discovering the Latest Trends and Product Innovations from Stuller

Stuller is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precious metals, diamonds, and specially-crafted fine jewelry. Their catalog showcases the latest trends in jewelry designs, unreleased products, and creative concepts from their collections. With years of experience supporting independent jewelers, Stuller provides expertise in product selection and customer service that ensures customer satisfaction. As an industry leader, they focus on providing innovative products to help customers stand out from competition while keeping up with changing customer preferences. In their catalogs, you can find new styles of rings with unique custom settings to add personalization to the design. With innovative specialties such as 3D CAD/CAM designs, pave setting techniques, and colorization options available through their system you can find something that no one else has! Stuller’s fashion forward collections also include a variety of gemstones and colored stones featuring attractive designs in both classic and contemporary styles. Every piece of jewelry is made with exquisite attention to detail at incredibly competitive prices so everyone can afford something special for that special someone or for themselves!

Showcasing Stuller Jewelry to Engage Customers

Stuller Jewelry is a manufacturer of fine jewelry and tools and supplies for the jewelry trade. They create exquisite wedding rings, engagement rings, fashion jewelry, and more, all with the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail. To engage customers, they offer an online catalog full of products that are sure to fit any budget or occasion. From the classic looks of their timeless solitaire diamond rings to designer styles from a range of leading designers, the Stuller Jewelry Catalog gives shoppers access to an extensive selection of top-tier jewelry pieces. Customers can also take advantage of their customer service team, ensuring their orders are handled quickly and accurately; this additional convenience helps make shopping with Stuller Jewelry much more rewarding. With free shipping on most items over $100 and complimentary returns on all products, Stuller Jewelry has made it easy for customers all over the world to access their unparalleled selection with confidence. The online catalog caters to a wide variety of buyers including brides-to-be seeking perfect engagement rings and groomsmen looking for stylish wedding bands. In addition, fashion ring sets, earrings, pendants in different precious metals such as gold and sterling silver make up an expansive category in the catalog but so does affordable silver-plated jewelry options which cater to those who favor a budgeted purchase without compromising on quality or style. Plus for those undecided about purchasing something permanent, there are always compelling gemstones and simulants varying from lab diamonds found in their ever growing collection rendered into custom design pieces built from scratch by expert craftsmen from around the world. Shopping at Stuller has never been easier!

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Taking Advantage of Custom Design and Engraving Services from Stuller

Stuller Jewelry Catalog has been the leading source of quality jewelry products and services since 1970. By offering custom design and engraving options, Stuller Jewelry Catalog provides customers with many ways to enhance their purchases. They offer CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) services, laser engraving, etching, and even enameling. Customers can choose fonts, designs, and shapes that reflect their personal style as well as having their items customized according to birthstones or other meaningful symbols. The flexibility offered by the custom design embroidery service allows for customization on anything from charm bangles to lockets to grandfather clocks—making the perfect gift no matter what your needs might be. Laser engraving is ideal for creating precise lines from scratch while etching uses chemical marking methods such as hydrofluoric acid or potassium hydroxide to create various textures. Embroidery is a fantastic way to add a bit of sparkle and sophistication with three-dimensional stitches in unusual colors, shapes, and sizes not usually seen in traditional jewelry settings. Last but not least, enameling is a craft that involves adding colorfully glazed powdered glass to metal objects for an extra pop of decoration. With these unique design options available at Stuller Jewelry catalog, customers are sure to find something special that expresses their individual style and personality.

Understanding the Benefits of Partnering with Stuller

Partnering with Stuller can be an immense benefit to jewelry businesses, due to the extensive range of products they offer and the superior customer service they provide. With a wide selection of diamonds, precious metals and other materials, jewelry designers have an array of options for creating meaningful pieces in a variety of ways. The company also carries fine gemstones from numerous sources across the globe, as well as lab-created stones for those interested in more sustainable options.

In terms of customer service, Stuller makes it easy for jewelry business owners to receive guidance on their designs and price points. They offer personalized support both online and over the phone, ensuring proper guidance when making purchasing decisions. Businesses can also take advantage of their 0% financing option, allowing them to pay off large orders over time without interest or adding additional fees. With helpful services such as laser engraving, electroforming and casting capabilities, Stuller is sure to have all the necessary tools available for any creative vision you may have in mind. Plus, they provide free shipping on qualifying orders and 24/7 server uptime so there’s never any disruption when placing or tracking your order online. Partnering with Stuller is the perfect way to ensure success in creating unforgettable handmade jewelry pieces with ease and confidence.


The Stuller Jewelry Catalog showcases the eclectic array of high-quality jewelry pieces that are sure to satisfy all tastes and styles. With elegant, classic designs, as well as modern and unique pieces, customers can find something perfect for themselves or someone special. All pieces are expertly crafted from the highest grade metals and gemstones, delivered with a lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Whether you’re looking for something to show off in special occasions or just an everyday accessory, the Stuller Jewelry Catalog offers you timeless beauty that will capture hearts. With their stunning collections and wide variety of jewels, it has never been easier to express yourself or show love through Stuller’s beautiful jewelry. Brilliance and brilliance come together in each piece – elegance that will last forever. Regardless of whether you opt for sparkling diamonds, intricate earrings or dazzling bracelets, every piece of jewelry is a statement in itself that speaks volumes with its charm and moral purity. Stuller Jewelry truly is the go-to destination for perfect gifts – be it a celebration of life milestones or simply to add more glamor to your own style – the Stuller Jewelry catalog offers something for everyone who believes in the power of timeless beauty.