Staurolite Crystal Jewelry

Staurolite crystal jewelry is a beautiful and unique way to accessorize. These crystals originate from metamorphic rocks that form when they are placed under great pressure within the earth’s mantle. The most common place to find staurolite gemstones is in the classic Rock of Ages quarries located in Maine, USA.

These crystals have been lauded for thousands of years for their beauty and symbolic meaning by mystical cultures all over the globe, including Native American tribes and ancient Celt priests. These cultures used Staurolite to ward off evil spirits or bad luck, believing that the crystals had an ability to protect those who wore them or kept them near.

It was even believed that staurolites had magical healing powers that could empower those of their tribe or culture with strength during hardship and adversity.

Today, Staurolite Crystal jewelry is often made into necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces as a way to showcase its powerful beauty. Some people wear it as a symbol of protection while others enjoy it simply because it makes a unique fashion statement – it’s certainly eye-catching. Regardless of the reason you choose to wear these details crystal gems, they are sure to make an impact with their stunning magical energy.

History and Meaning of Staurolite for Crystals

Staurolite crystal jewelry has been popular for centuries, gaining inspiration from the ancient Norse legends and Greek myths. Staurolite crystals were thought to have magical powers and some even believed that owning a Staurolite crystal could bring great luck. It is also known as ‘fairy stone’ or ‘Fairy Cross’ due to the belief that fairies turn into the form of stone when they cry.

Today, staurolite crystals are considered to be a powerful source of protection and healing energy. They are thought to help in manifestation and in cultivating inner strength during difficult times. Some say that wearing a staurolite necklace can help support emotional balance, especially during periods of transition or change.

The Physical Properties Attributed to Staurolite Crystal Jewelry

Staurolite is a unique mineral with interesting physical properties:

  • It comes in colors ranging from black, brown, gray, blue-green hues.
  • Often found with twinned and crossed interpenetration.
  • Surface markings imitate an ‘X’crossmarking.
  • Occurs most commonly as distinct parallel plates arranged perpendicular or 90 degree angle shaped patterns which look like crosses.
  • Usually found crystallized with aluminum broken down by iron(Fe) & magnesium (Mg).

Additionally, it is quite rare to find Staurolite crystals which meet these criteria; this makes them highly sought after among collectors and connoisseur’s alike.

Metaphysical Properties of Staulolites

The metaphysical properties associated with Staulolires have gained merit for centuries. It is said to possess strong energies capable of helping protect yourself from bad luck while facilitating spiritual growth. Some believe that it holds powerful healing vibrations which can reduce negative emotions caused by stress, feelings of guilt and grief.

Moreover, its ability to strengthen one’s faith is connected to its powerful protective energies as it helps shield you against harm. Finally, it encourages self-reflection – providing clarity and insight into situations – making decisions easier as well as aiding stability both emotionally and physically.

Types of Staurolite Jewelry Available

Staurolite Jewelry is a beautiful type of jewelry crafted from the distinctive Staurolite crystal. The beautiful iron cross-shaped crystals, making them a popular choice for many jewelry designs. There are many pieces of jewelry that can be made from the vibrant crystals, such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings

These are just some of the pieces available to adorn your style with this shimmering gemstone. Bracelets made from staurolite crystals are often considered as talismanic types of jewellery that can hold spiritual meaning and provide grounding and protection. These types of bracelets are ideal for those who wish to have something unique and distinct whilst still maintaining a traditional accessory at the same time.

Today, many people opt for an elegant necklace design when wearing Staurolite Crystal Jewelry in order to show off its presence without being too overpowering or embellished with other stones or gems. Necklaces come in a variety of different styles ranging from simple chokers to more detailed pendants.

Depending on your personal style you can always find something special in a wide range of Staurolite crystal jewelery with lots of graceful designs featured by online retailers or jewelry stores from across the world. The colors that appear within these stones vary greatly, making them great for use in a range of necklaces or earrings – adding subtle color without dominating any outfit choice you make which is great if seeking versatility amongst assorted wardrobe choices.

Dangling earrings featuring exquisite staurolite crystals are also highly sought after due to their versatile nature but also allow you to show off your classy sense of style regardless of what event you may attend; formal or causal settings alike.

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They also do very well with rings too, where again the mixture between two diverse metals may attractively bring out solely what it has got offer; both color schemes and stone shapes being noticeable and captivatingly vivid in appearance yet subtle but timeless enough not to ever date.

Selecting the Right Staurolite Jewelry for Your Style

Many people have heard of Staurolite gemstone jewelry, but not everyone is sure as to how to properly select pieces that will suit their style. Choosing the right crystal jewelry for an individual look can be a challenge, but there are some easy tips and tricks that can help you find the perfect piece.

First, it is important to think about the color of stone you would like in your jewelry. Staurolite comes in many shades, including red, yellow, green and brown. Some stones may be multi-colored with flecks of other hues too. Consider what clothing or accessories you wear often and select a stone that will compliment them nicely.

Once you have chosen the desired color palette for your design, it is helpful to consider the shape of the stones. Jewelry makers use many different shapes when molding staurolite gemstones into pieces of jewelry. These range from small and round, pendulum shaped or longer rectangular stones to elongated stick shapes. Each form has distinct visual characteristics so choosing one with the desirable aesthetic for your look can be fun.

In addition to shape and color selection there are two more aspects to consider when picking out staurolite crystal jewelry for yourself:

  • The setting of the stone – Do you want a pendant necklace or a simple pair of earrings?
  • The metal used – Many staurolite pieces come mounted on rings or necklaces made from rose gold or sterling silver.

When putting together an outfit, its important that all elements match up – whether its clothing colors for a single outfit or coordinating different rods on a fishing rod. The same goes for picking out staurolite gemstone jewelry that compliments your overall look. With these pointers in mind anyone should be able to find a unique accessory that expresses their personality.

Care and Maintenance of Staurolite Jewelry

Cleaning Staurolite Jewelry

When it comes to caring for and maintaining staurolite jewelry, cleaning the gemstones is vital for optimal appearance and brilliance. Due to staurolite’s durability, you can clean your jewelry with warm soapy water using a soft brush if necessary. If your piece contains semi-precious stones you should take a more gentle approach and simply use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust or grime from the piece.

It is important that you do not expose your staurolite gems to harsh chemicals as this will cause the pieces to discolor. Additionally, you should not use any kind of abrasive materials on your jewelry as this might scratch the surface of the gemstone.


As with all types of jewelry, proper storage is key to preserving its beauty and condition. To store your staurolite jewelry safely you should keep it in cloth or velvet jewelry bags when not in use, this ensures that it does not come into contact with other pieces or hard surfaces which could cause scratching or damage.

Also it’s important that when traveling with your staurolite jewelry that you place all pieces inside an organizer pouch or bag in order to reduce risk of loss or damage while away from home.


If at any stage your staurolite piece becomes damaged due to wear or accidental breakage, it’s important that you have it repaired as soon as possible by a professional jeweler who specializes in working with these precious stones and gemstones. Working with an expert will ensure that simple repairs are undertaken correctly without causing further damage to the stone, setting or design.

Unique Ideas for Wearing Staurolite Jewelry

Staurolite Crystal is an incredibly stunning and unique stone used for jewelry. Many people find themselves drawn to its beauty, as it comes in a variety of different colors and forms. It can be found in dark to light red, yellow, green, or blue shades.

Although it’s normally found in its natural raw form, it can also be made into cuts such as tumbled stones, cabochons, beads, and faceted gems that can be set into beautiful pieces of jewelry such as earrings or necklaces. But when it comes to finding creative ways to wear your staurolite crystal jewelry, things can become quite tricky.

First off, staurolite stone looks fabulous when paired with silver or gold metals. So you can always opt for a simple chain necklace with the staurolite pendant hanging from it or dangling earrings using the stones in them.

If we keep to a more elegant look than we could pair this stone with diamond accents to make your piece shine even brighter. Additionally when it comes to necklaces you could go for a choker length necklace and use small stones encased in metal settings for added glamour and sparkle.

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Alternatively, if you want something a little bolder then you could think about creating large statement pieces like cuffs or rings using coins of sliced cabochon set in heavy metal settings. Another option is creating multiple layered necklaces using smaller versions of the stones which hang at uneven lengths giving a more rugged yet chic feel to the piece.

Lastly if you are looking for something simple but still stands out then wearing one single stone as simple stud earring will also do wonders. Paired with minimalistic clothing items such as blouses or dress shirts will naturally bring out the best features of these stunning gemstones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Staurolite Jewelry

Staurolite crystal jewelry is a uniquely beautiful accessory option, and it has become increasingly popular with modern fashionistas. However, questions about staurolite jewelry remain for those considering a purchase. To help address some of these queries, here is a list of the most commonly asked questions people have about staurolite crystal jewelry:

  1. How much does staurolite crystal jewelry cost?
  2. How durable is my staurolite crystal piece?
  3. What special care instructions should I follow to ensure my staurolite piece lasts and looks its best?

Firstly, in regards to the cost of staurolite jewelry, this can vary drastically. A single piece may range anywhere from being very inexpensive to extremely costly depending on various factors such as quality and size. In general, however, most pieces fall within an affordable range. That being said, it is still important to compare prices between vendors while also double-checking their product specifications in order to ensure you are getting a quality product at a fair price.

Next, concerning the durability of your staurolite item; products made from this material generally fare quite well against wear and tear. The rugged nature of this stone means that your jewelry should not chip or crack when dropped. However, scratches may develop over time if proper care isn’t taken. This brings us into the last topic – what special precautions must be taken in order to ensure my items looks its best over time?

The primary recommendation when caring for your staurolite crystal piece is to keep it away from moisture and any harsh cleansing chemicals. Instead use warm water with mild soap when cleaning your item occasionally (but not too often), then lightly dry with a soft cloth afterwards.

These cleaning methods help remove any dirt which may have built up while preventing further damage from aggressive cleaning agents or exposure to too much water/moisture which could cause breakage or cloudy discoloration down the line. In addition, always storing your item away carefully will also aid in its longevity so that it can remain shiny and as pristine as possible for years to come.


By wearing Staurolite jewelry one can experience a range of benefits that this unique stone has to offer. The first advantage is that the crystal helps balance emotional energies, allowing its wearer to stay balanced and contented in any situation. This is due to the stone’s ability to ground and protect its wearer against the negative vibrations of the environment.

This calming energy also exudes luck, blessing anyone who comes into contact with it. In addition, it is also said to be associated with healing emotions, assisting people in communicating better with others due to its ability to open up inner awareness.

Secondly, Staurolite helps clear out pent-up mental and emotional stress energy from a person’s chakra centers. By doing this the crystal will unblock pathways of communication between the mind and body giving its wearer more clarity within their daily life. Additionally, wearing Staurolite helps promote an overall sense of protection for those who experience fear or worry in unknown situations as it channels strength and courage despite any difficult circumstance being faced.

Finally, not only does this crystal assist wearers with spiritual growth but it is also believed by some cultures to possess magical powers that extend beyond what meets the eye. It is known for providing physical healing too by its ability create harmony between both physical and spiritual plane of existence within a person’s life.

With Staurolite you can encounter an improved wellbeing outcome as all aspects of an individual are brought into harmony allowing them to live their lives without obstruction or restriction from negative energies or feelings caused by stress or fear when facing uncertain environments. Altogether these benefits make for great reasons why someone should choose Staurolite, as not only does it provide protection but also relieves anxieties and increases joyfulness amongst individuals who design jewelry pieces from this stone.