Statement Jewelry Trends 2018

Statement jewelry is definitely a trend that has taken over 2018. With bright colors, bold shapes, and larger sized pieces, this trend is the perfect way to show off an individual’s personality while they hit the streets. Every bit of the statement jewelry trend speaks to different styles and personalities, which makes it an excellent choice for most any wardrobe.

One of the biggest statement jewelry trends in 2018 is large gemstone rings with eye-catching colors. Matching one’s outfit with a stunning emerald green or ruby red ring can add instant sophistication to any outfit. Additionally, these bigger pieces can also be quite versatile. In order to dress down a formal look for a casual weekend brunch, simply add one of these dazzling rings to complete a look that is easy and elegant.

Another huge statement jewelry trend in 2018 is geometric shapes and designs. From long earrings with curved edges to angular necklaces that pull focus to the face, there’s no shortage of minimalist geometric accessories to choose from this year.

These sculptural shapes are ideal for individuals looking to make bold fashion statements during special occasions or everyday events alike; after all, no matter how sophisticated or Bohemian an outfit might be, it definitely benefits from a well-selected piece of statement jewelry.

Finally on our list of statement jewelry trends for 2018 are chokers. Chokers come in many variations this year – from mid-length strands with gemstones at every turn for more formal events to shorter chains made of more slippery material for everyday wear – but all provide an element of sophistication that easily adds value and appeal to any attire.

Whether dressed up or dressed down, chokers will be seen everywhere from rooftop brunches to summertime concerts – always making their own unique statement wherever they go.

Conclusion: Statement jewelry continues its reign as both practical and stylish this year thanks to its mix of eye-catching elements. From vibrant gems set in bold rings to simple yet striking geometric shapes and pieces such as chokers, 2018 promises exciting possibilities when it comes dressing up different outfits – ensuring everyone looks great no matter where they go.

What are Statement Jewelry Styles?

Statement jewelry is all the rage this season, and it’s no surprise why. It adds a splash of style to any outfit, whether you’re looking for something subtle or a bit bolder.

The look is one of the easiest ways to make a statement without compromising your own personal style. The best part about these creations is that there are so many different designs, colors and materials available, making it easy to find the perfect statement piece that expresses your individual style.

One of the hottest trends in statement jewelry for 2018 is layering multiple pieces together. Earrings and necklaces are mixed and matched for unique looks that make heads turn. Mixing gold with silver gives a slightly edgier vibe while selecting metals in different hues can offer an elegant but understated look. Trying out new combinations and colors allows you to create an entirely new look each time you accessorize with statement jewelry.

In addition to mixing metals, bright colors such as red, blue, green and yellow are being used to create bold statements in fashion-forward wardrobes this season. Bright enamel pieces give an unexpected pop of color that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

If going for something more demure then sticking with muted pastel tones will still get you noticed when worn alone or paired with rose gold accents for added charm. Statement earrings remain popular as they express creativity like never before with unique geometric shapes and big beaded danglers yielding amazing results when worn together or separately from another piece of jewelry.

No matter what type of statement jewelry trend catches your eye this year, take full advantage of how easily it speaks to your personal style without ever saying a word.

Materials & Techniques for Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry has gained increasing popularity recently in 2018 as people have begun experimenting with bolder and brighter pieces. As a result, the materials used for creating these pieces have been evolving and changing. From traditional metals like silver and gold to newer, eye-catching alternatives such as resins and plastics, jewelry designers are always looking for the latest material trends to make their statement pieces stand out from the rest.

One particular trend that has picked up steam this year is the use of natural stones or minerals in statement jewelry. Statement pieces featuring stunning crystals such as Amethyst and Quartz offer a unique twist on traditional designs as these vibrant stones come in many different shapes and sizes. Additionally, some designers have even begun using precious gems for their statement pieces to give them an even more glamorous look.

In terms of techniques, metal-smithing is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to creating high quality metal statement pieces. This allows craftsmen to manipulate raw sheets of metal into complexly-designed shapes with careful precision.

Many custom-made statement pieces feature intricate etchings that help accentuate the natural beauty of each stone or mineral used in their construction. It also provides a truly artful touch to the presentation of these one-of-a-kind pieces by highlighting little details that make them truly special.

Overall, the trends for statement jewelry are ever changing but one thing remains constant – people continue to be enthralled by bold yet sophisticated designs that take everyone’s breath away when they see them worn. By utilizing updated materials and meticulous techniques, jewelry designers can bring imaginations alive through creative works of art sure to turn heads.

Jewelry Trend 2019

Bold vs. Subtle

The jewelry trends of 2018 are all about making bold statements with one-of-a-kind pieces. Gone are the days when delicate necklaces, minimalistic rings and dainty earrings were the only acceptable options. Nature inspired jewelry has been a major trend; with chunkier wooden necklaces as well as pieces with semi-precious stones like agate, turquoise and marble incorporated into them.

Bold gemstone rings and chunky charms on heavy bracelets are also very popular, along with eccentric earrings which come in interesting shapes like arrows or crosses.There’s no denying that statement jewelry is the way to go, but how do you know which pieces to buy?

The amount of “statement-ness” that you should go for depends upon your personal style, but a good rule of thumb for beginners is to start out small and work your way up from there.

For some people, these trends may be too much. If bright colors, unusual shapes and larger pieces aren’t your thing, then classic silver or gold accessories can still make a statement while maintaining an understated look.

Delicate diamond studs, pearl necklaces or simple pendants all make timeless choices when it comes to accessories. Precious metals in simple designs add sophistication without overpowering an outfit; pair them up with solid colored clothing items or patterns made up of similar tones and watch your look come alive.

Going for more vibrant colors? Opt for muted shades instead of jewel toned hues which could be too much in the long run – subtle shades offer the same amount of excitement without making it appear over the top. Colorful stones paired with a classic metal always stand out without being gaudy and provide another option to choose from if bold statement pieces don’t exactly tickle your fancy.

Don’t forget to consider mixed metals where you have both yellow gold as well white gold blended together – this can create a beautiful contrast especially against tanned/darker skin tones (in case you plan on wearing something outdoors).

All in all, regardless of whether you go for big blingy pieces which create an instant impact on onlookers, or decide to settle for something slightly more modest yet equally stylish – there is plenty room to experiment this season when it comes to making a statement in jewelry trends.

Beyond Neutrals

Statement jewelry has been a big trend during 2018, with statement earrings and necklaces attaining attention on the runway, in photoshoots, and on the red carpets. While silver and gold pieces remain popular, metal jewelry isn’t the only piece that makes an impact. Colorful statement jewellery has taken center stage as this season’s fashion favorite.

Jewellers are having fun with rich shades of color for each metal type used, adding various styles to these luxurious pieces. Dangling hoop earrings featuring shades of scarlet combined with sterling silver are one way to make a statement with color. These earrings combine powerful hues of color and beautiful designs to give you an enjoyable feeling when wearing them.

Layer statements are another fashionable choice for those looking to add some pizzazz to their wardrobe this year. Multiple stacking necklaces made up of leather cords or beads angled in varying shapes allow when combined provide plenty of visual appeal while remaining surprisingly light weight.

Statement rings surrounded by deep blue beads paired with bolder brighter hues also looks great on any hand and can quickly turn heads your way as you walk down the street or into a room filled with people.

Finally, don’t forget about brooches. Flowing floral inspired accents created using brightly colored stones set on golden pins create stunning visuals perfect for those who prefer less loud colors but limit itless creative style options the same time.

Not just limited to flowers, fashion illustration inspired figure brooches spotted in style sheets from designers everywhere look like jewels themselves. No matter which colors you choose, pairing titanium metalwork with vibrant enamels in your statement pieces is guaranteed make a statement wherever you go this season .

2018’s Top Statement Jewelry Trends

Statement jewelry is an essential addition to any wardrobe. While simple pieces can make sophisticated statements, statement jewelry adds a unique flair to any look by showcasing your individual style and making a statement about who you are as a person. In 2018, there are several interesting statement jewelry trends that can be used to express yourself and instantly amp up any basic outfit.

Rings have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years – not just for their function in keeping digits cozy, but also for their sparkling beauty. For 2018, the trend is shifting towards combining multiple stones at once on one single finger to create striking looks.

Some ring designs feature stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors while others opt for rings featuring just one stone with intricate detail work or enamel accents. Rings can instantly draw attention to your hands, making them a great accessory when attending social events such as weddings or dances.

Another trending look this year is layered necklaces combined with minimalistic pendants. Layers offer a very playful way to combine various styles of necklaces into one cohesive look; from geometric shapes in metal pieces to charm necklaces with delicate floral designs or unique geometric patterned pendants – all has declared its own presence on the runaways.

Jewelry Trends 2017 Rings

Layering shorter chains will give a more delicate yet eye-catching effect than wearing longer lengths of similar chains linked together so if you want maximum impact – choose wisely.

Lastly, oversized hoop earrings were everywhere on the Spring / Summer 2018 runways and offer another way to make fashion statements without compromising on functionality or comfort. This season’s versions come in varied shapes like oval hoops or the classic rounded circles, which are available in different sizes and metals such as gold or silver options that can be used to create diverse looks depending upon what they’re paired with.

Hoops exude confidence while being incredibly versatile since they could easily be dressed up with other jewels or even worn as casual accessories day-to-day.

Overall these trendy statement pieces will help keep your wardrobe fresh and up-to-date throughout 2018 – no matter what style you prefer it’s likely each trend will have something that appeals to you. Whether bold rings, statement necklaces combined with minimalistic pendants, layering chains for extra impact – or elegant oversized hoop earrings – there is something out there that will fit seamlessly into everybody’s individual style choices.

Levels of Glamour

Statement jewelry is one of the most powerful trendsetters in the fashion world. This season, jewelry trends move from casual to ultra-glamorous. Whether it’s a chunky cuff bracelet or an opulent gold necklace, statement jewelry is about making a big splash for fall 2018 fashion.

In the casual statement-jewelry category, bold bracelets reign supreme. Whether a sleek silver bangle or an edgy metal cuff with semi-precious stones, these accessories add pizzazz to everyday wardrobe staples such as jeans and tees. Another popular option of late are leather wraps with metal accents or hammered hoops, which lend an almost modern-day tribal feel that works great when you’re out and about over the weekend.

For more formal attire, luxurious neckwear collections are all the rage right now. For instance, a huge gold pendant looks amazing against a simple black dress or blazer combo. Or make a statement with layered chains go for varying lengths and textures to provide maximum impact.

Another classic way to approach formal glamour is by bringing attention to your wrist with intricate bracelets featuring pearls and crystals; this timeless style never goes out of fashion although the contemporary option includes polished metals over precious gems for added effect. And don’t forget about rings – use stacked bands for fun parties or stand-alone singular pieces for interviews, art openings and more elegant affairs requiring more sophisticated style inputs.

Whether casual or formal, this season’s statement pieces will have even the most conservative dresser feeling edgy and bold. The runway shows have already set the standard – now it’s time to jump on board and embrace statement jewelry trends in 2018.


Statement jewelry trends in 2018 are proving to be bold and eye-catching, perfect for making a style statement. Over-sized earrings, layered necklaces, neon colors and unique gemstones are just a few of the trends taking jewelry fashion by storm this year. So why not trade in your typical studs and basic chains for some daring pieces that will have people talking?

One of the more popular statement jewelry trends this season is over-sized earrings. This year’s look is an eclectic assortment of bright colors, geometric shapes, layered hoops and chandelier styles with cascading jewels or designs. We are all about big statement earrings when it comes to making a show-stopping appearance. To keep things interesting consider pairing classic pieces with modern shapes for your own unique take on the trend.

Necklaces with bold designs are also making their way onto the scene as we move into 2018. The best part about this trend is that you don’t need anything too extravagant; even something as simple as multiple stacked chains or long pendant necklaces can spark conversation. Layering short and long necklaces provides dimension and creates interest while still being fashionable.

Consider adding a brightly colored strand if you feel like feeling really playful. Gemstones with unusual shapes can certainly make a grand entrance (perfect for special occasions.). Just remember to select neck pieces that complement each other-you don’t want to clash.

Adding color outside of gemstones is becoming increasingly popular this year too. From dreamy shades to essential neutrals, neon tones such as fuchsia and firebrick red offer an opportunity to bring any outfit life without much effort-so why not make that extra effort? While incorporating these solids may seem intimidating at first, don’t forget that patterns or mismatched pieces exist for those who don’t feel like going too wild but still want their accessories to stand out.

Bigger does not always equate better when it comes to statement jewelry trends in 2018 so get creative. Throw caution out the window and let your inner glamour girl shine: there’s no wrong way to bring your signature look together when having fun.

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