Spring Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends

This season customers that are fashion savvy should explore the latest Spring Summer 2016 jewelry trends as the perfect accessory. A modern interpretation of classic looks combined with unique and bold designs define this year’s must-have jewelry. From earrings to necklaces, layered pieces to statement pieces, this season’s jewelry can be dynamic or simple enough for everyone.

Statement Pieces – Statement pieces go beyond popping the question and becoming part of a trend that represents who you are. This type of jewelry is becoming a way of expressing personality in an inspiring and creative form of fashion art. Designers, such as Gucci, have created bold accessories filled with color and drama for that extra flare in your wardrobe.

Layering It On – Layering different types of jewels has become a popular trend among fashionistas over the past few seasons. Incorporating traditional symbols like rosary crosses or delicate charms gives it an old-world appearance showcased on a contemporary body. Layers upon layers can give even small pendants an Alluring depth by pairing chains with feminine strings. Ultimately the key with layered necklaces is not taking away from either piece but rather complimenting both at once for maximum effect.

Add-Ons – Add-ons are another one of the hottest trends going into summer.They come in various forms ranging from rings encrusted with precious stones to handmade pendants containing meaningful notes or phrases. Others come in the form of useful items like beach sandals adorned with beads and delicate lace loops that add further elegance to any summer ensemble.

Conclusion – The current Spring Summer 2016 trends that include statement pieces, layering it on,and add-ons give customers fashionably creative ways to express themselves through their jewellery choices. Whether it be a chunky bracelet or whimsical clip-on earrings this season there’re no boundaries when creating stylish ensembles.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is considered the application of large, bold pieces which contrast within an ensemble and bring attention to the wearer. This season we are seeing statement jewelry come in a range of formats including necklaces with large chunky stones, earrings featuring ornate metalwork and headpieces that add a subtle sparkle to any outfit.

To showcase what is considered statement jewelry, we’ve chosen some of Spring-Summer 2016 trends which provides an idea for how this type of jewelry can transform any outfit.

The Statement Choker

Statement chokers have been making an appearance in more and more collections as they bring back the look of old Hollywood glamour when paired with sleek silhouettes. This spring we are seeing statement chokers come in a range of fabrics and embellishments such as velvet chokers adorned with intricate beadwork or pearls for a soft feminine look. These type of necklaces also look great against delicately detailed gowns or structured blazers depending on the desired effect.

Crystal Accented Earrings

Nothing brings quite the same impact as crystal encrusted earrings when it comes to accessorizing an ensemble. Leveraging vibrant crystals in rich hues allows for major light reflection while keeping the focus on bright colors matched with metallic elements like silver or gold accents around it. These earrings also allow for multiple looks with pantsuits by providing a classic and sophisticated look without being too overwhelming, perfect for day to evening changes depending on the occasion.

Headpiece Bling

By no means exclusive to red carpet events, headpieces are making appearances on various occasions from Sunday brunches to wedding parties alike this summer season – however it must be done tastefully given its extravagant nature. As an accessory to frame faces, designers this season have taken elements such as turquoise stones set into delicate metal patters, mixed with feathers and leaves creating glimmering masterpieces ideal for elevating any modern-day presentation at any special occurring.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are the signature trend of the Spring/Summer 2016 jewelry season. Creatively combining structural forms together, geometric pieces can be seen in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. By incorporating triangular shapes or sharp lines within its structure, each piece carries an interesting story.

One of the greatest features about this trend is that you can mix and match different pieces to customise your very own look. Necklaces with circles alongside triangles followed by a bracelet with long line structures gives off a smart yet eclectic finish. Furthermore, each piece feels sturdy, providing multiple elegant looks despite any activity involved during your day. Here are some example combinations:

  • Wear bold gold ties mixed alongside silver interlocked triangles.
  • Look to pair three tiered rings with an attached single triangle for a contemporary edge.
  • Go dainty with delicate earrings which contain several small circles.

This season aims to bring a colourful yet intricate style to its geometric jewellery designs. Coloured stones covered with lacquer-look enamels create an intriguing texture – allowing for all types of jewelry to be shown-off in a decorative manner. And why stop there? Go bright and bold by mixing shapes and colours together; why not try wearing blue stone colored squares which follow onto yellow dipped angled diamonds?

Latest Jewelry Trends 2016

Furthermore every woman should maximise the use of layering when displaying her jewellery this year. Long chokers meeting several fine chains erupts a captivating display that oozes sophistication – perfect for those important occasions when you need to show off your style.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Shoppers looking for jewelry with a natural look and feel will love the many options being offered this spring and summer. Eco-conscious shoppers can find a variety of jewelry pieces inspired by nature to add to their wardrobe.

These pieces often come in subtle, earthy tones and are fashioned out of materials like wood, bone, shell, recycled glass, or even plant fibers. They feature organic shapes which lend a familiar aesthetic that complements almost any wardrobe – whether casual or dressy.

Some of the most popular styles include chokers made from organic materials and earrings made from semiprecious stones such as turquoise or jade. Bracelets featuring wood beads strung together make a great accessory for any outfit while pendants made from shells are perfect for casual occasions.

Necklaces featuring seaside motifs evoke memories of sun-drenched days spent lounging on the shore. For a more understated look one could accessorize with freshwater pearl bracelets or delicate charms crafted from gold or silver – adding just the right amount of bling.

While these pieces may be delicate in appearance, they are anything but fragile when it comes to supporting sustainable practices. By choosing items made with natural elements shoppers can feel good knowing they’re helping reduce our ecological footprint while still looking stylishly on trend.


One of the biggest trends on the podiums over the Spring/Summer 2016 season was layering jewelry. It’s a great way to give off a relaxed yet fashionable vibe while still wearing statement pieces.

One trick to creating an eye-catching look is to mix different materials, either pairing gold and silver together or contrasting hard with soft items such as antique-style necklaces with more modern bracelets. Also consider playing around with long chains versus shorter options and offsetting bulky designs with delicate touches like charms.

Statement Pendants

Whether it’s large crystal pendants or antique style art-deco mirrors, statement pendants are an effective way to add to the layered effect of your jewelry and quickly draw attention to one particular area of your look. A single statement piece can create mesmerising visual impact if placed in the middle of the layers, too-finding an interesting combination of aesthetics which could be used for day or night looks alike.


Chokers have always come back into fashion from time to time and this season they have made quite a substantial comeback. From thick leather chokers featuring multi-layered material details or crocheted slim line rope varieties-feminine lace options are also common choices-there is something for everyone no matter what their taste may be.

Since chokers tend to be more concentrated towards the neckline than layering accessory items, you can play on contrast even further by accentuating this area with bold gemstones and sparkly beads in bright colors like hot pink, yellow or pale blue. These vibrant pops of color on a neckpiece elevate each look quicker than you’d expect while still being easy to introduce into any wardrobe without drastic changes in style direction.

Colorful Jewelry

The Spring/Summer 2016 jewelry trend is one that is fiery, full of flair and focused on delivering a bold statement. As individuals look to express themselves more creatively and drastically through their personal style, one way fashion lovers are doing this is with colorful jewelry pieces. Sparkly gems in shades of blues, greens, purples and even punk-inspired metallic tones make for eye-catching additions to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

Brands such as ASOS have embraced the vibrancy by stocking their virtual shelves with an array of enchanting jewels in vibrant hues. That’s what makes pairing multiple colors together so successful – it’s having that balance between different complementary colors that makes your hero piece burst out from under a cable knit sweater or silk blouse.

The striking quality of selecting colored gems brings joyfulness to any simple get up; try wearing a clean white shirt for relaxed occasions accompanied by jewels in yellow gold or sterling silver combined with magnificent colored stones for a cutting edge finish.

Alternatively, those wishing to let their accessories take center stage can strive to achieve a unique rainbow combo blend with deeper druzy gems or flashier labradorite stones breaking up softer shades of amethyst or lapis lazuli gemstones dotted along the same necklace design.

Colorful charm bracelets can also deliver fun effects when combined with other aids such as dainty pendants and sporting playful mottos – the options truly are endless when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

Fashion Trends Jewelry 2018

From rich royal hues right through to sultry warm accents seen on runways worldwide during recent Fashion Weeks; adding colorful elements to an allready existing wardrobe has never been easier (or cooler). It’s all about self expression and exuding confidence while letting your personality shine; so why not embrace an eclectic mix by experimenting with color blocking motifs – uniqueness brought to life.

Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is often characterized by sleek, modern pieces that are subtle yet make a fashion statement. Pieces such as simple stud earrings, delicate pendants, small hoops and thin bangles are versatile and classic, making them popular with many seasons trenders. A minimalist look can still be accessorized with bolder jewelry to add textural contrast and visual interest. Here’s how to pull off the look:

  • Wear a couple of minimalistic pieces like tiny gold hoop earrings or a slim chain necklace for the base of the accessory look
  • Layer on chunky rings or bracelets in chunkier metals-such as silver or stainless steel-to give your accessories an edge
  • Mix different materials such as gold and leather together to introduce interesting textures to your look
  • Pair multiple fine necklaces in varying lengths for an effortless layered statement
  • If you wished to go more daring try wearing two different colored metals together-such as combining rose gold and silver pieces

Experimenting with minimalist jewellery in combination with other bolder pieces helps create unique looks that reflect individual style. When worn subtly it can be paired with brighter colours and prints for a fun pop of colour. Providing strong visual interest when adding different metal textures gives the chance to keep accessories looking fresh while pulling together an entire outfit.

For those looking for simple ways jazz up their wardrobe basics without losing class pairing minimal jewelry of fine metal things with dramatic accents or complementary tones will take their look from clean but safe to chicly striking.

Something like a cluster of fine metal rings both featuring gemstones is perfect for providing just enough sparkle despite its barely-there presence; it also sings in colour when compared to other elements-like bright red lips-that speak louder than even the biggest chandelier piece could manage.

If one isn’t feeling too adventurous they’ll still get an undeniable style point using minimalist design with basic hoop earrings used as connectors between dangle drops or tassel earrings suspended from one another like confectionary glitter.


Ideas for staying abreast of the latest jewelry trends in the future vary in approach, depending on how much time and money a person is willing to invest. One way to keep up with what’s trending in jewelry is to follow fashion blogs or Instagram accounts dedicated to clothing and accessories.

This will give you a glimpse into the fashion world and provide ideas and inspiration for your own look on any given day. Additionally, “fast-fashion” stores like Zara or Forever 21 often have their own accessory lines that are constantly being updated with current trends, so as long as one is vigilant it’s possible to pick up pieces here which will still be fashionable when then season changes.

Retail outlets for designer jewelry can also be a great source when looking for the hottest trends. Whether they offer online shopping or physical stores, most designers now carefully post images of new pieces before they officially hit the store shelves, which allows people to make educated choices about what might suit them before they even arrive at the store.

Moreover, by consulting reputable sources consumers can easily find out what celebrities are currently sporting in terms of jewelry pieces and attempt to emulate that same look if desired.

Finally it should be noted that while fashion magazines and various lifestyle blogs can help you track this season’s trends, it’s important not forget that these publications by nature are attempting to sell certain products. It’s therefore advisable to consider all your options before investing in something new because there may be more affordable alternatives available outside the publications suggested sources of jewelry brands.

By simply taking some time to review different items and compare prices within other trusted shops, it is possible ensure that you buy something fashionable but at an affordable cost too.

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