Spring Jewelry Trends 2019

Spring jewelry trends 2019 have been all the rage this season. As light materials and colors are already in full bloom, many people are looking to accessorize their looks with captivating pieces. There is something for everyone’s taste – from colorful statement necklaces to playful fabrics and vibrant colors, the jewelry options have become even more varied and eye-catching this season.

One popular spring trend is incorporating bold décor pieces such as beading, embroidery, and metals into jewelry designs. Women are pairing large chunky necklaces with plain t-shirts or looser bodied blouses for fun and modern office looks.

To dress up the look even further, one can add a pair of dangly earrings that come in intricate designs made of multiple different colors. These backdrops serve as subtle but still noticeable accents that will give any outfit an upgrade of glamour.

Another easy way to make a big impact when it comes to spice up an outfit is layering multiple necklaces around your neckline. Layers of gold pendants ranging from chokers to longer chains look great against neutral clothing items such as turtlenecks, blazers, or jeans or dresses with ruffle collars.

This style grants you the freedom to mix colors while still maintaining a cohesive palette – making it possible to make a statement without going overboard on color or having too much going on at once when accessorizing. Layering various double finger rings also holds true for this trend if you want to keep things simple yet beautiful.

Spring is definitely an inviting time for those who want to show off their sense of fashion with exciting jewelry combinations without having too much going on at once. With these trends being easily achievable, one only needs a good selection of pieces combined together with some creativity and confidence – reaching great results has never been easier.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Spring is around the corner, bringing with it all kinds of possibilities for new jewelry trends. One of those trends this season is nature-inspired jewelry. From tropical plants to serene tree branches, natural components are being showcased as part of modern fashion and jewelry designs. Jewelry that features botanical leaves, intertwined twigs, colorful birds, and blooming flowers appears to be the centerpiece of many collections this season.

Recently there has been an influx of intricate and handmade jewelry that embraces natural inspiration from all four corners of the world. Boho-theme engagement rings, earrings encrusted with a rock crystal singing pendants and nature tailored charm bracelets are just some example s that demonstrate how different aspects of the outdoors have been taken over by the world or fashion; whether it be in subtle or bold ways.

While these pieces have been designed with various elements taken straight out of nature remains highly whimsical and ultra-feminine regardless which type you choose to wear or buy.Designers have creatively recreate detailed flower petal patterns in diamonds while paying tribute to both softness and warmth at once.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a personal touch such as opting for a peace bird drop earrings symbolizing hope with a single feather hung from one side – so delicate yet so meaningful when worn by anybody who feels empowered doing so .

It’s not just about showing off but also about connecting with something outside our everyday hustle and bustle.

In conclusion ,this trend has been embraced deeply across couture runways, high streets shops as well as individual designer boutiques.Many DIY techniques are being used on handcrafted pieces making them look unique one-off jewellery piece no matter how small or large your budget may appear to be.

Nature lovers won’t have any difficulty finding something special among diverse selection of options at their disposal each ranging in color , textural elements , moods & style preference enchanting us deeply within its creativity until the trend begins to evolve into something else whilst Spring finally comes into full bloom.

Art Deco Elements

The Art Deco design style of the 1920s and 1930s has made a big comeback in 2019. This revival is showing up in various forms, including jewelry. Many spring trends showcase this timeless look with beautiful pieces that combine contemporary flair with old Hollywood glamour.

Rings set with striking geometric patterns are one of the most popular items of the season, giving wearers an eye-catching look that shows off their chic fashion taste. A variety of other pieces such as chandelier earrings, multi-row bracelets, and chain pendant necklaces offer a variety of styles to choose from to achieve this same luxe aesthetic.

In addition to rings and bracelets featuring Art Deco motifs, there is a huge selection of gorgeous earrings in this style available. Designers have created breathtaking designs that find the perfect balance between drama and subtlety. Pieces like ear climbers add an unexpected edge of glamour while studs allow for a more classic touch without overwhelming a look.

Resin drops and chandelier earrings provide elegance and femininity that will take you from day to night effortlessly. Whether your visual preference is ultra modern or all about vintage romance, there is something for everyone among the jewels inspired by Art Deco styling.

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Finally, it’s not just traditional metals making an entrance into spring accessories collections – designers continue to explore unconventional materials such as wood and fabric for bold statements pieces too.

Wood bangles, cuffs and rings introduce color and quirkiness into your outfit through its natural markings in hues both pastel and vivid brights while printed fabric takes on an abstract appearance thanks to clever manipulation resulting from digital printing technology which then gets cut down into dainty shapes for visually appealingjewelry pieces.

Oversized Earrings

Oversized earrings are taking center stage this spring, and they’re certainly a statement-making piece that has the potential to take any wardrobe to the next level. Whether you choose long dangly chandelier earrings or something more contemporary like geometric shapes, making bold use of large earrings is all about creating balance with your outfit. A beautiful pair of statement pieces will naturally draw the eye outward and away from the face, so it pays to plan accordingly.

The most obvious way to make oversized earrings work is to keep everything else understated. Avoid anything too busy or heavily patterned as this will compete with your jewellery for attention. Silhouettes like classic shifts and wrap dresses, pared-back casual looks and monochrome ensembles create a perfect canvas for oversized earrings in any material.

Not afraid to take risks? Mixing and matching metallic tones can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and add interest.

Silver boho drops can be set off against gold hoops for unexpected drama and if sparkle is what you want, look for gemstones like garnet or opal for pieces that definitely won’t go unnoticed. These days even a simple blouse can become an ‘ensemble’ with the right large earrings – just add timeless 70s style brown suede boots plus midi skirt combo.

When it comes time to accessorize an evening outfit, don’t underestimate just how effective traditional teardrop pearls or an elegant baroque cluster shape can be when paired with neutral colours or subtle detailing on gowns and skirts alike. Of course, diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend but natural stones such as lapis lazuli are increasingly popular choices that don’t break the bank yet still punch above their weight when it comes to glamour.

Whatever you choose though, we guarantee that stepping outside of your comfort zone will make life so much more fun.

Pops of Color

When the temperatures are on the rise, spring jewelry trends 2019 offer a wonderful opportunity to add pops of color to brighten up our wardrobes. Whether you’re looking for statement jewelry or some subtle pieces that will add a few flashes of vibrancy to your checkout, this season’s selection won’t disappoint.

Oversized cuffs adorned with dazzling stones in rich hues and chunky necklaces featuring show stopping gems have become popular pieces. In particular, turquoise and pink are two vibrant shades that have been popping up everywhere from bangle bracelets to dangling earrings.

Another way to add bold and fashionable colors into your look is by experimenting with marbled acrylic accents in combination with colored metals such as rose gold. This blend creates an eye-catching combination with rings, bangles, earring and necklaces as it adds contrasting tones and adds depth and texture to each piece of jewelry.

Colored gemstones themselves also offer a fantastic way to incorporate color into your aesthetic while keeping the look classic. From deep emeralds to soft purples or even rich browns, these vibrant stones can be used in all types of jewelry designs from pendants to charm bracelets.

Metallic fusions are also big news this spring trend, combining traditional metals like silver with more experimental materials like abalone shells which provide an interesting twist on classic metallic designs.

Delicate chain link necklaces featuring colorful spiral shell details for instance, will create a standout look reminiscent of the ocean yet there are plenty of other options available too such as new layered rings made from beaten copper adorned with antique style patterning in crystal accented bands that look beautiful when worn together or apart.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are a great way to add an extra layer of shine and sparkle to any outfit. While the baubles may be big, they do not have to be overwhelming. By styling them the right way and by selecting pieces that best fit your personal style, statement necklaces can take your wardrobe from drab to fab in no time. Here are some tips for styling statement necklaces?

The great thing about statement necklaces is that they can work with every type of look imaginable, whether you are in business attire or casual wear. For those occasions when you want to dress up a bit more but don’t want to overdo it, a simple rhinestone necklace could be the perfect finishing touch. The subtle sparkle will make enough of an impact while still managing to be low-key at the same time.

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For a more daring look, featuring vibrant colors and bold designs, glitzy statement necklaces can be just what you need for making a fashion statement. Featuring chunky faux stones and eye-catching metallic elements, these sparkly adornments will add color as well as some extra zing to your ensemble.

If too much bling isn’t your thing, go for something slightly toned down but still authentic with vintage-inspired jewelry pieces made from bold stand-out gems like amethyst or tourmaline encased in gold or silver settings for stunning results.

One thing is sure: timing is everything when it comes to wearing a statement necklace. When choosing yours remember to keep proportion in mind; try going simples on either side and letting the wowza factor of the jewelry take centre stage – unless you’re going all out.

Team with long cascading curls and let the necklace peek through a low plunging dip back top or open shirt (make sure you only have one other piece of jewelry on so it stands out). If none of this took your fancy, then simply accessorize with off shoulder dresses where the horseshoe shape compliments perfectly with boho vibes going all around effortlessly.


Pearls have recently seen a major spiked in popularity this spring and we can see why. On the runway, pearls have been seen on everything from romantic bridal looks to abstract printed evening gowns. From Chanel’s classic two strand necklaces to Giambattista Valli’s eye-catching headdresses, pearls are the perfect accessory for a modern twist on traditional designs.

One of the reasons for the rise of pearl jewellery may be attributed to the fact that designers are expanding on how these classic gems are used within their designs. Instead of layering single or multi-strands pearl necklaces, designers now take a more creative approach and tame these objects into diamonds and mix them with other gem stones such as tourmalines, opals, sapphires and quartz crystals.

Similarly earrings are evolving too with some classic pieces being redesigned into contrastingly modern shapes like asymmetrical ear cuffs or double hoop buckles for pierced ears. And you don’t need to stop at just jewellery accessories as brands like Saint Laurent are giving us statement making pearl chokers that add an elevated fashion edge when pairing them with your outfits.

Pearls aren’t just seen in a formal setting either; street styles have also adopted this look effortlessly thanks to the integration of comfortable pieces like shorts and sneakers which don’t dominate your outfit but rather pull it together in an unassuming way.

Whether it be featuring initial pendants complete with freshwater pearls or simple studs including contemporary single tongue bars – there is something out there for everyone this season hankering after a piece of timeless jewellery incorporating pearls into their ensemble.

Advice for Achieving the Look

Spring Jewelry Trends 2019 is all about versatile and layered pieces. From chunky statement necklaces to stacked rings, the emphasis is on personalization and easy-to-style combinations that make coordinating accessories effortless. To master the trend, start with a few key investment pieces that draw out your outfit’s natural and subtle shades of color. The break out trend for spring is earrings – from pearls and stones to bright, bold designs – that define an individual style.

For an ideal warm-weather ensemble, choose statement pendant necklaces in a myriad of mismatched metals to give any look a coordinated sophistication. Gold and silver are still popular choices however darker jewelry in bronze or onyx have a daytime feel that allows dressing up without overpowering the outfit’s color palette. An array of multi-sized bangles and bracelets bring added texture while creating an altogether eye-catching styling impact.

When accessorizing during summer months, your jewelry can really make an outfit come alive. Experiment with colorful stones in abstract shapes, different sizes or textures such as raw diamond slices arranged into necklaces or hoop earrings adorned with enamel or multicolored crystal embellishments for a bohemian vibe.

The layering of fine chains works well for day wear but for evening try adding heavier pieces for more dramatic appeal such as fringe tassels hanging from necklaces or bracelet charms made from thicker materials like obsidian or art glass beads. Furthermore, delicate body chains make signature summer stylings complete by adding lightness to any look – not taking away from the statement piece Du Jour.

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