Spring 2015 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Spring 2015 fashion jewelry trends are intriguing because they focus on being both edgy and traditional, using classic pieces and juxtaposing them with brighter colors and more whimsical designs. Some earrings this season feature delicately crafted shapes suspended from surprisingly contemporary metal loops. Bold necklaces combine mismatched patterns, while splashes of blue toned gemstones add a touch of color against the bracelets’ white gold backdrop. Overall, fashion jewelry has become much more creative, daring, and modern this spring.

The boldly colored jewels that have made their way into these spring collections make for beautiful statements pieces to add an extra boost to a look. Popular gems include amethyst, onyx, citrine, quartz, and even turquoise.

This wide selection allows for endless combinations of colors and layers so each individual can truly craft a unique piece that matches their own style. The stones themselves are reflecting texture trends such as hammered metals and not-so-perfectly polished surfaces – ideal options for layering together for something special.

Other popular styles in Spring 2015 jewelry trends include chains that act like necklines created by looping several strands together at various lengths to give the illusion of multiples. Texture has also been very important as well; matte finishes play alongside highly utilized hammered metal textures that further compliment the stone choice mentioned earlier.

Besides being trendy and eye catching elements raw crystals, druzes and uncut gems add unexpected touches to a bold design or piece making it entirely unique in the wearer’s wardrobe. All together these accessories provide just enough edge to set visually stunning spring looks apart from the pack of standard attire from just one season ago – creating hip mix quite unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Precious Stones

This season, crystal-encrusted precious stones are the must-have accessory. Incorporating natural elements from the earth into any outfit is an easy way to add a touch of class and sophistication. Semi-precious stones such as topaz, tourmaline, and peridot are featured heavily in fashion jewelry designs for Spring 2015. This trend is part of the move towards minimalism, with simple pieces that create a unique look with their sharp lines and light sparkle.

The beauty of these semi-precious stones lies in their colour palette. From golden yellow to electric blue, they come in dozens of shades and tones that easily accentuate any outfit.

Topaz adds a statement making touch of summery vibes to any look without overpowering it; while tourmaline sparkles like an ice castle on a winter night – alluringly eye catching yet still elegant. Peridot brings together green grassy tones perfect for transitioning between seasons: adding a cheerful hue as we move away from winter’s drab colours and into the softer hues of springtime.

When shopping for jewellery this spring season don’t forget to consider using semi-precious stones – like topaz, tourmaline, and peridot – for a stunning finish that will have you feeling your best day or night. These colourful captivating gems make for charming accents when worn singly or in combinations – instantly transforming even the simplest outfit into something truly missing and exquisite.

Come explore the range these stones offer to hone in on the perfect mix whether it be casual wear or evening wear – so regardless what event you’re attending you’ll be sure to shine your brightest.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have become increasingly popular in the fashion world for Spring of 2015. Pale shades of mint, peach, and lavender can be seen on trendsetting runways and in stores in the form of gorgeous necklaces, earrings and other pieces. A great way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe is by pairing a bold-colored top with one or two light-colored pendant necklaces.

For example, you can choose a scoop-neck top that brings out the natural tones in your hair. This would look incredible with a petite lavender pendant as an accent piece.

Statement earrings are always a unique feature to add to any outfit. Not only do these earrings bring an additional element of style to your look, but they can also help balance proportions and enhance facial features depending on their design. To fully embrace the pastel colors trend, you may want to consider larger commercialized studs or drop earrings featuring dustier tones such as mint green with hints of pink embedded into them.

Bracelets are another great option for introducing pale shades into your style. Here you can think outside traditional designs and find something more artsy looking; look for encrusted pearls or small stones attached to thin bands with subtle lavender accents mixed in between them. If you’re feeling bolder, go all out and mix complementary shades like pink and purple together for a beautiful take on any wristwear accessory.

  • Pair a bold colored top with one or two light colored pendant necklaces
  • Consider larger commercially made studs or drop earrings featuring dusty tones
  • Look for encrusted pearls or small stones attached to thin bands with subtle accent colors mixed within
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Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry is a popular trend in the fashion jewelry world for Spring 2015. A widely used technique to make minimalist jewelry consists of playing with simple shapes such as circles and lines to create classic and modern jewelry pieces.

Minimalist jewelry pieces are often designed to capture attention by being different, yet subtle enough to remain timeless. The idea behind these pieces of jewelry is that less is more, which ultimately creates a timeless look that can be worn again and again no matter what the season or trend.

Using circles and lines offers fashion designers the versatility to create unique and eye-catching statement pieces that have a universal appeal. These shapes are also thought to convey certain symbolism when combined in certain ways: circular designs symbolize eternity, while straight lines commonly represent linear movement or direction. Combining such simple shapes into interesting patterns produces an elegant design with minimal effort and cost.

From plain gold circle charms attached on delicate chains, to chunky rose gold rings featuring horizontal lines, the use of basic shapes creates captivating minimalist designs that make an impact without overdoing it. Classic necklace pendants can be used as standalone pieces or creatively layered with other fine or more bold items of jewelry.

Even simple thin bands stacked together become fashionable statement pieces once they are adorned with the likes of circles or lines emblazoned across them; making them ideal for day-to-day wear but special enough for evenings out too.

Notable Designs

  • Horizontal line etched band stackable
  • Two separate thin bands with a small circle engraved onto each one
  • Oval pendant with a line looping around the circumference
  • Rose gold hooped earrings featuring vertical lines
  • Chunky gold ring containing 8 small interlocking circles

Throwback Accessories

Spring 2015 fashion jewelry trends have come full circle and taken a cue from the past for a modern spin on some classic pieces. Throwback accessories run the gamut from chains, rings and bracelets with intricate detailing to pieces that borrow heavily from the steampunk look of Victorian era jewelry. Vintage inspired accents can be found on larger statement pieces as well, including necklaces and earrings woven with faux pearls and gilded pins set in antiqued silver or gold plating.

Enamel embellishments are also having a moment this season, with colorful geometric designs ringing out on a range of different materials such as copper, sterling silver and even silicon for a funky fresh take on traditional accessories evoking distant eras.

Similarly, fabulously ornamental filigree has made its return to the fray when it comes to earrings, accompanying simple hoops with delicate embossing fashioned using finer gauge wires creating intricate patterns of swirls and curls like something from an ancient artisan’s studio.

Not all throwback jewelry has to be vintage-themed however, ancient influences overshooting their original timeframe can also be interpreted more abstractly creating something entirely new in the must-have design stakes. Take for example signature jewelry reflecting astrological motifs depicting various aspects of planets related to spirituality imbued into chunky lockets shaped in stellar symbols; these individual pieces exude personality but can simultaneously give off a traditional air as though they were unearthed artifacts only recently discovered.

With origins harkening back through time these rare gems cement themselves firmly in modern fashion trends adding an old school flavor to any ensemble thus giving wearers an ironic yet striking edge that will always turn heads for all the right reasons.

Handcrafted Metalwork

The latest 2015 spring jewelry trends are marked by several popular styles, but one of the most distinctive – and glamorous – is handcrafted metalwork. Featuring intricate details and patterns, crafted from all sorts of metals including silver, brass, copper and gold filled, this kind of jewelry is all about a personal expression of creativity. It’s the perfect way to add an air of sophistication and a touch of individualism to your wardrobe.

A variety of pieces using handcrafted metalwork can be found in the latest doorways. From statement necklaces to stylish earrings, there’s something for just about every taste and style preference.

The pieces come in all shapes and sizes – long necklaces with various interlocking circles suspended on delicate chains create a classic look that still feels current; daring geometric shapes lend themselves to serious glamour; subtle motifs with softly shifting abstract designs border on boho chic. For an extra touch of panache try contrast-tone pieces with both bright metals like silver paired together with warm colors such as yellow gold or rose gold-filled strings wrapped around pendants.

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Key ways to wear Handcrafted Metalwork Jewelry

  • Monochromatic Style: Choose same metal tones for mix-and-match appeal.
  • Layering Statement Necklaces: Accentuate the unique shapes with complimentary length jewelry.
  • Contrasting Tones: Create an eye catching statement pairing bright silvers with warm yellow gold.
  • Mixed Earrings: Combine bold geometric designs for modern flare.

Statement Pieces

The biggest jewelry trend in the spring 2015 season is statement pieces. Instead of wearing many smaller pieces together, jewelers have created bold, eye-catching pieces that are meant to make a statement and turn any look into a show-stopper.

When pairing these large statement pieces with an everyday look, it is important to pay attention to how much you’re wearing – one or two big pieces are enough. Avoid layering multiple large necklaces or combining multiple oversized earrings with your outfit; the main message should be the statement jewelry itself.

For classic looks like workwear outfits or shirt and jeans combos, pairing them with a single statement piece such as a bold necklace can create the perfect balance of muted while still making sure that the jewelry stands out. Bracelets also add a nice contrast to classic looks by adding some color and sparkle without taking away from its simple charm. These details will draw attention while still preventing you from overpowering your look.

Hoops are back this season as well. Large hoops bring another level of dimension even if the rest of your outfit is minimalist – just make sure you pair them with an appropriate solid tee or blouse and not with overly dramatic clothing pieces such as prints or sequins.

For those who want to go for something edgier, chokers add daring attitude without being too overbearing on existing garments. Worn high enough, they frame the face for an accessory-heavy but fashionable aesthetic.

Reimagining of Classics

This Spring, fashion jewelry is taking a departure from the traditional and venturing into reimagined classics. From coral to seafoam and everything in between, fashion jewelry is adorned with pastel hues that appear delicate on skin tones. These pieces tend to reflect an overall lighter feel, perfect for the warm months ahead. Natural elements such as shells and quartz are also updated with modern interpretations – there’s no limit as to how creative one can be this season.

The shapes and silhouettes for Spring 2015 run from whimsical that feature daring cuts and abstract designs to more graceful forms like ovals and teardrops themes for those who prefer their look more refined. Pearls continue to remain hot in exquisite drop earrings, elegant cuffs, and statement necklaces while geometric patterns are all the rage for contemporary charm bracelets that champion complimentary hues of pastels for a touch of modern elegance.

The simpler pieces embraced gold-plating over silver accents creating classic-luxe looks for people who want subtle sophistication in their wardrobe without standing out too much.

For those who lean towards the bold, vibrant colors pop up throughout all of the different collections signaling that it’s okay to take risk this spring whether it’s bright turquoise stones or deep emerald drops set against striking whites or silvers – daring pieces are sure bets for standouts this season.

Statement rings become focal points when featured among stacks of bangles some punctuated by enameled shine while luxe chokers charms bring back a strong 90’s aesthetic amongst metal finishes strung upon leather cords or nylon kite strings.

Whatever an individual chooses, Unexpected combinations juxtaposed against thoughtful seasonal trends create interesting looks that evoke both nostalgia and progressive fashion appeal making dressing up all the fun further come Spring 2015.

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