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The use of moonstone jewelry dates back to ancient times, with the stone being highly prized for its magical powers and believed to bring good luck in many cultures. Moonstone jewelry is usually made from transparent or translucent feldspar, which can be found in a variety of shades such as white, blue, green, and yellow. The most popular form of moonstone jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants; however it can also be seen in less common forms including hair combs and broaches. It is believed that the gemstone has been beneficial in promoting good fortune since as early as 500 BC when it was used by Roman soldiers before battles as a charm of protection. Since then, moonstone crystalline structures have been included in religious rituals across numerous cultures such as Greek, Egyptian and Chinese culture who believe that wearing the gem will aid in prophecy and divination.

In modern time despite its magical properties, moonstone jewelery is mainly seen as fashionable. Its colouration is often compared to that of a lunar glow or moonlight and because of this over the past few hundred year’s it has become a very sought-after item among romantic poets and young couples hoping to share eternal love. In some Nordic countries it’s custom for newlyweds to receive a piece of jewelry with this stone embedded on the day they wed symbolizing two lives fusing into one eternity beneath the strength of the all-powerful moon.

What Makes Moonstone Unique?

Moonstone is an incredibly unique gemstone due to its unique optical properties. Moonstone has a strong ray-like or adularescence effect, which gives it its trademark glowing and moonlit appearance. This optical phenomenon is caused by diffraction of light from inclusions within the stone itself—similar to the way that sunlight reflects off water droplets on misty days. It’s this trait that makes moonstone one of the most sought-after stones in the world and one of the most popular types of jewelry worldwide. Another special thing about moonstones is how they reflect light in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, and pink; these different shades vary depending on the angle at which one looks at them. Moonstones are also considered to have strong mystical qualities—some cultures see it as an embodiment of feminine energies, with powerful calming and soothing effects said to be present when it is worn or held close to the body.

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry has been believed to bring good luck, fortune and protection for centuries, and is often referred to as “the traveler’s stone.” From its milky white hue to its mysterious and almost translucent glow, moonstone jewelry emits an enchanting aura of beauty. The stone conveys a message of the divine feminine and helps strengthen one’s intuition when handled with reverence and respect. It is said to facilitate spiritual growth through access to unknown realms.

In addition to these beliefs, moonstone is highly esteemed in many cultures for its supernatural power of prophecy. Symbolically, it brings clarity of emotions by connecting us with the powerful energy of the moon. Moonstone is thought to encourage restful sleep and peacefulness, as well as clear sight so that you can use this clarity during meditation or lucid dreaming practice. In some traditions, it was also used for protection from negative energy directed at the wearer. With its deep connection to nature, wearing moonstone often inspires feelings of inner strength and creative energy – a reminder that each person finds their own power through the powerful universe around them.

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Different Styles to Wear Moonstone Jewelry

When wearing moonstone jewelry, there are a variety of different ways to accessorize and make your look unique. For example, real silver pendant necklaces featuring small and delicate moonstone pieces can provide a touch of gentle femininity for any ensemble. Bracelets with more distinct strings of larger, colorful stones can add an elegant flair and stand out amongst the crowd. Earrings in the form of curved crescents and stars offer a bohemian feel that is sure to impress. Layering rings in various sizes featuring beautiful raw stone shapes will give off a more edgy vibe while still providing subtle sophistication. Rings with swirling metal bands holding textured stones can add an element of allure to your look, while plain metal bands featuring eye catching gemstones alone provide a hint of mystery and understatement. Silver Ray’s Jewelry offers endless possibilities when it comes to selecting just the right piece for any occasion.

Different Reasons to Buy Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry has always been a popular choice with jewelry lovers, and it’s not hard to understand why. Not only because of its stunning beauty, but also because of the mysterious powers that many believe moonstone holds. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying moonstone jewelry from Silver Ray’s Jewelry:

1. It is believed that moonstone helps to clear the emotional body and enhance intuition and empathy. Wearing it can bring balance and harmony into your life, allowing you to make better decisions.

2. Moonstone is believed to facilitate peaceful sleep by helping one connect with their inner self, attune to spiritual energies, or absorb positive energy during meditation exercises.

3. If money issues cause stress in your life, you might want to consider wearing moonstone jewelry as it is said to attract wealth and abundance in all its forms into one’s life.

4. It is also known for bringing love interests together – couples who wear matching pieces are thought to bring romantic bliss!

5. With the unique pearly luster and rainbowlike iridescence showing off through its translucent surface, there is no doubt that wearing moonstone jewelry adds an instant eye-catching sparkle whether on evening wear or everyday chic attire!

Five of Silver Ray’s Most Popular Moonstone Jewelry Pieces

1. Delicate Moonstone Ring: This beautiful sterling silver ring features a gorgeous, highly-polished moonstone at its heart, surrounded by an elegant halo of diamond accents. It is perfect for special occasions and sure to be adored for its unusual and romantic style.

2. Dazzling Moonstone Necklace: Make a unique fashion statement with this stunning necklace that sports a large, round moonstone suspended from a delicate sterling silver chain. The perfect accessory for any outfit!

3. Layered Moonstone Earrings: These earrings feature two shimmering moonstones in graduated sizes—a small one nested within a larger one—perfectly framed by diamond accents and set on sterling silver posts. They are ideal for making any outfit sparkle!

4. Stackable Moonstone Bracelet: This whimsical piece is perfect for creating your own unique look. Made of thin sterling silver cuffs, each has its own sparkling moonstone set among diamond accents that can be worn together or stacked separately for added versatility.

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5. Moonstone Pendant with Chain: Crafted from breath-taking white gold and designed like a flower with slender petals encircling the classic oval shape moonstone pendant at its center, this necklace is destined to become one of your favorites. Hangs from an adjustable 16-18″ gold chain so you can easily adjust it to fit your neckline perfectly!

Care Instructions for Moonstone Jewelry

The beauty of Moonstone jewelry lies in its unique and changing iridescent finish. To keep this luster radiant, here is what you need to do:

• Store moonstone jewelry pieces separately so they don’t come into contact with other jewelry – which could cause scratches and damage the stone’s surface.

• Clean your Moonstone pieces regularly with a soft cloth to remove any oils that have settled in nooks and crannies such as prominent grooves or intricate settings. This can also be done by dip-cleaning them in a warm water solution with mild dishwashing detergent; use only VERY light pressure while cleaning.

• Dry each piece thoroughly and then take extra care when buffing them back to their original brilliance – using only a polishing cloth specifically reserved for Moonstone jewelry, or other similarly delicate stones.

• Use caution when exposing your moonstone jewelry to any solvents like cleaning products, perfume or hairspray as these contain harsh chemicals which could damage the stones’ surface quality.

• Do not wear your moonstone jewelry in water as it is sensitive to splashes from swimming pools and hot tubs – activity which could cause discoloration or erosion over time.

• Wipe down the entire surface of each piece with more of the damp, soft cloth mentioned earlier if it gets tarnished or faded-looking after exposure to the elements (sunlight etc.). This will help bring back their original color vibrancy and luster quickly!


Silver Ray Jewelry’s Moonstone jewelry collection offers a diverse range of dazzling statement pieces that take fashion to the next level. Not only are these pieces stylish and glamorous, but they also have healing energy associated with them. Moonstone is associated with inner growth and strength and is said to bring its wearer powerful protection, balance, hope and spirituality. Its unrivaled beauty will be sure to catch eyes in any situation – whether one is attending an event or just going out for casual retail therapy. Silver Ray Jewelry’s moonstone jewelry promises to take any outfit from day-to-night in a stunning way. Investing in their moonstone pieces guarantees you timeless style like no other – making it the perfect statement-making accessory for any wardrobe.