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Silver Quail Jewelry is an up-and-coming name in the jewelry industry. Not only are their products of outstanding quality, but customers praise them for their excellent customer service and attention to detail. In addition, the company has earned numerous awards and recognitions for their handmade pieces that have been featured in various fashion shows around the world.

The expert team at Silver Quail Jewelry has a unique ability to capture beauty in every piece they design. They use natural elements such as gemstones, crystals, silver and gold to create stunning and timeless designs for every occasion. From statement necklaces to earrings, rings and bracelets, there are endless options from which customers can choose from when shopping with Silver Quail Jewelry.

The customer experience with Silver Quail Jewelry is unmatched by any other company in the jewelry industry. Each item is carefully inspected prior to being shipped out, ensuring it will be of utmost quality when it reaches its destination.

The team also offers customization services free of cost, so customers can rest assured that they may find exactly what they’re looking for without compromising on satisfaction or quality when shopping with Silver Quail Jewelry. Moreover, all orders come beautifully packaged in a luxurious box along with a complimentary card expressing gratitude from the team at Silver Quail Jewelry – making this brand an absolute hit with customers worldwide.

Expand on unique features

Silver Quail Jewelry offers unique designs and materials unlike any other retail jewelry store. Specializing in silver, copper, and gold, the pieces are handcrafted with special finishes and techniques that create a lasting impression.

Each piece is made from the highest quality materials available to ensure durability and quality. The company also offers custom design options so clients can personalize an order to meet their specifications. Customers can choose from a range of settings including prongs, bezels, wirewraps, and havana knots to make the perfect accessory for any wardrobe.

Unique finishes include brushed-finish diamonds paired with traditional gold bezels or edgeless marquise gemstones combined with smooth matte rivets. These classic detailing elements breathe an extra layer of personality into each piece while allowing the gems to take center stage. Specialty finishing techniques like oxidization bring out unexpected color and texture while providing each piece with its own unique look.

  • High quality materials
  • Custom design option
  • Brushed finish diamonds
  • Marquise gemstone combining with matte rivets
  • Oxidization brings out unexpected colors/textures

Explain why Silver Quail Jewelry is special

Silver Quail jewelry is a family-owned business that specializes in creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry made from real silver. Customers appreciate the quality they get, which is evidenced by their loyal fan base, as well as the way the company offers personalized service.

The first thing customers love about Silver Quail Jewelry is the quality of craftsmanship behind each piece. Every item they craft is impeccably designed with attention to detail that makes them truly unique pieces of art.

The silver is sourced from some of the world’s finest mines, ensuring that their pieces stand out in terms of design, durability and shine. Additionally, each item has its own distinctive characteristics such as intricate engravings deeply embedded within it so that every piece feels like a one-of-a-kind creation handcrafted just for them.

The second reason why customers keep coming back to Silver Quail Jewelry is because of the exceptional customer service they receive when shopping with them. From pre to post purchase support they make sure all inquiries are attended to in a timely and efficient manner and offer helpful advice for choosing the right items or caring for their purchases.

Their customer support staff doesn’t give generic answers but rather takes time to get to know what the best type of product would be for each individual person based on their tastes and preferences.

Silver Quail Jewelry’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and buying only top quality materials combine to make this brand particularly special:

  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Uniquely detailed designs
  • Sourced from premier mines only
  • Exceptional pre & post purchase customer support
  • Customized recommendations based on individual preferences

Describe custom design services

Silver Quail Jewelry offers a unique and custom service for customers who are looking to create their own piece of jewelry. Silver Quail Jewelry helps customers bring their vision to life by providing a customized design experience. This experience works by having the customer meet with an experienced jewelry maker who will guide them through the process of creating bespoke pieces that are totally new and unique.

The customer starts by telling the artist their idea, starting either from an existing design they have in mind or decide one together. They then select the materials they would like to feature in the new piece, such as gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones or glass beads. The next step is creating a sketch which brings all these elements together into one cohesive design; this step is critical as it allows both parties to map out the engineering before beginning construction.

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After that, craftsmanship begins on the piece and timings depends upon complexity of design; usually a four-day turnaround for completion is possible if the piece involves any complicated casting processes. If required gems and diamonds can also be sourced to create just the right appearance according to specifications given; all acquisitions happen through ethical sources giving customers peace of mind that the product sourced has been done with integrity.

Once crafted each custom made item is carefully checked for perfection then photographed in order to help customers decide if any minor changes need to be made during a final inspection before delivery arrives at door stop ready for wear. Unique designs created at Silver Quail Jewelry grant confidence to wearers knowing every item they carry was crafted just for them using quality materials and processes.

Focus on the experience

Silver Quail Jewelry provides beautiful and unique jewelry pieces that can add a sparkle to any outfit. They understand the importance of customer experience when shoppers are looking for quality pieces of jewelry, and they have responded by creating events and workshops that will enhance customers’ enjoyment of their products.


One way Silver Quail provides an enjoyable customer experience is with the variety of events they host each month. These range from trunk shows featuring one-of-a-kind designs to seasonal celebrations like Christmas markets or Mothers’ Day brunches.

As an added bonus, customers can often find exclusive discounts only available during these events or some special items not found anywhere else. With a combination of gorgeous jewelry on display and engaging activities such as raffles and gift wrapping stations, these events provide a fun atmosphere for customers to explore what Silver Quail has to offer.


Not to be outdone by their events, Silver Quail offers a wide variety of hands-on workshops. From learning how to choose the right gemstone for your piece to understanding how to care for handmade silverware, participants learn from expert instructors at every step of the way.

Participants also have several options depending on their skill levels: beginner classes include introductory courses such as Introduction to Gemstones 101 while intermediate classesfocus on more intricate topics like setting stones in precious metal jewelry pieces. Regardless of the type of workshop taken, students come away with valuable knowledge about jewelry from experienced professionals who make quality craftsmanship their top priority.

Affordable Quality

Aside from providing unforgettable experiences in the workshops and memorable moments at various events, Silver Quail does not let the quality of its product suffer despite affordability being one of their main focus points when it comes to pricing items. Specializing in high-quality sterling silverpieces competitively priced meeting everyone’s standards no matter your budget – therefore allowing customers access jewel-like pieces without having to worry about hefty makes them stand out amongst competitors in this industry.

Introduce special collections

Silver Quail Jewelry is a brand that specializes in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces made from sterling silver. With an eye for detail and craftsmanship, their jewelry is the perfect complement to your personal style. They prioritize offering unique and affordable designs for any occasion, ensuring that you’re able to find something special every time you shop with them.

Silver Quail proudly offers current collections such as ‘Dreamcatcher’ – a vivid showcase of dangling gemstones among delicate curls of sterling silver, or ‘Gypsies Journey’-a more antique look featuring an old world charm. These collections offer customers the ability to reflect their own unique style while upgrading any wardrobe or outfit in a timeless manner.

Their vintage inspired look ensures even more wardrobe versatility no matter what fashion trend is hot at the moment – meaning you can purchase now and enjoy later.

In addition to these two special collections, Silver Quail also offers a selection of past collections too, such as the beloved “Moonlight Treasures” that were crafted with semi-precious stones and showcased magical symbols like crescent moons and galloping horses. This line was incredibly popular amongst jewelry lovers everywhere due to its captivating essence and theme. Customers still reach out today looking for specific pieces from this collection as it remains an inspirational favorite.

Furthermore, shoppers can also adore Silver Quail’s upcoming collection; they haven’t revealed too much yet but have hinted at its nature-inspired design along with exclusive statement pieces that are sure to charm anyone who wears them. Consumers are certainly excited for this collection’s official launch and may be thrilled with what they find within it.

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Stories from Customers

When customers embark on the Silver Quail Jewelry journey, they quickly come to appreciate the uniqueness of this special boutique. Abel experienced this firsthand when he needed a ring for his fiancé’s engagement. He could not find anything he liked at any of the mainstream jewelry stores he visited; however, after visiting Silver Quail Jewelry, he found the perfect ring and it made an impression on his partner.

Ana had a difficult time finding something classy and elegant for her mother’s wedding anniversary. At first Ana was overwhelmed by the wide selection at Silver Quail Jewelry but their friendly staff quickly helped her narrow down to an exquisite pendant necklace that her mother absolutely adored.

Esther was searching for a gift for her friend who just graduated college. She looked everywhere but her efforts yielded nothing more than frustration. She then encountered Silver Quail Jewelry which provided Esther with several choices that seemed perfectly suited for such an occasion. Esther picked out a beautiful bracelet and presented it to her friend who could not have been happier with the selection she made.

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Unique Quality

The unique quality of Silver Quail Jewelry makes it stand apart from other jewelry outlets in various ways. The company uses premium hand-crafted materials making each piece feel exquisite as well as long-lasting compared to mass produced jewelry items from other stores. Moreover, the team has expertise involving many different cultures providing them with a broad perspective when it comes to selecting jewels that are often stunningly original in design.

In addition, Silver Quail Jewelry offers exclusive discounts only available to their most valued customers along with complimentary gift wrapping upon customer request allowing them to add a personal touch to any purchase made at their boutique store. Prices tend to be competitive and clarity about standards such as gemstone quality is explicit ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way through their shopping experience.

Returns Policy

Silver Quail Jewelry also pays great attention towards their returns policy which is quite generous given its industry standard norms allowing customers up to 60 days following delivery date for items they might need or want to return or exchange for another item in the store inventory or store credit alternative if preferred by the customer without any hidden costs involved whatsoever.

Promote ongoing events

Silver Quail Jewelry offers a range of promotions and events that customers should definitely take advantage of. Here are some of the current promotions being offered:

  • Free shipping with purchases over $50 during the month of April.
  • Discounted prices on selected items throughout the store.
  • Monthly giveaways like free jewellery, gift cards and other prizes.

Also, if customers are looking to purchase an item for a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, or any other special event, Silver Quail Jewelry can help you find the perfect piece. They have an array of unique designs which customers can choose from based on style preference or even budget. Plus they offer customization so each piece is one-of-a-kind and will be cherished forever.

Silver Quail Jewellery also hosts various events to engage with their customers and showcase their pieces. Customers have the opportunity to become more familiar with their jewellery including learning more about design ideas, trends and best practices for taking care of your Jewellery. Some popular events include:

  • Jewelry styling workshops which give customers information about how to choose jewellery pieces that best suit them.
  • New product launches where customers can be among the first to see new designs.
  • “Meet the makers” events where customers can meet and engage directly with the designers.

These events provide invaluable inspiration for people looking for jewelry gifts or looking to beautify themselves through accessorizing. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities Silver Quail Jewelry is offering today.

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Silver Quail Jewelry is the premier destination for modern and timeless jewelry. Their collection of pieces blends together easily with all wardrobe styles, meaning it’s versatile enough for any occasion. Whether you’re seeking a gift or looking to treat yourself, Silver Quail jewelry has something suitable and unique for everyone in their range.

Built on a reputation of quality and excellent customer service, Silver Quail Jewelry embodies the essence of charm and craftsmanship. The shop values both old-time techniques and ongoing trends to create beautiful jewelry that stands out from the crowd. All pieces are designed with quality materials to ensure maximum longevity and aesthetic appeal. From handcrafted sterling silver necklaces, to intricate gold rings, there is something special in every piece of jewelry crafted by Silver Quail Jewelry.

The care taken when creating all pieces from Silver Quail Jewelry goes beyond just the design aspect; the team also acknowledge its environmental sustainability obligations when creating each piece. The store works hard to source environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible. So not only do wearers get a desirable touch of class, but they can also feel good knowing their piece was created responsibly.

After reading about this wonderful selection of jewelry available at Silver Quail products, why not take the time to check out their store? Visit them online or take a stroll down through city streets – you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your next event. Plus if you sign up for their mailing list you can be kept up to date with all the latest deals they have on offer throughout the year.

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