Sell My Cartier Art Deco Jewelry

Cartier Art Deco jewelry offers a unique interpretation of the beauty and glamour that was associated with the design era. Its precision craftsmanship and bold use of materials allowed for creative expressions of status and class. Cartier has always been able to outshine other luxury watch and jewelry brands through its constant innovation in design, quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. This is why it is no surprise then that pieces from their Art Deco line remain coveted today.

The collection includes a range of items such as diamond rings, necklaces, brooches, cuffs, watches, earrings and even accessories crafted to reflect the style and flair of this important period in history. Some of the most iconic designs are inspired by geometric shapes as well as flower motifs or animal figurines. They often feature diamonds encrusted in precious metals such as gold or silver making them incredibly luxurious products which have become staple classics within this market sector.

In terms of selling Cartier Art Deco jewelry there are various avenues available depending on your ownership rights or bank balance. An owner may choose to visit an auction house either online or in person in order to put pieces up for sale at market value prices which will be reflected by bidding demands.

Alternatively they can opt to deal directly with invite only antique specialists who will assist them in finding a private buyer but whom can sometime offer below market values due to confidentiality surrounding the transaction.

So whether you plan on getting an appraisal for your items before going about locating buyers or just listing it for sale online where potential clients can contact you directly – depending on your needs there are industry standard solutions available for Sell My Cartier Art Deco Jewelry requirements.

Overview of What is Considered Art Deco Jewelry

The Art Deco period refers to a distinct style of jewelry popularized during the 1920s and 1930s. It was characterized by geometric shapes and symmetrical compositions that were inspired by machine-age technology and industrial materials. Art Deco jewelry is known for its clean lines, simple designs, and elegant appearance. During this era, Cartier was the preeminent designer of Art Deco pieces, creating highly sought-after pieces that continue to be appreciated even today.

Cartier’s signature aesthetic included bright gemstone hues such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald set against airy gold settings with geometric lines and shapes. The combination of vibrant color and unique style helped establish Cartier’s place in the fashion landscape. Cartier embodied luxury with opulent diamonds set in platinum or yellow gold-the perfect addition to a refined evening look created by the most stylish women at the time.

Since then, many collectors have admired the elegant yet daring approach taken by Cartier when creating their iconic Art Deco jewelry pieces. Specifically beloved are their statement necklace options crafted with bold cascading diamonds draped in rows horizontally or vertically above dainty pearls; these necklaces were designed in just the right length to create an unforgettable silhouette that has withstood the test of time.

In 2020, you can take your piece of history into modern times by selling your vintage Cartier Art Deco jewelry online – eBay is an especially safe spot for finding people interested in buying or trading what you no longer need (or want). You never know who may be lucky enough to one day own a piece created by one of the world’s premiere jewelers during such a defining time period.

Popular Types of Cartier Art Deco Jewelry

Cartier Art Deco jewelry is an iconic style that dates back to the 1900s and has been sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. While cool color combinations, intricate details, and geometric lines are signature features of this era, it’s the choice materials used in crafting the jewelry (such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, rubies and onyx) that makes these pieces particularly desirable and immensely valuable.

One of the most iconic pieces from Cartier’s Art Deco period is their diamond rings. The ‘Colisee’ design is one of the most sought-after jewels from this collection which was created in 1930 – a contemporary classic featuring two interlocking circles each paved with brilliant round-cut diamonds in a platinum mount. It remains popular to this day and collectors value it for its timeless elegance combined with artistic expression.

Another type of Cartier jewelry that’s highly prized for its sophisticated style is their Art Deco necklaces. They feature glamorous markings like amethysts or turquoise backed within 22k white gold settings with finely traced detail around them. This combination creates an unmistakable look that instantly draws attention to any woman wearing one of these unique creations – regardless of her outfit.

Vintage Art Deco Jewelry

In addition to their diamond-adorned necklaces they also have show stopping necklaces made with precious metals such as yellow gold or platinum layered over with natural gemstones like sapphires, aquamarines or emeralds. Collectors seek out Cartier’s necklaces because they provide astonishingly beautiful craftsmanship combined with an unmistakable grace that can’t be found anywhere else.

Indeed these jewels stand out for being luxurious yet dignified at the same time – displaying an air of sophistication no other jewelry could ever offer.

Unique Qualities of Cartier Art Deco Jewelry

Cartier Art Deco jewelry is an exquisite and timeless piece of history, sought after for its unique and unmistakable style. Crafted in the popular 1920s geometric art deco designs, this jewelry combines materials such as onyx, gold, diamonds and ivory to create stylish masterpieces. The result is a sophisticated and luxurious look that never goes out of fashion.

This design aesthetic was popularized by the historic luxury jewelry house Cartier – founded in Paris in 1847 and still run by the same family today. For over a century they have been at the forefront of designing high end pieces incorporating traditional French style with contemporary craftsmanship. Cartier Art Deco jewelry still carries that design tradition making it highly sought after by collectors around the world.

A major reason why Cartier Art Deco Jewelry is so valuable lies within its time-honored craftsmanship methods. Each piece is handcrafted from the finest quality materials, often using precious metals including gold and platinum to set diamonds or other gemstones of extraordinary clarity in a complex yet structured pattern.

Furthermore each piece uniquely carries a personalized engraved cartable symbolizing Cartier’s commitment to fine detailed workmanship. As such these jewels make for beautiful works of arts serving as great investments for long lasting beauty and value even decades later after being initially purchased or restored.

Benefits of Selling Cartier Art Deco Jewelry

When it comes to selling jewelry, many people are hesitant to let go of a beloved item. However, if you have Cartier Art Deco jewelry that is no longer used or enjoyed, then putting it up for sale can be the best option. Selling your Cartier Art Deco jewelry can come with several advantages and benefits.

The most obvious benefit of selling your item is financial gain. By putting your jewelry up for sale and negotiation, you can get significantly more money that what you initially paid for the item and could even potentially make a profit from it as these pieces often increase in value over time. These investments can provide an injection of cash that wasn’t available before and can create much needed stability during financial hardship.

It is important to note that many people sell items like this because they no longer want or need it. Perhaps their lifestyle has changed and they now lead a more minimalistic life-style or they find it isn’t necessary anymore to own such a precious possession. Selling this type of jewelry allows them to clear out clutter while also making some extra money on the side which proves especially helpful if hard times are encountered.

Finally, there are other reasons why people may choose to sell their Cartier Art Deco Jewelry such as wanting to upgrade their wardrobe, fund projects or travel expenses, donate the proceeds to charity or just simply wanting enjoy the experience of trading options for their items. Regardless of the reason for selling these items, people quickly realize the perks associated by capitalizing on the advantage offered by these products within the market place today.

Tips for Selling Cartier Art Deco Jewelry

Selling your Cartier Art Deco Jewelry can be an intimidating process if you don’t have prior experience. Knowing the right steps to take is key to achieving the highest value for your pieces. The most important thing is to do your research in order to ensure that you’ll receive a fair price. Here are some tips to help you when selling your Cartier Art Deco jewelry:

The first step when it comes to selling Cartier Art Deco jewelry should be researching current market trends and prices. Look up what similar pieces of antique jewelry have recently sold for online, taking note of both any similarities, such as style and materials used, and also differences, such as age and condition.

In addition, keep your eye on auctioneers who specialize in selling vintage jewelry to gain a better understanding of the market. This will give you an advantage when pricing out your particular piece or set.

How To Verify a Piece is Authentic

For anyone looking to sell their Cartier Art Deco jewelry, one of the most important aspects to consider is authentication. Without authentication, buyers are unable to determine whether or not a piece is genuine and as such, it is impossible to reliably assess the value of a piece of jewelry. This can be especially true when selling antique or period pieces as there are many replicas out in the market today that have been designed to closely resemble authentic items.

Art Deco Jewelry Masterw

Before beginning the process of authenticating a piece ofCartier Art Deco jewelry, one should consult an expert in the field. Experts with experience in identifying and valuing jewelry made by respected brands such as Cartier are an invaluable resource in helping determine whether or not a piece is authentic.

Such experts can provide insight into the construction and materials used in crafting vintage Cartier items along with any pre-existing flaws or repairs that will affect the resale value of a piece.

In addition, buyers should ensure that all necessary documentation for authenticating a piece is present and updated before beginning negotiations for any particular item. This includes verifying that any certifications from reputable sources such as GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) stating its quality and provenance are up-to-date along with appraisal reports from independent jewelers detailing a pieces condition and worth.

Proper documentation along with input from certified experts provides buyers with assurance that they are purchasing an item correctly described by the seller without receiving unnecessary surprises later on down the line.

Overall, authenticating a piece of Cartier Art Deco jewelry can be time consuming but greatly rewarding if done correctly. The accuracy of such authentication measures helps buyers invest their hard earned money confidently while also providing sellers peace of mind knowing they will receive fair compensation for their prized possession. Following these steps leads to both parties feeling satisfied at having conducted responsible negotiations so everyone walks away happy.


Selling Cartier Art Deco jewelry can be quite a lucrative venture. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but the reputation and value of Cartier adds to the desirability of these items. With this in mind, anyone looking to buy or sell Cartier Art Deco Jewelry should take special note of some reliable resources and dealers.

When it comes to locating potential buyers, eBay andArtPrice are two strong sources. Both sites offer listings of antique Cartier pieces that come with formidable reputations amongst collectors; this provides sellers with assurance that they are getting fair market prices for their jewelry on either platform. Additionally, rare book stores like Dionysus Books specialize in selling vintage pieces for interested collectors or curious individuals looking for an exquisite piece to invest in.

On the other hand, those who wish to purchase quality pieces should note various reliable outlets. Carleton Weinstein Jewelry is one popular dealer that regularly offers a wide variety of vintage as well as modern Cartier Art Deco jewelry at reasonable prices.

The company also provides advice on refurbishment and resizing services through their expert team members, ensuring customers get the most from their buying experience. Other reputable jewelers such as Vahine Bijouterieand Alt Phillip offer similar services along with interesting anecdotes regarding the history behind each item; this makes any buyer’s shopping journey all the more enjoyable while providing them with rare treasures they would otherwise never find in local markets.

Regardless of where one looks to buy or sell Cartier Art Deco jewelry, these few suggested sources always provide an adequate opportunity for success – often finding hidden gems amongst extraordinary collections.


Selling Cartier Art Deco jewelry is a potentially lucrative opportunity for those wishing to cash in on the current market value of this stunning and unique style of jewelry. As more and more shoppers recognize the timeless beauty, high quality craftsmanship, and investment potential of Cartier art deco pieces, demand is increasing. This is great news for anyone looking to sell their own collection of antique or vintage Cartier jewelry.

It is important to note that getting the best price for your antiques requires knowledge and research. Knowing all the details about your particular piece or collection will help you maximize its value when it comes time to make the sale.

Be sure to check out reputable online sources like auction and marketplace sites, as well as reputable antique dealers who specialize in vintage jewelry. With diligence and knowledge you can easily find buyers willing to pay top dollar for your collection.

Overall, selling one’s own Cartier Art Deco jewelry can be incredibly rewarding from both a financial and emotional perspective. Doing a bit of research into current market values, collectors’ interest, and other factors related to such jewelry transactions will position any seller for success in achieving an optimal price for their precious works of art. The old adage still rings true today – knowledge is POWER.

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