Sell Acrylic Jewelry Through Social Media Platforms


Jewelry is the perfect gift for the woman in your life. You can purchase diamonds, gold, silver and bronze jewelry from retail stores or online. But nothing says “I care” like handmade jewelry from someone you know. Hand-made, original jewelry pieces forge sentimental sentiment and style into a single, special DIY accessory that has a story of its own to tell. Like any good tale, the starting point must begin at the beginning: the Fundamentals. This jewelry for her guide will reveal how to create jewelry that’s both functionally sound, visually appealing and professional in appearance so you can’t simply sell it as a retail item – you need to capture the attention of the buying public through effective marketing.

It’s easy enough to scan through jewelry design catalogs, pick out a few “standout” designs and mail them off to be made by jewelers. But that’s not the most effective way to market jewelry designs. The best marketing involves sending out “custom requests” to jewelry designers who have access to designs you’re particularly interested in but cannot locate on their own. Here are some techniques to help get you started with this jewelry for her.

Laser Cut Engraving Design – When designing jewelry for her, keep in mind that the plainest design is rarely the most interesting. By creating her a necklace or bracelet with a custom laser cut design, she’ll appreciate the personal touch and quality of the jewelry. Laser cut engraving is a process that requires a sturdier laser than the types used in regular home jewelry making. The jewelry design is actually engraved right into a sturdy aluminum frame that can be easily engraved right on to a sheet of glass or acrylic, or even on a pewter disc. Using a special cutting tool, the jewelry designer engraves delicate art onto the jewelry piece using a tiny laser that literally melts the design directly onto the material.

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How About Washing and Making Jewelry? – Here’s a tutorial that’s a great addition to any jewelry designer’s library. Jewelry can be made out of a wide variety of different materials, including all kinds of metals. A jewelry designer can start by researching all the different metals that jewelry can be made from, and then experimenting with different methods for working with those metals.

This may sound like a lot of reading, but the “how to” portion of the tutorial is actually quite easy. In fact, it’s very simple – a jewelry designer simply puts together a necklace or bracelet with a pendant or two that’s inspired by some specific piece of jewelry. Instead of working with traditional means like soldering, stringing or hot-gluing jewelry together, the jewelry designer uses a technique called laser jewelry making. This technique produces jewelry that’s stronger and more durable than ever before.

Laser jewelry creating is done through a process called jewelry resin transfer. What happens is a layer of jewelry resin is applied over a base material. Next, a thinned-out layer of the jewelry resin is applied to the surface of the base material. Finally, metal electrodes are attached to the surface of the jewelry and this creates the sparkly, reflective part of your beautiful handmade jewelry.

This process can be used to create jewelry for any kind of occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions – the list is practically endless. For many, this is their first experience creating jewelry in the form of anything. Even if you’re not a great designer, you can still use the tutorials that are available online. Just by searching for acrylic jewelry you’ll find lots of different kinds of online tutorials that can show you exactly how it’s done.

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In addition to selling jewelry through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, the jewelry designer can also use these platforms as marketing tools. The best way to get others to see your work is to have a blog or website with plenty of captivating content about handmade jewelry. Using the right kinds of hashtags in your posts, comments, and tweets will help to increase the visibility of your work. Acrylic jewelry hashtags are easy to find on the internet so all you need to do is make sure you set them up in the correct places.

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