Selecting Jewelry Packaging Supplies

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Selecting Jewelry Packaging Supplies

If you have jewelry that needs to be protected from the elements, then you need jewelry packaging. There are a variety of options for jewelry packaging available, and each has its own unique purpose. When you are ready to set out on your next purchase, you will want to make sure that you get the right kind of packaging. Keep in mind that not all packaging is created equal. You need to take a look at the way that jewelry is packaged before you make any decisions. Here are some things that you will want to consider in order to get the best product for your money.

First, consider your shipping costs. If you are purchasing jewelry packaging from online jewelers, you might find that your shipping costs are quite high. The good news is that you can often purchase your own jewelry boxes from online jewelry makers, which can cut your shipping costs down quite a bit. When in doubt, order free samples whenever possible, and double-check sizes carefully!

Many jewelry stores will have their own jewelry packaging. This can be a convenient option for you, especially if you have bought a bunch of different pieces and need to keep them together. You can usually find these boxes at discount jewelry stores, as well as jewelry outlets that are off-season. These jewelry store packages are usually inexpensive, but they are typically of inferior quality. Do not use these for your jewelry storage, unless you absolutely have to!

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If you are unable to find jewelry packaging at your local jewelry store or outlet, then consider purchasing jewelry cases from a variety of different online jewelry makers. These cases usually come with a lid that is made of thick, hot foil, which makes it very difficult for dust to enter the jewelry inside. This is particularly helpful if you have a large number of jewelries that you want to protect. Hot foil is also very easy to clean; simply remove the jewelry from the case, and wipe it down with a paper towel.

Other jewelry packaging supplies include tissue paper, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and jewelry boxes. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, then consider using colorful cellophane wraps. Again, make sure that the tissue paper is made of thick, hot foil, in order to prevent it from blowing away during shipping. The shrink wrap can be used for placing your jewelry in place, as well as storing it for a period of time until your package arrives. Just make sure that it has no holes in it before putting it inside the jewelry box!

Your jewelry brand reputation is also very important. Most reputable jewelers will be happy to provide you with samples of their packaging materials. In fact, many times the only thing you need to obtain these samples is access to your local jewelers. Just be sure that you don’t take advantage of your jeweler’s generosity!

One of the least expensive options when it comes to jewelry packaging supplies is plastic gift boxes. However, they are designed to protect delicate jewelry from damage. You can also get these gift boxes in several different sizes, so that you can send gift cards, candy, or anything else in them. If you can’t find a size that’s right for you, many online retailers offer custom sizes on their website.

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One last example of jewelry packaging supplies that you may want to consider is custom jewelry packaging for your customers. This type of personalized gift can also be given out before the items ship out, making it even more special. Just make sure that you give your customer the details of what kind of customization you think they might like!