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“When I wear my Seed & Sage jewelry from Mexico, I feel a sense of pride and connection to my heritage.” – Emma, a satisfied customer.

Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico is an online store providing quality handmade jewelry crafted in Mexico with love and care. All pieces are designed by experienced artisans using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Our collection offers a variety of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other adornments that are beautiful and unique. Each design has its own story – you can be sure no two pieces will be exactly the same!

Our goal is to stay as true to Mexican culture as possible while staying current with modern trends and styles. We use locally sourced materials to create each piece, giving you the opportunity to bring a little bit of Mexico into your life wherever you are in the world! Additionally, our team supports local artisans in Mexico by paying them fairly for their hard work. We also provide training opportunities that help protect these valuable skills so they might survive longer and benefit future generations.

What’s more is that our company gives back! We understand the communities we take inspiration from need our help and so 10% of all proceeds goes towards charitable organizations such as feeding programs in local villages and medical supply donations for remote areas.

Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico doesn’t just make jewelry – we preserve culture! From light-hearted festivals to significant historic ceremonies, each collection tells its own version of a rich cultural story. So what are you waiting for? Visit us online today to discover a whole new type of beauty inspired from treasured legacies found within Mexican tradition!

History of the Business

Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico is a jewelry and watch business located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, having been established in January 2020. The business was founded by siblings Jimena and Diego Rodriguez, who had a vision of creating handmade jewelry pieces inspired by their culture, passion for Mexican heritage and love for art.

Since its founding in 2020, Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico has grown to become one of the leading jewelry businesses in the country. Over the years, the business has turned out a variety of styles to suit different preferences and occasions. They have created eco-friendly lines such as woven stone bracelets, recycled materials earrings and natural gemstone necklaces that strive to bring out cultural influences like vibrant hues or ancient symbols.

2020 – Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico was founded by Jimena and Diego Rodriguez.
2020 – 2021 – Rapid growth experienced due to production of unique hand-crafted designs inspired by Mexican heritage and artistry.
2021 – Present – Emphasis shifted towards creating eco-friendly jewellery pieces using natural stones and recycled materials .


Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico offers unique, handmade pieces crafted with love and care. Their artisans create truly unique designs and styles utilizing traditional materials, contemporary techniques, and modern influence to produce one-of-a-kind pieces. The designs come from personal experiences, different cultures, and spiritual beliefs. Every piece incorporates seasonal flowers, vines, beads and charms in various combinations and are sold through wholesale distribution channels around the world.

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One of the standout pieces from Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico is the ‘Ojos de Dios’ earrings. The design pays homage to the Huichol culture as well as their symbol for protection against all harm. Crafted with natural materials consisting of crystal stone and macrame cotton thread intertwined together in a sacred geometry pattern, these earrings serve as daily reminders of life’s mysteries. Attached to them is a charm representing an eye that shelters its wearer from harm.

In addition to the Ojos de Dios earrings, Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico also creates necklaces featuring unique geometric shapes such as crescents or triangles that are either hand strung on a string or formed out of metal wire. In some cases, colorful stones or glass beads can be added to enhance the beauty of the necklace while being durable enough to last a lifetime due to its coating with resin seals to protect it from wear and tear over time. Various flowers such as sunflowers may also be incorporated into more intricate designs carefully sewn onto each piece to make it stand out even more! With a wide selection of styles available made with quality materials like leather or mesh fabric cording that allows their pieces to be worn in different ways – layered & layered yet easily removed for individual styling options – Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico continues to show why its products stand out among others!

Crafting Process

Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico is a small jewelry design brand based in Mexico City. This modern, minimalist jewelry line is crafted with close attention to detail and years of experience. The team behind Seed & Sage use traditional techniques for crafting the beautiful jewelry pieces. These include lost wax casting, chasing and repoussé — a method that involves hammering the metal from the reverse side to create relief designs — and polishing by old-style tools such as wood blocks, leather buffing wheels, tripoli powders and polishing pastes. Each piece is hand finished with fine details—a testament to the founders’ philosophy of creating unique and timeless pieces of wearable art.

Customer Benefits

At Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico, there are two main benefits customers can experience: an ethical and environmental benefit. All of the jewelry is ethically sourced and produced in Mexico meaning customers can be sure they are buying products made with the highest standards of care and workmanship. Additionally, Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico is conscious of environmental impacts in sourcing materials, production processes, and waste. As a result, all of the jewelry is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Social Impact

Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico, is a transformative and socially conscious jewelry line that features handmade, hand-woven and upcycled materials from artisans in Mexico. Seed & Sage strives to not only provide you with beautiful fashion-forward pieces but also to support the sustainable welfare of the artisan communities in Mexico.

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One of the ways Seed & Sage has been able to make an impact on their community are their sponsorships for minority programs across Mexico. By sponsoring these existing initiatives and causes that are already established in different regions of Mexico, Seed & Sage has created more opportunities for marginalized people such as single parents, elderly women, immigrants and those living in rural areas who can create these unique crafts on their own time while keeping them employed and giving back to their local communities.

In addition to supporting local efforts with minority programs, Seed & Sage has also generated powerful stories from some of its customers. One example is Maria who faced hardships growing up but had an unyielding determination to make something of her life. Maria found solace in creating handcrafted jewelry pieces which then inspired her to help other underprivileged women gain employment within her small hometown. Maria’s story resonated greatly within the community, inspiring other disadvantaged women by showing them that it was possible for them to make something out of nothing.

Events and Promotions

One great way to showcase Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico’s events and promotions is by posting pictures or videos on social media. Taking pictures at promotional events or filming promotional videos can help to publicize how our brand is getting involved in the local community. Images of Seed & Sage products being used or worn at events can also go a long way in promoting our jewelry combinations and providing affordable quality fashion accessories for consumers. Our online fans and followers will be able to appreciate the effort we put into the community, and be reminded of our wide range of stylish accessories available for them to purchase. Inviting friends, family members, and customers along to promotional events can lead to more networking opportunities too!


Shop Seed & Sage Jewelry Mexico’s unique, handmade pieces for the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. With each piece crafted with a social purpose at the forefront — from creating livelihoods in disadvantaged communities to supporting sustainable practices – your purchase will go towards creating meaningful change. Visit Seed & Sage Jewelry’s website to discover their story and shop now!

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