Sea La Vie Jewelry

Introduction to Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie Jewelry is an up-and-coming jewelry company with a unique focus on environmentally conscious designs. The company was started by two friends, Jessica and Amanda, who had a passion for jewelry-making and the environment. Their mission is to create beautiful pieces that are both stylish and sustainable.

The brand offers a variety of products ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, all made using recycled materials. Sea La Viejewelry specializes in creating pieces that use ocean debris such as sea glass beads, shells and driftwood accents. They also make use of ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones when necessary. To remain eco-friendly they utilize plant-based materials like cork instead of leather or synthetic materials in their packaging. Along with their commitment to sustainability, Sea La Vie takes pride in providing costumers with quality handmade pieces designed with love and care.

In addition to their signature eco-friendly jewelry, Sea La Vie offers a range of vintage items including antique brooches pins, necklaces and earrings for those interested in a more timeless look. The company works hard to find unique items from various sources around the world which guarantees that each piece offered is one of a kind. Furthermore, Sea La Vie donates 10% of its profits back into marine conservation efforts to help ocean life preservation while giving its customers peace of mind knowing they are supporting something meaningful when buying from them.

Unboxing Sea La Vie Jewelry

The package of Sea La Vie jewelry unboxing was full of surprises. Inside, I found a beautiful necklace with a delicate handcrafted gold nugget attached to it. The nugget had been polished and set with precious stones, creating an exquisite piece of jewelry, and the intricate detailing added to its uniqueness.

In addition to the necklace, the unboxing included a special card which detailed the care instructions for keeping my piece sparkling clean. This was a great touch since it reminded me that Sea La Vie puts extra emphasis on quality craftsmanship, even beyond the design of their products. The included butterfly pouch was also soft and silky, providing just the right amount of protection when carrying my new necklace around.

The most exciting discovery, however, were two smaller boxes inside: one held several birthstones cut into different shapes as charms for customizing my necklace according to my own personal style; the other had some waxed leather cords which could be used to add pendants without having to use any tools or clasps! This showed me how much care and effort went into designing this stunning jewelry range from Sea La Vie. I felt really taken care of whilst unboxing the package from them – the true sign of luxury!

The Design Process Behind Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie Jewelry focuses on creating timeless pieces with an artful craftsmanship that celebrates the beauty of nature. Their unique design process starts with the careful selection of ethically sourced stones, materials and metals to create a sustainable product. Each item is crafted by skilled artisans who use traditional jewelry making techniques to shape, cut and polish the materials into stunning jewelry pieces. The creative team then works together to arrange these individual pieces in order to compose a comprehensive design for every piece of jewelry. Every aspect of their designs is tailored to balance modern sensibility with classic style. To make sure that each product truly embodies Sea La Vie Jewelry’s spirit, all finished products are checked and inspected for quality assurance before they are released for sale. As attention to detail is essential in the creation of their high-end handcrafted jewelry, they guarantee that every customer will receive a one-of-a-kind item made with meticulous care and dedication. Their goal is to bring out lasting beauty and adornment that captures the essence of sea life throughout their collections.

The Meaning Behind Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie Jewelry originated in California, and it is all about embracing the free-spirited beach lifestyle found in California. The name itself translates to “so be it” or “that’s life”, and it encourages people to live life by their own rules while being thankful and optimistic. Every piece of Sea La Vie jewelry has something special behind its design. Whether it’s the way the beads are arranged, the gemstones chosen for each item, or even something as simple as the type of cord used, everything was designed with intention and purpose. Each piece is created in hopes that someone will find connection to their own stories within them. Sea La Vie Jewelry also emphasizes sustainability because every product is made with materials that are sourced responsibly. Furthermore, a portion of proceeds from every sale goes towards environmental causes. Customers wearing these products can feel good knowing that they are supporting sustainable fashion and protecting our planet at the same time!

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Styling Tips for Wearing Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie jewelry is a beautiful and unique way to accessorize. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or daring, this company has a vast selection of pieces that will make anyone stand out. Here are some tips on how to style Sea La Vie jewelry:

• Start subtle – A piece of elegant Sea La Vie jewelry makes a great starting point for any ensemble. Start with something simple such as a delicate necklace or bracelet. This allows you to express yourself without overdoing it.

• Layer up – Adding multiple pieces from the same collection allows you to make a bold statement. For example, consider layering multiple necklaces of different lengths, or wearing multiple bracelets from one set.

• Add color – Make your look more interesting by including pieces with some color in them such as blue earrings or a bright green necklace chain. This can bring attention to the more subtle shades in the rest of your outfit, making them stand out even more.

• Experiment – Don’t be afraid to pair different types of jewelry together! Wearing both statement and delicate pieces together creates an eye-catching contrast that expresses your unique personality and amplifies your looks.

Overall, Sea La Vie is the perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish accessories that make their outfits stand out. Keep these tips in mind when pairing their jewelry with whatever outfit you choose – and don’t forget have fun!

Latest Sea La Vie Jewelry Trends

Sea La Vie Jewelry is the perfect combination of coastal vibes and timeless styles. From delicate seashell necklaces to unique turquoise bracelets, they have something to offer for everyone who loves the beauty of the beach. Sea La Vie Jewelry specializes in statement pieces that bring out your natural beauty and reflect your love for all things ocean-related. Their designs are inspired by everything from classic seaside symbols like dolphins and anchors to more abstract forms, such as waveforms or seahorses.

This year, Sea La Vie Jewelry is introducing several new trends in handcrafted jewelry that truly stand out from the traditional beads and charms of years past. The newest styles incorporate more vibrant colors and interesting shapes, ranging from metallic geometric shapes to semi-precious multicolored stones. By incorporating these modern touches into their designs, Sea La Vie Jewelry has created one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to become instant favorites for any beachside dweller or wave chaser alike. They even have a selection of colorful charms and meaningful pendants that beautifully capture the essence of life by the sea with inspirational quotes engraved in them such as “Make Today Incredible” or “Take A Chance On Adventure” etched on charming starfish charm pendants. Fashionable turquoise earrings, layered necklaces featuring shells and stones, sun shaped charms and artfully beaded anklets are just some of the many exciting pieces available from this popular brand. No matter what look you’re going for – boho chic, classic island style, ocean glamour – Sea La Vie Jewelry has something special for you!

Seasonal Styling Ideas with Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie jewelry has quickly become one of the most sought-after accessories for stylish women around the world. Their collection is a mix of classic and modern designed pieces that combine the beauty of natural elements with sophisticated designs. With their wide range of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you’ll be sure to find something perfect to coordinate with your wardrobe.

Spring: For Springtime occasions, try layering delicate necklaces or styling a set of turquoise stud earrings with a yellow geode necklace for an elegant look. Coordinate with a breezy pastel sundress for an effortless feel.

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Summer: For a stylish summer look, stack Sea La Vie bangles on your wrist and accessorize with brightly colored beachy stone studs. Protect paper thin gold chains from scratches by wearing them under gauzy blouses and tanks.

Fall: As Autumn approaches, switch out lighter metals for heavier ones such as rose gold to cozy up your fall ensembles. Try creating the perfect fall-to-winter transition outfit by pairing slim cut jeans or trousers with chunky cables and layer turquoise cuffs to add subtle color pops that will keep you polished all season long!

Winter: To stay chic during Winter weather conditions, style intricately detailed long pendants over sweaters in deep hues such as emerald green or garnet red. Accessorize it with earrings shaped like seashells or snowflakes or try bold statement rings featuring sapphires or diamonds for an added warmth to any cold night out on the town!

Best Ways to Care for Sea La Vie Jewelry

When caring for Sea La Vie jewelry, it is important to take a few extra steps to ensure its longevity. Here are some of the best methods to keep your pieces looking their best:

1. Avoid contact with water: One of the most effective ways to take care of your Sea La Vie jewelry is to avoid contact with water. This will help protect it from tarnishing or warping due to contact with moisture. Additionally, be careful about wearing your jewelry when swimming or participating in other activities that involve being submerged in or exposed to water.

2. Store away from direct sunlight and heat: When not wearing your Sea La Vie jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place away from windows and other sources of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to bright light can cause fading and discoloration over time so it’s best to keep your pieces safely stored and out of sight when not in use.

3. Clean and polish regularly: Along with avoiding contact with the elements, regular cleaning and polishing will drastically extend the life of your jewelry pieces. To clean them, simply use a soft cloth or duster on all surfaces of the piece and be sure not to use any harsh chemicals that may damage the finish or stone settings. For heavy build-up or tarnishing, you can also use natural cleaning solutions like diluted white vinegar or a mild dish soap mixed with lukewarm water for extra shine and luster!

Where to Buy Sea La Vie Jewelry

Sea La Vie Jewelry is a unique and beautiful collection of handmade jewelry that celebrates the ocean. Featuring sea life pendants, earrings, and necklaces made with stunning sterling silver components and vibrant colored gems, this one-of-a-kind collection makes great gifts for beach lovers! Whether you’re looking for something truly special or a timeless classic piece, Sea La Vie Jewelry has something for everyone. You can purchase these lovely accessories online or at retailers around the world who specialize in artisan jewelry. For those near Sarasota, FLorida, USA you can find Sea La Vie at The Silver Macaw Boutique & Gallery located on the waterfront of Historic Spanish Point. Here you will find a carefully selected variety of beach inspired and ocean related jewlery that changes monthly to appeal to their customers.


Sea La Vie Jewelry is indeed an outstanding choice for any occasion, no matter how big or small. From their brilliantly crafted bracelets and necklaces to their breathtakingly beautiful earrings and rings, each piece of jewelry is sure to impress. Each item in the Collection is created with fine quality materials such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones that stand the test of time. This ensures each customer get a luxurious piece of jewelry they can treasure for generations to come. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their pieces so if something ever happens, you can send it back for repair or replacement. With Sea La Vie’s customer friendly policies and superior craftsmanship, there is no doubt that they provide a excellent choice for any special moment in life.