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Schwartz Jewelry has been a family-run business for over two centuries, tracing its prestigious history back to 1812 when the first designs were created under the Schwartz family name. The company is known around the world for their high-end luxury jewelry crafted from only the finest materials available. Gold and gemstones are carefully sourced by experienced buyers to ensure that only items of the highest quality pass inspection. They have a rigorous quality control process and take great pride in crafting each piece with expert artisanship to create timeless styles that stand out on any occasion.

Rooted in Schawrtz’s core values, they strive to promoting ethical practices at every stage of production. From sourcing materials to maintaining contact with suppliers, they strive to work beyond compliance of applicable laws and industry standards while preserving natural resources and supporting their stakeholders. These values also extend into their customer relationships, providing excellent services and thoughtful solutions tailored to customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is always their top priority as they believe that trust is earned through providing exceptional value beyond just products but also through an enjoyable shopping experience.

Creative and Unique Designs

Schwartz Jewelry offers a stunning portfolio of creative and unique jewelry designs. Every piece is crafted from the finest quality materials such as 18K gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. Customers can find one-of-a-kind works of art showcasing the most original and captivating designs. Whether you’re looking for an elegant necklace or sparkling ring that sparkles with diamonds, Schwartz has something to meet all tastes and budgets. They also offer a bespoke service so customers can customize their own pieces of jewelry to match their personal style. Alongside traditional pieces, they also have an extensive range of statement pieces which feature bold colors, avant-garde shapes and styles. If you’re looking to make a statement through your jewelry, then Schwartz has the perfect collection for you. Their collections are always up to date with the latest trends in jewelry design and quality control measures are rigorously monitored at every stage to ensure their items are of the highest quality. Every piece of Schwartz Jewelry comes with a satisfaction guarantee – putting their customers’ minds at ease knowing that any purchase from one of their ranges will last for years to come.

Quality Assurance

Schwartz Jewelry takes great pride in the rigorous quality assurance process they follow to ensure customers receive only the best products. Every piece of jewelry that is handcrafted by the talented artisans at Schwartz Jewelry passes through a multi-step inspection, ensuring customer satisfaction and perfection.
The first step of this process is selecting only high-quality components for each piece of jewelry. Before any raw materials are purchased, they are inspected for blemishes, uniformity, and durability. After the construction phase, each piece of jewelry is examined for precisely cut gemstones, beautiful polish, and strength against wear.
The second step includes using specialized equipment to examine every detail of each piece. This includes static electricity tests and quality X-ray images which allow for a microscopic view of all the delicate details involved in creating a stunning product.
The third and final step in Schwartz’s quality assurance process involves individual human evaluation from experienced professionals who have an eye for detail and excellence. They carefully inspect and review each item created with a multitude of high standards before releasing it to the public as certified Schwartz Jewelry.
By following these rigorous steps, Schwartz Jewelry guarantees customers will receive nothing but beautiful artisan pieces built with exceptional craftsmanship that stand up to everyday wear and tear. They continue to work diligently to provide reliable service while upholding their dedication to producing stunning pieces of jewelry designed with love.

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Customization Services

Schwartz Jewelry has a team of experienced jewelers who specialize in jewelry customization services. Whether it’s creating a one-of-a-kind wedding or engagement ring, restoring a family heirloom, or revamping an old piece of jewelry with modern elements, Schwartz Jewelry can find the perfect solution to fit their clients’ needs and wishes. All of their work is done with skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that the product meets their customers’ highest expectations.

The designers at Schwartz Jewelry take great care in understanding what their customers are looking for, listening to their ideas, helping them choose the best materials and stones, and suggesting options and upgrades that may not have previously been considered. They use sophisticated laser technology as well as traditional techniques depending on the complexity of the design. No project is too small or too large for them to handle.

The process starts with a consultation about the customer’s desired outcome and budget. Schwartz Jewelry then uses computer designs to create wax molds for precise detailing before moving forward with creating prototypes for refining design elements further if needed. Once the customer is satisfied with the prototype version, they can cast the final piece, polish it up and set any necessary stones all within their Gold Coast studio location.

Schwartz Jewelry values quality above all else when it comes to custom designs. Their experienced artisans strive to make sure that each piece crafted ” big or small ” will be something truly special that exceeds all expectations as well as last beyond lifetimes!

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Schwartz Jewelry has earned a well-deserved reputation for its excellent quality and outstanding customer service. Scores of customers have posted glowing reviews of the jewelry store on sites like Yelp, Google and Trustpilot. Many people have commented on how they were delighted with the selection of pieces they were able to find, as well as how helpful and friendly the staff was throughout their experience. For those looking for special objects, custom pieces or original designs, Schwartz Jewelry offers a range of services and a breathtakingly beautiful selection to satisfy any taste. Customers also highlight how reassuring it is that Schwartz uses only responsibly sourced materials in both their production processes and their final products. As one customer aptly put it: “The attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship you find at Schwartz makes buying jewelry something you can cherish forever”. With such positive feedback from satisfied customers, it is no surprise that so many come back time after time for their next piece of jewellery purchase!

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Shopping Deals and Opportunities

Schwartz Jewelry is the perfect place for all of your jewelry needs, from fashion trends to special occasions. They have a variety of deals and opportunities that can help you find the perfect piece without spending too much money. Whether you’re looking for a simple pair of earrings or something more elaborate, Schwartz will have something perfect for you.

The most popular deal at Schwartz Jewelry is their “Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off” promotion, which offers customers the chance to purchase two items at half-price. Additionally, they frequently run seasonal sales where certain pieces are discounted up to 50%. Customers can also take advantage of their loyalty program which rewards members with exclusive discounts and special offers throughout the year. Furthermore, any orders over $75 get free shipping in the US and Canada!

For those looking for more unique pieces, Schwartz offers custom-made jewelry as well. Their talented goldsmiths will work with customers to create a one-of-a-kind piece that satisfies any beauty desire and style preference. They also offer repairs on items purchased from them and they will recycle old gold into new pieces so customers won’t feel guilty when they want to add an extra sparkle to their collection. Finally, they host regular events in stores including shopping parties, trunk shows and styling sessions offering personalized advice on how to create various looks featuring their products.


Schwartz Jewelry is a family-run business that was founded with the intent of providing beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces for their customers. They stand by the values of authenticity, outstanding customer service and trustworthiness. Customers shopping with Schwartz Jewelry can expect to receive quality jewelry at reasonable prices, made from genuine materials and crafted with care. As a company dedicated to creating memories through precious pieces, Schwartz Jewelry provides customers with jewellery that is both elegant and timeless.

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