Santa Fe Beads Jewelry

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry is known for its unique, imaginative and eye-catching designs which have been inspiring jewelry lovers around the world since 1974. From the classic traditional Southwestern styles to the contemporary modern lines, those looking for charming pieces can always find something special when shopping with Santa Fe Beads.

The most popular collections produced by Santa Fe Beads Jewelry are their iconic handmade beads, pendants and other adornments crafted from natural stones and minerals found in Santiago Atitlán Guatemala. These artful items are highly sought after and make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Another popular item in the Santa Fe Beads line are their heirloom pieces showcasing intricate silver filigree work and stunning gemstones combined to create one of a kind precious jewelry. The Enchants Collection is also quite popular as it brings together unrefined meteorite rocks, bronze casts of shells and other crystal gems with finely handcrafted sterling silver settings.

Customers in search for meaningful jewelry that conveys love and connection appreciate these symbolic yet stylish design sold exclusively by Santa Fe Beads.

For those who desire an accessible option for high quality silver jewelry with a global feel, there is no better choice than the Earthen Originals from Santa Fe Beads Jewelry. This collection includes diverse pieces that feature unusual shapes in multi metallic hues combined with Swarovski crystals or Zirconium stones adding just the right amount of sparkle.

The Timeless Treasures Collection offers equally mesmerizing options this time featuring brass base mixes topped with shimmering gemstones such as Peridot, Pink Opal or Turquoise resembling some of Mexico’s wealthiest vibrant culture influences in minimalistic designs. Lastly let us not forget about the Statement Rings & Bracelets with thick bands adorned with intricate etching perfect for those looking to showcase their individuality without compromising on quality or budget.

Finally amid all these fantastic options developed by Santa Fe Beads Jewelry we cannot overlook their Stacking Rings & Bracelets which vary between simple minimalist structures to more elaborate iterations featuring bold colours bound to turn heads wherever you go. With numerous creative design possibilities this collection allows customers to express themselves freely through a combination of texture, tone-on-tone colour palettes or bits of sparkle here and there depending on each person’s individual taste.

It is creations like these that makes Santa Fe Beads such an appreciated establishment appreciated both at home and abroad across four decades now.

DIY Projects and Tutorials

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry offers a multitude of ways to accessorise and make unique pieces of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion. Not only does this store have a huge selection of dazzling beads, findings and supplies, there are also do-it-yourself projects and tutorials to learn from.

One particular gem among the tutorials is the way to create a memory wire bracelet using beads from Santa Fe Beads Jewelry. This project is ideal for both jewelry making beginners and enthusiast alike. The tutorial works through every step with photos and descriptions, so you won’t miss a beat. Best of all, it only takes about 30 minutes or less to complete the tutorial so now you can have that special piece more quickly than ever before.

Other do-it-yourself projects that Santa Fe Beads Jewelry provides covers topics such as kumihimo jewelry, bead stitching, knotting techniques, beaded jewelry designs and much more. Some of the project tutorials comes complete with complimentary items like fused glass pendants or sterling silver charms. These additional items can easily elevate the craftsmanship of your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece…allowing your style to stand out from the crowd even more.

So why not stop by Santa Fe Beads Jewelry today? With an abundance of beautiful beads, tools and supplies plus great projects and tutorials you’ll be able to make custom pieces of exquisite jewellery in no time at all.

Photos and Video

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry offers unique and beautiful pieces that make excellent gifts. Whether you’re looking for a stunning necklace or an earring set, this jewelry store has an array of items to choose from. They carefully handpick each bead and every piece is truly special. From the simple and understated to the bright and bold, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Not only does Santa Fe Beads offer a wide range of jewelry, they also provide high-quality images and video of their finished pieces. Seeing what a piece looks like on an actual person helps buyers really visualize themselves wearing the jewelry, making it easier to commit to their purchase. The fine details are captured perfectly in these photos, giving visitors a true sense of the quality available from this store.

The videos showcase the unique designs along with how light reflects off each item, offering viewers insight into different ways various colors can be used together. These visuals provide descriptions for those who need visual assistance when selecting their items which ultimately makes it easier for customers when deciding what piece they want without having to physically touch them first.

Quartz Mosaic Beaded Jewelry

The skilled designers at Santa Fe Beads take customer satisfaction seriously and understand that people need more than just seeing an item on display before they make a purchase decision. A well-crafted photo or video can turn any potential customer into a satisfied customer by providing them with all the information they need before adding any piece to their shopping cart.

As such, Santa Fe Beads provides customers with beautiful pictures along with videos that capture every little detail about their pieces adding even more value for money for their clients out there.

Customer Reviews

It was the 3rd birthday of my daughter and I had to get her something special. Luckily, I heard about Santa Fe Beads Jewelry and decided to check it out. Upon arriving at their showroom in downtown Santa Fe, I was amazed by the sheer amount of beautiful jewelry pieces they had. It took me awhile to narrow down which piece to buy for my daughter, but eventually found one that was just perfect.

Not only did it have a lot of well-crafted beads, but it also held sentimental value with the intricate design. The staff was incredibly helpful throughout my process of selecting the right item for my daughter’s birthday; providing insight and suggestions for me on what items go best together. When I got back home after making my purchase, my daughter absolutely loved the gift.

I’ve gone back multiple times since then because I’m never disappointed with the quality and selection of jewelry at Santa Fe Beads Jewelry. They always have new items in stock and I find a piece every time that speaks to me in some way or another.

Even if you’re on a budget there’s lots of options; from necklace pendants made from Turquoise beads all the way up to Silver sculptures costing thousands of dollars – so regardless you can likely find something interesting that suits your personal style within your price range. The store policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or no money back – so you don’t even have to worry about wasting your money if you’re unhappy with your purchase – very convenient.

On top of being visually appealing, all products sold at Santa Fe Beads Jewelry are ethically crafted with raw materials sourced from around the world – meaning no pieces will ever be mass-produced. This is important to me whenever purchasing jewelry as cheating people out who produced these works should not be supported any further than it already has been through decades past.

As someone who prioritizes fair wages this really struck a chord with me plus it adds another layer to why each bead deserves our attention when we wear them out in public. All in all, this shop is one I would recommend visiting if ever in Santa Fe because no matter how many times you come back there will always be something new and exciting here worth discovering.


Santa Fe Beads Jewelry is a creative workplace, providing customers with uniquely designed handmade pieces that they can wear and treasure for years. The space itself is filled with an array of colorful gemstones, exotic beads, sparkling crystals and intricate findings that fill drawers and spills over onto shelves – all the ingredients needed to make one-of-a-kind creations. It’s a place full of inspiration and ideas, where artisans come together to create unique pieces of jewelry.

At Santa Fe Beads Jewelry we want our customers to know what goes into creating their jewelry. We offer behind-the-scenes tours that take visitors on a journey as we guide them around our workshop as we take them through our creative process from start to finish.

Our team will explain each step of the jewelry-making process from sourcing the finest quality materials from local vendors, discussing design options with clients, hand selecting each bead and crystal for each piece, wire wrapping using different techniques for desired effects; to finishing processes such as hammering and polishing all by hand in order to achieve perfect results.

Visitors will get the chance to ask questions about certain processes or materials used during these interactive workshops which we also consider as educational sessions so both newbies and experienced ‘jewelers’ alike walk away feeling knowledgeable about the creation process. During these tutorials visitors can see us working at our benches while they listen, observe and recreate their own pieces under the guidance of experienced jewellery makers right then and there.

At the end a unique souvenir is taken home – a tangible creation born out of creativity that customers are proud to share.

Themed Looks

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry is a great way to add a unique style to any look. With their beautiful pieces and eclectic designs, buyers can add some flair to any ensemble. Santa Fe Beads Jewelry has everything from long and dangle earrings to heavy chokers and statement rings, so there’s something for everyone. One of the best ways to show off these unique pieces is with themed looks.

For example, a summertime look might include an airy sundress paired with sandals or wedges and finished off by accessorizing with some statement beaded jewelry like chunky cuffs and glinting necklaces. Make sure to choose bright colors that pop against the warm tones of summer, such as turquoise, coral, or jade.

How To Make Beaded Jewelry With Stretch Cord

An evening look could be a slim fitting black dress accented by sleek bracelets and bedazzling chandelier earrings in shades of pewter. The idea is to mix bold materials like agate or chalcedony with more delicate silver finishes to create an ethereal balance between casual and formal styles.

For those looking for something more subtle but still stylish, Santa Fe Beads Jewelry also has an array of gemstones that are perfect for everyday wear. Stackable rings come in sets of three or four like onyx pendants and opal bracelets that bring together different stones without overdoing it.

Try wearing an arrangement of subtle colored gemstones against neutrals such as white or gray for a put-together yet laid back look without having to go overboard with too much flashiness. Together any ensemble can have an elevated feel when accessorized well.

Price Points

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry is a unique jewelry store that specializes in hand crafted jewelry made from an array of semi-precious stones, beads, and more. With locations in New Mexico and Texas, this company strives to provide beautiful pieces of jewelry at affordable prices. To expand its reach to a larger audience and make the products more accessible to a wider range of customers, Santa Fe Beads Jewelry offers a variety of price points for their items.

The store features pieces ranging anywhere from $20 bracelets to high end statement necklaces valued at over $200. From casual pieces that can be worn on a daily basis or special occasion ones for those dressed-up events, there is something for everyone.

This kind of range allows customers from varying income levels to shop from the same brand without feeling excluded due to the cost of certain items. Both mid-range and luxe options are available giving customers the chance to stock up on standard accessories for when they’re running low aka adding fall and winter collections at lower costs just in time for these seasons.

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry focuses heavily on customization as well, so you can be sure each piece you grab is one-of-a-kind no matter how much it costs. Customers are able to customize their items by incorporating beads or stones that appeal most to them, making designing their own vibrant masterpiece easier than ever before.

Semi precious stones such as jadeite, topaz, zirconia and onyx add sophistication while pops of color with Turquoise and Amethyst add whimsy with prices changing depending on the stone chosen yet still accessible overall.

Whether shopping for an accessory yourself or searching out gifts for loved ones , Santa Fe Beads Jewelry will have something in your range. With such a variety of price points showcased in store people no longer need look elsewhere for stylish pieces at amazing prices.

Social Media

Santa Fe Beads Jewelry is an online jewelry store that specializes in custom handmade bead necklace, bracelets and earrings. All of the pieces are made with genuine natural stones and high quality metal beads to really make your piece stand out beautifully.

They also offer a wide range of charm necklaces and cuffs that can be personalized with birthstones, initials and special images. Santa Fe Beads Jewelry‘s mission is to build custom pieces that are as unique as their customers so no two pieces will ever be the same.

As a business they have begun to invest heavily in social media marketing to drive more customers to their website. One of their most successful campaigns has been embedding posts/shares of user-submitted images wearing Santa Fe Beads Jewelry on their Instagram page.

Every image shared on this page truly stands testament to the beauty, uniqueness and quality of all their handcrafted items on offer. When users share photos featuring Santa Fe Beads Jewelry it helps to create more awareness of the brand, show off how stunning their products look once worn and encourages potential customers to purchase from them too.

Another major benefit of using social media is being able provide customer support directly through these channels quickly and efficiently, particularly for Santa Fe Beads’ large customer base located around the world. The company can use this tool to answer customer questions or address any concerns they may have about purchasing items online, providing valuable resources such as measurements and care tips for future jewelry purchases too.

As well as providing useful information they can also promote any new items or discounts available at any time so users know what deals or promotions may be worthwhile taking advantage of.

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