Sam’s Club Jewelry Return Policy

Introduction to Sam’s Club Jewelry Return Policy

Sam’s Club prides itself on carrying the highest quality jewelry for its members. However, should a member be unsatisfied with their purchase, they can return part or all of an order under Sam’s Club Jewelry Return Policy. Depending on how the jewelry was purchased, returns can be done in store or online.

When returning items to Sam’s Club, customers will need to bring the original packaging and accessories along with their receipt to either one of the Sam’s Club stores or contact Sam’s Club Member Care Services at 1-888-543-7276 to process their return by mail. If a customer brings back merchandise in less than satisfactory condition, Sam’s Club reserves the right to deny a full refund or exchange.

In terms of refunds and exchanges when returning jewelry, Sam’s Club applies a “Last Sale Rule.” All refunds and exchanges are based off the item/items last sale price; discounts from coupons used at checkout are not taken into consideration when processing returns and exchanges for jewelry. Furthermore if paperwork is required for an exchange (like an appraisal) it must be accompanied with any returned item/items at time of drop off/pick up. For bulk purchases (10+ of single item), please contact Customer Service at 1-888-543-7276 for support prior to initiating return process.

We hope this overview has helped clarify our return policies for our members seeking out refunds and/or exchanges on fine jewelry items purchased through Sam’s Club!

Eligibility Requirements for Jewelry Returns

Sam’s Club allows customers to return jewelry that was purchased in-store or online within 90 days of the original purchase date. However, some items have an additional 7 day return period after their in-store pickup. Eligible jewelry purchases include items such as, but not limited to, necklaces, rings, earrings, and watches. Engraved items are not eligible for a return if they contain personalization beyond what was offered at the time of purchase. Additionally all jewelry refunds must include all accompanying accessories, such as warranty cards and/or care instructions. Lastly, be sure to verify any accompanying paperwork is included with the specific item being returned before bringing it into Sam’s Club for processing your return.

How to Make a Jewelry Return at Sam’s Club

Step 1 – Check with your Sam’s Club Membership desk to verify that you have a valid receipt for the item purchased. All jewelry returns must be accompanied by original packaging and related products such as paperwork or tags.

Step 2 – Pack the item carefully for return shipping. Make sure it is securely enclosed in a box and any loose items are packaged separately. Also ensure that all relevant documents, such as proof of purchase, receipts, and certificates of authenticity, are included in the shipment.

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Step 3 – Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Sam’s Club before shipping back any jewelry items. The RMA number will enable them to track your return request more efficiently and ensures that they can process your return quicker if needed. It also helps prevent lost items!

Step 4 – Ship the package via an insured service provider such as USPS Insured Mail or UPS Insured Mail to ensure safe delivery back to the Sam’s Club retail location indicated on the RMA paperwork. Make sure to document all tracking information in order to keep track of its progress during transit.

Step 5 – Once receipt of your jewelry item has been confirmed at Sam’s club, their internal teams will review the details provided on the RMA paperwork to process your return either by exchanging or refunding you for the full purchase price including applicable taxes (if applicable). All refund processes may take up to several weeks before approval is received, so please allow sufficient timing for this procedure.

Refunds & Exchanges

Sam’s Club offers customers refunds for jewelry purchased in store or online. Customers may return their jewelry within 90 days of purchase for a full refund as long as it’s still in new condition, with the original packaging and receipt. Refunds will be made according to your original payment method.

If customers are returning an item beyond the 90-day satisfaction guarantee, they’ll be offered a Sam’s Club merchandise card equal in value to the item at the time of purchase. To return an item after 90 days, simply take it into any Sam’s Club store along with your membership card and your receipt. If you don’t have proof of purchase, store credit will be based on the lowest sale price during each of the last 30 days prior to bringing the item back to Sam’s Club.

Items that were ordered online can be returned by mail or through a designated courier service. All other returns must be done in person at a local Sam’s Club store for processing. While retailers may offer free return shipping for qualifying purchases, all returned items are subject to product inspection prior to issuing credit or refunding your account.

Common Scenarios & Questions

Q1: Can jewelry bought from Sam’s Club be returned?

A1: Yes, jewelry bought from Sam’s Club can be returned. Please note that the return policy varies by product type. In general, jewelry purchased from Sam’s Club is subject to the same return policy as any other item. This includes items bought in-store and online via third party sellers. If a piece of jewelry needs to be replaced due to a defect or unsatisfactory performance, customers may exchange it within 90 days of purchase.

Q2: What happens if I don’t have my receipt or proof of purchase?

A2: Customers do need their original receipt or proof of purchase to process most returns at Sam’s Club. However, in certain cases where there is no receipt available, special accommodations such as store credit may be available. To find out what your options are in this situation, please contact the Member Care team directly for assistance.

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Tips & Strategies for a Smooth Return

When considering returning an item of jewelry purchased from Sam’s Club, it is important to take the time to thoroughly understand the store’s return policy. Following are some tips and strategies for ensuring a successful return process:

1. Read the Return Policy Carefully — Before attempting to make a jewelry return at Sam’s Club, be sure to read their return policy carefully. Pay particular attention to all information about restocking fees, processing times for refunds/responses, any deadline for returns, and return shipping costs, if applicable.

2. Package Properly — Use protective packaging when returning jewelry items. This is one way to ensure that the items are not lost or damaged in transit. Additionally, consider purchasing return shipping insurance in case the package is lost or damaged while being returned.

3. Keep All Supporting Documents and Shipping Receipts — Make sure to include all original documentation and references with a jewelry return; including sales receipts and manufacturer warranties. Be sure to purchase tracking and delivery confirmation numbers when shipping any item(s). These will act as evidence that the item was sent/received when making a refund claim with Sam’s Club or if issues arise later on during dispute resolution processes.


The blog post provided a wealth of information regarding Sam’s Club Jewelry Return Policy, including details such as the time frame in which returns must be made, what damages are acceptable for returns and how to get a refund or exchange. In conclusion, all items purchased from Sam’s Club will be accepted for return or exchange within 60 days of purchase with reasonable proof of purchase such as an original or gift receipt. With reasonable proof of purchase, most jewelry items can be returned in unused condition with all original packaging intact and tags still attached. Refunds are granted using the same form of payment used for purchase, up to the current value on manufacturer’s invoices. For more information about Sam’s Club Jewelry Return Policy, please visit their website or contact their customer service team directly.

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