rocket_lazy = mutation.addedNodes[i].getElementsByClassName(‘rocket-lazyload’);

What is the rocket_lazy Variable?

The rocket_lazy variable is a JavaScript code snippet used to retrieve elements that have been added to the DOM (Document Object Model) via mutation. It is used to identify elements that have been added to the DOM via mutation and get their class name so that lazy loading – a web development technique – can be applied to certain web page elements.

How Does the rocket_lazy Variable Work?

The rocket_lazy variable when executed goes through a for loop for each of the nodes that were added via mutation. Through the for loop, it will look for elements with the class name ‘rocket-lazyload’; if found, it will add the appropriate lazy load code to the element that was found.

Why is the rocket_lazy Variable Used?

The use of the rocket_lazy variable is to enable lazy loading on certain web page elements. Lazy loading is an optimization technique that enables web developers to improve performance by only loading resources when they are needed. It can be used to delay the loading of images, videos and other elements on a web page.

By adding the appropriate lazy loading code with the rocket_lazy variable, developers are able to optimize their web pages to reduce the amount of time it takes to load, as well as improve user experience by making certain elements load only when needed. This can ultimately lead to better ranking in organic searches, as web page speed and performance are one of the main SEO factors.

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The rocket_lazy variable is a compact JavaScript code snippet used to retrieve elements from the DOM that have been added via mutation and apply lazy loading on those certain elements. By using the rocket_lazy variable and applying lazy loading, web developers are able to optimize their web pages for a better user experience and better rankings in organic search terms.

What is the purpose of ‘rocket_lazy’ in mutation.addedNodes[i].getElementsByClassName(‘rocket-lazyload’)?

The purpose of ‘rocket_lazy’ is to help reduce the loading time of a web page by lazily loading elements that are not currently required by the page. By using DOM mutation monitoring to detect what content is being added to the page, only elements that are required to be visible can be loaded upfront, thereby decreasing the total load time of the page. By using ‘rocket_lazy’ in mutation.addedNodes[i].getElementsByClassName(‘rocket-lazyload’), the javascript code is able to identify elements with the class name ‘rocket-lazyload’, allowing the addition of the required lazy load code.

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