.rll-youtube-playerposition:relative;padding-bottom:56.23%;height:0;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;.rll-youtube-player iframeposition:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:100;background:0 0.rll-youtube-player imgbottom:0;display:block;left:0;margin:auto;max-width:100%;width:100%;position:absolute;right:0;top:0;border:none;height:auto;cursor:pointer;-webkit-transition:.4s all;-moz-transition:.4s all;transition:.4s all.rll-youtube-player img:hover-webkit-filter:brightness(75%).rll-youtube-player .playheight:72px;width:72px;left:50%;top:50%;margin-left:-36px;margin-top:-36px;position:absolute;background:url(https://www.jewelrycarats.com/wp-content/plugins/rocket-lazy-load/assets/img/youtube.png) no-repeat;cursor:pointer.wp-has-aspect-ratio .rll-youtube-playerposition:absolute;padding-bottom:0;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;bottom:0;left:0;right:0

What Does “.rll-youtube-player” Mean?

The .rll-youtube-player style is a way of formatting the YouTube player to make sure it takes up the entire available space, while still being responsive and maintaining the same aspect ratio. This allows for it to fit any size container, and for the YouTube video to fit perfectly, no matter the size of the user’s browser window or device.

How .rll-youtube-player Is Used For YouTube Videos

Position, Padding and Height

The .rll-youtube-player style includes settings for position, padding and height in order to ensure that the YouTube player fits its container. It defines relative positioning, removes any padding and sets the height to 0. This helps the YouTube player take up the entire available space while maintaining its aspect ratio.

Max Width

The .rll-youtube-player style also sets the maximum width of the YouTube player to 100%. This ensures that the YouTube player will always fit in its container and will be responsive, no matter the size of the user’s browser or device.

Additional Styling

The style also provides additional styling for when the video is hovered, as well as styling for the play button that appears when the video is not playing. This allows the YouTube video to fit in perfectly with the rest of the page and look more professional.

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The .rll-youtube-player style is a great way to make sure that YouTube videos fit perfectly in any size container and look professional and responsive, regardless of the size of the user’s browser or device. By setting the position, padding, height and max width, the player is able to take up the entire available space and maintain the same aspect ratio. Additionally, the style provides additional styling for the hover and play button for a polished look.

What is the purpose of the .rll-youtube-player class in CSS?

The .rll-youtube-player class in CSS is used to define the style of YouTube players. It allows you to control the height, width, margins, rotation, visibility and other properties of the player. It can also be used to adjust the space that the player takes up on the page, make the player responsive, and provide additional styling for when the player is hovered. This helps to make sure that the YouTube video fits perfectly within its container, and that it looks great no matter what size the user’s device is.

What is the syntax for the .rll-youtube-player class in CSS?

The syntax for the .rll-youtube-player class in CSS is as follows:

.rll-youtube-player {

width: 600px;

height: 450px;

position: relative;

margin: auto;


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