Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies

Introduction to Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is a leading American jewelry supplies provider located in Albany, New York. They work with designers, artisans and industry professionals to provide a wide range of products from the most innovative technology to the finest quality materials. Their impressive selection of jewelry components, tools, pre-fab items, chemicals, metals and equipment makes them a one-stop source for even the most unique needs. With over 55 years of experience in providing quality merchandise, they offer expertise and dependability unparalleled in the market today.

One of the reasons people choose Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is because of their commitment to customer service. The friendly staff will work with you to help determine your exact needs and help find solutions that are both reliable and cost effective. Whether you need tutorial help or technical advice their knowledgeable staff strives to exceed customer expectations in every way. They also provide newsletters with information on new products and helpful tips making sure that customers are never without the latest tools they need to stay ahead in the industry.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies backs up their outstanding customer service with an expansive inventory. Their website alone offers over 85 thousand products for jewelry makers as well as watchermakers designed for beginners all the way up to experts with highly specific needs. In addition to this huge array of items they also offer a variety of services including repair valuations, appraisals, laser welding and hallmarking so customers can trust them for all their jewelry related needs no matter how complex or simple they may be!

History of Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies started in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1944, when owner and founder Stanley Kaplan opened a single jewelry supply store. Over the years, the business grew tremendously, eventually expanding from one location to five retail stores and seven fulfillment facilities across North America. The company has more than 75 years of collective experience amongst their staff and provides excellent customer service that is based on their core values of ‘integrity and authenticity’ as well as ‘quality service’. Rio Grande carries over 62,000 products with over 20,000 available online – including almost every imaginable tool or material used within the jewelry-making industry. As they have grown significantly throughout their decades in business, they maintain evidenced by steady sales growth and increased brand visibility following their launch of an e-commerce platform in 1999. They now employ over 1,200 employees around the world, divided between the company’s original headquarters in Albuquerque and various other locations. Rio Grande seeks to provide customers with knowledge and education related to making jewelry regularly through launching many new products each year to keep up with industry trends.

What Makes Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies Unique

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is a jeweler’s resource for all their jewelry needs. Specializing in the distribution of supplies and materials, Rio Grande is committed to providing comprehensive product selection including findings, mountings, and mill products for goldsmiths and studio jewelers alike.

Beyond offering an extensive selection of materials and supplies, Rio Grande is also respected for its superior customer service. Experienced customer representatives are available to answer questions regarding order processing or product selection in person over the phone or online. For those working in a jewelry trade, Rio Grande offers many value-added services such as custom laser engraving on orders over a specific dollar amount, free shipping offers from time to time, and discounts via special rewards programs for loyal customers. As part of their commitment to education and craftsmanship excellence, Rio Grande also frequently holds webinars featuring insight from experts in the jewelry field to support members of the artisanship community. They even sponsor multiple artistry competitions each year designed specifically to reward the creativity and workmanship of those crafting beautiful pieces that exceed expectations.

No matter the scale or needs of a project, Rio Grande provides comprehensive resources to ensure that every step of it results in success while simultaneously offering excellent advice along the way. With their comprehensive selection of tools and materials as well as their commitment to education & creativity within artisanal craftsmanship communities they give projects an undeniably professional flair so people using their platform can produce outstanding finished pieces with ease.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies Commitment to Quality

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is dedicated to providing the highest quality jewelry supplies and services to its customers. They offer an impressive selection of metals, stones, tools, and other materials hand-selected for their top-notch craftsmanship, reliability, and dependability. Their commitment to quality extends beyond just what’s offered in their inventory; Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies also stands behind their products with multiple guarantees, including a pledge that any items that don’t meet customer expectations can be returned for a replacement or refund.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is also committed to excellence. Every member of their team works diligently to help customers find the best solutions without compromising safety or quality. They provide detailed descriptions of each product on their website as well as tips and advice on using them correctly so users can get the most out of each material they purchase.

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In addition to guaranteeing product satisfaction, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies also practices responsible manufacturing standards by using ethically sourced materials and adhering to environmentally friendly packaging solutions wherever possible. They strive to ensure that all employees have safe working conditions and access to resources associated with quality products. Through these initiatives and more, they continue to make strides towards providing the best jewelry supplies available while minimizing their environmental impact.

Superior Customer Support

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies aims to be the best partner for customers in the jewelry-making industry. They understand that their customers need help with sourcing, learning, and buying supplies, so they make it their mission to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. By having knowledgeable customer service representatives available to answer any questions and offer helpful advice, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience with every interaction. Furthermore, they have an extensive selection of products including high-end luxury materials, production tools and new trend products. Customers can access product information on their website which includes product demos along with instructional videos and virtual workshops for those just starting out in the industry or who are refining their skills. To further assist customers, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies also has three physical locations where customers can shop in person and speak to an expert staff member if desired. Additionally, these locations provide custom training classes by highly-trained professionals who specialize in different areas within jewelry making and watchmaking. Finally, there’s free shipping on orders over $250 anywhere in the US and a rewards program whereby customers earn points for every purchase that can be later redeemed for discounts or rewards.

Product Demonstrations and Tutorials

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies provides demonstration videos and tutorials to help customers get the most out of their jewelry supplies. The helpful videos cover topics from beginning and advanced techniques, to the science and technology behind jewelry making processes and products. From tips on using tools and metalsmithing, to product demos for design inspiration, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers friendly guidance for professionals or hobbyists. Additionally, their online blog offers in-depth articles on many jewelry-related topics as well as step-by-step guides for projects. Rio Grande also has interactive live streaming broadcasts every month that allow viewers to learn from experts in the field of jewelry making. This comprehensive library of resources makes it easier than ever for new hobbyists or experienced creators to stay up-to-date on industry trends and get the most out of their supplies.

Availability and Shipping

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers a variety of options for purchasing their products. Customers can shop on and place orders online, or they can purchase jewelry-making supplies in person at any of their seven retail locations. Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers a one-stop shopping experience with over 90,000 items available to order from their stocked warehouse, as well as over 10,000 items available to view and purchase in person in stores.

In terms of shipping, customers have the option to choose from standard ground delivery or overnight express delivery when ordering online from Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies’s website. Shipping fees are based on the weight and size of the package being sent, and customers can receive free shipping if certain conditions outlined on Rio Grande’s website are met. To ensure timely delivery of orders for both classic shipments and overnight express shipments, RioGrande ships via multiple carriers including DHL Worldwide Express Expedited, FedEx Ground & Express Services, United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground & Air Services and USPS Priority Mail & Express Mail Services.

Rio Grande also offers insurance options on all domestic orders shipped through UPS or USPS with an additional fee relative to the order value they wish to insure up to $1000 per package. It is also possible for customers to provide their own insurance policy when placing orders with Rio Grand Jewelry Supplies as long as it covers deliveries within the continental United States. Additionally there is an option for additonal insurance coverage above the amount included by default in case customers require this service due to expensive items ordered or increased peace of mind within theorder process.

Creative Uses for Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies

Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers customers a variety of high-end jewelry supplies, like tools, parts, metals, and raw materials. These supplies are great for creating unique and stunning jewelry pieces. Here are some ideas to help customers get the most out of their Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies:

1. Use the tools and parts to create custom designs: With the range of tools and parts available, customers can craft custom pieces that fit their unique taste. Customers can cut wire according to a custom design or shape rare stones using specialized tools.

2. Incorporate different metals into one piece: By mixing or combining different types of metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze etc., customers can create interesting patterns with various tones and reflections.

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3. Experiment with gemstones: Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers various gemstones in a wide array of colors; customers can explore new combinations by mixing different types of gems together for something eye-catching.

4. Design a combination piece: By combining two pieces into one – such as a necklace with earrings – customers can customize an entire set or look instead of just focusing on individual items.

5. Create fashion accessories like scarves and brooches using metal shapes or gemstones: With unique shapes and rare gemstones, customers can use these materials to make stylish brooches and add sparkle to everyday clothes like accessories for scarves and carryalls.

6. Turn unusual raw materials into beautiful pendants or rings: With some imagination and skill, customers can transform raw materials from metals to wood into beautiful jewelry pieces like pendants or rings that will stand out from the crowd!

Recent News and Developments

Recently, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies announced plans to expand their global reach to offer jewelry supplies to an even wider range of customers from all over the world. To do this, they are increasing their product distribution network and branching out into new markets, such as China and India.

In preparation for this growth and expansion, Rio Grande is also growing its team of employees. They now have a team of jewelry specialists spread across continents who can help customers with product selection and advise on industry trends. Additionally, they are making sure that all employees receive thorough training so that no one is left behind, and the company is constantly looking at ways to improve their operations, customer service and supply chain management.

Rio Grande recently opened two new warehouses – one in Alberta, Canada, and another in Colorado – which allow them to better serve customers throughout North America. This has enabled faster delivery times for customers across the continent, who can now enjoy their new purchase more quickly than ever before. The warehouses also ensure that orders are accurate and shipped out correctly so that there is a seamless experience for every customer regardless of location or time zone.

To further increase customer satisfaction, Rio Grande launched an improved shopping experience complete with mobile optimization capabilities. This means that all customers can now browse through thousands of products quickly and efficiently while still being able to review full product details on any given item before completing a purchase. Additionally, they have partnered with several popular payment options so customers can pick what suits them best in terms of online checkout methods.

Overall, Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is setting themselves up for success; by expanding global reach, boosting employee support systems, increasingsales capabilities through new warehouses and giving customers an improved user experience through new optimized portals – Rio Grande is well-positioned for continued growth in the years ahead!


Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies offers an incredible selection of jewelry making supplies, making them the go-to provider for jewelers. With their commitment to supplying the highest quality products, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service, Rio Grande is a no-brainer when it comes to finding your desired parts and tools.

What sets Rio Grande apart from other jewelry supply companies is the meticulous curation of their product lines. Their vast selection is made up of premium products from leading industry brands such as Foredom and Contenti. Customers can always trust that they’re receiving top-notch items made with precision craftsmanship and superior quality materials. Not only does Rio Grande carry these gold standard items but finding them is easy too; with a sophisticated website navigation system at customers can easily browse through their seemingly endless catalog online or in one of their 9 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

Rio Grande not only provides accurate descriptions & thorough services on all their items but they also offer specialized educational programs to keep their customers well versed on best practices within the jewelry world. They provide a range of classes taught by experienced jewelers that cover topics such as stone setting, hollow ware fabrication, precious metal clay working, CAD/CAM design processing, 3D printing wax molds, torchworking skills & more—all while providing guests with access to complimentary facilities & equipment to practice in!

Throughout the years Rio Grande has built a strong following due to its supreme dedication towards providing customers with the supplies & knowledge necessary for succeeding in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry no matter what skill level you find yourself currently at. From beginner hobbyists all the way up to seasoned professionals Rio Grande has something for everyone looking to create amazing works with remarkable results.