Rio Grande Jewelry Materials

Rio Grande Jewelry Materials is a premier supplier of jewelry tools and equipment to retailers, jewelers, and artists who specialize in creating fine jewelry. They offer the highest quality products and materials at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for gold, silver, metalsmithing supplies or something more unique, Rio Grande has what you need.

They have an extensive range of supplies including: alloys, solder, fluxes and polishing compounds. Keeping up with technology each year Rio Grande introduces new products such as rapid-fire casting machines and 3D printing solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

Quality Rio Grande Products

At Rio Grande quality comes first; they take customer satisfaction seriously which is why they keep up with the latest technological advancements in order to provide the best possible service and product selection. All products offered at Rio Grande meet or exceed ASTM industry standards – they strive hard to never compromise on quality.

The company also takes great care in selecting reliable suppliers whose materials meet their strict criteria regarding safety and environmental standards as well as DFAR requirements when conducting business outside the United States.

Customer Service Commitment

It’s quite easy to find all types of jewelry materials at Rio Grande, but what sets this company apart from others is its commitment to customer service excellence. The company prides itself on being accessible, helpful and knowledgeable when communicating with customers providing valuable advice throughout the entire process including choosing supplies all the way through to completion of projects.

Furthermore, professionals are available online to answer any questions that may arise ought by customers during their shopping experience at Rio Grande Jewelry Materials thus making look effortless for an enjoyable experience within seconds.

A Brief History of Rio Grande

Rio Grande jewelry materials are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the largest source of jewelry materials in the whole United States. It first started in 1944 when Janet Rutledge and George Nelson opened their jewelry store then known as The Nelson Lewis Corporation. The business was a family-run business but with a lot of hard work from the Rudloff family, it became one of the most sought after suppliers for jewelry tools and materials.

In 1976, Nelson’s son Robert obtained full ownership of the company and changed the name to Rio Grande Jewelry Supply Company, which is now its current name. Robert’s vision for Rio Grande was clear: to become a worldwide leader in providing superior quality jewelry supplies at competitive prices. This vision has been realized through continuous expansion into larger facilities and more high-grade supplies to meet customer needs both locally and around the world.

This success can be credited largely to Rio Grande’s wide inventory range of professionally tested supplies such as sterling silver findings, natural stones, base metals, precious gems, and even synthetic gemstone materials are offered by them. Rio Grande prides itself on unrivaled customer service that continues even after completion of a sale; something that not many companies offer nowadays.

They receive weekly shipments from all parts of the world comprising some of the finest methods for creating beautiful creations out of different types of metals, stones, glass beads etc… All products are carefully inspected to ensure customer satisfaction before they reach their hands.

Different Types of Jewelry Pieces Made with Rio Grande Materials

Rio Grande is a renowned supplier of jewelry making supplies. Their top-of-the-line materials are the perfect addition to any creative person’s toolkit. People can use Rio Grande materials to make a variety of different types of jewelry pieces, including necklace and earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. The amount of detail that can be achieved with Rio Grande’s sturdy materials is unparalleled; customers can create masterpieces worthy of being passed down through generations.

Broadly speaking, Rio Grande supplies include a range of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum as well as natural stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. They also have an extensive collection of beads, charms, spacers and settings for those who wish to give their pieces an extra level of customization or sparkle.

In addition to these building blocks for jewelry makers are tools such as soldering supplies and wire wrap animals or strung items such as pearls or beads on string or bead cord.

A popular item using Rio Grande materials currently gaining traction in the industry is hand stamped jewelry: necklaces and other jewelry items with personal messages or quotes stamped right onto them. Using the METALSMITH hammering stamping starter kit to customize metal tags and blanks – available from Rio Grande – it’s easy to turn strings of text into highly personalized works of art.

This package also contains everything needed for setting gemstones securely in pendant programs too. Whether looking for small accents to add extra style to your designs or larger focal items that pack a punch in terms of aesthetics and meaning alike – look no further than Rio Grandes’s collection.

Tools Needed to Work with Rio Grande Materials

Rio Grande Jewelry Materials offers a wide selection of jewelry parts and tools to create one-of-a-kind pieces. From gold, sterling silver and brass components to semi-precious stones, enamels and other findings, Rio Grande offers everything necessary to express your creative vision in jewelry. When working with Rio Grande materials, the right collection of tools can make a world of difference in the success and quality of the piece.

Essential jewelry tools for working with Rio Grande materials included flat and round pliers, cutters, saw blades and files. Flat pliers are useful for bending straight lines as well as forming circles or rings. Round nose pliers come with various diameter curvatures that can be used for creating loops or for adding dimension to pieces by curving wires into shape.

Cutters allow precise separation when trimming wire ends or chains and saw blades work great for cutting various thicknesses of metal sheets into small desired shapes such as circles or squares. Files are good for smoothing out surfaces before soldering or polishing processes take place.

Aside from the basic tools described above specialized higher swage block sets, steel blocks/stakes anvils, hammers and other stone setting equipment may also be needed when working with Rio Grande materials in more intricate projects where complex setting techniques are being employed such as prong or pave settings. No matter what type of project is being created proper tools will ensure efficient work processes as well as keep items looking neat and professional in the end result.

Popular Techniques Utilizing Rio Grande Materials

Rio Grande offers a wide variety of jewelry making materials and related tools. The company has an extensive selection of precious metals, including silver, gold, and platinum. Not only does Rio Grande offer the most popular chains and findings certified for metal content and purity, but they also provide various chain styles as well as beads, stones, wire-wrapping components and more.

One popular technique utilizing Rio Grande materials is soldering jewelry. This method requires a gas or electric torch to melt metals such as sterling silver and traditional solder into desired shapes or forms. With modern advances in technology, solders with 25 karat gold have become a new trend among many jewelers leading to intricate designs featuring color combinations not previously possible with traditional 14K gold filled.

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Given that Rio Grande materials are easy to work with and can be combined with other elements, another popular jewelry making technique utilizing their products is fabrication. This process allows designers to use pliers, hammers and saws to construct jewelry from sheet metal at varying gauges.

Such pieces often contain embossed patterns or textures using mallets and stamps on the metal for added dimensionality. One may also mix different shaped stones such as diamonds or opals with the fabrications for further personalization and interest.

Overall, Rio Grande’s vast selection of quality materials makes them an invaluable resource for everyday craftsman and art professionals alike. With so many design options available it is no surprise that Rio Grande continues to be the go-to option when creating beautiful custom-made pieces of jewelry.

Benefits of Shopping with Rio Grande

Rio Grande jewelry makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find a vast selection of materials for their needs. Whether you are an experienced beader, hobbyist or professional jeweler, Rio Grande has the supplies you need to create your own beautiful pieces of jewelry. Shopping with Rio Grande provides many benefits.

One advantage to shopping with Rio Grande is the variety of products that they offer. No matter what type of material you are looking for, ranging from beads to threading materials and casting tools, Rio Grande most likely has it in stock so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.

The website also has complete projects kits available to ensure that all necessary components are included so customers can obtain everything they will need to complete their projects in one place with ease.

Another great benefit of purchasing items from Rio Grande is the customer service that is provided by the company. They have helpful customer service professionals knowledgeable about the wide assortment of products in order to provide customers with assistance in locating just what they need.

They also provide videos and step-by-step articles for customers who would like more detailed guidance about particular materials or techniques that can be used with them such as wire wrap or metal smithing. Enhancements such as an online chat feature also allows customers to ask questions quickly if they run into any issues while browsing through the online catalog or ordering products online as well as before placing orders via telephone.

Finally, purchasing items from Rio Grande also gives customers access free educational resources to assist them while working on projects at home or in a studio setting. This includes project books and how-to pamphlets related to various aspects of jewelry making like stringing, gem cutting and metal forming.

There are also various live webinars and videos available showcasing different design trends which help inform artists about current styles as well as industry knowledge related to safety precautions and technique variations for greater success when creating jewelry pieces.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Piece from Rio Grande

When it comes to finding the perfect materials for jewelry making, Rio Grande is an exceptional choice. From quality precious metals and gems to findings and tools, they have everything you need to produce exquisite handcrafted pieces. Whether you’re just beginning in the craft or a seasoned veteran, Rio Grande offers a wealth of materials to make your designs come alive.

For those starting out with jewelry making, the largest selection of raw materials from Rio Grande can be overwhelming. To ensure you aren’t feeling overwhelmed when it comes to selecting your supplies, there are a few key tips for choosing the perfect piece from their selection. First, understand what type of pieces you’d like to create.

There are various types of raw materials available for various types of jewelry products such as metal sheets for rings or jewelry chains for necklaces. Once you’ve determined what your desired end product will look like, it’s time to pick out the material that best suits your design needs.

Do some research on the type and cost of each metal sheet or chain before you purchase any supplies at all; this will help narrow down your options and save both time and money when shopping online or in store at Rio Grande.

Second, pay close attention to detail when selecting your pieces from Rio Grande’s stock; don’t buy one-size-fits-all items without carefully considering quality versus cost. If finding the highest quality product is important to you, don’t hesitate in investing more money into something better than a bargain item – remember, you get what you pay for.

Items that last longer due to superior manufacturing can save both energy costs (making improvements regularly) as well as money long term by not having expensive products fall apart due carelessness or poor craftsmanship quickly after purchase/creation.

Last but not least; take careful consideration when looking over returns policies prior to purchasing jewelry materials at Rio Grande Jewelry Materials Incorporated – if something isn’t right with either the product itself or even after assembly during use – no refunds or exchanges are possible unless properly completed beforehand via their website/customer service department so read up first.

By keeping these guidelines in mind while shopping at Rio Grande Jewelry Materials Inc., customers will find themselves able confidently make their purchases they need while feeling assured they’ve invested wisely into products that are sure stand test of time.

Rio Grande Online Resources

Rio Grande has been providing jewelry makers, designers and craftspeople with materials for over 50 years. They carry a full line of quality jewelry-making components, tools and educational resources at competitive prices. Whether you are creating a one-of-a-kind piece or a large production run, Rio Grande carries what you need to get the job done right.

Their online catalog includes everything from metal sheet and wire to beads, pearls and findings. This variety of products allows Rio Grande customers to have the flexibility they need when selecting materials for their projects. With every order they offer both next day shipping as well as free shipping with certain minimums met, making sure that customers receive their supplies quickly and conveniently.

Rio Grande also provides outstanding technical support for each product purchased on their website or in stores. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer questions about which items will best meet your individual needs and concerns. This ensures that those who purchase from Rio Grande are aware of the necessary precautions when it comes to metal working and stone setting techniques, as well as assembly methods if required.

In addition to the materials their customers require, Rio Grande offers many resources for those who want to learn more about jewelry making or industry techniques. For newbies there is an abundance of tutorials available on their website ranging from tools advice, strategies for forming metal coils to creative ways to work with cabochon shapes and settings.

Expert jewelers can benefit from exclusive industry information such as market reports that give insightful data concerning trends in both consumer tastes and overseas production costs while staying up-to-date on industry news happening around the world.

How to Get Started with Rio Grande

Creating jewelry is an art form that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether it’s making gifts for friends and family or creating unique pieces of art to wear, Rio Grande offers the materials you need to get started. They provide supplies for wire wrapping, stringing, and metalwork.

Rio Grande has an extensive selection of tools for you to choose from based on your level of experience and skill set. From standard tools like pliers and cutters to more complex tools like rawhide hammers, flex shafts, and solder stations, they have the right tool for any jewelry project.

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Rio Grande also offers a variety of materials such as cables, stones, beads, findings, metals, enamels, resins and more. As jewelry trends come and go their product offerings evolve to keep up with current market demands so you can stay ahead of the trends.

Once you are ready to begin making jewelry projects Rio Grande Jewelry Materials offers customizing services as well such as stamping metal blanks with logo or lettering designs. Their online resources like product tutorials make it easy to learn new techniques without formally taking lessons.

With over 140 instructional videos & articles you’re bound to find tips that will help turn a creative idea into reality. To top it off they offer tech support from knowledgeable jewelers if needed so no matter what your skillset might be there’s always help available if needed or questions come up during the process.

A Look at the Special Events Rio Grande Offers

Rio Grande Jewelry Materials offers a variety of special events and programs to help jewelry makers hone their craft. They provide beginner’s classes, workshops and seminars that cover topics such as skill development, innovative approaches and step-by-step instructions. Rio Grande caters to both hobbyists and professionals alike, so whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced jeweler, they can offer you something of interest.

One of the most popular events hosted by Rio Grande is the workshop event series. During these events, participants will be able to learn from experts in topics such as lost wax casting, 3D printing for jewelry design, micro-fabrication techniques, advanced soldering methods and more. These workshops are normally held in one of Rio Grande’s store locations nationwide or online streaming which allows customers from all over the world to join in on the fun.

Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of jewelry making and includes techniques that set it apart from others. Towards the end of each event, attendees will also have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the material covered during the presentation as well as take home a special discounted merchandise bundle afterwards.

In addition to workshops, Rio Grande also hosts several other events throughout the year such as lectures with interesting guest speakers who share their knowledge about jewelry making and technology advancements. Once a month, guests can attend virtual meet ups featuring live demonstrations from various artists from around the world who are willing to share their tips & tricks along with examples of their work.

The monthly virtual meet up also serves as an online forum where participants can interact with fellow Jewelry lovers from around the globe. Lastly , Rio Grande offers residents in certain regions free admission for local trade shows for portfolio critiques – perfect for improving your skillset or a chance to network with fellow professionals in your area.

The range of special events offered by Rio Grande not only provides valuable learning opportunities but also encourages social growth within its community; This makes them an essential resource for beginners or experienced crafters alike who wish to learn new techniques while expanding their knowledge base even further. With plenty of options available at varying price points (and discounts.

), there’s no limit as to what kind of marketable skills you can acquire by taking advantage of what Rio Grande has to offer.

The Impact of Rio Grande Materials in the Jewelry-Making Community

Rio Grande is a premier jewelry-making supplier that offers a wide range of materials for creating and selling fine jewelry. They offer everything from metal stocks and components to specialty findings, solders, and tools. For professional jewelry makers, as well as hobbyists, Rio Grande caters to the needs of both small and large businesses.

Jewelry makers have been using Rio Grande products and services for decades, making it one of the most trusted sources in the business. The company’s variety of metals (brass, copper, gold, silver) is great for any budget, while the extensive range of specialized finishes (plating, polishing) ensures a perfect look every time. When it comes to cutting gemstones they specialize in providing gem cutters with even more precise results than with traditional techniques.

Their website provides an abundance of educational videos to guide customers towards success when working on their next project. In addition to these resources they also provide service support forums where jewelry makers can interact directly with their customer service staff. On top of all this their catalogs are full of detailed information about their products plus step-by-step tutorials about creating pieces from those items.

Rio Grande has revolutionized the industry by introducing new techniques in programming CNC machines and laser welders so that jewelry designers can realize even more creative styles. Their massive selection also helps stay ahead of trends that discard regular designs unleashing fresh looks onto the market each season.

This availability also ensures new exciting pieces are discovered by every level and type of customer out there; from beginner hobbyist to accomplished artisan designer – everyone can find something at Rio Grande material market place.

Overall Rio Grande has had an immense impact on how unique handmade pieces are created today. By providing quality materials along with innovative tools they open up endless possibilities in jewelry making allowing creators full freedom to produce mesmerizing works consistently and reliably over time.


Rio Grande has established itself as the ideal destination for jewelry makers to access the tools, supplies, and materials they need to build beautiful pieces. Their high-quality selection of materials, including everything from precious stones to specialty metals, attracts jewelers the world over. Rio Grande’s commitment to providing customers with exceptional service and pricing helps them maintain their status in the industry.

The vast array of products that Rio Grande offers its customers speak volumes about the dedication and commitment of the company. They offer just about anything a jeweler could need or want ranging from art formats and gemstones, polymer clay products and PMC supplies, clock parts and findings, beads and stringing materials. All this allows jewelry makers to craft individual pieces that are unique as each one is made by hand.

Rio Grande’s components are produced with attention to detail, so it is only natural for them to provide an even more dedicated level of customer service than many other companies in their industry. They provide a “no questions asked” money back guarantee on many products and processes orders quickly so that customers can get their items faster than anywhere else.

The company also offers one-stop shopping with nearly 20 retail showrooms located all over North America, which makes it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for without having to search multiple locations.

These features make Rio Grande a strong competitor in the industry because of its attention to quality control and customer satisfaction. As long as jewelry makers have a need for superior quality material, Rio Grande will continue to be their source of choice when creating custom jewelry pieces.

By offering customers with affordability coupled with convenience of purchasing online while still maintaining access in person if needed; is exactly why Rio Grande will remain the premier source for jewelry supplies now and going into the future.