R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace

R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry has been a leader in the industry for over 150 years and is renowned for its classic and high quality luxury products. From charms, to pearls, to necklaces and watches, this exquisite selection offers something special for every occasion – whether for yourself or someone special in your life. One such timeless piece is their R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace.

The pearl necklace is made of sterling silver with pearlescent white freshwater cultured pearls strung along the chain of the necklace. This necklace exhibits true craftsmanship with its simple yet elegant two-tone design featuring both the silver and the luminescent shinning pearls that are sure to captivate any eye.

The combination of these two shining materials creates an elegant contrast that truly enhanced the beauty of either material individually. The pearl necklace’s simple and classic design mean that it will fit well with all kinds of looks whatever the occasion – formal or casual.

Furthermore, not only is this stunning piece perfect as a gift option but also adds sophistication and refinement to different outfits while exuding charm and elegance from day to night. Besides eternalizing a current look, it can even be worn as a symbol of heritage by wearing a heirloom passed down generations – expressing timelessness shared between family members over long periods of time no matter what style preferences have come along within those generations.

As this breathtaking creation stands out both in regards to design and quality assurance standards, you can feel confident that you are receiving an extremely high-end piece when purchasing from R H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace collection – one which will remain special forever.

The Timeless Beauty of the Pearl Necklace

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is a stunning testament to the classic beauty of pearls and their timeless impact on fashion and design. Crafted with the highest-quality Akoya pearls, this elegant necklace has been created to last a lifetime and stand as a treasured piece of any woman’s wardrobe.

The luminous white pearls are perfectly round in shape and hold an exquisite arched form that emanates an impressive 6.5mm size, adding a unique air to the piece overall. These individually hand-picked pearls immortalize the natural brilliance of each one, carefully selected for its pristine quality by leading artisans from Japan.

Adding a modern edge to such a traditional piece is the 18k white gold clasp which adds a sophisticated modernity that breathes elegance into any special look. Supported by an innovative and secure latch mechanism, each pearl radiates charm, while the decorous polish encourages even more delightful facets of these remarkable gems. Above all else, its brilliant craftsmanship will ensure years of stylish wear both during day and night activities throughout every season of the year.

For centuries, pearls have been widely considered one of the most beautiful symbols used within jewelry industries around the world with their unmistakable legacy connecting it with traditional fashion trends. As part of this traditional inspired family, this R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace reflects engrained elegance that will never go out of style no matter how much time passes by over years or generations in regards to personal style choices and trusty heirlooms alike.

Each pearl radiates material beauty from its glistening surface that captures coveted admiration for anyone wearing it on either special occasions or everyday activities alike.

A Look Back at the History and Origins of the Necklace

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry pearl necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that has been in style for centuries. It was created in 1927 by Richard H. Macy, an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York who owned the famous department stores – Macy’s and R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry. The pearl necklace quickly became a sought-after item and has remained popular ever since.

The pearl necklace made by R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry features white Japanese Akoya pearls on a 9 strand cable chain with a lobster clasp closure and an 18k gold stamp. It is a sign of elegance, sophistication, and refinement that never goes out of style. It has been seen worn by celebrities on the red carpet for decades and remains an iconic piece of jewelry for both formal and casual settings.

Pearl necklaces have origins dating back many centuries to ancient India, where they were considered precious items meant to bring luck and ward off evil spirits. During the Renaissance era, wealthy Europeans often wore ornate pearl necklaces as a statement of status and wealth; Queen Elizabeth I popularized them among her royal courtiers with her love for the intricately designed jewels that adorned them.

In 1929, an Associated Press Photo showed actress Betty Davis wearing the exquisite pearl necklace from R.H Macy’s which likely boosted its popularity across the U.S during this time period as well.

Today, the fine jewelry pearl necklaces crafted by R.H Macy & Co continues to elevate any look regardless of fashion or trends that come in and out of style over time. They are sought after because they will always be fashionable: much like owning a classic Chanel handbag or little black dress. As wearable art pieces it also makes them incredibly special gifts especially if you have it engraved with something meaningful such as initials or birth dates.

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The Finest Quality Pearls Featured in Each Design

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is a luxurious neck piece that stands out from all other jewelry pieces. It features the finest quality pearls, which are chosen to create unique and stylish designs. The design of this necklace will surely catch your eye, as it has an intricate and elegant look to it. Designed by expert jewelers with the highest standards in mind, each pearl necklace is handcrafted to perfection with intricate details and unique shapes.

This piece of jewelry is perfect for any special occasion or just for adding some sparkle to your everyday outfit. Whether you’re looking for something more formal or something casual, this pearl necklace adds a beautiful touch to any look.

The pearls have a glossy finish that exudes sophistication and elegance, no matter what kind of dress code or setting you’re partaking in. The unique shape of each pearl creates striking visual patterns when combining multiple strands together, making this piece even more eye-catching.

Beyond its beauty, this necklace also features strong endurance and resilience due to the high-quality materials used in its construction. Each individual pearl is stringed together with nylon threading for added strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting wearability without sacrificing style.

Furthermore, the clasp on the back is made out of sterling silver for extra security while wearing this piece-no need to worry about compromising comfort in exchange for fashion here. For those searching for a timeless piece that captures classic beauty at its finest, then be sure to consider investing in an R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace-you won’t regret it.

Transform an Outfit With the Excitement of Pearls

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry pearl necklace is the perfect accessory to freshen any ensemble. This necklace provides an elegant and classic vibrancy to any look that you are trying to create.

The beautiful creamy-white pearls on this necklace will keep heads turning as they reflect light over each individual pearl in a spectacular manner. Whether you are looking for an everyday vibe or something a little more formal, this necklace can take your outfit from mundane to marvelous with just a few simple details.

The best thing about the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry pearl necklace is its versatility. Due to its simplistic design, it goes well with almost any style of clothing; from casual jeans and tops, semi-formal work apparel, evening wear, or even formal attire for more special events.

Whether you are out shopping for groceries or going out on the town for a night of fun, this necklace can transform your look in minutes flat. Its delicate size and weight also makes it incredibly comfortable and ensures that it won’t be distracting while you are going about your daily tasks throughout the day.

In addition to its practicality and beauty, the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry pearl necklace is also incredibly durable which makes it an excellent long-term investment piece that will never lose its sheen no matter how much time passes by. Since pearls aren’t porous like other gemstones, they resist chipping, scratching and fading much better than other types of jewelry do as well.

Additionally, since it’s made from high quality materials such as 14 karat gold clasps and sterling silver chains, you know that this gorgeous statement piece is built to last forever.

Benefits of the R.H Macy & Co Pearl Necklace

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is an exquisite piece of jewelry that makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Offering a sophisticated and timeless look, this pearl necklace exudes elegance and charm.

Crafted from the highest quality materials and with its lustrous white pearls held together by gold-plated stainless steel clasps, this necklace is sure to add a touch of class to any outfit. Not only is it elegant and sophisticated in design, but the pearl necklace also comes with several additional benefits that make it even more worthwhile.

One of the main benefits of owning the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is its longevity. While some necklaces may lose their shine or color over time, due to being manufactured with inferior materials, this particular necklace won’t suffer from such issues as it’s created from durable and high-quality materials that are made to last for years.

In addition, thanks to proper care and maintenance, it also won’t suffer much wear-and-tear over time and will hold its gracefulness for decades. As such, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your pearl necklace for many years.

Another benefit the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace has is its versatility. The captivating silhouette of this stylish necklace can be paired with a range of different ensembles from classic dresses to smart casual clothing items such as blazers or shirts; therefore, you can style your look according to your own personal preference and still look effortlessly chic in all occasions you attend.

Moreover, thanks to its modern metallic hues that complement whites and ivory colors perfectly, you will have no problem finding something suitable when accessorizing with this pearl necklace.

Finally, the cost factor too plays an important role in adding value to this R.H Macy & Co Pearl Necklace; given its superior quality materials used as well as attractive design aesthetics offered by it at a very reasonable price point make owning one an absolute pleasure without having hard impact on your wallet either.

Overall speaking then there are plenty advantages associated with owning a stunning piece like this R.H Macy& Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace which makes it an investment worth making sure offers best values for money both in terms of quality products along with establishing fabulous credibility in fashion circles alike.

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Delighted by Its Class and Elegance

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is a luxurious piece of fine jewelry that exudes elegance. It is a timeless classic perfect for those special occasions or just to show off your exquisite style. The pearls used in the necklace are meticulously handpicked to ensure their stunning quality and luster, while the silver clasp adds extra glimmer and shine, creating an interesting contrast between the natural beauty of the pearls and modernity of the metal.

When wearing this necklace, you’ll surely be indulged with its glamour and luxury. Its delicate yet sophisticated design makes it perfect for any occasion – from corporate gatherings, formal events, weddings or casual dinners out with friends. The pearl necklace complements any outfit whether it’s a dress or something more modern; adding the perfect finishing touch to highlight your impeccable sense of style.

R.H Macy & Co have put so much attention into each strand to guarantee that you’re not just getting any necklace, but a beautiful piece of art that will bring out your inner goddess. Each pearl creates a perfectly balanced arrangement making this one-of-a-kind necklace truly exquisite to behold.

On top of the high standards set by these fine jewelry makers comes their strong customer service for an even smoother shopping experience – ensuring customers are delighted with each item purchased. With all these combined, it’s no wonder why their pearl necklaces remain such a popular choice among many jewelry aficionados worldwide.

Ideal for Enhancing Any Outfit or Occasion

The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry pearl necklace is an exquisite and timeless addition to any jewelry lover’s collection. It is ideal for dressing up any outfit and creating a look of elegance and sophistication. Crafted with only the finest pearls, this unique piece is sure to become a favorite in no time.

Every pearl is carefully chosen for its natural luster and quality, giving the necklace an especially radiant shine that will last a lifetime. The high-grade leather cord behind the duck-quiet clasp ensures maximum comfort and security when worn.

Once you have this beautiful pearl necklace on it can be styled in a myriad of different ways to match your individual style or the special occasion you are attending. Whether you decide to wear it alone or as part of a matching set, this stunning statement piece will definitely steal the show irrespective of what other accessories you decide to pair it with.

For formal events like weddings and gala nights, pairing this pearl necklace with some classic earrings or diamond studs would make for an absolutely eye-catching blend fit for even royalty.

For more casual occasions, however, opting for something less sparkly but equally chic is also a good idea – think layering your necklaces or wearing them at alternating lengths for a better balance and linear silhouette effect overall. Whatever look you decide to go with, rest assured that R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry’s pearl necklace will always give your ensemble some extra pizzazz due to its thoughtful design.


The R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is an iconic piece of jewelry that raises the bar for both quality and style. It is ideal for any special occasion, whether it be a wedding, a major birthday or any kind of anniversary. The beauty and elegance of these pearls will surely make any outfit look unique and remarkable.

The necklace is made up of Akoya pearls which are known for their luster and roundness. These pearls are carefully selected by experienced professionals which ensures only the best quality pearls are used when making this exquisite necklace.

Every pearl has also gone through a meticulous process to ensure that each one meets with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Once the necklace is assembled, its beautiful 14K gold clasp holds them together in perfect harmony, giving it a truly timeless feel.

Not only does the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl’s Necklace’s appeal lie in its well-crafted design but also in its versatility as it can be worn with almost any ensemble from formal wear to casual dress. With classic features like its attractive luster and glowing sheen, it can easily become an everyday staple in anyone’s wardrobe instantly elevating any outfit immensely.

Plus, this precious piece of jewellery offers outstanding value-for-money since its price isn’t too prohibitive either – so you won’t have to think twice before investing in this timeless classic.

On top of all these qualities, there’s no doubt that the R.H Macy & Co Fine Jewelry Pearl Necklace is unique and stylish enough to leave everyone mesmerized whenever you take it out for a day on the town. Whether it be for a birthday present or simply an indulgent purchase for oneself – this blend of unrivaled quality with unmatched elegance makes this beautiful piece of jewelry an ideal choice for anybody looking to invest in something truly special.