Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area has been a popular store in California’s Bay Area since its opening more than 10 years ago. Founded by brothers Michael and Christopher Ward, the retailer is one of the few specialists of unique and stylish pre-owned watches in the area.

The brothers have built their shop into an icon by providing quality customer service, curated selection of pre-owned watches, and wide variety of jewelry pieces. The shop has become a go-to destination for those looking to acquire vintage, modern or luxury timepieces either for themselves or as gifts for loved ones.

Product Range

What really sets Retread Watch Jewelry apart from other watch stores is its range of products on offer. Not only does the store sell secondhand timepieces but also carries a wide selection of metal bands for existing watches, painstakingly handcrafted leather straps, and unique custom engravings.

In addition to that, they stock jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from various precious materials like silver and gold. All these are available at reasonable prices which further explains their large customer base among residents around San Rafael where their flagship store stands tall.

Customer Experience
When you step into Retread Watch Jewelry you will be welcomed by knowledgeable sales associates who are passionate about helping customers find the perfect piece for themselves or gift for someone special. It is not uncommon to find long time customers visiting them every couple of months for repairs or new acquisitions.

Apart from exceptional products, exemplary customer service experience is what makes this store stand out from others in bay area making it an ideal destination for even those with limited knowledge on watches and jewelry selections.


Trust Watch Jewelry Bay Area is a family-owned business that was established in 2020 by the Smith family. The store specializes in customized watches and jewelry crafted from high-quality materials like metals, gemstones, and leathers.

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area was founded with the goal of creating unique pieces of art that incorporate elements of nature, fashion and art. The design process begins with choosing materials that are as durable as possible. They then go through a thorough creative development process to create customized designs for each client. The pieces created follow a simple yet timeless look inspired by local landscapes and cultural influences from around the world.

The Smith family has taken great care to ensure their customers have access to beautiful watches and jewelry that perfectly match their tastes and needs. They use a combination of traditional fabrication processes such as engraving, stone setting, gold plating, enameling and polishing to create exquisite pieces with unmatched durability.

The Smith family has taken extra steps to ensure that all of their products adhere to the highest industry standards. To accommodate people who prefer watch bands made from genuine leather or exotic skins, Retread sources only ethically sourced materials that are cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. Moreover, they work closely with certified jewelers who expertly craft each piece according to the customer’s exact specifications using the finest metals and gemstones available on the market today.

In addition, Retread takes into account various ethical considerations when making decisions about how they source materials for their products such as labor conditions, environmental practices and corporate culture among other things. This commitment ensures customers get jewelry items that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also ones created in a sustainable manner ensuring its creations benefit people on both sides of production process: those employed at the company as well as its external suppliers around the globe.

It’s no wonder why more people are turning to Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area for stylish pieces crafted from eco-friendly raw materials with minimalistic yet fresh designs packed with personal touches.


Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area specializes in watches and jewelry that have been previously owned. They offer a variety of pieces from vintage to modern, with a range of styles available. Customers can browse through the online catalogue or visit the store in person.

When shopping in store, customers can try on the items to get an idea of the size before making a purchase. There are several different types of watches and jewelry available for sale, such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

The range of watch styles offered by Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is quite diverse, including modern mechanical and quartz pieces as well as antique pocket watches. Prices vary depending on style and condition but most watches are affordable. Mechanical watches are particularly popular due to their timeless appeal and lasting quality. The collection includes some classic wristwatches as well as many unique vintage and limited-edition models.

When it comes to jewelry, customers have plenty of options at Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area too. Their selection includes classic gold, silver and platinum pieces in addition to some imaginative creations crafted from semi-precious gems such as sapphires and rubies.

Moreover, customers can choose from classic favorites like pearls or fashion-forward options such as cubic Zirconia rings or pendants made with glass stones in bold hues like cobalt blue or fire red. Whether looking for something timeless or modern statement piece, there’s surely something for everyone at Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area.

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Lastly, all items purchased come with a complimentary cleaning kit that includes various tools that make upkeep easy so customers can maintain their watch or jewelry piece’s sparkle over time. In addition to this service, they also provide free resizing if necessary and other repairs that might come up over its lifespan too which helps ensure customers get great use out of any item purchased from this store.

Crafting Techniques

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is a unique jeweler, producing handmade vintage-style watches from authentic NOS (new old stock) recycled parts. From high grade stones and beautiful watch faces to delicate hands and impressive dials, everything is handcrafted with care and attention to detail in their San Francisco studio. Using traditional techniques and carefully selected materials, every watch produced at Retread has its own distinct design that’s one-of-a-kind.

The art of creating a watch with these materials starts with selecting the perfect components for the piece; sometimes requiring hours exploring antique stores, flea markets, or online auctions to view available inventory. The second step involves assembling each component part by hand in order to get the desired fashion aesthetic. This process requires slow, gentle work done through our skilled watchmakers who painstakingly transform ordinary components into precious jewelry pieces that are eye-catching and valuable in quality.

Through their immense experience, craftsmen have developed special techniques for setting the stones into the watch face using extremely fine tweezers. Each stone is cut to fit precisely into place and often double pronged for extra security against vibration or wear over time.

Once all of the components are placed together in just the right way, it’s time to move on to sealing each piece together with solder or glue depending on which kind of component is being used. Soldering requires experienced technicians as they must achieve perfect strength while not compromising on beauty, while gluing creates superior water resistance since it is welded solid along all four sides holding onto the case back tightly.

With this all said and done, careful inspection of the finished piece yields a truly magnificent wristwatch that looks like it’s come out of a time machine. Every Retread watch embodies classic style combined with current trends for something completely original that no one else will have – ever.

Design Inspiration

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is a dynamic, up-and-coming jewelry design studio that has quickly become one of the leading names in handmade watches and jewelry. Founded by brothers Owen and Leo Velasquez, Retread is committed to creating high-quality custom pieces that tell stories inspired by the unique personalities of each client. From personalized membership cards to custom engraving, Retread always delivers an original design experience.

The driving force behind Retread’s creative process is their deep appreciation for both traditional and modern design principles. To create quality jewels that evoke passion and emotion, a range of designers contribute their wealth of knowledge and inspiration in every step. Their work never fails to shine through with innovative design techniques, rich materials, and a mastery of texture combinations.

Owen Velasquez serves as the company’s lead jeweler, consistently providing elegant pieces perfected by detailed craftsmanship. Drawing on his love for punk aesthetics, he marries laid back structure with premier elements – like gold plating – resulting in refined watches done in uptown style. His inspirations are evident from formative experiences growing up tinkering around his father’s watch shop in Seattle.

Leo brings an eye for classic architecture to his designs; a blend often seen between vintage artifacts he scours through pawn shops and garage sales on weekends along with industrial design techniques acquired during his studies at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. His pieces reflect nostalgia stemming from city walks through old neighborhoods built on decades of urban culture layered upon forgotten remnants of prior generations which hold dear values like honesty and commitment that shine true in his worksmanship.

These two brothers have created a synergy between their various strengths – distinct styles influenced by shared histories – forming a powerful balance that flows throughout their designs: simple yet elaborate, modern yet timeless, provocative yet restrained – always stylish sophistication that makes getting dressed easier than ever before.

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area stands out to be one of the most sought after accessories designers with its brand dedicated to artisanship for all tastes bolstered by its visionaries’ varied influences set apart from the industry norm.


Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is the place to get fashionable, functional and luxurious watches. They have been in business since 2007, and have an outstanding reputation for quality, value and customer satisfaction. They offer a variety of watch styles for any occasion, from casual to dressy.

Whether you’re looking for a classic leather strap or something more modern like a sports watch with digital display, they carry it all. But with any watch purchase comes the responsibility of understanding how best to wear and care for it – that’s what we want to talk about here.

From basic cleaning guidelines to tips on how best to wear your watch for optimal comfort and convenience for everyday use, Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area provides detailed advice on how to gain the most out of your timepiece. To begin, always make sure your watch is clean before wearing it.

While Retread Watch Jewelry pieces are crafted with high-quality materials that are resistant to water damage, dirt or debris can find its way into the case if not cleaned regularly.

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Ensuring that your wristwatch is frequently dusted off using a microfiber cloth will help prolong its longevity. Additionally, if you notice any grease stains or perspiration build up on the band of your timepiece over time, using gentle soap and lukewarm water is recommended as a means of restoring its pristine sheen.

On top of making sure the piece itself stays clean and polished, one must consider how best to position their wristwatch when wearing it in order maximize accessibility throughout the day. It’s recommended that snugness does not become uncomfortable throughout long periods of wear; however tight enough so as not move when you do.

Avoid wearing two pieces together on the same side – doing so may cause discomfort due to an uneven weight distribution along with an unnecessary risk potential damage for either piece when taking them both off at once altogether. Following these simple instructions should ensure that whatever piece you get from Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area will look good no matter what the occasion calls for.

Local Community

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is a small business located in the heart of the Bay Area. Set up in 2018, this store has become one of the most popular businesses in the area – especially when it comes to accessories like watches and jewelry. It offers a range of products that provide customers with options for enhancing an outfit.

One of the main draws to Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is its commitment to providing unique and personalized service for every customer who walks through its doors. Their staff works hard to match customers with items that will suit their style as well as compliment their overall look.

The store allows customers to create pieces that are completely custom-made, making sure that each item is unlike anything else on the market. This attention to detail and focus on quality customer service sets Retread apart from other jewelry stores in the community.

In addition to providing people with quality crafted pieces, Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area also actively supports local programs, organizations, and charities within the Bay Area community. They have held various events which help bring awareness of different causes close at hand and helps support those who may not be able to afford services on their own. Through these donations and partnerships, they are helping make a difference in people’s lives while boosting support for businesses in local communities.

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area continuously strives to make its mark on the local scene not only in terms of providing top notch service but also by contributing back into their hometown environment – whether through direct involvement or through supporting worthwhile causes. Through this commitment to provide excellence both on an individual level and in giving back to its hometown community, it has become a go-to spot for locals looking for high-quality craftsmanship combined with personalized customer service.

Final Thoughts

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area is an unparalleled choice in jewellery. As one of the largest suppliers of both classic and modern jewellery styles in the Bay Area, Retread provides customers with a wide array of quality products at competitive prices.

With their online store, local retail locations, and customized diamond rings, they’re sure to have something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Whether you’re shopping for a special gift or looking to add a special touch to your collection, they offer pieces perfect for any occasion.

Retread Watch Jewelry Bay Area puts customer service first and offers many services such as free shipping nationwide on purchases over $50. They also guarantee that all gemstones are conflict-free and 100% genuine, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting top quality items when you shop with them. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge about metalsmithing and design practices which enables them to craft unique pieces that are both trendy and timeless.

From engagement rings to wedding bands and from necklaces to bracelets, Retread takes pride in providing customers with premium quality jewellery items made with only the finest materials available. Additionally, their experts are always more than happy to help customers decide which piece of jewellery will best suit their individuality and style preferences.

Their dedication towards providing excellent customer service shows no bounds-they offer new VIP rewards points system allowing customers to earn discounts on future purchases as well as helpful articles full of tips regarding how to take care like carat weight of diamonds or gold jewelry cleaning techniques. All this makes Retread the ideal choice when it comes to buying fine jewelry.